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The Continental Terrain Contact A/T is Continental’s premier all-terrain tire. But does it match up to expectations? This review has the answers.

The Terrain Contact A/T is an exceptional performer both on-road and off-road. It delivers excellent traction and top-notch responsiveness in dry and wet conditions. Also, it provides usable traction in light-snowy conditions. It’s also a reliable tire especially on moderate off-road terrains.

In this Continental Terrain Contact A/T review, we will walk you through this tire’s characteristics and technology, its dry performance, wet performance, performance in snowy conditions and off-roading performance.

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About the Continental Terrain Contact A/T

If you own a truck, SUV or crossover and you occasionally find yourself driving on country roads and similar terrains, then you are going to invest in a tire which is going to deliver that mixed performance. And the Continental Terrain Contact A/T is one such tire.

The Continental Terrain Contact A/T is an all-season all-terrain tire, aimed at drivers of SUVS, crossovers and light trucks. It’s designed to deliver the perfect balance between on-road manners and off-road traction.

With this tire, you will enjoy a comfortable on-road ride, combined with reliable performance on gravel, dirt, grass, and other off-road terrains.

Technology and the Characteristics

According to the manufacturer, the Continental Terrain Contact A/T is the ideal choice for someone who needs tires which should be comfortable on-road ride and reliable off-road traction. To meet these goals, Continental has outfitted features and technologies such as:

All-season Tread Compound

Continental has provisioned this tire with an all-season tread compound, featuring +Silane technology.

This technology is designed in order to sustain performance in wet and slippery conditions while helping to extend its lifetime.

All-Terrain Tread Pattern

The tire’s all-season all tread compound has been formed into a moderate, all-terrain tread pattern.

With this design, it’s clear that Continental wanted this tire to lean more towards on-street driving.

Traction Plus Technology

This product comes with the company’s proprietary Traction Plus technology.

The Traction Plus technology gives the Terrain Contact A/T an open tread design, featuring stable and large tread blocks, resulting in reliable on-road and off-road traction.

ComfortRide Technology

The Continental brand has a set of noise blocks in the tire’s tread, which help to absorb road noise and vibrations, resulting in a smoother, comfier ride.

Full-Depth Sipes and Traction Grooves

The Continental Terrain Contact AT features full-depth sipes on its tread surface.

The full-depth sipes work together traction grooves, to deliver enhanced traction on wet, slippery, ice-covered and snow-covered roads.


As an all-terrain tire, the Continental Terrain Contact A/T should deliver reliable off-road performance, combined with a refined on-road ride. Is that the case?

Well, we mounted tires on a Nissan Titan and subjected it to a series of tests where after careful deliberation, we made the following observations:

Continental Terrain Contact A/T Dry Performance

The Continental Terrain Contact A/T tends to lean more towards highway and street driving. Therefore, for your everyday driving, this tire will be more than enough.

And our tests confirmed exactly that. During our tests, this tire delivered responsive and direct steering.

The traction levels on dry roads were outstanding while braking distances are among the shortest we’ve recorded in the all-terrain category.

Perhaps what impressed us most was its handling of corners. Outstanding cornering stability is not a known attribute of all-terrain tires. But the Continental Terrain Contact A/T surprised us. It handled corners with a certain level of sure-footedness that we’ve not experienced before.

Overall, the Continental Terrain Contact A/T stands out among the peers on the all-terrain tires as pertaining to dry roads.

Continental Terrain Contact A/T Wet Performance

The Continental Terrain Contact A/T continued with its impressive performance on wet and slippery surfaces.

Its cornering was great, it responded to driving inputs fast and the braking distances were almost at par in the use of premium tires in this category.

Also, there were no issues of oversteer or understeer. Furthermore, its aquaplaning resistance was top-notch, even in extremely wet and slippery conditions.

Overall, we were more than impressed by the performances of the products on wet and slippery conditions. With this tire, you are assured of a reliable, safe as well as optimal road results in wet and slippery conditions.

Continental Terrain Contact A/T Performance in Snowy Conditions

Most all-terrain tires deliver usable traction in light snowy conditions. And the same applies on the Terrain Contact A/T.

Its performance on light snowy roads was unique and stood out than we’ve ever recorded in this class. Its break system was perfect, the handling felt confident and the steering response was decent.

However, its performance in heavy snow was quite poor. And this is something we expected, considering the Terrain Contact A/T is not a dedicated winter tire.

When it comes to shopping for all-season tires and your area experiences moderate weather conditions throughout the year, then the Continental Terrain Contact A/T is a worthy consideration.

Off-roading Performance

Is the Terrain Contact A/T a reliable tire for off-road driving? Well, this will depend on how frequently you intend to go for off-roading adventures and the conditions you can expect.

If you go for off-roading trips once in a while in moderate off-road terrains, then the Continental Terrain Contact A/T will be a reliable choice.

It delivers better traction, better braking and better stability on hard-packed surfaces, compared to touring tires and highway tires.

On the other hand, if you are an off-roading enthusiast who is always out there tackling extreme off-road terrains, then the Terrain Contact A/T is not the right tire for such conditions.

It doesn’t have adequate traction to drive through deep, thick mud or climb over large rocks.

Ride Quality

As earlier mentioned, the Terrain Contact A/T is geared more towards on-road driving. Therefore, you expect it to deliver a comfortable and smooth ride. So, does it live up to expectations?

Well, as much as the Continental Terrain Contact A/T may not be as comfortable through all seasons it will not disappoint you.

It’s is a promising all-terrain tires as far as long-distance trips are concerned. On our way home from the test ride, we enjoy your comfortable ride, even when traveling at highway speeds.

Compared to the other all-terrain tires that we’ve previously stated, we can confidently say that the Terrain Contact A/T is one of the quietest in the class.

Warranties and Guarantees

The Terrain Contact A/T is covered by Continental’s Total Confidence Plan. Under this plan, Continental stands behind the Terrain Contact A/T with a workmanship and materials warranty, a mileage warranty roadside assistance and a 60-day customer satisfaction trial.

Workmanship and Materials Warranty

The Continental Terrain Contact A/T comes with a three-year workmanship and materials warranty.

If your Terrain Contact A/T leaves service due to workmanship or materials defects, Continental will replace it right away.

If the tires get removed from service during its first 2/32-inch from the tread or within 12 months from the date of purchase, Continental will replace it free of charge.

On the other hand, in the case that the tire goes beyond the replaceable period, and it can no longer be useable, the Continental brand is going to make a replacement on a pro-rated basis.

Mileage Warranty

The Continental Terrain Contact A/T comes with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty. So, if it becomes worn evenly across its tread down to its treadwear indicators without attaining this warranted mileage, Continental will replace it without hesitation.

It is worth noting that the Continental doesn’t offer free replacements under this warranty. Instead, all the tires will be replaced based on a pro-rate.

60-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

As mentioned above, the Terrain Contact A/T is covered by Continental’s 60-day client-satisfaction-guarantee.

So, when you purchase this tire, you will have up to 60 days to decide whether to keep it or not.

If you are not fully satisfied with this tire, you can return it to its original place of purchase. And upon doing so, the dealer will have an exchange for a new set.

Continental Terrain Contact A/T Pros:

  • Great wet as well as dry traction
  • Usable traction in light-snowy conditions
  • Reliable off-road performance
  • Comfortable and quiet ride

Continental Terrain Contact A/T Cons

  •  Not suited to extreme off-road terrains

Verdict Continental Terrain Contact A/T

The Terrain Contact A/T is a set of unique and high quality tires in the all-terrain category. It delivers excellen, useable, and responsive features, responsive steering, and usable traction in snow-covered roads. And on-road driving, you will enjoy your comfortable ride. In the case you want an all-terrain tire for your SUV, crossover or truck, then the Continental Terrain Contact A/T should be one of the candidates.

Continental Terrain Contact A/T Tire Review

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