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The Ford Edge is known for having some of the most interesting OEM tire and wheel sizes on the market, but it can be tough to keep track of all the different options.

Since its debut in 2007, the Ford Edge has had a number of OEM tire and wheel packages. The tires are fairly simple, with Ford only offering Michelin or Pirelli tires stock. But the OEM wheels are a completely different beast, with Ford offering a whopping 23 different styles over the years.

The Ford Edge is known for being comfortable and durable, which has led to its popularity over its relatively short tenure as a mass-produced SUV. Over its less than two-decade lifetime, Ford has outfitted the Edge with seemingly countless wheel and tire packages, which can make it difficult to keep track of which years and models came with which tires and wheels. So we’ve created this comprehensive guide for you to use as your number one resource on Ford Edge OEM tire and wheel information.

All of the information you find in the article has been thoroughly vetted to ensure it’s as accurate as possible. The OEM tires have been discussed with automotive experts and Ford Edge owners, and the wheels (and their part numbers/pricing) come directly from Ford-certified parts sellers. So you can scroll through this article with the confidence that everything you find within is accurate.

Table of Contents

Ford Edge OEM Tires & Wheels

Back in the mid-2000s, Ford decided that they needed to create a mid-size crossover SUV to fill in the gap between the smaller Escape and the larger Explorer. Thus the Ford Edge was born.

Right from the outset, Ford switched it up with the new Edge. Within just a couple of years following its debut, the Edge started coming with 22” wheels from the factory. For today’s standards that may not seem out of the ordinary, but for 2009 it was not the norm, especially considering the fact that neither the Escape nor the Explorer had wheels that size.

Then as the Edge went on to receive a few different facelifts and redesigns over the years, the OEM tire and wheel packages changed even more. This was especially evident with the 2015 model year when Ford put 21” wheels and tires on the Edge from the factory. This is one of the strangest OEM wheel and tire sizes ever released, and the Edge is one of the few vehicles in the world to come from the factory with 21” sizes.

With all these different tire and wheel options and sizes over the years, we understand that it can seem nearly impossible to keep track of which options came on which model years. But that’s where this guide comes in and the reason that we wrote it. If you’re trying to figure out which OEM tires and wheels came on your Edge, look no further.

This guide is broken up into two main sections, comprising the OEM tires and wheels, respectively. The OEM wheels section is then broken down even further by the model years in which specific wheels were offered from the factory, making it super simple to see which wheels came on any specific model year Ford Edge.

Enough chatter, let’s get into the good stuff. These are all of the OEM tires and wheels that have been offered on the Ford Edge straight from the factory.

OEM Tires For Ford Edge

Michelin Latitude Tour HP

When it comes to OEM tires, Ford is one of the best automakers in the world at providing their customers with high-quality tires straight from the factory. This is evident in their propensity to use Michelin tires on many of their vehicles. And the Ford Edge is no exception, with Ford outfitting them with Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires stock.

The Michelin Latitude Tour HP was designed specifically for crossovers and SUVs to deliver an ideal combination of comfort, reliability, handling, and traction. These tires accomplish this goal with an all-season tread compound and a symmetric tread pattern that delivers traction in all conditions throughout the year, including even light snow.

Latitude Tour HPs also utilize Michelin’s proprietary FAZ Technology, which stands for Filament At Zero degrees. This unique technology enables the cords and belts within the tire’s internal structure to wind and unwind as needed to provide optimal steering response while simultaneously increasing rigidity.

Considering this is a Michelin tire and it’s packed full with a bunch of great technologies to improve the ride comfort in your Ford Edge, it’s not a tire that we would consider cheap by any means. That said, you can expect to pay between $205 and $350 per tire depending on which size you need. But for the best name in the tire business, you can’t go wrong with Michelin.


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size, which could differ between models and trim levels.

  • Warranty: 55,000 miles
  • Max Load Capacity: 1,874lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 51 psi
  • Tread Depth: 9.5/32”
  • Tire Weight: 28 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: 440
  • UTQG Traction: A
  • UTQG Temperature: A
  • Provides reliable traction on dry roads, wet roads, and even in light snow
  • FAZ Technology increases steering response and handling

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season

Michelin isn’t the only big-name tire company that Ford likes to use on their vehicles, as Pirellis often make an appearance as OEM tires on many of the company’s cars. With the Edge, Ford decided to go with Pirelli’s touring all-season tire that was designed specifically with crossovers and SUVs in mind — the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season

Verde is Italian for green, and that’s where the tire got its name thanks to the fact that it was designed to be the most eco-friendly all-season tire on the market for SUVs. These tires accomplish this feat by reducing the rolling resistance and lowering the tire weight compared to other Pirelli tires. These two features then result in better fuel economy on your Ford Edge as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Pirelli used a special tread pattern for the Scorpion Verde that optimizes the contact patch so that your Ford Edge stays planted to the roads at all times, even under aggressive driving conditions. To help increase the all-season traction, these tires have four circumferential grooves that direct water away from the tire’s center to reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Pirelli is right up there with Michelin as one of the top names in the business, so it’s never going to be cheap to replace OEM tires that are either of these brands. Blame Ford for using such high-quality tires from the get-go. That said, you can expect to pay anywhere from around $150 to $300 depending on which size Scorpion Verde A/S you need for your Ford Edge.


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size, which could differ between models and trim levels.

  • Warranty: None
  • Max Load Capacity: 2,039 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 50 psi
  • Tread Depth: 12/32”
  • Tire Weight: 34 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: 600
  • UTQG Traction: A
  • UTQG Temperature: A
  • Optimized contact patch ensures consistent tractions in all driving conditions
  • Low rolling resistance helps increase fuel mileage while simultaneously decreasing CO2 emissions

Pirelli Scorpion STR

The Scorpion Verde that you just read about is not the only Pirelli tire that Ford offered on the Edge straight from the factory. Throughout some of the earlier model years, Ford outfitted the Edge with Pirelli Scorpion STR tires. These tires were designed for crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks to provide a premium highway driving experience.

The Scorpion STR gets its name from the fact that the tires were designed to provide the Stability, Traction, and Ratings necessary to offer optimal performance on today’s vehicles. These tires achieve this with their special rubber compound molded into a symmetric tread pattern that offers uncompromised traction on just about any surface, even light snow.

To reduce road noise and promote even tread wear across the tire’s tread, Pirelli designed the Scorpion STR with continuous shoulder ribs and narrow grooves between tread blocks. Compared to other tires on the market, these features lower the noise from the road while simultaneously increasing rigidity.

All Pirelli tires are going to be top-notch, but we’ll be the first to say that the Scorpion Verde All-Seasons above are a better tire than the Scorpion STR here. That said, these are a bit more affordable. You can buy new Pirelli Scorpion STRs for your Edge for around $150 - $200, but we’d recommend going with one of the other two options seen above for that kind of money.


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size, which could differ between models and trim levels.

  • Warranty: 65,000 miles
  • Max Load Capacity: 2,403 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 44 psi
  • Tread Depth: 12/32”
  • Tire Weight: 39 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: 520
  • UTQG Traction: A
  • UTQG Temperature: A
  • Narrow grooves between tread blocks lead to a quieter and more comfortable ride
  • Delivers Stability, Traction, and Ratings (hence the STR naming scheme)

OEM Wheels For Ford Edge

2007 - 2010 Ford Edge OEM Wheels

17” x 7.5” 5x114.3 5-Double-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheel in Machined with Silver (7T4Z1007D)

When the Edge made its debut in 2007, Ford decided to use a fairly basic OEM wheel design that potential customers would like. So they decided to go with a simple 17x7.5 5-double-spoke design that was machined with silver. The wheel was actually very similar to the OEM wheels that were found on the Mustang GT during 2007 as well.

The design featured a total of ten spokes that were paired into five groups of two. So in reality, the design was a rendition of Ford’s popular 5-spoke wheel design. If you don’t know much about Ford’s OEM wheels, you’ll quickly see that they love going with the 5-spoke wheel design or some sort of version of it. Just like these first Ford Edge wheels which came standard on just about every Ford Edge model that Ford offered.

As far as OEM wheels go, these 17” wheels from the first iteration of the Ford Edge are relatively affordable. You buy replacements for these wheels for under $100 a piece. And for an aluminum wheel, that’s not too bad!

18” x 7.5” 5x114.3 10-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheel in Silver (8T4Z1007D)

For the first iteration of the Ford Edge in 2007, Ford also decided to offer customers the ability to choose a set of 18” OEM wheels instead of the standard 17” wheels seen above. That’s where these 18x7.5 10-spoke aluminum wheels come into play. Just like the above wheels, this option had the wheels finished in silver paint.

The spoke design on these wheels is also situated in such a way that they are technically paired into five groups of two, but they aren’t really “double-spokes” like the previous option. A more apt name for these wheels would likely be “5-V-spoke” (which you’ll see in a different option shortly) because of the way that the pairs of spokes spread apart as they emanate from the wheel’s center, forming the letter “V”.

Sticking with the relative affordability of the wheel just above, these are some of the most affordable 18” aluminum OEM wheels that you’ll find on the market. You can buy this wheel for about $110 if you’re in need of replacements.

2007 - 2014 Ford Edge OEM Wheels

17” x 4.5” 5x114.3 10-Hole Compact Spare Steel Wheel with Black Finish (7T4Z1007B)

Nobody would want to drive a vehicle if it didn’t come with a reliable spare wheel and tire, so of course, Ford included one when the Edge was released in 2007. This 17x4.5 compact steel spare wheel is similar to most other spares that you’ll see on passenger cars and SUVs to this day. It’s a basic 10-hole steel wheel finished in black. Simple and gets the job done.

Spare steel wheels are typically much cheaper than their aluminum full-size counterparts, but that’s because the aluminum wheels for the model years are usually much more expensive. That said, these spare wheels will cost almost as much as some of the aluminum options and will set you back about $95 a piece.

2008 - 2010 Ford Edge OEM Wheels

18” x 7.5” 5x114.3 10-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheel with Hyper Silver Finish (8T4Z1007E)

After the initial success of the 2007 Edge, Ford decided to give their customers even more options when it came to OEM wheels. So the next upgrade that they added to the Edge’s wheel lineup was another set of 18” wheels. These 18x7.5 10-spoke aluminum wheels were very similar to the 18” wheels that you just read about.

In fact, these 18” wheels are also more aptly described as “5-V-spoke” because of the ways that their spokes emanated from the center of the wheel, just like the OEM option above. But the big difference between the two sets of wheels was the finish. These wheels were finished in hyper silver, which is a darker silver color bordering on gray or charcoal. This finish is a fan favorite among Ford die-hards, and Edge buyers were happy to see this wheel package as an option from the factory.

It seems that Ford no longer has this wheel available for sale brand new, but you still have options if you’re in need of a replacement. You can buy a reconditioned wheel in this style for $170.

20” x 7.5” 5x114.3 7-V-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheel Clad in Chrome (9T4Z1007H)

In 2008 Ford also decided it was already time to step up to 20” wheels even though the Edge was just released the previous year with 17” wheels standard on most models. To Ford’s credit, they decided to think outside the box on the Edge’s new 20” wheels and came up with a design that they hadn’t used before (and also haven’t used since 2010) — the 7-V-spoke wheel clad in chrome.

You’ve seen the “5-v-spoke” wheel mentioned a couple of times by now which is, of course, a version of the popular 5-spoke wheel from Ford. But a 7-V-spoke wheel, that was unheard of. The total number of spokes (14) combined with the chrome finish made these OEM Edge wheels too shiny and too gaudy for most fans. That’s why they were discontinued shortly thereafter and haven’t been reproduced since.

Like the wheel above, this OEM option seems to no longer be offered. Unfortunately, it also looks like it isn’t available in a reconditioned state or even used. But you can check this link occasionally and see if they ever get them back in stock.

2009 - 2010 Ford Edge OEM Wheels

22” x 9” 5x114.3 5-Double-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheel with Polished Finish (9T4Z1007D)

Although Ford had just unveiled the first 20” OEM wheels to be offered on the Edge from the factory to year before, they decided to introduce a brand new option in 2009 — 22” 5-double-spoke aluminum wheels. With the Ford Edge being a mid-size SUV that was smaller than the Explorer, jumping up to 22” wheels was a surprising choice from Ford, but they stuck with the size moving forward.

This new 22x9 5-double-spoke wheel design was finished with polished silver, so they shined more than standard silver wheels but not in the same flashy way the chrome does. The switch back from the 14-spoke design to the more common 5-spoke design was also a welcome addition by Edge owners, and the 22” wheels performed better than anyone expected to right from the start.

Even though this is the first 22” that was offered on the Ford Edge — which is usually more expensive than the smaller OEM wheels — you can buy these wheels reconditioned for $465 each. That’s $50 cheaper per wheel than the 20” option just above!

2011 - 2014 Ford Edge OEM Wheels

17” x 7.5” 5x114.3 5-Double-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Silver Finish (BT4Z1007A)

In 2011, Ford decided that it was time to release an entirely new lineup of OEM wheel options for the Ford Edge. Well, mostly an entirely new lineup. The first wheel on the docket was nearly identical to the very first wheel seen in this guide, so we won’t harp on the details too much.

This 17x7.5 wheel shared the same 5-double-spoke wheel design and machined-silver finish that was found on the 2007 - 2010 Ford Edge — as well as the Mustang GT as mentioned previously. The design was popular and it was affordable to produce, so Ford brought it back for the new Edge.

After that brief foray into much more expensive wheels that aren’t even brand new, we’re back to the relatively affordable OEM wheels. You can buy this wheel brand new for just over $100 a piece.

18” x 8” 5x114.3 5-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels Finished with Silver (BT4Z1007B)

As alluded to previously, Ford loves the 5-spoke aluminum wheel design and they like to get a bit creative with it from time to time and see what Ford fans think about their new designs. These 18x8 5-spoke aluminum wheels that Ford unveiled in 2011 brought back Ford’s most simplistic 5-spoke design and were finished in silver; overall, a fairly basic wheel.

The big difference between standard 5-spoke wheels and this new design from Ford was where the spokes met the rim of the wheel along the outside. At this point, the spokes split off similar to how they would in a Y-spoke wheel design, but the split was extremely shortened due to its proximity to the edge of the wheel. That said, it created a slot at the end of each spoke, something that had not been done before on any of the OEM Edge wheels.

This new 5-spoke wheel design is about twice as expensive as the 17” option that you just read about, but for brand new OEM wheels the price still isn’t too bad. If you’re in the market for replacement wheels in this style, expect to pay about $195 each.

18” x 8” 5x114.3 5-V-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels Clad in Chrome (BT4Z1007C)

Even though they went back to the basics above with a fairly simple silver-painted 5-spoke aluminum wheel, Ford wasn’t just going to rest on its laurels when it came to 18” wheels. So they decided to release a new 5-V-spoke wheel design, this time one that was clad in chrome and added a bit of shine and flair to the Ford Edge as it drove along the roads.

As you know by now if you’ve read about any of the 5-V-spoke wheel designs above, this design technique has a total of ten spokes. But the way in which the spokes are grouped together into pairs of two which then form the letter “V” as they head towards the wheel earns them this description. These 18” wheels were an optional upgrade over the standard 17” wheels on every 2011 - 2014 Ford Edge that was made.

The common theme with OEM wheels is that if they’re finished with chrome, they’re going to be pretty costly to have replaced. Unfortunately, that holds true here and you’ll need to shell out about $450 per wheel to get these replaced on your Ford Edge.

20” x 8” 5x114.3 5-Split-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels Clad in Chrome (BT4Z1007D)

Recall from just above when we mentioned that Ford likes to get creative with the 5-spoke design from time to time to see what they can do with it? These OEM wheels are a perfect example of that. What started as a basic 20x8 chrome-finished wheel with a standard 5-spoke design quickly turned into a unique wheel option that Ford put back on the shelf following the 2014 model year.

The spokes on these wheels split about halfway along their length as they went from the center of the wheel towards the rim, hence the 5-split-spoke moniker. But the design was a bit of an odd one for Edge buyers, with some thinking that the spoke looked like the heads of open-ended wrenches due to their design. In any case, these 20” wheels were offered from Ford on 2011 through 2014 Edges, but have not been used since.

As you just read, chrome wheels are typically pretty expensive, and these OEM Edge wheels are no exception. In fact, they’re some of the most expensive OEM wheels that Ford ever put on the Edge from the factory. Expect to pay about $642 a piece to buy replacements.

22” x 9” 5x114.3 5-Double-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels Polished with Black (BT4Z1007F)

As you read about in the previous batch of OEM Edge wheels above, Ford added a 22” wheel upgrade to the list of Ford Edge options and they stuck to their guns. But with the new lineup of wheels that they unveiled in 2011, Ford felt it necessary to release a new 22” wheel as well. Thus, the 22x9 5-double-spoke wheels that were finished with a nice combination of polished silver and black paint were born.

These 22” wheels were pretty popular among Ford Edge owners, due to the combination of polished silver and high-gloss black paint that really made them stand out among the other OEM wheels that had come on the Edge up until that point. The spokes followed a nearly perfect 5-spoke design, it just so happened that they were all sets of two (hence “double-spoke”). But since the 22” wheel has so much space, the extra spokes really worked well and the 22” upgrade was a popular option.

Like a few of the other OEM Ford Edge wheels that you’ve seen in this guide, this option appears to be unavailable from Ford at this time. But you’re in luck because it’s still offered by a third party in a reconditioned state. You can buy this wheel for around $620 each.

2013 - 2014 Ford Edge OEM Wheels

20” x 8” 5x114.3 5-Double-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels Machined with Black (DA8Z1007F)

For 2013 - 2014 Ford Edge buyers, a new wheel was released and available for just a couple of years. These new 20” wheels had a 5-double-spoke design that was somewhat similar to the 22” wheels above, but not quite the same. They also came finished in high-gloss black paint over the majority of the wheel but with machined silver outlines along each spoke and the rim of the wheel.

These wheels were well-received among Edge buyers and owners, and they were a great way to close out the final two years of the first generation of the Ford Edge. The combination of black paint and machined silver accents looked great and customers especially liked to order these wheels for their Edges that were painted white as they’d really make the car pop.

When we were looking into these wheels and researching how much they cost, the price of this option surprised us as well — but in a good way. Even though they’re 20” wheels with a unique finish, you can buy replacements that are brand new for less than $195 a piece.

2015 - 2018 Ford Edge OEM Wheels

17” x 4” 5x114.3 16-Hole Compact Spare Steel Wheel with Black Finish (EM2Z1015A)

With the second generation of the Ford Edge being debuted in 2015, all of the wheels that you’ve read about up until this point have been discontinued. So Ford needed to release an entirely new lineup of OEM wheel options, and they did exactly that. 2015 was the single-biggest model year with the most new wheel options with a total of six. In those six, we are also (of course) including the new spare.

The new Edge needed a new spare wheel to keep its occupants safe if they had any tire issues, and the replacement was similar to the old one. The new spare was a 17x4 compact spare wheel that was finished in black. The only discernible difference between the two spare wheels was the new one was a 16-hole design, which doesn’t really do much for customers and likely wasn’t a selling point on any Edge (or any other vehicle) in history.

This is the most affordable wheel on this list, which makes sense considering that it’s just a simple compact spare steel wheel. You can buy this wheel for just $50.

18” x 8” 5x114.3 5-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheel with Silver Finish (FT4Z1007B)

With the second generation of the Ford Edge being released, Ford made one big change — they removed 17” wheels as the standard OEM option and started fitting each Edge with 18” wheels at a minimum. To start off the new lineup of wheels, Ford went back to their roots and used a set of simplistic 5-spoke wheels as the standard option on most of the models and trim levels of the new Edge.

These 18x8 5-spoke silver-painted aluminum wheels were an incredibly simple wheel design that fans instantly loved. These wheels matched the popular option that was being used on the Explorer during the same years and was just a basic 5-spoke design. No fancy spokes, no shiny chrome finish. Just a simple wheel that Edge drivers loved.

This OEM Edge wheel is priced relatively low, so you won’t have to break the bank if you need a replacement. You can buy brand new versions of this wheel for around $165 a piece.

18” x 8” 5x114.3 5-Double-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheel with Silver Finish (FT4Z1007A)

While the standard OEM wheels above were a favorite among fans and owners of the Ford Edge, they weren’t the only 18” option that buyers had. Ford offered one 18” OEM upgrade choice to Edge’s lineup with a brand new 5-double-spoke wheel design that they had not previously used.

These new 18x8 wheels were finished in silver and the spokes were clearly defined as five separate pairings of two spokes each. The spokes had a unique design where they sort of twist inwards on themselves towards each other, giving the wheels a different look than anything Edge fans had seen before. They were a popular choice from the factory, but nowhere near as loved as the simple 5-spoke design above.

After seeing the 18” OEM wheel above priced so well, prepare to be a bit sticker-shocked by the price tag on these. If you need to get replacements for these wheels for your Ford Edge, expect to pay over $610 per wheel.

19” x 8” 5x114.3 5-Double-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Hyper Silver Finish (FT4Z1007D)

Ford decided to spice things up with the new lineup of wheels by releasing a new 19” option to go along with the standard 18” and 20” wheels that the majority of Edges were outfitted with. These new 19” wheels used yet another rendition of the 5-spoke wheel design and they were another design that used the double-spoke design where spokes were grouped together into pairs of two.

These 19x8 wheels not only had a unique spoke design where the spokes all angled outwards as they approached the rim of the wheel but they were also finished in the ever-popular hyper silver color mentioned at the beginning of this guide. Even so, these wheels sort of fell in no man’s land, as buyers tended to either stick with the standard 18” wheels above or opt for the bigger wheels that you’ll see shortly.

Even though Ford stepped up in size from the 18” wheels above to this new 19” option, it’s nowhere near as expensive as the one you just read about. You can buy replacements for these OEM wheels for just over $250 a piece.

20” x 8.5” 5x114.3 5-Y-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels Machined with Hyper Silver (FT4Z1007F)

As Ford had scrapped all the previous 20” wheel options from the first generation of the Edge, it only made sense that they would create an entirely new 20” wheel to take their place. But unfortunately for Ford, the new wheel design was not overly popular among new Edge buyers, and the only real saving grace was that they were 20” in diameter and were finished with hyper silver paint which tends to attract buyers regardless.

The new wheels used a unique 5-Y-spoke wheel design, where the five pairs of spokes would all branch apart to form something that resembled the letter “Y”. Ford has had success with this design in the past and on other vehicles, but the incredibly thick spokes that were used on these wheels were not the best design choice. In any case, buyers still upgraded their Edges with these OEM wheels and they remained more popular than the 19” wheels above.

It might seem like you’re on a rollercoaster right now with the prices going up and down between wheel options. Well make sure you’re strapped in tight, cause this is the most expensive wheel option yet. If you need to replace these OEM wheels on your Ford Edge, get ready to pay about $740 per wheel.

21” x 9” 5x114.3 5-V-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels in Bright Silver (FK7Z1007A)

If you own a Ford Edge yourself or you know anything about them, you likely know about one of the strangest wheel and tire choices that Ford has ever made — they decided to offer 21” wheels as the OEM option on new Ford Escapes starting in 2015. You read that right, 21” wheels. These new wheels replaced the bigger 22” wheels from the previous generation, but 21” wheels in general are rare, and tires can be even harder to find.

The choice to put 21” wheels on the Ford Edge was a bit of a strange one to begin with, so Ford went with a fairly simple wheel design to avoid any additional pushback over just the size of the wheel. As you know by now, Ford has used the 5-V-spoke design multiple times on the Edge and they decided to do so again, finishing the oddly-sized wheels off in bright silver. Although the size is weird, it was popular among buyers and Ford decided to bring it back again with the next batch of new wheels.

The first 21” wheel that Ford has used as an OEM option, you’re probably thinking it’s going to be expensive. Yes and no. Unfortunately, it seems like this wheel is not sold by Ford at the moment. But you can get a reconditioned version for about $450 a piece.

2019 - 2021 Ford Edge OEM Wheels

18” x 8” 5-Double-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Silver Finish (KT4Z1007A)

With the 2019 model year of the Edge, Ford yet again decided to scrap all the previous OEM wheel options and start fresh. Let’s start with the simply 5-double-spoke design that replaced the popular 5-spoke design from before. These new 18x8 5-double-spoke wheels were finished in silver paint like all of the other standard OEM Edge wheels before them.

It seems that the newer the wheels are, the most expensive they appear to be on average. And this latest batch of OEM Edge wheels is no exception. You can buy this 18” wheel brand new for just over $610 per wheel.

18” x 8” 5x108 5-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels Machined with Hyper Silver (KT4Z1007B)

Although the above 18” wheels were offered as the standard option on 2019 - 2021 Ford Edges, they weren’t the only 18” wheel available. Ford also unveiled a brand new 5-spoke aluminum wheel for the new Ford Escapes that were finished in the fan-favorite hyper silver paint that has come up again and again.

These 18x8 5-spoke aluminum wheels were more like the basic 5-spoke wheel design that Ford loved to use, but they had a couple of unique design features. The spokes were designed in such a way as to almost have steps in them, giving them much more depth to look at. Combined with the aforementioned hyper silver finish, these wheels were a hit among Edge buyers.

Slightly more affordable than the other 18” wheel just above that debuted in 2019, you can expect to pay right around $500 a piece to have these wheels replaced.

20” x 8” 5x108 5-Y-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels Machined with Grey (KT4Z1007D)

Similar to the 20” 5-Y-spoke aluminum wheels that Ford released in 2015 with the previous batch of new OEM wheels, these wheels were also never as popular as Ford had hoped. The 5-Y-spoke design hasn’t been a favorite among fans and drivers of the Ford Edge, but the grey-machined finish helped drive their popularity and still get a solid number of buyers to upgrade to them on their Edge.

The biggest fan complaint about this new 5-Y-spoke design was the spokes themselves. The spokes were of course situated in such a way as to morph into the letter “Y”, but instead, they seemed to look like five wishbones emanating from the center of the wheel. That said, the 18” wheel options above remained more popular on the new wave of Ford Edges.

Even though it jumped from 18” wheels above to these bigger 20” 5-spoke wheels, the price remains almost exactly the same. You can buy this wheel in brand new condition for $500.

20” x 8” 5x108 5-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels Machined with Black (KT4Z1007E)

To really spice things up a bit with 2019 - 2021 Edges, Ford decided to release yet another version of the ever-popular 5-spoke wheel design. This time, they unveiled a new 20x8 aluminum wheel that had a unique 5-spoke design as well as a well-received color combination of machined silver and high-gloss black.

These wheels took the 5-spoke design to new places with a unique sweeping effect on the spokes that were unlike any of the other designs for had used on the Edge yet. This unique design combined with the popular color scheme of a majority black wheel with silver accents made these the more popular of the 20” OEM wheel options by far.

As the penultimate wheel in this guide, these 20” wheels with their nice machined finish and black paint are the most expensive OEM wheels that Ford ever used on the Edge. So if you have these on your 2019 - 2021 Ford Edge, try your best to avoid damaging them as replacements will set you back a pretty penny! If you do need to buy a new one, expect to pay nearly $810 per wheel for replacements.

21” x 9” 5x108 5-Double Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Gloss Black Finish (KT4Z1007J)

When Ford unveiled the first 21” OEM wheel for the Edge back in 2015, they weren’t sure how fans would take it. To their joy, Edge fans seemed to love the uniqueness of a 21” wheel and so Ford set out to deliver something special with the new wheel lineup in 2019. And with these new 21x9 5-double spoke aluminum wheels, they did exactly that.

All things considered, these 21” wheels are arguably the most popular OEM wheels that Ford ever put on the Edge from the factory. Not only does the unique size draw attention to them, but they’re also the only all-black wheels that the Edge has been sold with. Black wheels are popular among drivers of just about any vehicle, and these are absolute must-haves for any Ford Edge owners out there whose Edge is painted white.

Ford stuck with the 21” wheels, and their customers will need to pay the relatively expensive price if they need replacements. You can buy these wheels for just under $600 a piece if you need to get new ones.

Ford Edge OEM Tires & Wheels

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