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Cooper Tire Company specializes in the sale, manufacture, and design of truck, motorcycle, and racing tires. Read on to learn about the Discoverer AT3 XLT Tire.

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is a durable and all-performing tire that is suitable for rough terrains and handling. It offers a secure grip, excellent traction and is the most extreme of the bunch. In addition, it is available in various sizes at reasonable prices with a warranty.

The company's line of tires dates back to nearly four decades, but what distinguishes the Cooper Discoverer AT3-XLT from other all-terrain tire brands? First and foremost, Cooper Tires is a well-known brand in the automobile sector. Even though this tire has been a staple for more than 40 years, the company updated it in 2018 with three unique tires designed for certain vehicles and uses.

You've come to the right place if you want to understand everything about the Discoverer AT3 XLT. In this comprehensive analysis put together by our experts with years of experience in the industry, we'll go over every feature of Cooper's popular all-terrain features to assist you in making your selection.

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Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT Tire Review

Cooper's Discoverer off-road tire series has been around for more than four decades, which may surprise some. Cooper unveiled not one but three new Discoverer AT3 tires, illustrating that there's no shame in upgrading. The pinnacle AT3 XLT, the most extreme of the lot, piqued our interest. The XLT is available in 29 sizes and comes with a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles, despite being built for hard-core use.

SUVs and trucks have regained popularity as a result of the growth in adventure-seeking and over landing enthusiasts. Furthermore, customers are increasingly looking for tires that can do some off-roading while still performing well on regular roads. If you are one of them, the all-terrain tires, such as the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT Tire, is what you're looking for, and we promise you that it's the only option you'll need for your next excursion.

Cooper's all-terrain tire appears to be quite promising, as it is designed to deliver exceptional traction on slick terrain while also being stable on concrete roads. Furthermore, the American company created it to be extremely sturdy and long-lasting, which is always a plus.

But how does that translate into practice? What distinguishes the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT from other models? Cooper's Discoverer AT3 XLT comes with all of Cooper's bells and whistles. To begin with, the tire is comprised of a shred-resistant silica-based material that should be more resistant to cuts, chips, and punctures. Meanwhile, the tire's Durable Tread Technology ensures a long tread life.

The Discoverer AT3 XLT also has Cooper's Whisper Grooves design to reduce noise and the Even Wear Arc that optimizes the footprint for even wear. Stone ejectors and Rugged Traction Shoulders for hard-packed conditions are also included in the tread pattern. Finally, the saw-tooth block edges of the Snow Groove Technology boost traction in the snow.

The Maintenance Markers You Need to Look Out for

The treadwear indicators (TWIs) on the Discoverer AT3 XLT are the industry standards. These are thin rubber bars that sit 2/32 inches from the bottom of the grooves, which is the minimum tread depth on this tire. The TWIs will be flushed with the rest of the tread when the tread depth reaches its lowest point.

Fortunately, that isn't going to happen anytime soon. The AT3 XLT is one of the most durable all-terrain tires, featuring excellent cut and chip resistance as well as long tread life. Simply described, the tire's form was designed to evenly distribute pressure across the tire-to-road contact patch. This translates to more consistent and even on-road tire wear and improved handling.

While the AT3 XLT is a capable road tire, stopping an average of 10 feet faster than the competition in Cooper's testing, it is designed to shine off-road. Its Durable Tread Technology (we're not making this up) has stone ejector ledges that rapidly help the tread clear stones and gravel. Drilling into the tread can be avoided by ejecting stones or preventing them from sticking in the first place. The clear tread also improves traction both on and off the road. They are often referred to as Traction Shoulders since the side lugs are staggered. These provide an extra gripping area as well as enhanced mud traction.

Moreover, the AT3 XLT is also visually appealing than the other lines of tires, such as 4S or LT, with bigger, practical sidewall designs that provide greater protection and strength. Its features allow it to easily surpass and conquer rough roads, rugged paths, and muddy surfaces. It will take some patience to get through soupy mud and huge slick rocks, but that is true of almost all-terrain tires.

While trade-offs between on- and off-road performance will always exist, the AT3 XLT does a good job of managing them. While these new Cooper Discoverers may not be the right pick for your devoted rock racer or mud buggy, they are ideal for the truck or Jeep that is driven to work during the week and travels the trails on the weekends.

The Rugged Traction Shoulders have biting edges and an alternating scoop ideal for a grasp on loose soil, solid mud, or rocks, and you can also avoid stone punctures, thanks to the stone ejector ledges. Multiple sipes in the tread blocks produce the biting ends essential for traction in wet road conditions, while huge side notches and deep circumferential channels improve hydroplaning resistance. Snow Plus, the Groove Technology traps snow in the tread with its strong edges for traction.

Most one-ton and 3/4-ton trucks are quite heavy, weighing between 7,000 and 8,000 pounds. When you add a three or four thousand-pound camper to the mix, you've got quite a load on your tires. When you think about it, it's terrifying. It might be a disaster if one of those tires failed while traveling on the highway. Those that travel with two rear wheels have a bit more leeway, but it's not much because most of them have campers that are even heavier with several slide-outs.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is a high-performing tire that can easily handle rough weather and road conditions. While more aggressive tires are available, they offer excellent on- and off-road traction without producing any noise even at highway speeds. The only drawback that these tires have is that they are heavy and substantially reduce fuel efficiency.


The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT was designed as an off-road, multi-terrain tire that aimed to excite rather than simply deliver a standard experience to the driver.

In general, this product line performs brilliantly in a variety of circumstances. Cooper Tire gives us a rundown of the evaluation process, stating that the wet grip, dry grip, and winter grip criteria are all good, with a rating beyond 55%.

This AT3 XLT tire employs a silica tread compound with Cooper Corporation's exclusive 5-rib technology to give a solid and balanced driving sensation. The tire has zigzag ribs and a deep central groove on its surface. As a result, the tire reduces horizontal sliding and rolling resistance while improving driver control.

Performance on Different Terrain

At first glance, the Cooper Discoverer AT3-XLT tire does not appear to be the conventional all-terrain tire used on most vehicles. Nonetheless, after thorough testing on different terrains, we found the following results.

Dry Terrain

The Discoverer AT3 XLT may seem a little more unwieldy in the bends as a result of its off-road-focused design. This implies that the tire will be less responsive and provide a more truck-like experience on dry terrains. Some may prefer it, but for everyday driving, the discoverer AT3 XLT may not be the best option.

Nonetheless, the AT3 XLT performs admirably in terms of traction and stability. Even at greater speeds, your truck or SUV will feel solid, with short stopping distances and good traction for acceleration. Again, it's not the best tire in its class, but it's still good enough.

Wet Terrains or Rainy Weather

When compared to numerous competitors, the Discoverer AT3 tire has the best performance. The manufacturer has used cutting-edge technology to improve and maximize the driving experience when you're on the road. Durable-Tread Technology and rough traction features are two of the most notable. Both innovations help the wheel grasp the road surface more securely and provide better handling. Changing directions will be a breeze on wet roads because the stopping distance allows you to speed without risking skidding.

In the rain, all-terrain tires come in handy. These tires offer superior hydroplaning resistance thanks to deeper grooves and a more forceful tread compound, so your truck or SUV will stay stable even in puddles. As a result, you can accelerate swiftly out of a corner without fear of the rear axle slipping. Cooper's all-terrain model delivers a good overall performance.


When it comes to towing and hauling, the AT3 XLT shines the brightest. The tire remains stable under extreme loads, even while towing very large and heavy trailers. So, if you're going on a road trip with a trailer, these are some of the best tires on the market.

The grip and stability of this product in off-road conditions are also remarkable. In our opinion, the SUV with these tires becomes extremely steady, especially while approaching areas with uneven road conditions and speeding. Furthermore, the car's traction is quite good; therefore, it does not cause the vehicle to get stuck.

Snowy Weather

In deep snow and even heavy snow, the tire maintains its grip on the ground. It grips slick surfaces thanks to its tough lug design and considerable siping. It's a little more difficult to drive on ice, but the AT3 XLT Discoverer is still a good choice for icy conditions. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is one of the most well-known rubber goods manufacturers in the world. You can trust this brand to be the perfect match for your vehicle.

The aggressive and deep tread design on the AT3 XLT makes it easy to dig through snow and slush. On the other hand, winter tires typically have shorter grooves but still perform admirably in the snow, so that's not the whole issue. The rubber compound should remain soft and malleable to offer adequate traction in the winter.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT Tire Review

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