Goodyear's tire selection includes racing, winter, and all-season tires. This Goodyear Viva 3 tire review will talk about one of their better budget options.

The Goodyear Viva 3 is the third generation of the Viva line, and it has been in the market for almost ten years. It's yet another reasonably-priced product from the company and provides a comfortable driving experience without making a dent in your wallet.

Like every other company, Goodyear has a few dissatisfied customers here and there, but overall, the company has a good reputation. If you buy the Viva 3 model from an authorized dealer, it arrives with a limited treadwear guarantee. We'll look into the tire's performance in this comprehensive review and discuss its tire load index, traction power, sizes, and other specifications.

This review has been carefully crafted by motor enthusiasts who have thorough knowledge about everything tire-related. They have analyzed customer reviews and the overall performance of the Goodyear Viva 3 Tire to create a detailed review. This will help you determine whether the tire is the right option for you. So without further ado, let's talk about the Viva 3 Tire.

Goodyear Viva 3 Tire Review



Specifications of the Goodyear Viva 3 Tire

What's great about the Viva 3 is that it has a speed rating of T (190 km/h) and is available in various sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches.It is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including mid-size sedans, small cars, and even minibuses. The all-season tire can perform well in different weather conditions, providing excellent traction and stability on dry, wet, and mildly snowy roads.

Tire Load Index

The load index is basically an indication of the total weight it can handle. Your load index will differ considerably based on the Viva 3 size you select, ranging from 82 on the smallest version to 105 on the largest one. A load index of 82 indicates that the tire can handle a load of 1047 pounds, while a load index of 105 indicates that it can carry a load of 2039 pounds.

Traction Power

Wide circumferential grooves on the Goodyear Viva 3 help drain mud and water. In damp environments, water is routed through the tire tread to keep the tire as connected to the ground as feasible. Goodyear has chosen a composition that works well in both wet and dry weather, as well as heavy snowfall. The tread pattern ensures that the tread wears evenly over the whole tire.

Due to this technology, users get a more comfortable ride. The tire's wider circumferential grooves provide good grip and help remove excess water and ice from the contact area. The zig-zag design on the grooves and corners ensures continuous traction in all weather conditions.

All-Season Tire

Viva 3 tires are a good choice if you want a tire that can handle a wide range of weather situations. Even in rain or light snow, this tire maintains its grip, completely outshining tires from other brands. Goodyear's main attraction is the versatility of its products, which come with a one-year warranty.

The Viva 3 tires are also capable of handling a moderate amount of ice on the roadways. However, Goodyear is not very optimistic about dealing with heavy snow. Overall, the Viva 3 is a good option that provides exceptional performance for all seasons compared to other tires. You can rest assured that this tire will stick with you for the long haul.


The Viva 3 is the least expensive product in Goodyear's inventory by a long shot. Let's look at the famous 205/55R16 size, for instance. You can find the Viva 3 in this size for only $65 at Walmart. On the other hand, the Assurance All-Season, Goodyear's most affordable touring tire, costs $94.99 at Tire Rack.

You can save over a hundred dollars on four tires, which is rather impressive. Some stores, however, even provide discount coupons, which helps you save even more money.

Also, make sure you buy your tires from an authorized seller so you can take advantage of a hassle-free guarantee.


When you buy a tire, you ideally want it to last a very long time, right? Buying a tire only to have it degrade on you in the first couple of years is just terrible. Goodyear has a unique approach to dealing with such issues. They offer a 60,000-mile treadwear guarantee on the Viva 3 Tire. They also replace your tires if they wear out before their expected lifespan.

Vehicle Compatibility

The Goodyear Viva 3 tires are available in various sizes and are designed to provide all-year enjoyment in terms of driving and durability.The following is a list of automobiles that can use Goodyear tires.

Honda Models

  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda CR-V

Ford Models

  • Ford Fiesta
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Taurus

Toyota Models

  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota RAV4

Other Brands

  • Chevrolet Malibu
  • Nissan Altima

Sizes Available

This Goodyear version is available in a variety of sizes, including:


  • 175/65R14
  • 185/65R14
  • 185/70R14
  • 195/70R14


  • 185/65R15
  • 195/60R15
  • 195/65R15
  • 205/65R15
  • 205/70R15
  • 205/75R15
  • 215/70R15
  • 215/75R15


  • 205/55R16
  • 205/65R16
  • 215/55R16
  • 215/60R16
  • 215/65R16
  • 215/70R16
  • 225/60R16
  • 235/60R16
  • 235/65R16


  • 215/50R17
  • 215/55R17
  • 215/60R17
  • 215/65R17
  • 225/55R17
  • 225/60R17
  • 225/65R17
  • 235/60R17
  • 235/65R17



  • 235/55R18
  • 235/60R18
  • 235/65R18
  • 245/60R18

Pros of the Goodyear Viva 3 Tire

  • Excellent traction in all weather conditions, including wet, dry, and snowy.
  • Comfortably handling in all seasons
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Provides good warranty terms.

Cons of the Goodyear Viva 3 Tire

  • Tires can degrade rather quickly
  • Some drivers have complained about balancing issues.
  • The brakes and dry handling are less than satisfactory.
  • The safety of wet handling is not guaranteed.
  • The braking distance is long in wet conditions.

Is the Goodyear Viva 3 Suitable for Off-Roading?

Goodyear tires aren't designed for off-road driving since they lack traction, especially on muddy ground. You can easily damage this tire's tread when you drive off-road, which is a huge disadvantage for people who love a bit of off-roading.

How Does the Tire Behave?

The Viva 3 performs better than certain low-cost Chinese tires that you'll find in the marketplace these days. The handling is good, and the tire performs well in various weather conditions.

Nevertheless, you can get a higher performance tire for an extra $20 to $30 on a tire. When you drive with Viva 3 at a higher speed, you might notice some understeer, which can be a major problem for some drivers. Moreover, the braking distance of this tire is still slightly shorter than that of its rivals.

Do I Need to Break in My New Viva 3 Tires?

The Viva 3 tires take a few days to settle in, just like any other tire, before delivering the performance you're looking for. Please remember that this timeframe isn't set in stone. The required distance for your tires to settle is roughly 500 miles, and if you have a problem after that point, you should call the seller or supplier right away to have your tires checked.

Is the Goodyear Viva 3 Tire Comfortable and Refined?

According to Goodyear, the Viva 3 is an all-season tire designed for convenience and low noise levels. However, the tire doesn’t offer the premium driving experience you get from more expensive models.

The ride comfort is firm, which means that the tire will not handle rough roads or uneven surfaces as well as you'd want. The sound levels are likewise not particularly impressive.

Things aren't so bad at lower speeds and on smoother surfaces. However, the noise is more apparent on rougher surfaces or at faster speeds.

Final Verdict

The Goodyear Viva 3 is a competent all-season tire with decent handling, balance, and braking capability in various weather conditions. Furthermore, it has a sleek appearance and a reasonable price tag, making it a decent choice for budget-conscious users.

However, there are some problems with the Viva 3 Tire. For instance, the tread will wear down quickly. Moreover, you might start to hear annoying noises or feel vibrations once you get to 60 miles per hour. This can be a problem, especially for those drivers who are most used to high-performance tires.

Overall, you cannot compare the Viva 3 Tire to higher range options available in the market - especially at this price. It is a reasonable budget option suited for basic commuting in a car you don't put a lot of money into. With that said, you might get a better deal on a similar budget elsewhere. The Goodyear Assurance ® All-Season tire is also a better option since it has better tread quality, which means that the tire will last longer than the Viva 3.


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