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The Continental PremiumContact 6 provides high durability, great handling for wet and dry traction with an elegant appearance.

The Continental Premium Contact 6 tire features an asymmetrical tread rib design for added road grip in wet and dry road conditions. This tire provides higher efficiency in warm weather conditions but is suited to handle well over long distances as proven by its reviews and tests. 

As far as durability, this tire is a strong option to look at when picking the right tire for your vehicle. Damage is not much of a worry with the applied Contiseal technology developed by Continental. In case damage occurs to this tire, the tread is built to seal punctures through the tire from hazardous materials on the road like nails or screws. With this durability enhancement, immediate roadside assistance is not necessary. The Premium Contact 6 tire also features SSR technology to be compatible for application to all standard rims. The idea of this technology is a self-supported sidewall enhancement. In the event of a puncture, the SSR design will prevent the sidewalls from being crushed. Since this level of protection is offered, carrying a spare tire is not as necessary which allows you to lose some extra weight to save fuel.

The Continental Premium Contact 6 tire is a versatile, durable, and very comfortable option for summer grand touring with luxurious comfort. On top of all features that make this tire a reliable option, Continental built the Premium Contact 6 with another technology referred to as the Contisilent design. The Contisilent technology equips the tire with a layer of inner absorption made of a polyurethane foam attached to the tread. This interesting feature was developed to reduce the noise of all road surfaces for everyone inside the moving vehicle. The Contisilent technology can reduce interior volume by up to 9 decibels, depending on speed and road quality.

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The Continental PremiumContact 6

This Continental tire is commonly provided as Original Equipment for luxury performance-enhanced sedans, and refined European coupes. Since these are summer tires, they are not meant to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, on ice, or through snowy conditions. This set of tires simply works best where there is little to no snow, even though it markets itself as an all-season tire. Fortunately, its ability to brake on wet and dry roads is very highly rated. The handling offered allows the driver to raise speeds on the road without sacrificing a feeling of precision on the road.

Why Consider The Premium Contact 6 Tire?

This Continental tire offers a reliable enhancement of durability, while also introducing a unique level of comfort to any ride. It provides extreme wet and dry braking, and improvements to mileage thanks to advanced silica tread compounds. With incredible safety standards included in this tire design, they can boast optimal handling for a comfortable high-speed feel behind the wheel. The most interesting feature offered by the Premium Contact 6 is the sheer strength and reliability. With added assurance in case of emergency, the reinforced puncture-proof technology on these tires can make the road experience more stress-free. If a puncture occurs during driving, the advanced compound keeps the tire sealed. This can allow enough time for you to get off the road to a nearby mechanic facility, and repair or replace the damage. It is not uncommon for the sidewall of a tire to rupture under pressure when on-road damage occurs as well. With these tires, that possibility is not a worry.

Reviews and Ratings

On March 5th of 2020, the Continental Premium Contact 6 was included in the “Summer Tire Super Test 2020.” The results were published in “Auto Bild,” a well-known German vehicle performance culture magazine. The tests were done using a BMW 5 series sports sedan to test these tires with sufficient speed.

They published that these tires proved to be in the top 20 selection of best available products concerning wet and dry braking. There was also a complete test for the only finalists, including consideration of pricing and wear performance. These tests were done in cooperation with Hankook and Bridgestone. At the end of this event, the Continental Premium Contact 6 proved itself to be the official test winner.

This product has been recommended by 91% of its previous buyers. Reviews from average drivers that equipped this tire have exceptional feedback on the grip in both wet and dry conditions. The tread pattern that has reportedly improved road traction seems to last an incredibly long time that would explain why there is a 6-year warranty available for them.

Although these tires feature such deep tread voids, ride comfort and interior sound on the road are also highly rated. It seems that the Continental Premium Contact 6 is rated well amongst professional performance testing publishers and average drivers alike. This test-winning design is rated to provide a high-level balanced driving experience, precise steering, and very efficient mileage. According to tire rack, average pricing for this tire would be $280.00 for a 235/40R19 size. They are available to purchase here.

What is a Grand Touring Summer Tire?

A Grand Touring Summer Tire, most commonly known as a summer touring tire is built to enhance your driving experience over long-distance on wet and dry road conditions. Although they are made with advanced compounds, summer tires are ideal for warm climates. With creatively designed tire treads, comfort can be provided for high-speed handling. A touring tire can prove to be best for long-distance traveling, but not limited to the needs of an average driver.

Though drivers looking to upgrade seek high-speed tire performance primarily, Grand Touring tires offer a focus on refined road handling.

Touring tires provide a higher focus for on-road comfort and an emphasis on long-distance travel capability. In most cases, they are built with better ratings on high-speed stability than the average All-Season tire.

Since these tires are constructed with a great focus on predictable handling for a quiet drive, a grand touring tire can provide comfort behind the wheel without needing to make a compromise on long tread-wear life. If you are looking to upgrade your vehicles handling ability with a new set of tires, seek to inform yourself of the most well-suited option for you. Every tire available has a design to meet your driving needs and make an informed decision based on important factors.

All-Season Tire

All-Season touring tires are made to deliver proper comfort and stability on highways. Usually featuring asymmetrical tread patterns and circumferential grooves for wet-weather road grip. This design makes this tire type reliable in even near-freezing temperatures. An all-season touring tire won’t give traction in harsh weather conditions that a snow tire can provide, but the comfort given is worth considering if you experience all seasons without large amounts of snow. An all-season tire is a solid all-around tire option.  

Performance Tire

In most cases, performance tires feature large circumferential and lateral grooves for enhanced traction on wet ground. Typically they have dense siping built with advanced silica compounds, for reliable tire grip in most weather conditions. Performance tires also have higher speed ratings than grand touring tires. They aren’t ideal for long-distance traveling, but they provide driving stability for high acceleration and high-speed turning. Weather conditions where you live might convince you to look into tire tread depth variations available.

All-Terrain Tire

Commonly referred to as an A/T tire, the all-terrain tire design features an aggressive and deep tread pattern over the standards of the trail or average highway tires. Wide tread blocks with more deep voids enhance traction for an off-road experience with good proper handling. The All-Terrain tire often has the “Severe Weather Service symbol.” The A/T tire is designed to reliably maneuver through light mud, sand, and gravel. The depth of the tread voids on the all-terrain tire supply extreme traction at the cost of on-road silence. The pattern of an A/T tire simply provides a ride that cant compare to an average touring tire when it comes to road comfort.

Continental Premium Contact 6 Tire Overall

 The Continental Premium Contact 6 is unique for being a grand touring tire that is commonly offered as an originally equipped tire option if your vehicle fits the specific size requirements. With its design to support heavy load weight, it can provide a smooth ride for both sports utility vehicles and sedans. A stiff tread pattern is offered with enhanced ground traction that comfortably minimizes road noise over high speed, and improves mileage over long distances. In addition to this premium tires focus on a smooth ride, they are built with safety and durability as another strong focal point.

The use of advanced silica compounds and the uniquely strong design for these tires makes convenience another strong focus. They provide competitively strong construction to ensure safety even after tire damage occurs on road. It is rare to see a tire with such a well-rounded attempt to deliver reliability and impressive comfort, and the most impressive balance between traction and reduced noise.

Continental PremiumContact 6 Tire Review

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