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Tires Plus is about much more than just tires. So, does Tires Plus do brakes? The answer is YES!

Tires Plus provides dependable, expert brake repair services so you can drive with confidence, knowing your brakes are in optimum condition. Bring your car to your nearest Tires Plus for a brake inspection if you're experiencing any brake problems or if you suspect anything out of the ordinary in your vehicle's brakes.

When your car starts creating abnormal smells, feelings, or sounds, start investigating the problem as soon as possible. Waiting will just result in more costly repairs. Screeching, grinding, screaming, rubbing, and other ear-piercing noises are all signs that your brake pads need to be replaced. This needs to be treated before worn pads cause damage to other parts, resulting in more costly repairs.

To give you the best information possible, our experts have laid out a complete guide to brake repair and potential brake issues that will help you prevent costly damage and potential accidents. So, without further ado, let's get into it.

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Brake Repair Services at Tires Plus

Unfamiliar and unpleasant odors are not natural and can lead to serious repercussions if you continue to drive in these dangerous conditions. The brake examination at Tires Plus is your best bet for determining whether a portion of your braking system has been affected while driving with this foul odor.

When completely worn brake pads exceed their lifespan, for example, rotors begin to distort and become damaged, limiting the life of other working parts owing to metal grinding. The pedal or your steering wheel vibrates and pulses. If this sounds familiar, your brake system is trying to warn you about something.

If you're pressing down harder than normal on your brake pedal to stop your car, taking more effort and time to accomplish the same task, you've reached the first stage of brake pad wear. Don't fiddle with your brake pedal; you can only press it so far before you find yourself in the terrifying "I have no brakes" situation.

The following are examples of typical braking problems:

  • Fluid leak in the brakes
  • The brake pedal is pushed all the way down to the ground
  • Brake fluid level is low
  • The steering wheel is swaying
  • Brakes that grate or make noise

What Sets Tires Plus' Brake Repair Services Apart?

For starters, their knowledge of tires is crucial to their understanding of brakes. (You could say that gives them an advantage over their competitors).

When you have a qualified tire technician working on the brakes responsible for each and every stop you make, you also have an educated specialist who is familiar with all of the details of the vehicle's brake system.

Tires Plus has sites all across the country where you can get your brakes checked out, with the added benefit of extended weekend and evening hours. You'll also benefit from a warranty that is valid at all Tires Plus outlets across the country.

Tires Plus Brake Services

Tires Plus offers a full range of services to safeguard your vehicle – and your wallet. With them, you get a braking service that's tailored to your "sixty to zero" requirements.

  • Brake fluid exchange process – air and brake fluid impurities are removed during this process
  • Installation and Replacement – wheel bearings, rotors, master cylinders and drums, calipers, brake hoses, and new brake hardware are all replaced and installed
  • Resurface – rotors and drums
  • Cleaning and Adjustment - drum brakes and parking brakes are cleaned and adjusted
  • Repack – wheel bearings repack (important for lubricating the bearings)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) - diagnostics and system repair

With any service you have performed at Tires Plus, you can always expect the best of both worlds. They use Wagner® brand ThermoQuiet® friction materials, as well as Qualis Automotive rotors and drums cast from the highest strength alloy.

They are also able to purchase the original hardware that meets or exceeds OE specifications if they don't have it in stock because it's a custom, original manufacturer item.

Wagner® ThermoQuiet® is known for developing brake pads with cutting-edge technology. Tires Plus uses the revolutionary IMITM one-piece brake pad on every Wagner brake pad they install, which provides heat dissipation and noise damping.

Wagner Brake pads are available for nearly every make and model car on the road today, with the specific friction material that meets or surpasses manufacturer-developed stopping testing results. Semi-metallic, organic, and ceramic materials are available in their Wagner brake pad assortment.

What Can Tire Plus Brake Service Do for You?

Brakes are, without a doubt, an important component of your car. Your automobile won't be able to stop in time if its brakes aren't working. This can result in anything from a minor fender bender to a serious collision, and neither is worth the risk.

Regular brake maintenance ensures that your brakes engage every time you apply pressure to the pedal. Since brake pads are supposed to deteriorate over time, waiting too long to get them repaired might cost you a lot of money. As your brake pads wear down, they place more strain on other parts of the brake system, such as the calipers, drums, and rotors. If any of these components are destroyed, your cost will almost certainly increase by hundreds of dollars.

Most people are unaware of the need for routine brake maintenance and are forced to make significant financial sacrifices in the aftermath of a disaster. Therefore, it's critical to have your brakes inspected on a regular basis by a professional. If you leave the service place with worn brakes, it's likely you won't have them checked again until it's too late.

Tire Plus offers a wide range of services for brake repair and maintenance. Bring you vehicle down to our shop today and we’ll take a look at it for you.




Does Tires Plus Do Brakes?

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