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Two of the most underrated tire brands on the market include both General and Cooper. They make high-quality and excellent performing tires of all types.

The General Grabber AT2 tire is more suited as a versatile all-terrain tire that provides above-average on-road performance compared to competing AT tires. In comparison, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 is more equipped to handle off-road in deeper snow and mud conditions with accuracy.

Both of these tires are specially designed as all-terrain tire types. However, they do perform better in different areas. Between the different tire technologies, upgraded siping patterns, and acoustic tread compounds you can expect a wide range of performance capabilities when driving these tires on the road.

Our industry experts put these tires to the test to learn exactly how they would perform in different driving situations. The objective is to see them in real-world off-road and on-road driving instances to gauge performance. This guide will explain in detail all of the key features each tire has to offer.

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General Grabber AT2 Vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tires

Tire manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their products and make them more affordable. Cooper Tire and General Tire both provide affordable AT3 tires and they also provide a variety of tire models and sizes to choose from.

While the Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires are great for off-road driving, the General Grabber AT2 tires are better at on-road driving. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires are not as durable as the General Grabber AT2 tires because of their softer rubber compound.

Both tires offer great performance on dry roads as well as off-road driving conditions with their tough sidewalls. We discuss all of the best features each of these tires has to offer to interested drivings looking to upgrade their tires.

General Grabber AT2 Tire

The General Grabber AT2 has been designed to provide a smooth ride, as well as to reduce the noise that comes from the road. This is an all-terrain tire and it is to be used on any type of pavement or off-road terrain.

It comes with an aggressive tread pattern, which helps it to grip the ground even when there is snow or ice on top. The tire also has strong sidewalls and a protective shield between the tread and rim to preserve its longevity.

The treads are deep, providing strong traction for safety. The sidewalls are reinforced for safety as well. These tires also provide excellent wear resistance, protecting against wear and tear over time even when you're driving through tough terrains like sand or snow.

The rubber compound used here is durable and made for all types of weather conditions like rain, snow, or pavement. It also carries an impressive load capacity and improves durability with stronger sidewalls.


This General Grabber AT2 Tire is designed to be used as your all-terrain tire and comes with a variety of features to help ensure that the tires are effective in all conditions.

These features combined give this General Grabber AT2 Tire an intelligent design that helps drivers stay safe during harsh weather or tough terrain.

Computer-Optimized Acoustic Tread Pattern

This tire is designed to give drivers a smoother-riding experience while providing the stability they need on the road. It has been designed with a computer-optimized acoustic tread pattern that helps reduce noise when driving over rough surfaces.

It also has a tread pattern that optimizes acoustic comfort for all of you out there who are worried about better driving. This tire is made for the driver who wants a quieter ride and more comfort.

Mountain & Snowflake Symbol

One of the best features of the General Grabber AT2 tire is its mountain and snowflake symbol for winter driving. This symbol will ensure that drivers are aware that this tire is appropriate for winter weather and has a rugged tread pattern and makes it perfect for use in mud and sand.

This symbol is added to many winter tires, so when you can get your hands on an all-terrain tire with the same features you know this is a versatile tire designed for many use cases on the road.

Traction Edges & Multiple Sipes

General Grabber AT2 is a tire that has many advantages in winter driving conditions. It has a winter traction edge that reduces hydroplaning with its multiple sipes. Drivers can expect plenty of accuracy on the road despite difficult driving conditions.

These edges and sipes provide excellent traction in slippery conditions, help keep your vehicle safely on the road, and are engineered with a specially formulated rubber compound for enhanced durability.

The tire lasts up to 4 times longer than traditional rubber compounds and provides excellent stopping power in wet or dry conditions.


This tire is extremely affordable despite such a wide range of premium driving features it can offer. Pricing starts at $164 per tire at Tire Rack. It is also available for similar pricing at SimpleTire with both retailers providing free shipping.


  • 60,000-mile limited tread life warranty
  • Excellent all-around traction with road comfort
  • Short distance braking is above average
  • Sidewalls are puncture resistant for limited flat tire possibilities


  • Not as accurate off-road compared to the Discoverer AT3
  • Acceleration accuracy is below average

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tire

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 is a part of the Discoverer family of tires designed to handle severe off-road conditions. The tire has a tread that provides excellent grip on all types of terrain. The tread will last for many miles before the need for replacement, and it is also very good in mud or dirt.

The tire was designed specifically for SUVs, trucks, and light vans to improve traction on off-road surfaces. This premium off-road tire features a rugged tread design with deep sipes adding extra biting edges to the tread blocks to create better traction on dirt roads or gravel driveways.

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 is the ultimate off-road truck tire. It's designed to endure any type of terrain with its innovative four-ply construction and generous siping.

The Discoverer AT3 has an all-season tread pattern so it can be used throughout the year. It also features Cooper's proprietary siping for excellent wet traction, even in deep snow or muddy conditions.


The Cooper Discoverer AT3 is the perfect all-terrain tire for drivers who want to venture off the beaten path but still need exceptional wet and snow traction. You get plenty of features on this tire to make it worth the upgrade.

Zig-Zag Sipes

This tire is specially designed to keep you safe on ice and snow. It has zig-zag siping to channel away water and make sure that your tires grip better on slippery surfaces. The tires also have a unique tread pattern which helps provide better traction in the wintertime.

A tire’s tread pattern helps disperse water from the road surface to reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The zig-zag sipes help users by providing more opportunities for water to escape from below the tire's footprint.

Silica Tread Compound

This tire is made of a rubber compound with silica, which is designed to help the driver handle all types of weather and on any type of road surface. The tread pattern has three different sizes and shapes in order to provide better traction.

The silica enhancement also helps with better hydroplaning resistance by eliminating the potential for sliding on the road. You can hit corners more precisely and brake faster. This unique design gives you the most confidence possible when behind the wheel.  

Self-Cleaning Protection

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 self-cleaning protection tire is made with an exclusive compound that resists abrasions and cuts. This technology allows the tire to clean itself by not letting excessive dirt collect on its surface which prevents mud from sticking to it.

The tire is able to do this because of its unique tread pattern which includes a center rib to prevent slippage as well as self-cleaning channels to reduce buildup. This is why this tire is so accurate when driving in mud, dirt, and snow.


The Cooper Discoverer AT3 includes three different tire types. All of these tires are found at Tire Rack. The three different tires are the Discoverer AT3 LT, Discoverer AT3 XLT, and Discoverer AT3 4S.

Pricing on these tires ranges between $150-$350 depending on the model and size.


  • A wide range of tire types and sizes is available
  • Excellent warranty offered across each tire model
  • Top-notch handling and road performance offered
  • Off-road driving is best-in-class


  • Pricing can become more expensive for LT tires and bigger sizes

Which Tire Is Best?

The General Grabber AT2 and the Cooper Discoverer AT3 are both excellent tires. They are both made for wet and dry terrain. The Cooper Discoverer is better in the snow on off-road than the General Grabber, but the General Grabber is a better all-around tire that handles with more accuracy on the pavement.

The Cooper Discoverer has a better tread pattern for water, which makes it more suitable for wet conditions. The zig-zag sipes make it possible to provide better traction and handling control.

The General Grabber is good at handling mud because of its wide tread pattern; however, it does not perform as well on the snow-covered ground or ice-covered ground as the Cooper Discoverer does.

Both of these tires are excellent choices, but if you prefer a tire with more aggressive handling in difficult terrains then we recommend the Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires.

General Grabber AT2 Vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tires

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