The General’s Altimax RT43 tire made by Flagship Tires is a top-tier option that meets all needs of a well-made all-season grand touring car tire.

The Altimax RT43 Grand Touring All-Season tire is made to compete with top competitors, and it seems that General has made a tire that can. With a 75,000-mile tread warranty, the General Altimax RT43 could last longer than most and is among the best Touring All-Season tires available today.

The RT43 can rival the most well-rated competitors such as the continental true contact and the Michelin Defender T+H, with confidence in offering top-tier quality. Additional grooves, as well as high tech twin cushion silica tread compound added to this tire, provide tested high performance for wet traction, and an enhanced level of comfort during the ride. The added sipes on the tire tread supply a higher level of grip during any season for all weather conditions across the country. The center ribbed design around the tire increases steering response with stability and uses a unique acoustic sound altering technology to suppress sound waves, for softer silent road noise and smoother ride quality.

Besides the impressive level of comfort and efficiency this tire offers, it proves to be one of the most trusted durable options available. Within the tire tread, there are two steel belts with a polyester cord body to offer a comfortable ride, with strength and extra durability. General offers a 75,000-mile warranty for this tire to boast the longest tread life of any tire in its class and prove its value versus other competitors. A useful featured addition to this tire is a Replacement Tire Monitor in the form of a stamp that indicates to “replace tire” based on tread wear over time. Sizes for this tire are available from 13 to 18 inches with speed ratings from H to V.

General Altimax RT43 Tire Review

Rated 4.6/5

General Altimax RT43General Altimax RT43General Altimax RT43General Altimax RT43

General Altimax RT43


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The Altimax RT43

The RT43 series was created to replace the previously manufactured Altimax RT. It was built with improved all-season traction in mind, with better handling in addition to long-lasting tread life. With a unique tread pattern, this tire offers incredibly reliable handling for a smooth and quiet ride, across any distance in all seasons. An advanced compound and symmetric pattern design combine to create what General refers to as peak anti-slip sipe design technology. This tire boasts very high-quality performance in wet conditions and even light snow.

What is a grand touring tire?

Touring tires, or more commonly referred to as grand touring tires are designed with certain benefits from the average tire in mind. They are built to deliver more responsive handling and a more comfortable ride, which works well for long-distance traveling. Generally, they offer a higher speed rating as they provide traction suitable for smooth highway driving. While most performance or sport vehicle owners look for enhanced handling abilities, some might research upgrading to a grand touring tire for more focus on a more comfortable feel on the road.

In all seasonal variations of touring tires, there are luxury options available more often than not. Grand Touring tires usually feature asymmetrical tread patterns for the smooth ride and predictable handling with long treadwear. It’s a common issue to figure out which tire is ideal for your vehicle, and the differences that will ultimately decide which tire type will work best for you. After learning what separates tire types from each other, you can make an informed decision that adheres to your vehicle transportation needs.

Let’s consider other tire options with some obvious differences in design and needs provided to further assist your understanding of what defines a grand touring tire. Oddly enough a good place to start is looking into other types of tires and what they offer.

Summer Tires

A summer tire is designed for performance in both dry and wet conditions, but it isn’t suitable for colder climates. There are usually sufficient circumferential grooves to avoid hydroplaning, and solid contact patches for satisfactory grip to the road. With little to no siping, these tires are more suited for clean roads in warmer climates.


A/T or All-Terrain tires are built for exactly what they sound they are made for, which is taking your vehicle beyond the limits of a smooth road. They generally have a more aggressive and deeper tread pattern than road or trail tires. These tires are designed to handle gravel, sand, and light mud. They try to provide a smooth feel of stability to off-road adventures with little to no on-road discomfort.

Track and Competition Tires

Track and Competition tires are fairly similar to street tires as they are designed with high performance in mind above all. This type of tire is rarely used on vehicles for daily driving as they have minimal tread for unpredictable roads. They are designed to maintain constant road contact in dry conditions. Though similar to summer tires, these are usually designed with a reinforced sidewall featuring Kevlar or aramid. It is simply a tire manufactured in mind for predictable roads and competition.

What separates the Altimax RT43 tire from the rest?

There isn’t much that we didn’t like about this tire after looking into its specifications and test ratings, as it can absolutely be compared to its leading competitors like Michelin and Continental tires. Its traction on dry or wet road surfaces is among the best in its class. Handling and steering with these tires equipped can give you a more responsive feel, as well as more confidence behind the wheel all year round. Stability is excellent through your vehicle’s speed ranges, and the ride is smooth on all but the worst road conditions.

The General Altimax RT43 was released in 2013 to upgrade features from its previous model and reviews say they have done a good job. With advanced all-season traction and comfort provided with enhanced handling on the road, this tire has a very strong tread life. It is designed with a high-tech tread compound made of twin cushion silica combined with an asymmetrical tread pattern.

General calls this peak anti-slip site design technology. This sipe design is meant to increase dry and wet traction with an additionally comfortable ride. The new design that features deep grooves around the tire enhances wet performance, and the added sipes help give more grip on roads with light snow.

The RT43 has a center rib around the whole tire to gain stability and responsive steering. Aside from improvement to the stability to the comfort of your ride, it features technology to suppress sound and alter the acoustics for lower road noise. Within the tread, there are two steel belts with a cord body made of polyester. This feature is added for an increase in tire durability and strength, in addition to the smoother quality of the ride.

The Altimax road touring tire is a design for an extreme value with even treadwear and a truly longer tire tread life. The twin cushion silica compound creates high density for a year-round reliable compound meant to absorb road vibration, and support a comfortable ride behind the wheel. The impressive compound is made into an asymmetric tread pattern design with independent center rib blocks. These blocks use sound suppression technology to reduce road noise.

The anti-slip sipe pattern adds a number of edges to bite for traction on its sides. The internal build of the tire has a low surface abrasion technology design that minimizes distortion on the rolling of the tire. This gives the effect of less surface abrasion to enhance even treadwear and extend the life of your tire’s tread life.

The twin steel belts strengthened by the layers of spirally-wrapped polyamide help to improve stabilization for the tread area, which enhances handling. The polyester cord body within the tire supports the vehicle's ride comfort and enhances the quality of any ride with these tires equipped.

Reviews and ratings

Survey reviews show that this tire stands in the top 20 of its class, and 90% versus best in Grand All-Season Tires with over 12 million miles reported using the Altimax RT43 tire set. If a consumer rating of 8.6 Comfort Performance and an average 4.5-star rating won’t convince you that the Altimax RT43 is worth considering, maybe the 2020 Tire Rack Test Results can.

Using a 2020 BMW F36 430i Gran Coupe, the Altimax RT43 tires were tested on a 6.0 m-mile loop of an expressway, state highway, and county roads to experience multiple road conditions. The testing allowed analysis at highway speeds, on coarse concrete, and new patched asphalt. The reviews given by the judges determined that the Altimax RT43 tires offered “a perceptibly softer and more relaxed” feel on the road versus more aggressive tire models also tested. Discount Tires has pricing for Rt43 tires ranging from 13 inches to 20 inches. Prices range from $68.00 to $165.00.

General Altimax RT43 Overvall

With incredibly smooth handling, the only downside seems to be if the ride might feel too smooth. Noise is minimized partially thanks to the twin cushion tread compound, while still providing great handling. Even traction in the winter with light amounts of ice is easy with these tires.


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