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The Ford Transit Connect has become a staple of business all over, and it’s important to keep track of the OEM tires and wheels in case they need replacing.

During its eleven-year (and counting) run, the Ford Transit Connect has come with a few different tire and wheel packages. There have been ten different OEM wheel options offered from Ford ranging from steel to aluminum, but only one tire — the Continental ContiProContact.

Since it was brought over to North America in 2010, the Ford Transit Connect has become one of the region's go-to commercial vehicles for all things business. Although the van has come with ten different OEM wheel styles, a few of them — especially the steel wheels — are fairly similar to one another and easy to replace. Strangely though, Ford has only ever put the Continental ContiProContact on the van from the factory. But if you’re looking for all things related to OEM tires and wheels for the Transit Connect, consider this your one-stop-shop.

Everything you find in this article has been researched and thoroughly vetted to ensure to get the most accurate information possible. All of the OEM tires and wheels have been found through Ford or conversations with Transit Connect owners themselves. Lastly, all of the wheels featured in this article are offered by Ford-certified parts dealers and are brand new, unless otherwise noted.

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Ford Transit Connect OEM Tires & Wheels

A little-known fact to most Transit Connect owners in the United States, but the van was actually originally released in 2002. But it was only offered in Europe. It took another eight years before it was finally imported over to North America and joined the annual lineup of Ford’s commercial vehicles.

But ever since 2010, the Transit Connect has been one of the country’s most purchased and utilized commercial vehicles for businesses both big and small. As a panel van dedicated to cargo space and durability, the Transit Connect is the perfect option to haul tools, equipment, deliveries, and everything else needed to help businesses run efficiently. And over the last decade or so, Ford has offered a number of different wheel and tire packages that these business owners, both big and small, could choose from.

Although it’s a bit easier with the Transit Connect than some other vehicles with vastly more options — we’re looking at you, Mustang — it’s still nearly impossible to keep track of the different OEM options yourself. So we created this comprehensive guide to include all of that information for you. No matter if your van has 15” steel wheels, 16” aluminum wheels, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

To make it easier to find what you’re looking for, this guide is broken down into two main sections — tires and wheels. The tire section is pretty self-explanatory, especially since the Transit Connect has only ever had one option. The wheels section is broken down by different model years that specific wheel options were offered so that you can quickly find the sections that match exactly what you’re looking for.

But that’s enough info about the van itself, let’s get into what you’re really here for. Here are all of the OEM tire and wheel options that have come on the Ford Transit Connect since 2010.

OEM Tire For Ford Transit Connect

Continental ContiProContact

The Ford Transit Connect is one of the only vehicles that’s at least a decade old that has this feature — they’ve only ever been offered with one tire option. And for the Transit Connect, that tire is the Continental ContiProContact. Most vehicles have different tire options for different trim levels and different model years, but for the Transit Connect, Ford decides every year that the ContiProContact performs exceptionally well and customers seem to love it for the most part. So if there aren’t any issues with it, why swap it out?

Here are some of the best features of the Continental ContiProContact.

The ContiProContact comes with an 80,000-mile tread life warranty from the factory, but therein lies the only issue that some Transit Connect owners seem to have with them. For some reason, many drivers don’t see the full 80,000 miles out of the stock tires, although they do perform great while they last. But if you maintain them properly and don’t exceed any load capacities, the stock ContiProContacts should last at least close to their guaranteed life!

In any case, the all-season tread pattern and unique rubber compound work together to provide enhanced traction and handling. The tread design ensures that the contact patch of the tire stays planted on the road at all times to increase handling and ensure that you have maximum traction even in adverse weather conditions.

To make it even better, Continental uses their proprietary PROactive Edge Technology in the ContiProContact that allows the shoulder and edges of the tire to offer real-time enhancements to handling, even under aggressive driving or in poor weather conditions. So no matter if it’s sunny and dry or cloudy and rainy out, the ContiProContact will get you and your business where you need to be.

Overall it’s a high-quality tire that most Transit Connect owners love — while they last at least! And if you liked how your OEM ones performed, you’ll have no trouble finding a new set to replace them. Expect to pay around $125 to $150 per tire depending on which size you have on your van.


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size, which could differ between models and trim levels.

  • Warranty: 80,000 miles
  • Max Load Capacity: 1,433 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 51 psi
  • Tread Depth: 10/32”
  • Tire Weight: 22 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: 500
  • UTQG Traction: AA
  • UTQG Temperature: A
  • Tread keeps the contact patch on the road at all times for enhanced handling and control
  • PROactive Edge Technology reduces road vibrations and noise for increased comfort

OEM Wheels For Ford Transit Connect

2010 - 2013 OEM Ford Transit Connect Wheels

15” x 6” 5x108 20-Hole Steel Wheels with Black Finish (2T1Z1007A)

If you’ve ever owned a Ford Transit Connect (and we assume you probably do if you’re reading this!), then you know that the vast majority of them come with steel wheels from the factory. Steel wheels are easy to produce, cheap to replace, and can be left on their own or covered with wheel covers. For that reason, Ford puts them on the Transit Connect and owners tend to go with them as the standard option.

The first ones that came on the early models of the van were basic 15” steel wheels with a 20-hole design and they were finished in black. This general design would be used again and again over the next decade or so, with the number of holes, the dimensions, and the color options being the only things that change. But you’ll see that as you cruise through this article.

As the most common wheel that was offered on the early models of the Ford Transit Connect, there is an abundance of these out there to help keep the price down. So if you’re in need of replacement OEM wheels in this style, you’ll only need to shell out about $55 each for new ones.

15” x 6” 5x108 20-Hole Steel Wheels with Silver Finish (2T1Z1007B)

This is actually the exact same wheel as the one above, except that it’s finished with silver instead of black. For that reason, we won’t get into the design details or anything again since you just read all about it one wheel above!

What’s interesting about these silver-finished wheels, however, is that they are quite a bit more expensive than the black-painted counterparts above. So if you need another silver wheel for your Transit Connect, you’ll need to pay just under $85 a piece. That’s more than a 50% increase over the black wheels above. So if you need four new ones, you could save some money and just get the black ones instead of these silver ones!

2014 - 2018 OEM Ford Transit Connect Wheels

16” x 6.5” 5x108 5-Split-Spoke Aluminum Wheels with Silver Finish (DT1Z1007C)

In 2014, Ford introduced an entirely new lineup of wheels for the Transit Connect and offered some aluminum options for the first time. For 2014 through 2018 models, one of the options was these 5-split-spoke wheels with a silver finish. The spokes were almost entirely solid except right near the rim they split apart to form a hole or slot. A well-received wheel design, these still were not as popular as the steel wheels that came on most Transit Connects from the factory.

This is something that you don’t see often — the aluminum wheel here is actually the cheapest of the three wheel options offered for 2014 through 2018 Ford Transit Connects. The steel wheels that you’ll see shortly are more expensive to have replaced, oddly enough. That said, you can expect to pay around $148 per wheel if you need to get any replacements.

16” x 6.5” 5x108 16-Hole Steel Wheels Finished with Black or Silver (DT1Z1007A)

Remember above when we said that the steel wheel with holes would be a design that was used again and again for the Transit Connect? Well with the new wheel lineup in 2014, Ford was sure to include the popular steel wheel again. This time, they went up to 16” in diameter and the number of holes was reduced from 20 to 16. They were still offered in both black and silver and were far and away the most popular OEM wheel option for the Transit Connect.

As alluded to above, it will cost you more to replace the steel wheels than the OEM aluminum wheels for this grouping of Transit Connects. Also strangely, the silver and black wheels cost the same amount, unlike the ones above for the early models. In any case, you can find replacements for these OEM steel wheels for just over $180 each.

2014 - 2021 OEM Ford Transit Connect Wheels

16” x 6.5” 5x108 5-Double-Spoke Aluminum Wheels with Silver Finish (ET1Z1007B)

With the new lineup of wheels introduced in 2014 above, Ford added a few different aluminum options. The kicker is that they were all actually fairly similar to one another in design, all being some sort of rendition of the 5-spoke wheel design. This 5-double-spoke design was finished with silver like the others and had the spokes split apart from one another right at the center of the wheel before rejoining at the rim, a unique design that not many customers opted for.

As far as OEM aluminum wheels go, these are the cheapest ones to find replacements for. So if you happen to have these on your Transit Connect and you need to get them replaced, just know that it could be far worse! If you need to buy replacement wheels for these, you can find them online for just over $115 a piece.

16” x 6.5” 5x108 5-Split-Spoke Aluminum Wheels with Silver Finish (DT1Z1007F)

Another fairly unique wheel design that was actually less popular than the steel wheels offered during the same time, this rendition of the 5-spoke wheel is one that Ford hasn’t used very often. The five spokes branch out from the center of the wheel like normal, before splitting off about midway to the rim and creating a sort of circle as they come back together at the rim itself. A decent looking wheel with its silver-painted finish, but not one that Transit Connect owners really fell in love with.

The last the aluminum OEM wheels that were introduced along with the 2014 model year, these are a little bit more expensive than the other two options. If you’re looking to replace these wheels, you can buy them for about $190 a piece directly from Ford.

2019 - 2021 OEM Ford Transit Connect Wheels

16” x 6.5” 5x108 16-Hole Steel Wheels in Black or Silver (KT1Z1015A & KT1Z1015B)

With the newest generation of the Ford Transit Connect, Ford stuck with the 16-hole steel wheels that they’ve been outfitting them with from the factory. They are cheap to produce, stand up to the heavy workload that the Transit Connects go through, and can be covered with a variety of wheel covers if the customer chooses. The way Ford sees it, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. And these 16-hole steel wheels hadn’t let them down yet.

Modern wheels tend to get more and more expensive — as you’ll see much more pointedly soon — and even basic steel wheels are no exception. Whether you’re planning on buying the black wheels or if you need replacement silver ones, you will need to spend right around $220 per wheel.

16” x 6.5” 5x108 5-Double-Spoke Aluminum Wheels with Silver Finish (KT1Z1007A)

These aluminum OEM wheels released on the newest generation of the Transit Connect are arguably the most popular wheels that the van has come with from the factory. Except for perhaps the standard 16-hole steel wheels. But for aluminum wheels, these are a great option. The 5-double-spoke design looks great, there aren’t any strange design features to deter customers, and the silver finish makes them pop. A wildly popular OEM wheel, Transit Connect owners loved to choose these as the standard option.

Remember when we just mentioned that modern wheels tend to be more expensive than older ones, well these last three OEM Transit Connect Wheel options will demonstrate that. Starting with the least expensive of the three, you will need to pay over $505 each to get replacement wheels in this style.

16” x 6.5” 5x108 5-Spoke Aluminum Wheels with Silver Finish (KT1Z1007B)

Although you probably haven’t noticed it with the Transit Connect OEM wheels, Ford’s all-time favorite wheel design is some rendition of the 5-spoke wheel. If you take a look back through some of the options on this list, you’ll notice that all of the aluminum wheels are actually some version of the 5-spoke wheel. So it was only a matter of time before Ford put a standard 5-spoke aluminum wheel on the Transit Connect, and that’s exactly what you have here.

Another set of wheels that you will hope you don’t need to get any replacements for any time soon, these OEM aluminum wheels are not exactly cheap. If you do need to buy new wheels to replace these, expect you pay over $550 a piece.

16” x 6.5” 5x108 5-Spoke Aluminum Wheels with Silver Finish (KT1Z1007C)

Sticking to their roots and going with another fairly basic 5-spoke aluminum wheel design, Ford changed up the design a bit and offered Transit Connect customers a second 5-spoke option. You can’t really go wrong with either option, and the silver-painted finish on this set and the one just above makes them look great straight from the factory. But just like the ones above, they certainly aren’t cheap to have replaced.

Another 5-spoke aluminum wheel similar to the one above, you won’t want to get in the habit of needing to replace these regularly. Every time one of these OEM wheels gets damaged and you need to get a new one, you’ll need to shell out a whopping $577 per wheel. These are the most expensive OEM Ford Transit Connect wheels that have been offered by Ford from the factory.

Ford Transit Connect OEM Tires & Wheels

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