Key Takeaways

  • The Cooper Discoverer M+S is a robust winter tire, excelling in snow and ice conditions with a unique tread design and advanced technology features.
  • Despite being a winter tire, it performs reasonably well on dry tarmac and off-road conditions, offering versatility for various driving scenarios.
  • The tire offers good value for its price. However, for optimal lifespan and performance, it's best used in winter conditions and not recommended for consistent summer use.

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As winter approaches, we know how important it is to have reliable winter tires. And one option worth mentioning is the amazing Cooper Discoverer M+S tire.

The Cooper Discoverer M+S is one of the best studdable winter tires. The snow performance is exceptional, providing a secure grip on snowy and icy roads. One of the reasons for this excellent traction is the unique tread pattern, which is optimized for both deep snow and slush.

With a wide range of tire sizes available, Cooper has ensured that the Discoverer M+S caters to different SUVs and light trucks. They also offer a speed rating to suit your specific needs. Don't let wet, snowy, or icy roads dampen your winter driving experience. Equip your vehicle with the Cooper Discoverer M+S tire and experience a safer, more enjoyable ride this winter season.

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Cooper Discoverer M+S Tire Review

As tire enthusiasts, we understand the importance of having reliable and robust tires that can handle various conditions. And when it comes to winter conditions, not all tires are created equal. The Cooper Discoverer M+S tire is designed specifically for severe snow conditions.

This studdable winter tire is designed for excellent traction on snow and ice. These winter tires are suitable for SUVs and light trucks, providing improved performance in challenging winter conditions. Some of the most notable traits of these tires include:

  • Winter traction: With their sawtooth design and snow groove, these tires provide excellent traction on snowy roads, ensuring your car remains stable during the winter.
  • Suitable for light trucks and SUVs: Designed to fit a wide range of SUVs and light trucks, they can enhance the winter driving experience for a variety of vehicles.
  • Enhanced grip: This tire can offer improved traction on wet and slippery roads thanks to its unique tread pattern and design.

This is a relatively versatile winter tire, but still, you should avoid warm weather. Here are some ratings for this tire’s performance in different driving situations.

Condition Performance
Snow Excellent
Ice Good
Wet Roads Good
Dry Tarmac Decent
Off-Road (mud) Moderate

These tires offer relatively good performance across various terrains and conditions, though they excel in snow and ice. Their deep snow performance is particularly noteworthy, ensuring drivers can maintain control even in heavy snowfall.

While these winter tires are not designed to be used in warmer summer months, they perform admirably during winter and the transition periods between seasons. They provide a comfortable and quiet ride, thanks to their center rib and noise-reducing design.


Cooper Discoverer M+S Features and Specifications

Tread Design

The Cooper Discoverer M+S tire has a unique tread pattern that provides excellent traction on snow and ice. With its aggressive sawtooth design, this winter tire offers improved handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions.

For off-road performance, the deep center rib increases stability and control on snowy and dirt roads. It has a light truck tire tread design, so it’s more durable than most winter tires tend to be. It’s built to handle wet conditions.

Size Varieties

This tire is available in a range of sizes, ensuring compatibility with a variety of SUVs and light trucks. From smaller tires suited for compact vehicles to larger options for heavy-duty trucks, there's a Cooper Discoverer M+S tire size for every need.

This makes it easy to buy new tires. You’ll also notice how the higher sidewall keeps the tire well-protected.

Snow-Groove Technology

The Snow-Groove technology utilized in this tire offers extra traction in winter conditions. It captures and retains snow within the tread pattern, increasing the overall snow traction and providing a better grip on slippery roads.

With this technology, drivers can confidently navigate through deep snow and slush. Cooper tires are well-known for using advanced technology features for better performance.

D Squared Sipe Technology

The Cooper Discoverer M+S tire also incorporates the D Squared Sipe technology, enhancing both ice and wet performance. With this feature, the tire maintains close surface contact, allowing it to be more responsive and stable during winter driving.

Performance Aspect Rating (out of 5)
Snow Performance 5.0
Wet Performance 3.5
Off-Road 4.0
Dry Tarmac Performance 4.0
  • Available Tire Sizes: 15" to 18"
  • Speed Rating: S
  • Suitable for SUVs, light trucks, and crossovers

Cooper Discoverer M+S Tire Performance Analysis

Comfort on the Road

When it comes to the Cooper Discoverer M+S tire, we find that it provides a fairly comfortable ride on the road. The slightly higher noise over rougher surfaces can be noticed, but it's not something too worrisome.

Since the tires are designed for winter conditions, keep in mind that there might be other optimal choices for wet and dry tarmac. More comfort allows for slightly better performance too. So with this tire, you’ll get:

  • Fairly comfortable ride
  • Slightly higher noise on rough surfaces
  • Decent for most road conditions

Handling on Snow

The Cooper Discoverer M+S excels during winter tire performance evaluations, particularly when it comes to snow and ice-related conditions.

Thanks to the design's super snow performance and excellent traction, SUVs and light trucks can conquer snowy and slippery roads. The deep tread pattern of these tires provides additional benefits, such as improved traction on both deep snow and slippery roads.

So you can expect:

  • Excellent snow traction
  • Stud-able for better ice grip
  • Deep tread pattern for improved handling

Off-Road Capabilities

While the Cooper Discoverer M+S is primarily designed for handling snowy and icy conditions, it also performs quite well off-road. The pliable rubber tread blocks on these tires provide good grip and stability over dirt roads.

This offers you a decent experience when venturing off the beaten path. However, it is essential to remember that this tire's optimal performance still lies in winter and on slippery roads.

  • Good off-road performance for snow and ice
  • Pliable rubber tread for dirt road grip
  • Decent overall off-road capabilities

How Long Does The Cooper Discoverer M+S Tire Last?

This is a durable winter tire, but you should not expect it to be the most long-lasting option. Generally speaking, with proper care and usage, primarily in winter conditions, you might expect a lifespan of around 30,000 to 40,000 miles from these tires.

However, it's crucial to remember that winter tires will wear faster if used in warmer conditions, so it's recommended to switch to all-season or summer tires when the winter season ends.

Regular tire rotations, maintaining proper tire pressure, and alignment checks can also significantly extend the life of the tires. Always monitor tread depth to ensure safety on the road.

Is The Cooper Discoverer M+S Tire Worth Buying?

The Cooper Discoverer M+S tire is absolutely worth considering if you frequently drive in winter conditions. It excels in snow, boasting a performance rating of 5 out of 5, thanks to its aggressive tread design and high silica content.

The silica-enhanced light truck compound remains flexible in cold temperatures to enhance grip on icy and snowy roads. In terms of wet and dry tarmac performance, the tire also delivers decent results, making it a versatile choice not just limited to winter use.

However, it's not the best performer off-road, especially in muddy conditions, but it offers acceptable performance. The tire's lifespan, although less than some all-season counterparts, is reasonable for a specialized winter tire.

As with all tires, their longevity depends on a range of factors, including your driving style, the vehicle you're using, and how well you maintain them.

Overall, the Cooper Discoverer M+S offers good value for its price, and it is worth considering if you live in an area with harsh winters and require a reliable winter tire.

Can You Drive The Cooper Discoverer M+S Tire In The Summer?

While technically, you can drive with winter tires like the Cooper Discoverer M+S in the summer, it's not recommended. Winter tires are specifically designed for cold temperatures and winter conditions.

They are made from a softer rubber compound which remains flexible and provides a better grip in cold temperatures. However, this softer compound wears out faster in warm weather.

In summer conditions, the softer compound can get too flexible, leading to increased wear and tear, decreased performance, and potentially even safety issues. Besides, winter tires often have a more aggressive tread pattern that can lead to increased noise and less comfort on dry roads, common in the summer months.

So, for optimal tire life, performance, and safety, it's best to use winter tires in winter conditions and switch to all-season or summer tires when the weather warms up.

How Does The Cooper Discoverer M+S Tire Handle Dry Tarmac?

The Discoverer M+S tire handles dry tarmac reasonably well for a winter tire, but its performance isn't as optimal as a tire specifically designed for dry or warm conditions.

Winter tires are constructed with a softer rubber compound that stays flexible in cold temperatures, providing excellent traction in ice and snow. However, this softer compound doesn't perform as efficiently on dry tarmac, particularly in warmer temperatures.

That said, it still delivers decent performance on dry tarmac, making it a suitable choice if you're driving in cold winter conditions, even if there's no snow or ice present. For consistently dry and warm conditions, however, an all-season or summer tire would be a more suitable choice.


Cooper Discoverer M+S Tire Review

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