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GMZ produces tires specifically for off-roading enthusiasts. But are its tires reliable? Is it a dependable tire brand? This GMZ tires review has the answers.

GMZ produces some of the best off-roading tires, especially for sandy, desert conditions. Its tires deliver outstanding traction, decent maneuverability, and outstanding steering response. Furthermore, its tires are sturdy and durable enough, to prevent premature wear and tear.

In this GMZ tires review and brand guide, we will take you through this tire brand’s background, its most popular tires, as well as its warranties and guarantees. Also, we will take a closer look at some of the areas where this tire brand sets itself apart from the competition, as well as its pros and drawbacks. And by reading this review and guide, you will have all the answers you are looking for, to decide whether GMZ is the right tire supplier for your off-roading needs.

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About GMZ Tires

GMZ was launched a couple of years ago, by three partners. The three founding partners have a combined experience of more than 35 years when it comes to racing. Scott and Brandon, two of GMZ founders have deep expertise and experience in various racing fields, ranging from ATVs to UTVs, Go Karts to off-road trucks.

The other founding member is known as Paul, who has years of experience and expertise in CAD designing. These three individuals work together to come up with high-quality ATV, UTV and Go Karting tires.

GMZ tires undergo and extensive testing before they are released for sale. They have been used by some notable off-road enthusiasts and racers, which is enough proof that they are highly dependable.

Whether you are a full-time racer, a weekend warrior, or someone who falls in between, GMZ tires are an ideal match for your vehicle.

Most Popular GMZ Tires

GMZ has a vast range of ATV tires, UTV tires and Go Karting tires. Some of its tires that are most popular with buyers include:

GMZ Sand Stripper XL

The GMZ Sand Stripper XL is a sand tire, specifically designed for UTVs, ATVs, side-by-sides and other similar vehicles. As its name suggests, this tire is mainly built to handle sandy, desert conditions. Whether you come across small dunes or large dunes, this tire is adequately provisioned to handle almost all types of desert conditions.

Key Features

The GMZ Sand Stripper XL features a three-rib design, which delivers outstanding floatation on the sand. Also, this design helps to provide superb turning and maneuvering capabilities, thus making it easy to drive through sandy conditions – even for heavier or larger outdoor vehicles.

It also features an aggressive paddle design, which helps to deliver top-notch traction and grip in desert conditions. Also, this paddle design helps to deliver more power from the vehicle to the ground, making it the ideal choice for high-performance vehicles.

Price Range

The GMZ Sand Stripper XL is currently retailing at around $200 to $240 per tire, minus installation costs. So, if you were to buy a whole set for your ATV or UTV, then you can expect to part with around $800 to $960, depending on your vehicle's wheel sizes.

Sizes and Fitment

Currently, the GMZ Sand Stripper XL is only available in three sizes. There’s a single 14-inch size and two 15-inch sizes. So, if your ATV or UTV falls within this range of sizes and you are looking for a tire that can confidently handle desert conditions, then you should check out the GMZ Sand Stripper XL.


  • Outstanding performance in sandy conditions
  • Durable construction


  • Only a few sizes are available


Without a doubt, the Sand Stripper XL is one of the best tires for driving in desert conditions. It delivers sufficient grip, even if you happen to come across large desert dunes. The handling is great, the steering response is top-notch and the cornering is decent. Overall, it’s a no-frills, dependable tire, which delivers as advertised.

GMZ Ivan Stewart Ironman

The GMZ Ivan Stewart Ironman is an all-terrain tire, built to deliver top-notch desert performances. It’s designed and built for drivers who spend most of their free time exploring extreme desert conditions with their side-by-sides.

Key Features

GMC has outfitted this tire with a proprietary tread pattern, featuring unique siping. Its tread also features large tread blocks, which work together with its unique siping, to deliver adequate grip over sand, rocks, roots and gravel.

Its tread also features parallel grooves and additional lug sipes, which help the tire to dig deep into the surface, to keep the vehicle moving. You will also notice that its tread has a square contact patch, designed to enhance stability, especially when you encounter thick layers of sand.

GMZ has also provisioned the Ivan Stewart Ironman with progressive traction blocks, which help to deliver enhanced forward bite in thick silt and sand. It also features extra sturdy eight-ply bias construction. This sturdy construction helps to prevent punctures, cuts, chips and other types of damage, to ensure long-lasting durability.

Sizes and Fitment

There are only three available sizes for this tire at the moment. These are two 15-inch sizes and one 14-inch size.

Price Range

GMZ is currently selling the Ivan Stewart Ironman for around $230 to $275 per tire. So, if you outfit your off-road vehicle with a set of four Ivan Stewart Ironman tires, you can expect to part with around $920 to $1110 thereof.


  • Exceptional performance in extreme off-road terrains
  • Sturdy construction


  • Limited sizes


The GMZ Ivan Stewart Ironman is a capable tire that can handle a wide range of off-road terrains and surfaces. GMZ has adequately equipped this tire with several outstanding features, which help to enhance its performance on sand, gravel, rock, mud and other surfaces. So, if you are looking for a tire that will deliver maximum performance on a variety of challenging terrains, then the GMZ Ivan Stewart Ironman deserves a look.

GMZ Sand Stripper Staggered Cut

If you love conquering dunes and sand with your all-terrain vehicle, then the GMZ Sand Stripper Staggered Cut is specifically built for you. According to the manufacturer, this all-terrain tire is designed to deliver smooth dune transitions combined with maximum flotation.

Key Features

The Sand Stripper Staggered Cut has been provisioned with thick and sturdy rim guards, designed to protect the wheel lip against abrasive surfaces and elements. Also, this feature helps to keep out sand from the bead.

GMZ has also outfitted the Sand Stripper Staggered Cut with a staggered paddle design, which helps to allow some degree of tire slippage on sand-covered surfaces, thus helping your vehicle to assume its powerband before you hook it up fully.

In terms of construction, this all-terrain tire is available in different plies, namely two, four and six. But regardless of the ply that you choose, you are assured of maximum durability and dependability, even when you push your rig to its limits.

It also comes with 14 alternating staggered cut paddles, which help to provide maximum attraction on loose sandy surfaces.

Sizes and Fitment

The GMZ Sand Stripper Staggered Cut is only available in one size. And this is a 14-inch size.

Price Range

If you would like to outfit your rig with this tire, then you are going to spend around $200. Therefore, a whole set for your rig will set you back around $800, which is within the affordable range in this class.


  • Superior performances on dunes and sand
  • Durable construction
  • Precise and fast steering
  • Stable handling


  • Only a single size is available


GMZ has outfitted the Sand Stripper Staggered Cut with everything that it would need to handle desert conditions and other surfaces. So, if you are the type of person that spends their weekends exploring deserts and other similar areas, then GMZ has got you covered with the Sand Stripper Staggered Cut. It’s the perfect match for your off-roading rig.

GMZ Sand Stripper TT

The GMZ Sand Stripper TT is an off-road tire built for driving in sandy conditions. From large dunes to small dunes, light-sandy surfaces to surfaces covered with thick layers of sand, this tire is built to handle all these conditions and surfaces.

Key Features

The Sand Stripper TT comes with lateral traction blocks, designed to maximize your rig’s performance and power, so that it can tackle even the steepest hills, with maximum speed.

GMZ has further outfitted the Sand Stripper TT with precision-engineered concaved tread ribs or CTR, as they are popularly known. These precision-engineered concaved tread ribs help to deliver accurate and fast steering response. Also, they help the vehicle to navigate tight turns while eliminating front-end drift.

Similar to most of the other GMZ tires, the Sand Stripper TT also sports thick rim guard material, designed to protect the wheel lip while keeping sand out of the bead.

Price Range

The Sand Stripper TT is currently priced at approximately $250 to $260 for a single tire, minus installation costs. Therefore, a set of four tires for your UTV or side-by-side will cost you around $1000 to $1040.

Sizes and Fitment

The GMZ Sand Stripper TT comes in three different sizes. You will get a single 14-inch size and two 15-inch sizes.


  • Dependable off-road performance
  • Solid construction


  • Only three sizes are available


When it’s time to replace the tires on your UTV or side-by-side, you have plenty of options to explore. However, if you are looking for a highly dependable tire that won’t falter when it encounters challenging desert conditions and terrains, then you can never go wrong with the Sand Stripper TT.

GMZ Tires Warranties and Guarantees

GMZ tires don’t come with warranties and guarantees. But, considering their sturdy construction and the use of quality materials, you can expect to extract maximum life from the tires from this manufacturer.

Why Buy GMZ Tires

There are hundreds of tire brands out there, which produce UTV, ATV and side-by-side tires for desert conditions. And you may be asking yourself, why to buy GMZ tires as opposed to those made by some of the other brands out there. Well, there are several convincing reasons why you should consider buying GMZ tires for your outdoor adventures.

Capable Tires

First, the founders of this brand have a combined experience of more than 30 years in tire manufacturing and off-road racing. Besides their passion, they know what it takes to deliver a tire that can perform well in extreme sandy conditions. Therefore, when you purchase a GMZ tire, you can rest confident that you are getting a highly reliable product, which will perform according to the highest expectations.

Durable Tires

Second, GMZ tires are made using high-quality rubber. And as you may probably know, desert terrains come with all sorts of abrasive elements and surfaces. And these elements can easily puncture, damage or shorten the life of your tires. But with GMZ tires, you shouldn’t be worrying about such issues. Its tires are made to withstand abrasive elements and surfaces. Therefore, they can handle almost everything that comes their way.

Value for Money

Third, GMZ tires are not that expensive. Most of its tires range between $200 and $300 per tire. And, when you consider their superior performances and top-notch dependability and durability, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth.

GMZ Tires Pros

  • Highly dependable and capable tires
  • Durable tires
  • Great value for money

GMZ Tires Cons

  • A small selection of tires
  • No warranties and guarantees

Wrapping It Up

While GMZ may not be the most popular manufacturer of off-road tires, it has proven to be a highly dependable brand. According to off-road enthusiasts who have tried its tires, the testimonials and reviews have been majorly positive. So, if you spend most of your free time tackling extreme desert conditions and you are in the market for a set of replacement tires for your ATV, UTV or side-by-side, then GMZ tires are highly recommended.

GMZ Tires Review - Brand Guide

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