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  • Greenball trailer tires are high-quality and dependable tires
  • Greenball offers a wide  range of trailer tires to choose from depending on the type of trailer you own
  • Greenball has accumulated 40 years of experience in learning how to make durable trailer tires, among other tires
  • Greenball trailer tires are accessible on online platforms such as eBay, Walmart, and amazon

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Greenball provides one of the most popular trailer tires globally. So, what makes their tires unique from other brands of tires? We have the answers.

The reason Greenball trailer tires are unique is that the company has built a good reputation and has 40 years of experience producing high-quality and reliable trailer tires. The company is committed to providing trailer tires that satisfy durability, dependability, and performance.

Our main goal is to ensure that you receive relevant and up-to-date information from a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts. The experts have analyzed some of the best Greenball trailers tires to give all the information required for this review. As you read, you will discover more about Greenball backgrounds and the features that make them great and unique. Therefore, we ascertain that the information is authoritative and will keep you informed.

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The performance and stability of a vehicle are directly related to how secure and convenient its tires are. For instance, tires on towing vehicles must offer high levels of stability and traction due to the instability of most trailers. Nowadays, finding a high-quality tire can be complicated due to the abundance of tire businesses, stores, and shops that need to provide quality assurance for the tires. Therefore, you must peruse the market options carefully in search for ideal tires. That said, you ought to invest in the best tire possible, and of course, at an appropriate price.

I have experienced trailer tire issues because I believe that trailer tires do not play many roles compared to a vehicle's tire. But with time, I noted that my trailer tires had a short tread life and uneven tread wear, which made my trailer unstable while towing. Additionally, the tires had a low resistance to puncture, making my off-roading trailing experience quite frustrating. In light of this, Greenball ensures product quality and reliability by giving you various tires to choose from. Additionally, since some tires can withstand the off-road strain, you can also use them to tow other small RVs like campers and caravans.

About Greenball Trailer Tires

Greenball has committed to more than 40 years of learning how to create high-quality trailer tires to provide for the requirements and demands of its clients. Additionally, the company has established itself as a trustworthy business partner for clients at the retail, wholesale, and OEM levels by providing a large assortment of tire products and practical and courteous service. The company carefully chooses the material to manufacture its trailer tires to increase dependability and durability.

Regarding Greenball, suppliers are carefully chosen to guarantee that the integrity of the imported tires can satisfy the market's expectations. Greenball is also committed to continual research & development and is a market leader in creating novel trailer tire designs. After all, the company’s private brands, such as the Towmaster, Power master, and Dirt Devil, have achieved the success that speaks for themselves.

Design Features and Technology of Greenball Trailer Tires

The adaptive components of Greenball trailer tires have been carefully blended to ensure trailers operate efficiently on any road surface. To ensure that you consistently save on the maintenance cost of replacing premature tire worn outs or the repair of tire punctures, the company has also carefully picked high-quality components to extend the service life of the tires. Some of the exceptional features of the green ball trailer tires include the following:

Tread Pattern and Design

Greenball has ensured that its customers have a wide range of trailer tires to choose from by designing them with distinct features. Regarding the tread pattern and design, the company has considered manufacturing symmetrical and asymmetrical tread patterns to give customers the freedom to choose the correct trailer tires. The symmetrical tread pattern plays a vital role in increasing the tire's grip and traction, especially in dry road conditions and off-road.

Additionally, the tread patterns ensure adequate braking power, and the vehicle can take a corner quickly without overturning.  The company also manufactures asymmetrical tread pattern trailer tires that help to improve the overall grip in dry and wet road conditions. The asymmetrical design also helps to create a level of rolling resistance, reliability, and good service life, so you won't have to be concerned about irregular tear and wear of the tire.

Advanced Steel Belt Technology

If you own trailers, especially heavy-weight trailers, you will require a tire that can support its weight capacity and absorb any pressure on the road. However, buying a low-quality trailer tire will not serve you well as you drive across rugged terrain, and the steel belts will become faulty. The faulty belts can also create an unstable and lumpy ride, thereby reducing the stability of the trailer.

In light of this, Greenball has carefully implemented an advanced steel belt technology that categorizes the tires into radial steel belt and bias steel belt tires. Regarding Radial construction tires, increase the tire's resistance and fortify the tires when under pressure or strain. When it comes to the bias steel construction tire, they will provide your trailer with a small footprint, manage huge loads and give it exceptional stability at very high speeds.

Polymer Compound Construction

Tire punctures can be annoying if the material used in the manufacture of the tire is not durable. But with Greenball, they have made it certain that its trailer tires are sturdy and long-lasting. The Greenball trailer tires are impenetrable to tearing, slashes, and punctures even when driving off-road, thanks to tread compounds constructed of rigid polymers. The structure's design also ensures tapering loops and ridges, which help throw off any pebbles or other debris on the path. As a result, regardless of how bumpy the road surface is, you should be safe.

Well-outlined Tire Grooves

If your trailer frequently moves through a wet road surface, you must consider green ball trailer tires with well-outlined and wide grooves. This is because the grooves serve as pathways for the water. The water beneath the tire must be allowed to drain to maintain adequate grip and prevent slippage. The grooves also help remove mud and snow by pushing them out from under the tire.

Soft and Hard Sidewalls

Greenball offers trailer tires that have both soft and hard sidewalls. Regarding the trailer tires with soft sidewalls, it is suitable for those who drive their trailers on smooth road surfaces and have lightweight trailers. Additionally, soft sidewalls are advantageous in slippery or icy road conditions where traction is crucial. It is because they are more able to absorb vibrations and disturbances in such surfaces to contribute to driving comfort.

Greenball trailer tires with rigid sidewalls are suitable for heavy-weight trailers and trailers that frequently move on rugged terrains. Rigid sidewalls help to enhance handling since they provide the tire tread with great support, particularly at faster speeds. They also create stable and predictable rides because the tires deform less, even during hard braking and sharp turns. Rigid sidewalls are also typically resistant to dents and damages.

Assessing the Performance of Greenball Trailer Tires

To effectively assess the capabilities of Greenball trailer tires, I bought a Towmaster ST Bias tire and mounted the set on a trailer. After that, I went with a work colleague who drove the trailer on different road terrains in different weather conditions. The assessment took one year to complete since we had to assess all the seasons throughout the year. The following are the findings of how Towmaster ST Bias performed throughout the season:

Dry performance

Regarding the dry performance, the Towmaster ST Bias performed effectively due to the flat footprint with zigzag grooves. The grooves ensured that the trailer was stable by increasing its grip while driving. Additionally, the tire's flexible material remained flexible even during hot temperatures thanks to the all-season compound since it was the summer season. The tread pattern perfectly mimicked the texture of the road improving the trailer's controllability and improving steering response. Therefore, all these components guarantee a safe driving experience for the tires all year.

Wet Performance

The tires provided excellent performance in wet road conditions and made the driving experience fun. I noted that its bias-ply construction nature played a significant role in ensuring that sufficient water is removed from the tire surface to provide enough tire contact on the road surface and prevent hydroplaning. Even though the zigzag tread pattern is less effective than other tread patterns, it performed above average in providing significant control on wet surfaces. When it comes to the braking power, the tires enabled the trailer to stop immediately without swaying around when the driver applied the brakes.

Snow and Ice Performance

We discovered that the tires work effectively on roads covered in thin snow and ice thanks to their zigzag tread pattern. The tread pattern removed the excess snow on the road surface to ensure that the trailer effectively grips and provides traction. Even though the tire did not perform effectively on thick snows, it still stabilized the trailer at reasonable speeds.

Off-road performance

The tire performs exceptionally off-road because of its high-quality bias structure. The bias characteristic ensured the tire maintained its ideal shape even when moving on rocks and other obstacles. Although the rigid sidewalls made the driving experience bumpy and uncomfortable, the component ensured that the tires resisted punctures and other tire damages. As a result, Towmaster ST Bias is an excellent tire if you love towing your trailer off-road.

Overall Driving Performance

Towmaster ST Bias is a versatile and adaptable tire you ought to acquire. One characteristic that makes it an excellent performing tire is the bias-ply construction nature that prevents it from deforming while moving through rugged terrains. Additionally, its zig zag tread patterns help to prevent hydroplaning on wet roads and effectively remove excessive snow and mud from a road surface. Therefore, the tire has demonstrated how its flexible characteristics will allow you to utilize the tires in any seasonal changes and driving surface conditions.

Cost of Greenball Trailer Tires

The cost of buying Greenball trailer tires varies depending on the size, quality, and accessibility. Nevertheless, the average cost of the tires ranges from $ 70 to $ 400. Greenball tires are accessible online, such as on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You can order online, and the associated services will deliver the product to your location. If you are near tire stores and shops that sell Greenball trailer tires, it will be easier to go and buy the product from the store.

Greenball Trailer Tire Warranties and Guarantees

Limited Warranty on Workmanship and Defective Materials

If you are an approved buyer of the green ball trailer, you will be eligible for a trailer tire warranty, and you can request customer service to verify your eligibility if you want to be sure. The Greenball Company guarantees your trailer tire against failure if the company used defective workmanship and materials for 4 years beginning from the date the tire was manufactured or two years beginning from the day you bought the tire. This guarantee is supported by an original or a copy of the invoice. The limited warranty also covers the free tire replacement plan discussed below:

Free Tire Replacement Plan

Concerning the free replacement plan, tires with tread damage that are not qualified for a free replacement will be changed out for new tires of a similar size. The proportion of tread wear out is adjusted by the company's anticipated price, depending on how much value the tire still has. The company will replace your Greenball trailer tire with a similar size, type, and design.

Top Greenball Trailer Tires to Buy

Greenball offers a wide selection of trailer tires that you can choose from depending on the size and kind of terrain. After reading and analyzing different Greenball trailer tires, I noted that customers appreciate those capable of adapting to all terrain in all seasons. The following are the most popular and demanding trailer tires supplied by Greenball tires:

  • Towmaster ASC
  • Trans- Master ST
  • Towmaster SS
  • Towmaster STR
  • Trans- Master EV
  • Mirage Radial Trailer Tires

Why you should invest in Greenball Trailer Tires

Since Greenball does not concentrate on producing a specialized tire for a particular trailer, it ought to be your priority trailer tire buying place when purchasing tires. Instead, it produces a large selection of Towmaster tires in various sizes that accommodate a variety of trailers. The company also provides guidelines on its website that outline the details you need to learn about the tire's size, specifications, maximum weight carrying ability, and the best trailer to use it on, among other things.

With Greenball tires, you can save money when you get premium Towmaster tires from different internet retailers like Walmart and priority tires. They'll make sure the delivery happens promptly and at your door. If you don't reside in the US, the tire manufacturer has teamed up with several delivery services to send you the products, which will be dispatched in accordance with your area. Therefore, there are no restrictions on your ability to purchase the finest trailer tires produced by Greenball.

Greenball Trailer Tires Review

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