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EZGO is a renowned tire brand that mainly specializes in golf cart tires. But, is it the right brand for you? This EZGO tires review has the answers.

EZGO golf cart tires perform extremely well in their designated areas of operation. Its turf tires ride smoothly on manicured golf courses, without damaging the surface while its all-terrain tires deliver reliable performances in rugged terrains. Also, its tires are high-quality and affordable.

In this EZGO tires review, we will explore its background, its most popular tires, its warranties and guarantees, and customer support. Also, we will walk you through its pros and cons. So, if you have come across EZGO tires and you are unsure whether it’s a brand worth your consideration, you should read this review to the end.

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About EZGO Tires

Similar to other types of vehicles, the tires on your golf cart will play a vital role in both its safety and comfort whenever you are riding around. So, to drive your golf cart safely and comfortably, you will need to equip it with the right set of golf cart tires.

And this is where EZGO tires come in. Launched in 1954 in Atlanta, Georgia, EZGO has grown to become one of the leading tire brands for golf cart tires. Besides golf cart tires, it also sells golf cart accessories.

EZGO also makes golf carts, thus making it a well-rounded brand when it comes to golf cart supplies. So, if you are looking for replacement tires for your golf cart, you should check out what EZGO has on offer.

Since it was launched more than 60 years ago, EZGO has experienced massive growth. It has sold manufactured and sold thousands of golf carts and golf carts accessories.

In 2009, this company received the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. And on the same year, its manufacturing facilities in Augusta were named among the top 10 in the U.S and North America. EZGO has also attained the ISO 9001 certification, as proof that it adheres to the highest manufacturing standards.

In 1960, EZGO was acquired by Textron Inc., a global company that’s based in Providence, Rhode Island. Textron has operations in more than 25 countries worldwide, with thousands of employees.

Today, EZGO tires are manufactured by a division of Textron dedicated to specialized vehicles. So, whenever you are purchasing a tire from this brand, you can rest assured you are getting a top-quality product from a reputable source.

Best-Selling EZGO Tires

EZGO offers a variety of options when it comes to replacement tires for golf carts. Some of its most popular golf cart tires include:

EZGO Backlash

The EZGO Backlash is a versatile tire, designed for electric and gas utility vehicles. It can be fitted on various types of vehicles like utility carts, golf carts as well as personal transportation vehicles, among others.


The EZGO Backlash comes with an all-season tread compound, which has been formed into a symmetrical tread pattern. This tread pattern is designed to provide sufficient grip and traction every time you’ve fitted your vehicle with this tire.

The tire’s tread also features of series of lateral and longitudinal grooves, designed to remove water from the tire’s tread, thus maintaining optimal contact with the surfaces. These grooves also help to minimize the risk of aquaplaning, in wet conditions, resulting in a safe and reliable ride.

This golf cart tire features a low-profile design, which helps to give your cart or UTV a sleek look and style. Their low-profile design also helps to make them quick and efficient, resulting in top-notch fuel economy.

This low-profile tire features a four-ply rated interior construction, which helps it to roll smoothly over the surface. Whether you decide to use this tire on your golf cart, UTV or any other compatible vehicle, you will ride in style and comfort.

Sizes and Fitment

The EZGO Backlash is available in three sizes. These are a 10-inch size, a 12-inch size and a 14-inch size. So, if you own a golf cart that falls within this size range and you are looking for its replacement tires, then you should check whether the Backlash can fit.

Price Range

The EZGO Backlash is currently selling for approximately $85 to $105. The actual price that you will pay for the tire will depend on the size and the outlet. Therefore, a whole set will cost you around $340 to $420. As you may expect, different outlets price their products differently.


  • Great performance on paved surfaces
  • Decent fuel economy
  • Stylish and sleek design


  • Only a few sizes are available


If you are looking for a budget-friendly low-profile tire for your golf cart, then the Backlash is a reliable choice. Its grip on the surfaces is more than adequate and it’s well made. Also, it sports a stylish look, which will give your golf cart a sleek look.

EZGO Backlash X

The EZGO Backlash X is an all-terrain golf cart tire, designed to be used both on paved and unpaved surfaces. It's built for golf carts, utility vehicles and other types of vehicles that fall within this class.


EZGO has outfitted the Backlash X with a rugged all-terrain tread compound. This tread compound has been molded into a rugged tread pattern, featuring deep lugs. This tread construction is designed to deliver outstanding traction across a wide range of terrains.

Whether you encounter mud, loose sand, gravel, or rocky trails, this tire can handle almost any type of terrain. And thanks to its added height, this tire will give your golf cart some much-needed ground clearance, especially when you venture off the highway.

Just like the Backlash, the Backlash X also features four-ply rated interior construction, designed to enhance its stability. Therefore, it will roll smoothly on the surface, regardless of how rough it may be. Also, its four-ply rated interior construction can help to boost its longevity.

Sizes and Fitment

Currently, there are only three sizes available for the Backlash X. And these are 10 inches, 12 inches and 14 inches.

Price Range

If you decide to mount your golf cart with a set of this tire, you can expect to spend around $115 to $135. Therefore, a set of four tires will set you back approximately $460 to $540, depending on the sizes that you choose.


  • Superior traction across different terrains
  • Sturdy construction


  • Limited sizes


If you spend most of your time exploring off-road terrains using your golf cart, then the EZGO will be a decent choice for your vehicle. Thanks to its rugged tread pattern and sturdy construction, this tire can handle almost any type of terrain. And most importantly, its pricing is affordable.

EZGO Links

The EZGO Links is a low-profile tire specifically built for golf carts and small UTVs used to handle cargo transport jobs. It’s built to deliver performance on paved surfaces and golf courses.


The EZGO comes with an all-season tread compound, featuring a symmetric tread pattern. This tread pattern helps the tire to roll over manicured golf courses and other similar surfaces, without damaging the turf. It can also ride smoothly over paved surfaces.

It also features low-profile, lightweight construction. This construction helps the EZGO Links to ride smoothly on golf courses. But, you should note that this tire is not built for rugged terrains.

Sizes and Fitment

The EZGO Links is only available in a single size. And that’s an eight-inch size. So, if are looking for replacement tires for your golf cart and it comes with eight-inch wheels, there’s a chance that this tire will fit.

Price Range

This low-profile golf cart tire is currently retailing for around $90 per tire. Therefore, an entire set of four tires for your golf cart will cost you around $360. It’s worth mentioning that these figures are just estimates. The actual price that you will pay for your tires will depend on where you purchase them.


  • Rolls smoothly over golf courses
  • Durable construction


  • Only a single size is available


If your golf cart spends most of its time on the golf course, then this tire is specifically built for you. It will deliver reliable traction for cornering, accelerating and braking. And thanks to its low-profile design, it will deliver high fuel efficiency, thus saving you some money on fuel costs.

Warranties and Guarantees

EZGO tires don’t come with warranties and guarantees. You can only return the product for a refund or exchange if it was damaged during shipment or the wrong tire was shipped. In such a case, you have up to 30 days after purchasing the tire. You must return the tire uninstalled and in its original packaging.

EZGO Customer Support

EZGO has a highly responsive customer support team, ready to help you, in case you encounter any issues with your purchase of tires. You can reach the company customer support team by filling out a form provided on the site or call. And once you contact them, a member of the company’s customer support team will get in touch with you, to address any issue that you may be facing.

EZGO’s customer support team is available between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

Why Buy EZGO Tires

You have numerous options to choose from if you are looking for a set of replacement tires for your golf cart. So, why buy EZGO golf cart tires instead of buying from the other available options? Well, here are a couple of reasons why thousands of golf cart owners choose this brand.

Reputable Brand

EZGO is a reputable tire brand, which has been operational for more than 60 years. It's renowned for its manufacturing expertise, utilizing advanced technologies and delivering world-class products. And even after its acquisition by Textron, EZGO has never compromised on its core mission of producing quality products. With EZGO tires, you can rest confident that you are getting a tire from a reputable and renowned tire brand, which will perform accordingly.

Reliable Tires

Whether you purchase EZGO turf tires or off-road golf cart tires, you are always assured of getting a dependable tire. Its turf tires deliver a great combination of traction and great fuel efficiency. At the same time, its all-terrain tires perform exceptionally well across different conditions and surfaces. Whether you are driving through mud or gravel, loose sand or rocky terrains, you can always trust an EZGO tire to get you through safely.

Affordable Tires

While EZGO tires are highly reliable and well-made, they don’t come with an expensive price tag. All its golf cart tires are within an affordable range. An entire set will cost you around $500, making them affordable for golf cart owners. With EZGO, you are getting a dependable, and durable tire.

Excellent Value for Money

We all want to get our money’s worth whenever we purchase something. And this is also the case with tires. Whenever you buy a tire, you want to make sure that you get value for your month. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about such issues with EZGO tires. Its tires are well made and durable. And as much as they don’t come with warranties and guarantees, you can rest assured that the tire will serve you well and for many years.

EZGO Tires Pros

  • High-quality tires
  • Dependable and affordable tires

EZGO Tires Cons

  • A limited selection of tires

Our Take

Since it started its operations more than 60 years ago, EZGO has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of golf cart tires in North America. Its tires are durable, affordable and they perform well. And while they may not be backed by warranties and guarantees, the complaints from unsatisfied buyers have been minimal. Overall, you won’t be disappointed with this brand.

EZGO Tires Review - Brand Guide

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