Key Takeaways

  • The Everstart Maxx Battery charger needs to be plugged into A/C power.
  • It can charge a battery overnight.
  • The Everstart Maxx charger can recondition your battery.
  • The Everstart Maxx charger can test your alternator.
  • The Everstart Maxx charger is a great tool every household should have.

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The Everstart Maxx Battery Charger is a great charger that every household should have. But how do you use it?

Plug the charger into an AC outlet. This puts the charger into standby mode. The LCD screen will display an icon of a battery with two clamps above it. The clamp icon will be flashing. Now connect the clamps from the charger to the battery. If you wish for full instructions, continue reading.

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Everstart Maxx Battery Charger Instructions

The first thing you’re going to want to do with your Everstart charger is plug it into a wall somewhere. This will be your AC power that you will convert to go into your battery. Once plugged in, your charger will be in standby mode.

The battery charger will be displaying a battery icon with two clamps above it. The clamps will be flashing while the battery icon will be steady. When you connect the clamps another icon will be displayed that shows the clamps are connected to the battery.

If you mismatched the clamps the portable car battery charger will start to alarm. In this case you’ll want to switch the clamps around on the battery. With the clamps connected correctly you can now begin to charge.

When the clamps are connected press the “charge/voltage” button to start the charging process. The LCD screen will display some new information.

The information will be the amount of amps flowing into the battery and the percentage the battery is charged. For example, it could show 15 amps are charging your battery and your battery is only 50% done charging.

If for some reason your battery charger starts to overheat you will see some warning signs on your LCD screen. The overheat alarm icon, the fault icon, and the gauge icon, along with all other items on the screen will start to blink.

In case of overheating, disconnect the battery charger and allow it to cool for about 10 minutes. Make sure there is lots of ventilation around the battery charger when you start charging again. Battery chargers have the capacity to detect whether a batter is good or not.

If your battery charger detects that there is a faulty battery, an exclamation point will appear on the LCD screen above the battery. If your battery is faulty the Everstart battery charger cannot help the issue and you need to take the battery to a qualified technician to repair or get a new battery.

If your battery does not reach 100% on the Everstart charger’s gauge after 18 hours of continuous charge, there is an issue with the battery and the charger will let you know.

For example, if you leave the amp automotive battery charger on overnight with the hopes of waking up to a full battery, and it’s still running around 50%, you may have a faulty battery.

This happens a lot to car batteries and if it happens to you, your charger will display a “F04” symbol on the charger’s LCD screen. If this happens to your battery, make sure to disconnect the charger and remove the battery from the vehicle and have it tested at your local auto parts store.

According to the manual battery charger, when the battery is fully charged you will see “FLO” on your LCD screen and then the gauge will be all the way up to 100%. Once this occurs, you can put the charger back into standby mode by pressing the “charge/voltage” button on the charger for three seconds.

To use the Everstart Maxx Battery charger as a marine battery charger you need to remove the battery from the boat. Testing lead acid batteries while they are still hooked up to the boat requires different testing equipment.

Checking The Battery Voltage

To check the battery voltage with your automatic battery charger hook it up like you would if you were going to charge the battery. Next, press the “charge/voltage” button. According to the battery charger manual, numbers will appear on the charger’s LCD.

The voltage of the battery will display on the LCD screen for 5 seconds so make sure to be quick to check up on the LCD for your battery voltage. After you see the voltage display the charger will go back to standby mode.

Using The Alternator Checking Function

The Everstart smart charger has a function that checks the alternator’s functioninging. For this to work you cannot have a dead battery. You need to have a fully charged battery to check the alternator.

With the clamps hooked up to the battery start the car and let it get up to idle speed. As you have the car running Everstart battery chargers are able to detect that you want to check the alternator. Press the “alternator check” button and an icon will appear on the Everstart battery charger.

The icon looks like an alternator. This icon means the charger is testing the alternator. If the alternator is good the word “good” will appear next to the alternator. If the alternator is bad the word “alt” will appear on the LCD.

To stop the test hit the “alternator check” button again and the test will stop and all icons will disappear.

Reconditioning The Battery

It's in your best interest to recondition the battery in order to keep it at optimum performance. Battery reconditioning sends electric pulses to the lead inside the battery to break up any corrosion.

The Everstart Maxx Battery Charger can do this! To do so hook up the battery charger to the battery using the leads. Once hooked up, hit the battery recondition indicator. After you hit the button a battery icon will appear with the words “Batt Recond”.

When you see this word pop up, it means that the battery is undergoing the reconditioning process. It's recommended to use the battery charger reconditioning process for 24 hours as this will wash your battery the best.

Using The Start Function

This battery charger can also start the motor through its A/C conversion of power.  To start the engine with your charger hook up the battery cable leads like you would if you were going to charge the battery.

Once hooked up, hit the “engine start” button on the charger. A countdown will appear on the charger’s LCD screen. A countdown will commence from 60 to 0. When 0 is reached an alarm will come from the charger and an engine start icon will appear on the LCD.

When these sequences of events happen it’s time to start the engine. Start the engine and it should start. A 5 second countdown will display on the charger’s LCD meaning to try starting the engine again after the 5 seconds is up and the engine didn’t start.

Everstart Maxx Battery Charger

The Everstart Maxx Battery Charger is a reliable and efficient charger that is designed to charge a wide range of lead-acid batteries, including automotive, marine, and lawn and garden batteries. The charger has a maximum charging rate of 12 volts and 15 amps, which is powerful enough to charge most batteries quickly and efficiently.

One of the standout features of the Everstart Maxx Battery Charger is its automatic charging system. The charger is designed to automatically adjust the charging rate based on the condition of the battery, ensuring that the battery is charged safely and efficiently. This feature is particularly useful for users who are not experienced with charging batteries, as it takes the guesswork out of the process.

The Everstart Maxx Battery Charger also comes equipped with a number of safety features, including reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection, and short circuit protection. These features help to ensure that the charger is safe to use and that the battery is not damaged during the charging process.

Overall, the Everstart Maxx Battery Charger is a reliable and efficient charger that is well-suited for a wide range of battery charging applications. It is easy to use, safe, and provides quick and efficient charging for a variety of battery types. I would highly recommend this charger to anyone who is in need of a high-quality battery charger.

Everstart Maxx Battery Charger Instructions

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