Key Takeaways

  • Costco does have road hazard warranties which cover nails in tires.
  • Road hazard warranties come included with all tires purchased at Costco.
  • Costco will cover nails in tires as part of their warranty program.
  • Costco will not cover damage due to misaligned vehicles.
  • Costco road hazard warranty is a unique program.

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Costco Tires handles lots of different types of tire needs. They also have free tire warranties. But does Costco cover nails in tires?

Costco does have road hazard warranties which cover nails in tires. If you didn’t purchase the tires at Costco, you can purchase a repair service for around $11 bucks depending on your location. But if you purchased the road hazard warranty, you can get the tire replaced or repaired for free.

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Road Hazard Warranties

All tires sold by Costco are covered by road hazard warranties. This is a major difference from other shops, since you have to purchase the warranties separately at most other retailers.

According to Costco, all tires sold by Costco are covered by a road hazard warranty for 5 years.  Costco warranty covers tread wear damage, tire failure, and flat repairs. What this means is that Costco will cover the cost of a flat repair if one of your tires gets a nail in it.

This automatic road hazard warranty is a major price point advantage compared to other shops. Other shops bend you over a barrel when they charge for road hazard warranties, and the fact

Costco automatically adds it into the price of the tires is a pretty special thing. The road hazard warranty that Costco sells covers all tires sold by the company, including light truck tires and tires for passenger vehicles.

Costco tire warranty comes automatically whenever you purchase a tire from the company. There's no additional cost.

The cost of the road hazard is baked into the sale of the tires. But the road hazard warranty lasts for five years after the date you purchase the tires.

The Costco warranty covers all sorts of damage to your tires, including nail punctures. And if your tire is beyond repair, Costco will replace your tire free of charge.

The warranty is pretty ironclad, and is posted directly on their website. Costco is not the only company who sells road hazard warranties, so what exactly are road hazard warranties?

Road hazard warranties are a protection service that you can purchase, or that automatically gets tacked on to the sale after purchase. What this protection service does is provide a form of insurance for your tires.

For example, if you get your tires installed at a Costco wholesale tire center and within 5 years the tread disappears, the road hazard warranty will cover a replacement set of tires free of charge.

For another example, if you get a nail in your tire right after you purchase your tires, and need to repair a flat tire, just bring your car back to where you got the road hazard warranty. They will fix your flat tire free of charge. And if the tire is damaged beyond repair, they will replace the tire free of charge.

Road hazard warranties usually work out in the favor of shops, because shops make a lot of money on tires, and the majority of tires sold don’t come back with issues. And the tires that do come back with issues are usually just flat repairs. And flat repairs cost around $11 bucks to fix.

But don’t let that fact make you cynical about road hazard warranties. When you are in a jam, road hazard warranties come in handy. As well, if you live in an area with lots of dirt and debris, road hazard warranties are well worth their money.

I’ve seen customers come into the shop three times in a month because they were driving through the same construction site on their way to work every morning. It seems like a simple problem to fix, but it happens all the time!

In this case, the road hazard warranty really paid off. As well, in the off chance you do receive a flat tire, road hazard warranties save you time and money. The tire shop will just repair your tire and send you on your way instead of wasting time trying to upsell you.

The road hazard warranty from Costco covers light truck tires purchased from their company as well as passenger vehicle tires too. As long as the vehicle’s tires were damaged during standard legal vehicle operation, Costco will honor the road hazard warranty.

If you were drag racing with your performance tires and a belt shifted, Costco will not honor the road hazard warranty. The road hazard warranty covers performance and passenger tires. What the road hazard warranty will not cover is uneven tire wear.

Uneven tire wear is something that’s caused by an alignment issue, and Costco will not replace tires due to uneven tire wear.


There are some stipulations to Costco Road Hazard Warranties. For example, you must properly maintain the vehicle’s tires in order to receive the road hazard warranty. This includes getting a tire rotation done with every oil change.

As well, the tires must be the same tires you purchased at Costco, they cannot be different tires. Costco tire center doesn’t say whether you have to get the tire rotations done at Costco, just that you have to get them done.

Costco will prefer to fix a flat tire instead of offering a replacement tire since it’s cheaper for everyone. But if the tire is damaged in such a way that it’s impossible to fix, Costco will offer a set of replacement tires, if needed.

Costco gives tire care recommendations to ensure that your tires are covered by the warranty. Some items in the tire care recommendations are as follows.

  • Checking your tire pressure at least once a month.
  • Always set the tire pressure to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Never overload the vehicle and put unnecessary weight on the vehicle.
  • Avoid fix-a-flat, since this can make a tire non-repairable.
  • Mount new tires on the rear.
  • Hand torque tires after they are re-installed.

These are the recommendations that Costco suggests to follow, to be sure you are in accordance with the Costco tire road hazard warranty program. Costco has a list of rules for injuries that it won’t cover as well.

For example, Costco won’t cover any of the tire injuries caused by the following:

  • Vandalism
  • Accidents
  • Commercial use
  • Racing
  • Off Road Use
  • Chains/Studs
  • Misaligned vehicles.

For these items, Costco will not honor the road hazard warranty. They feel this is not enough to warrant them footing the bill for the cost of repair or replacement.

Costco Road Hazard Warranty is a great thing because it comes with the purchase of the tire and lasts 5 years, but there are some stipulations outlined above. But as long as you avoid these stipulations and take your vehicle to a Costco tire center, you should be taken care of.

Does Costco Cover Nails In Tires?

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