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Ford has made a big deal about the Mach-E, and you have decided to check it out, but you fear it is too cramped. How much space is in a Ford Mustang Mach-E?

You want to purchase a new SUV for the family, but how can a Mustang have nearly enough room for you and your growing family? (You are still trying to wrap your head around the idea of a Mustang as an SUV). Will there be enough cargo space? What about a third row? Is that even an option? And what about the space an electrical battery usually takes up? Won’t that eliminate some space that other SUVs have and put the Mach-E at a severe disadvantage? And what about the power Mustangs are known to have? While you favor helping reduce your carbon footprint, you won’t do so if you have to give up cargo space or fit the kids into the back with their knees up under their chins.

The Mustang Mach-E has comparable cargo space and interior volume to other electric model SUVs. The Mach-E has two storage compartments, one in the trunk, and one in the front of the car, called a “frunk” because the car is entirely electric.

The Mustang has a rich and storied tradition of being the “everyman” sports car. Since its inception in 1965, the car has been primarily a two-seater, with cramped quarters in the rear and virtually no cargo space. Over the years, the Mustang has undergone many design changes (some better than others), but the space issue for rear-seat passengers hasn't improved much. So, now Ford has decided to shift gears and create a whole new SUV under the Mustang nameplate. The question remains - just a gimmick, or is Ford really on to something?

The only way to answer these questions is to investigate. After years in the auto industry, I decided to poke around for myself to see what Ford was doing. What I found might save you from investing over $44,000 in an SUV that is just a modified sports car. Shouldn’t your SUV hold more than a couple of suitcases if you spend that amount of money?

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How Much Space is In a Ford Mustang Mach-E?

The Mustang Mach-E won the North American Car of the Year award in 2021, which only succeeded in generating a great deal of buzz. There are only a handful of fully electric SUVs making a dent in the market today, although that is about to change very soon. (Genesis is producing an electrified GV70 later this year).

(For comparisons, this article examines how the Mach-E stacks up against the bestselling Tesla Y and the relatively new Volkswagen ID4).


The distance from the ceiling of a vehicle to the seat bottom is its headroom. (The biggest complaint I had against Mustangs of the past is that there is no room in the back seat for anyone. If you were the unfortunate person who drew the short straw and had to cram yourself in the rear seat of a GT, you know how bad it is)

The headroom in the Mustang Mach-E headroom is 38.8 inches in front and 38.2 for 2nd-row passengers. This statistic is comparable to the Telsa Y (41.0 / 39.2) or the VW ID4 (41.1 / 38.4).


The legroom space is very similar. The Mustang charts out at 41.6 for the front and 38.8 for the five-year-old sitting behind you. If you were wondering, the Telsa has 41.8 / 40.5, and the ID4 has 41.1 / 37.6.

While the Mach - E falls a tad short, a couple of inches isn’t enough to be a dealbreaker for me. (Just to give a frame of reference, MotorTrends SUV of the Year, the Genesis GV70, has only 39.6 front headroom and 39.1 rear - and it isn’t an electric vehicle).

Cargo Capacity

But where SUVs stand out is all the cargo they can carry. Let’s face it; you buy an SUV like this because you need the space behind the seats for the endless suitcases your daughters pack on the way to church camp. (Been there and done that). The Mustang Mach-E sits at 59.7 cu. ft. The Telsa Y blows the cargo competition away with 68.0, and the VW has 64.2. (That is with all the seats down). As the chart below illustrates, the space issue becomes even more apparent if you add kids to the back seat, which busy families often do.

Make/Model Cargo Space Behind 2nd Seat
Ford Mach-E 29.7
Telsa Y 30.2
VW ID4 30.3

The Weird Space in the Front

Finally, we should at least mention the weird addition that both Ford and Tesla have made to add additional cargo space. The trunk in the front is also known as the “frunk.” The small space exists because there is no internal combustion engine, so designers had some free space to use. The Ford engineers decided to make it a plastic bin with a drain plug where you could put a cooler and a few beers, and at 4.8 cu.ft. that is about it will hold. (by the way, it has an internal release switch (button), so if your beer decides to make a break for the beach, it can do so. It is also an excellent place to store dirty or stinking clothes, so you don’t mess up the interior. (The Tesla Y has only 4.1).

Doesn’t the Electric Battery Take Up Space?

Surprisingly, no, it doesn’t. The high-voltage battery that powers the vehicle is beneath the floor between the seats. (Interestingly enough, the Tesla Y uses almost all the space under the floor to house the battery). Because of the battery's position, both the Tesla and Mach E have serious ground clearance issues (just over five inches). If you compare this to the 8.2 that the ID4 has, you can see why VW is turning heads.

All the energy needed to power the vehicles comes from these high-voltage batteries. The cars maximize interior space by positioning them under the chassis without creating bulky space issues like electric vehicles in the past. Many previous hybrids and EVs sacrificed trunk space to find room for the battery. Still, modern technology comes through again, finding ways to store energy but not sacrifice cargo room.

How Does the Mach-E Compare In Price to Tesla Y and VW ID4?

The base price of the Mach-E is considerably higher than the Tesla Y, and ID4 beginning at $43,895. The Tesla Y has a base price of $64,750. The VW ID4 is $40,760.

What is the Range on a Mach-E?

The range a car can travel on a charge is an essential consideration because there is not a network of rapid electrical charging stations across the nation. So, you better know how far you can push these vehicles without them leaving you stranded and calling a tow service.

Make/Model Range in miles
Mach-E 211 to 302 (depending on model)
Tesla Y (Long Range) 326
Tesla Y (Standard Range 244
VW ID4 280

Is the Mach-E Faster than the Tesla?

If you are hoping that Ford kept a little bit of power from the Mustangs of the past, you are in luck. The Mach-E GT Performance will do 0-60 mph in a quick 3.5 seconds. Tesla Y records the same time, but the ID4 is slower at over 7 seconds (the AWD model is faster at 5.7).

The last thing you will probably do is race the Mach-4 down the drag strip, but it is nice to know that the vehicle will have the power to do so if you want to give it a go.

How Much Space Is In a Ford Mustang Mach-E?

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