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Thinking of using a Firestone WeatherGrip tire, but you don't know whether it's the right fit for you? Make sure to stick till the end to learn more.

So, are Firestone WeatherGrip tires really as good as the company advertised? The short answer is yes. These new tires have been vigorously tested, and they proved to outperform other tires. It also provides an excellent braking distance and utilizes multiple technologies to provide a quality driving experience.

The topics that will be covered include the available features offered, the average price range, the pros and cons, the specifications of this tire, the warranties included, the list of the vehicles that this tire fits, its performance on wintry conditions, its overall performance on wet and slippery roads, and whether or not you can use it for off-roading.

Please keep in mind that all of the information provided in this article is based on reliable sources to provide you with only the best content. With that said, let's get right into the article now.

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What are the Features of This Tire?

The company states that the Firestone WeatherGrip tires have been specifically engineered to provide you with full control regardless of the weather conditions. Besides that, they also mentioned that this tire provides an excellent wet traction performance that allows you to drive safely even during the heaviest of rain.

In order for them to achieve all of these things, the company decided to use an advanced all-season tread compound. To improve the level of grip of the tires on wet and wintry conditions, the company decided to expertly mold the rubber into a traction-focused directional design. Apart from that, they also use the Hydro-Grip Technology Package to enhance the performance of these tires.

This package consists of circular footprints that will pierce through standing water to enhance the level of hydroplaning resistance and amplify the performance of the wet tractions of the tires. Next, this package also comes with some large, broad grooves and open shoulder slots that function to further enhance the level of hydroplaning resistance. The shoulder blocks are also chamfered so that they would make extra contact with the road, and this is done to enhance the braking performance so that you could stop right where you want to.

This tire also features the Snow Traction Claw Technology, and they use it on the shoulder ribs and center of the tire to pair it with the snow vices located on the intermediate ribs. On top of that, these tires also have zigzag sipes with a high level of density on the surface of the tires that help to provide additional biting edges for an enhanced level of performance on icy roads. One of the best parts about these tires is that they are fully-equipped with the Traction Tech Package that includes the powerful interlocking grooves that allow the tires to perform well on extreme snow and slippery roads.

What is the Average Price Range of This Tire?

The average price of this tire ranges between $103 to $150.


What are the Pros and Cons of This Tire?


  • The Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol signifies that this tire can withstand multiple weather conditions
  • Provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience
  • Excellent braking and handling performance for an all-season tire
  • Performs very well on icy roads compared to other all-season tires available in the market
  • Safe and predictable handling on light snow conditions
  • Features one of the shortest braking distance
  • Top acceleration on icy roads compared to other all-season tires
  • The contact patch of the tires has never get ridden with slush, water, snow, or mud
  • Highly responsive steering control
  • Offered at an affordable price
  • Feature a low noise level
  • Has a high level of durability


  • This tire cannot be used in extreme snow conditions.

What are the Specifications of This Tire?

Please bear in mind that the specifications of the tire may vary depending on each size

  • UTQG - 640 A A
  • Maximum load - 1235 lbs
  • Maximum inflation pressure - 44 psi
  • Tread depth - 10/32 "
  • Tire weight - 18 lbs
  • Rim width range - 5.5 to 7 "
  • Measured rim width - 6 "
  • Section width - 7.9 "
  • Tread width - 6.1 "
  • Overall diameter - 24.2 "
  • Revolutions per mile - 833
  • Treadlife warranty - 5 Years or 65,000 miles (The mileage for the rear is halved if it's different than the front)

What are the Warranties Included?

The purchase of this tire would include the five years or 65,000 miles tread life warranty and a uniformity warranty that covers the first 1/32 inches of wear. Apart from that, this tire also comes with five years of workmanship and a materials warranty that you could use at any time you need it. You will also be entitled to a free replacement but only for the first three years, which will then be prorated until 2/32 inches of the remaining depth. However, one of the best parts about this tire is that it offers the manufacturers a special warranty that allows you to buy the tires and try them for up to 90 days.

What Vehicles are Compatible with This Tire?

Please keep in mind that this is not a complete list of vehicles that are compatible with this tire, and it only covers some of the most commonly used vehicles that most people would use.

  • Volkswagen - Polo, Passat, Virtus
  • Lexus - CT, IS, ES
  • Peugeot - 208, 207, 308, 301
  • Kia - K4, Carens, K5 Niro, Rondo, Optima, Soul, Stinger
  • Opel - Astra, Ampera, Signum, Insignia, Zafira, Vectra
  • Honda - Accord Euro, Accord, Inspire, HR-V, Jade, Inspire, Spirior, Odyssey, XR-V
  • Dodge - Avenger, Dart Monaco, Challenger, Stratus, Neon
  • Ford - Contour, C-Max, Fusion, Focus C-Max Galaxy Grand C-Max Mondeo Tourneo Conn, Escort Focus
  • BMW - 6 Series, 3 Series, 2 Series, 1 Series, Z4, M1
  • Acura - CSX, CL, ILX, RSX, Legend, Vigor, TL
  • Audi - 100, 80, A3, A6, A4, Coupe, Cabriolet, S2 TT

How Does It Perform in Wintry Conditions?

The Firestone WeatherGrip tire performs very well in light wintry conditions compared to other all-season tires that are available in the market currently. However, these tires do not perform very well in heavy wintry conditions, so if you are living in areas with this type of condition, then I would highly recommend you to buy a set of winter tires instead.

Next, if we take a closer look at the performance of the traction of this tire on snow and compare it with other tires, we find that the Firestone WeatherGrip has a better performance than the others. With only a complete set of these tires, you can easily turn into corners, accelerate your vehicle effortlessly and stop exactly where you want regardless of whether you're on a slippery road or not.

This is literally the best all-season tire that performs well in wintry conditions. Apart from that, the quality of the ice traction of these tires can also be considered to be slightly better than normal. However, I would like to remind you again that it's better to go with a set of winter tires if you're living in extreme wintry conditions.

All of these would not have been possible without the Traction Tech Package that features the amazing interlocking grooves and the zigzag sipes that enhance the grip of the tires on wet, slippery, and icy roads. On top of that, since this tire has a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating, you can expect to get extra longitudinal snow traction that helps to boost the overall performance of the tire on snowy roads.

How Does It Perform on Wet and Slippery Roads?

The WeatherGrip technology provides excellent wet traction performance, especially on wet and slippery surfaces. Next, the hydroplaning resistance of the tire is also high, making it hard for you to lose control, especially on extremely slippery roads. The tires also provide a safe cornering as it is completely predictable and smooth even during heavy rain.

On top of that, the braking performance of this tire on wet and slippery surfaces is also excellent as you can right where you need. Even though this tire might not be the best tire to be used on wet and slippery roads, at the end of the day, it gets the job done. However, one of the most important things that this tire offers is that it does not lose traction out of the blue when it starts to rain heavily.

Can I Use It For Off-Road Driving?

The WeatherGrip technology has not been designed specifically to satisfy the needs of those that need to do some off-roading. The tire seems to be lacking traction for off-road surfaces that are slippery. This tire might do better than most all-season tires out there, but it's not recommended for you to use it for off-roading as it's not designed to be used in that type of condition. On top of that, the tread compound is also not highly resistant to chips and cuts, so you can easily damage your tires.

Firestone WeatherGrip Tire Review

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