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  • This is a highly dependable and affordable all-season tire
  • Its dry and wet performances are great
  • It delivers reliable performance on light snow
  • The ride is comfortable and quiet

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The Reliant All Season is a budget-friendly all-season tire. But, is this tire dependable? This Goodyear Reliant All-Season review has all the answers.

While the Reliant All Season may be a cheaper tire than other Goodyear tires, it doesn’t disappoint. Its dry and wet performances are decent. Also, its traction on light snow is superb. Furthermore, the ride is quiet, comfortable and smooth. In addition, it doesn’t fail or wear out prematurely.

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Most of the budget all-season tires that you will find out there tend to be of poor quality. For instance, they will wear out prematurely, meaning they may not deliver the promised mileage.

Also, some may develop various issues such as cracking, bulging, feathering or puncturing. And since most don’t come with warranties, you are forced to go back to the market for a replacement prematurely.

In light of this, Goodyear decided to come up with a tire that can solve all these issues. It decided to develop a budget-friendly but highly dependable tire, which won’t wear or fail prematurely. And this tire is none other than the Reliant All Season. But, does this tire perform as expected? Does it offer value for money? We’ve done the research for you and we have the answers.

About the Goodyear Reliant All Season

As its name suggests, the Reliant All Season is an all-season tire, exclusively sold at Walmart. It’s designed for most passenger vehicles, including sedans, coupes, minivans, SUVs and crossovers. So, regardless of the passenger car that you drive, it’s highly likely there’s a Reliant All Season that will fit.

This Walmart-exclusive tire is designed to be a budget-friendly alternative to Goodyear’s high-end all-season tires. So, while it may cost slightly less than Goodyear’s premium all-season tires, it remains a highly dependable tire and a much better option, compared to other budget tires on the market.

According to Goodyear, the Reliant All Season is designed to provide an enhanced driving experience. It’s built to deliver decent dry and wet traction, enhanced handling and control, and a quiet and comfy ride.

Goodyear Reliant All Season Design Features and Technologies

As we mentioned above, this tire is built to provide dependable performance all year round. It’s designed to provide stellar dry and wet traction, a quiet and comfortable ride as well as decent handling. To this end, Goodyear has outfitted it with several great and unique features, to enable it to deliver these goals. These features include:

Specialized Rubber Compound

The Reliant All Season comes with a specialized rubber compound. This specialized rubber compound is designed to remain soft in cold weather conditions. And as a result, it will continue supplying adequate grip. At the same time, it will remain responsive during hot weather. Simply put, this tire will serve you well, regardless of whether it’s during the wet or colder months.

Aquatred Grooves

Goodyear has also provisioned this tire with Aquatred grooves. These grooves are designed to help with water and slush evacuation. And this translates to better traction in wet and rainy conditions. The Reliant All Season also sports four wide and deep longitudinal grooves. These four longitudinal grooves also help with water evacuation.

Optimized Tread Pattern

The Reliant All Season also comes with an optimized tread pattern. This tread pattern helps to reduce noise and vibrations, resulting in a quieter and comfier ride, even at highway speeds.

We should also mention that this tire features a symmetric tread pattern. Thanks to this tread design, you can rotate it side to side and get more miles from it.

Multiple Waved Sipes

Goodyear further used multiple waved sipes on this tire’s tread blocks. These sipes are designed to provide more biting edges, needed for enhanced traction and grip over snow. Also, these multiple waved sipes are designed to deliver shorter braking distances, which translates to a safer ride.

Goodyear Reliant All-Season Performance

All-season tires should provide you with performance throughout the year. They should deliver responsive performances during the summer, as well as an adequate grip during the colder months. And this begs the question, does the Reliant All Season deliver according to these expectations? Is it a tire you can depend on to deliver a reliable and safe ride throughout the year?

Well, the only way that you can find out whether a tire performs as advertised is to test it in different driving conditions. And this is exactly what we did. We installed a set of these tires on a 2020 Camry and evaluated its dry performance, wet performance as well as winter performance. And, this is what you can expect from this tire.

Dry Performance

We should start by pointing out that nothing is outstanding about this tire’s dry performance. In short, you shouldn’t expect it to deliver extraordinary steering and responsiveness like a premium all-season tire or a grand-touring tire.

Having said that, this tire performs just fine for daily driving. Its cornering grip is adequate for stable and safe driving. Also, the braking distances remained fairly short. It also delivered sufficient grip for acceleration.

Considering its price, we can confidently say we were satisfied with this tire’s dry performance. While it may not perform like a grand-touring tire, its overall performance on dry roads is sufficient.

Wet Performance

As we mentioned earlier, the Reliant All Season comes with Aquatred grooves, designed to evacuate water from its surface and prevent aquaplaning. And this means you should expect decent performance from this tire on wet and slushy surfaces. But is this the case?

Without a doubt, the Reliant All Season is a great performer in wet conditions. While its traction and grip levels may be slightly slower than premium all-season tires, we were satisfied.

The traction and grip levels were sufficient to guarantee a safe ride. However, its braking distances are slightly longer than we had expected. But, as long as you maintain moderate driving speeds in wet conditions with this tire, then you shouldn’t experience any serious safety issues.

Performance in Snow and Ice

We also decided to assess how this tire can handle snowy roads. After all, it’s marketed as a tire that can deliver dependable performances even in colder conditions. And, we were impressed.

While its wet performance is slightly underwhelming, its performance in snowy conditions is one of the best in this price range. It delivered adequate traction for safe driving in light snowy conditions.

Also, the braking distances weren’t as long as we had expected. Overall, its performance in light snowy conditions was beyond impressive. It’s hard to find an all-season tire in this price range that can outperform the Reliant All Season in snowy conditions.

However, I should mention that the Reliant All Season is not a winter or snow tire. Therefore, it will not provide you with adequate traction and grip in severe wintry conditions.

In short, it can’t guarantee a safe ride in harsh winter conditions. So, if your area receives several inches of snow during the winter months, then you should simply go for a set of proper winter tires.

Off-road Performance

All-season tires are simply not built for off-road driving. And, as much as this tire may deliver some traction and grip on hard-packed surfaces, it’s highly likely you will end up damaging its tread.

Therefore, if you are an off-roading enthusiast, then this is not the right tire for you. It lacks the performance features and attributes needed for off-road driving. To this end, you should outfit your vehicle with the right off-roading tires.

Ride Quality

Goodyear’s all-season tires are renowned for their outstanding ride quality. And, this is also the case with the Reliant All Season. Based on our first-hand experience with this tire, we can say without any fear of contradiction that you will enjoy a comfortable and quiet ride. Even if you happen to find yourself driving in areas that have lots of potholes, this tire will roll over them comfortably. And on the highway, they will be comfortable, steady and quiet. Overall, the Reliant All Season is one of the most comfortable tires in its class.  While it may not be quiet as a tire that will cost you $300 apiece, it will be perfect for you.

Goodyear Reliant All Season Warranties and Guarantees

Goodyear stands behind this budget all-season tire with two warranties and guarantees. These are a mileage warranty as well as a 90-day free return. So, what does Goodyear offer to cover under these warranties and guarantees? Let’s take an in-depth look:

Mileage Warranty

The Reliant All Season comes with a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty. Under this treadwear warranty, if your Goodyear Reliant All Season tire wears out evenly across its tread surface down to its treadwear maintenance indicators, then you are eligible to get a replacement.

However, we should point out that Goodyear doesn’t offer free replacements for its treadwear warranty. And this also happens to be the case with the Reliant All Season. Instead, replacements done under this warranty are purely on a pro-rata basis.

Under the pro-rata replacement basis, you will contribute a particular percentage of the tire’s replacement costs. You may be probably wondering how much you will be required to contribute towards the tire’s replacement.

Well, your contribution will be based on how much mileage you’ve received from this tire by the time it wears down completely. This mileage is then expressed as a percentage and then multiplied by its current retailing price.

For example, you may have purchased a size 18 Reliant All-Season tire from Walmart. However, the tire may only end up delivering 32,500 miles before it wears down to its tread maintenance indicators.

The mileage it has delivered translates to 50% of the warranted mileage. Assuming this tire is currently retailing at $140 at Walmart, then the amount you will be required to contribute during its replacement will be approximately $70 while Walmart will cover the rest.

Free 90-Day Return

The Reliant All Season also comes with a free 90-day return. So, if you buy this tire from Walmart but you decide not to keep it for whatever reason, then you can return it to Walmart.

Once Walmart has received the tire, you can then opt to get a refund or get a replacement with another similar tire. But, we should mention that Walmart will only accept the tire back if it has not been mounted or used in any way. Mounted or used tires are not returnable, even if you only used the tire for a single day.

Goodyear Reliant All Season Sizes and Fitment

The Goodyear Reliant All Season is available at Walmart in several sizes. The available sizes range between 15 inches and 20 inches. Here are some of the vehicles that this tire can fit.

  • Chevrolet Malibu, Monte Carlo, Blazer, Cruze, Bolt EV, Cruze Limited, Trailblazer, Impala, Volt and HHR
  • Honda Fit, Civic, Clarity, Crosstour, CR-V, Insight, Pilot, Odyssey, Ridgeline, HR-V and Accord
  • Cadillac CTS, CT4, XT5, CT5, XT6, CT6, and Seville
  • Audi Allroad, A3, 100, 90, 100 Quattro, A3 Quattro, Q3, Q5, Q5 Sportback and A6
  • Hyundai Sonata, Kona, Nexo, Genesis, Kona Electric, Entourage, Palisade, Ioniq 5, Santa Fe, Veloster, Santa Fe Sport, Tucson, Venue, and Elantra
  • Nissan Maxima, Rogue, Versa, Rogue Sport, Kicks, Pathfinder, Juke, 350Z and Altima
  • Impreza, Forester, Crosstrek, Outback, Ascent and Legacy
  • Dodge Intrepid, Avenger, Dart, Challenger, Journey, Stealth, Grand Caravan, Neon and Charger
  • Toyota Camry, Matrix and Solara
  • Mazda 3, Mazda 6, MPV, Mazda 5, RX-8, CX-30, RX-7, MX-5 Miata and Protégé 5
  • Ford Crown Victoria, Thunderbird, Focus, Explorer, EcoSport, Fiesta, Edge, Fusion, Maverick and Mustang
  • Chrysler Sebring, Pacifica, 200, 300, 300M and PT Cruiser
  • Pontiac Grand Prix, Grand Am and Vibe
  • Volvo S70 and S40
  • Suzuki Forenza, Aerio and Reno
  • Mitsubishi Lancer, Sigma, Diamante, Galant, 3000GT,  and Eclipse
  • Volkswagen Passat, Jetta, Golf GLS, Beetle, Atlas, EuroVan, Golf, Phaeton, Taos, Golf SportWagen, Atlas Cross Sport and GTi

Price Range

The Reliant All Season is currently retailing at around $75 to $170 per tire. The prices are dependent on the size that you choose. But as you may expect, the bigger the size, the higher the price.

Goodyear Reliant All Season Tire Review

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