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The Tesla Cybertruck is already creating buzz, but despite the alien look, there are concerns. Namely, how long does it take to charge a Tesla Cybertruck?

The Tesla Cybertruck is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. With its straight, bold diagonals, the moment the truck came out as a concept, the ears of pickup owners everywhere started humming. With an estimated range of 500 miles and a towing capacity of 14,000 lbs, it seemed as if this forward-thinking company called Tesla had nailed down the best of both worlds, a truck that could do the work but leave a small carbon footprint. But is that really what Tesla has done? The truck is not even out yet, but owners and skeptics are concerned about several areas. Will the truck take a long time to charge? Are there enough charging stations to go anywhere without having to stop? What’s the cost of charging? There are so many questions and, frankly, too few answers.

Here is a breakdown of how much time a Tesla Cybertruck would need at various charging stations - ( 0% to 100%).

  • Super Charging Station - 1.13 hours - 1 hour and 8 minutes
  • Public Charging Station - 9.09 hours - 9 hours and 5 minutes
  • Home Charging Station - 17.39 hours - 17 hours and 23 minutes

Tesla keeps delaying the introduction of the truck. While a supply chain disruption and global pandemic have not helped matters, the postponement has allowed other competitors to catch up. Ford has been building the F-150 Lightning for a couple of years, and the sales have been through the roof. Rivian has their version EV truck on the market, and GM is making a serious financial commitment to the Silverado EV due next year.

If Telsa can begin to hurry up and answer questions, not to mention build the truck, many owners would flock to have the first one of these futuristic trucks on their block. Let’s explore some concerns about charging that future Tesla owners are worried about having.

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How Long Does it Take to Charge a Tesla CyberTruck?

The answer to that question depends on where you charge the truck. Below is a brief discussion of each of the options.

Home Charging Units

Most owners will be charging at home with a home charging station that provides 11.5 kW at 48 amp. The unit must be purchased from Tesla and installed by a certified electrician (which incurs more costs). And it is slow, at least, as far as the Cybertruck is concerned, taking over 17 hours. The good news is that you don’t have to fully charge your Cybertruck to drive it. (And if you use just a standard 120V outlet with an adapter, you can plan on it taking a lot longer).

Public Charging Stations

Many stores are installing public charging stations that produce up to 11kW to 22 kW of output when charging to the max of their capacities. The math calculates to over 9 hours using a 22 kW charger. Now, this will probably not work well unless you plan to cruise through the store for more than 9 hours. (However, some companies are considering installing public charging stations for their employees. Although, as EVs become more popular, it might lead to fights between employees wanting to charge their cars).

Tesla Supercharging Stations

By far, the Tesla supercharging station is the most efficient place to recharge your Tesla Cybertruck. A supercharger's max charge is 150 kW, although many produce less in reality).  At the full charge, it takes 1.3 hours. This option works if you are planning on eating dinner or taking an extended lunch but still leaves a bit to be desired. The caveat is that no charging station translates 100% of its charging power to a car. Most EVs begin their charging cycles at a high point and then level off to charge more slowly after reaching 50%.

Here is a helpful chart to process the numbers - based on numbers from

What are the Charging Times of Other EV Trucks?

Both Ford and Rivian have trucks that are about to hit driveways any day. Based on using a supercharger at 150 kW. These estimates are based on data from the companies' figures and other reviewers, like

Since most owners will not allow their truck to run entirely to zero % of capacity, the real numbers are probably closer to 40 minutes to get from a 15% - 80%, no matter what model you own.

How Many Tesla Supercharging Stations Exist in the US?

As of recent reports, there are about 1300 Tesla Superchargers locations in the United States, with more being built every day. Tesla has indicated that it intends to triple the number of stations in the next 18 months. California has the bulk of the stations (about 20%), but more states are working on completing a network of stations. Owners can access the current locations of power stations by accessing the information on the navigation map in their vehicles or by downloading the Tesla app on their phone or laptop. Other locator websites include EVhotels, Plugshare, EVgo, Chargepoint, or even a Google maps option, allowing you to search for the nearest station near your location. For a concise explanation of these sites, go to

Most owners will charge their new Tesla Cybertucks at home, which means they will plug them in at night and let them soak up the electricity until the following morning. While they may not be at 100% all the time, the charge they receive will likely be enough to perform the tasks that most daily drivers need.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla Cybertruck?

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