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When you need a new battery, it pays to have someone you trust. From wheels to spare car parts, we have it all! But does Tires Plus sell batteries?

The answer is yes! Whether you want to get your vehicle's battery inspected or need a new one, Tires Plus can do it. With numerous batteries for all types of automobiles, your nearest location is likely to have the one you need for your vehicle.

Choosing the correct battery plays a significant role in the overall performance of your vehicle. To choose the right battery for your car, you must first understand the basics of battery classification. Reserve Capacity (RC), Cold Cranking amps (CCA), Cranking amps (CA), and Ampere-hour (Ah) rating are the most critical factors.

Batteries are the source of energy for your vehicle. The optimal battery will provide you with a good blend of less environmental impact, affordability, high performance, and lengthy run time. To help you out, our industry experts with tons of experience have put together this guide to help you learn more about Tires Plus and its services.  

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Battery Inspection At Tires Plus

Batteries, like any other gadget, must be examined regularly. Inspecting your batteries can help spot damage and cracks before they transform into full-blown battery leaks. A quick inspection at Tires Plus can save you time and money in the long run, and it can also assist in keeping the battery adequately connected and clean.

Battery testing is simply a measurement of the amount of energy a battery can store. This test will tell you if your car's battery is approaching the end of its life and whether or not it needs to be replaced. It can even assist you in locating problematic inter-cell connectors and spot weak cells. A car battery assessment will ensure that the battery can start and maintain a charge in your vehicle.

Before performing a test, the battery must be inspected for visual flaws and modifications. This will also ensure that the battery is the right type and size for the car.

What Happens If You Don't Replace Your Batteries?

If dirt or debris gets into the cells of your battery, it can be quite unfortunate. It can also create corrosion on the surrounding metal; therefore, cleaning the top of the battery and across the terminal is an important component of automobile battery care.

Due to a lack of adequate maintenance, batteries are unable to perform to their full capacity and are sometimes permanently damaged before reaching the end of their useful life. However, if batteries are correctly constructed and maintained, they will improve the system's performance and result in cost savings during its lifespan.

Bring your automobile to Tires Plus for a quick check and purchase your new battery today! Simple preventative check ups and battery maintenance will keep your car running. Plus, our experts are always available at your nearest Tires Plus outlet to provide advice and assistance regarding battery issues.

Reasons for Battery Replacement At Tires Plus

An automobile's battery should generally last at least four years before it needs to be replaced. However, a variety of reasons can cause the battery to fail prematurely, necessitating its replacement sooner.

The weather is one of the most critical aspects that determine how long a car battery will last. Summer months are the worst for car batteries because the engine is already producing a lot of heat under the hood, and the hot weather makes it worse.

In addition, switching your car on and off regularly can shorten the life of your car battery. Don't make the mistake of waiting until the battery is completely dead before replacing it. In fact, it's advisable to think about replacing it before it reaches the end of its useful life.

Ideally, you should replace your car batteries every three years, but you may need to do so sooner in case the need arises. Your battery's lifespan can be influenced by many factors, such as your environment and driving habits, and you may need to replace it before the three-year mark.

Similar to how the battery in your computer or Smartphone degrades with each charge, the battery in your automobile degrades with time when it is charged by the vehicle's engine. Hence, it's usually time for a replacement after three years.

The Engine Management System (EMS) of a car is reset when an old car battery is replaced with a new one. It reverts to the default factory settings with which your vehicle was delivered. The EMS is primarily responsible for your vehicle's flawless operation.

Battery Replacement at Tires Plus

When it comes to automotive parts, no component appears to be more fragile than car batteries, which is why we recommend that you choose our services for battery replacement.

Look no farther than a DieHard battery from Tires Plus if you need a battery that performs when you need it the most. All DieHard batteries come with a two- to four-year free replacement warranty. The warranty period varies depending on the battery type. DieHard Assurance covers any DieHard batteries fitted by our expert technicians for 24 months/24,000 miles (up to $125). For additional information, contact your nearest local Tires Plus shop today!

The health of your car's battery is critical; after all, it is the vehicle's heart. You wouldn't take a chance with your heart, and you certainly wouldn't take a chance with your car batteries! Instead of hoping for the best, take your automobile to your local Tires Plus for a battery test. The test is absolutely free, and the assurance that your car's battery is in good working order is invaluable! We'll let you know if it's almost time for a car battery replacement.

Replacement, testing, and service for automotive batteries are all available at your local Tires Plus. By replacing your automobile batteries at the appropriate time, you may avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery and harm to your electrical system. With exclusive pricing schemes, we keep automobile battery prices fairly low!

A short screening test could save you from being stuck with a dead battery when you least expect it! We'll tell you how much life your battery has remaining, as well as an expected temperature at which it will fail. Try out our virtual automobile battery tester if you don't have time to stop by right now!

Tips to Choose the Right Battery At Tires Plus

Step 1: Check the condition of your current battery

To begin, replace your battery when it is due to prevent damage to your power system and other vehicle components. The older the battery is, the more critical it is to get it inspected. Moreover, if the engine on your car is having trouble turning over, it could indicate a potential problem. Stop by your local Tires Plus for a free battery test, and we'll tell you how long your current battery has remaining.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate battery size

It's as simple as consulting your owner's handbook to determine the correct battery size. Your best chance is to evaluate the car's existing battery and replace it in terms of performance.

Consult a Tires Plus expert if you don't have access to your owner's manual. In terms of voltage, size, and terminal location, they'll be able to point you in the right direction.

Step 3: Consider the battery's manufacturer

How do you determine which car battery manufacturer is best for your automobile?

You can look up the solution in your owner's manual, Consumer Reports, or the Internet. Better yet, chat with a technician who has worked with automobile batteries in the past.

Step 4: Purchase a battery with a long guarantee

You can't make up your mind between two different automobile batteries. Choose the one with the longest warranty. Having a warranty will save you money and stress.

Step 5: Have your battery fitted by a professional

You can sift through millions of Internet search results and spend countless hours researching top brands to find the best battery and learn how to install it, or you can go to your nearest Tires Plus. Our experts have the knowledge and experience you need to be confident in the battery that powers your vehicle. While you're there, they'll also give you a complimentary battery test.

Simply enter your vehicle's year, make, model, and engine on, and we'll show you the best car batteries for your vehicle at the lowest possible price! Take advantage of our battery prices while they last because Murphy's Law can strike at any time!

Average Life Expectancy of Car Batteries

When it comes to automotive batteries, how long do they last? An automobile battery lasts roughly three to four years on average. It may endure longer, but once it reaches "old age," it must be properly cared for! Once your battery has passed its prime, we recommend having it checked every three to six months.

It's also crucial to be aware of warning signals that your battery is nearing the end of its useful life, such as a slow engine crank and the Check Engine light, which are two of the most prominent indicators. If you observe any of these symptoms, bring your car to Tires Plus right away; you don't want to be trapped somewhere with a car that won't start.

Get an estimate of how long your car's battery will last!

Don't have time to visit a Tires Plus near you for a free car battery test and replacement? Don't worry — we can provide you with a broad forecast regardless of where you are! We can estimate how long your battery will last based on information such as your car's year, model, and engine, as well as the region where you drive the most. We'll help you find out how much life remains in your car battery by entering your details in the above battery life tester!

Does Tires Plus Sell Batteries?

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