Key Takeaways

  • The Tesla Model Y has some problems with body work and technology.
  • Major problems include phantom braking on the Tesla Model Y.
  • Traffic aware cruise control can also engage for unclear reasons
  • Owners of the Tesla Model Y have posted pictures of lots of body problems.
  • A Tesla service center can often help update your Tesla model Y.

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Tesla vehicles and the Model Y have been known to have some problems. Is this battery powered vehicle worth the hassle?

The Tesla Model Y has some problems. One of the most common is suspension noise. Many owners have reported hearing rattling sounds coming from the front or rear suspension, especially when going over bumps or rough roads. Some owners report misaligned panels or gaps between body parts.

We’ve done our research on the common problems experienced by Tesla Model Y owners. We’ll talk about what Tesla is doing about issues in addition to offering some ideas of what to look at for.

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Tesla Model Y Common Problems

Safety Issues with Tesla Model Y

As a Model Y owner, I have experienced some safety issues with my vehicle. Here are some of the most common safety issues reported by other Model Y owners:

Brake Problems

Some Model Y owners have reported issues with their brakes. One owner reported that their brakes failed while driving, causing them to crash into another vehicle. Another owner reported that their brakes made a grinding noise when applied. These brake issues could potentially lead to accidents and injuries. Other Tesla Model Y drivers have reported the opposite with the automatic emergency braking system providing phantom braking which amounts to braking for no reason.

Suspension Issues

Several Model Y owners have reported issues with their suspension. One owner reported that their suspension failed while driving, which caused their vehicle to bounce and sway uncontrollably. Another owner reported that their suspension made a loud clunking noise when going over bumps.

The sounds and feelings indicated by Tesla Model Y owners point to reported defects involving a failing control arm and steering wheel linkages. These suspension issues could potentially lead to accidents and injuries if not addressed.

Airbag Issues

Airbag issues have occurred with some Tesla Model Y owners. One owner reported that their airbags failed to deploy during a collision and was injured as a result. Another owner reported that their airbag warning light came on and stayed on, indicating a potential issue with the airbag system. Airbag problems are rather serious because need to deploy in the event of an accident to help provide cushion and save lives.

Safety systems problems with the Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y has the potential to experience software errors that result in quirks showing up in their own safety systems. An example of this includes advanced safety features ranging from forward collision warning which lets you know of the presence of a person or object in your path going all the way to adaptive cruise control. Tesla cars have onboard an onboard radar system that powers many of these rather desirable systems.

The problem is that sometimes they don’t work well. The traffic aware cruise control can slow down and make weird decisions when there is no traffic present. Auto pilot is a very cool program to have when you don’t really want to drive but it sometimes has a hard time reading lines in the road. We’ve seen videos of a Tesla Model Y veering off the path at intersections that have an unusual design. You’ll still have to pay attention!

Quality Issues

As an owner of a Tesla Model Y, I have experienced some quality issues with my vehicle. Here are some of the most common issues that other owners have reported:

Paint Problems

One of the most common quality issues with the Tesla Model Y is paint problems. Some owners have reported uneven pain and thin paint as well as overspray. This can be frustrating for owners who have paid a premium price for their vehicle. Tesla has acknowledged this issue and has promised to improve their paint quality in future models.

Meanwhile, one solution is to bring your vehicle to a Tesla service center or Tesla body shop that offers support for the Tesla Model Y.

Body Panel Gaps

Body panel gaps have become a very common issue with Tesla Model Y owners and all Tesla owners in general. Some owners have reported misaligned trim and uneven panel gaps. This can be a cosmetic issue, but it can also affect the vehicle's aerodynamics and performance. Tesla has stated that they are working to improve their manufacturing process to reduce these issues.

Much of this problem stems from factory quality control issues. Workers are moving too fast and not focusing enough attention on how panels are laid out and connected.

Interior Fit and Finish

While the interior of the Model Y is generally well-designed, a handful of owners have reported fit and finish issues. These issues include loose trim pieces, rattling sounds, and misaligned panels. These issues can be distracting and take away from the overall driving experience. Tesla has stated that they are working to improve their attention to detail to rectify problems like these.

Reliability Issues for the Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y has a few issues that could pop up and affect your ownership experience. These could also potentially send you to a Tesla service center.

Battery Issues with the Tesla Model Y

The battery pack of the Model Y is one of its most important components. However, several owners have claimed they have problems with the battery pack. Among these issues are premature degradation and sudden shutdowns. Gradually or dramatically reduced battery range is also listed as a common concern.

The average Tesla Service Center is working on many of these problems and providing feedback on the conditions that cause battery problems. Possibly factors include sitting or driving in extreme temperatures as well as poor charging practices.

Charging Problems

Charging the Model Y can be a major headache for some owners. Several owners have reported issues with the charging system. Their complaints include charging speed and failed charges. Charging interruptions were also spoken of and are annoying because they require additional attention.

Opinion Problems for the Tesla Model Y

We’ve experience and read about some problems that aren’t truly technical . Drivers of the Tesla Model Y have complained of poor rear visibility. This sounds significant but a smaller rear window has some benefits. The Tesla Model Y has a backup camera anyway and having less glass on a vehicle actually makes it significantly safer as the plastic exterior won’t break and send shards of sharp glass into your vehicle.

It’s also worth saying that poor rear visibility is a fairly common complaint amongst all drivers in the past few year so the Tesla Model Y is not alone at all.

Customer Service and Support

As a Tesla Model Y owner, I have had to rely on customer service and support on a few occasions. Here are some of my experiences:

Warranty and Service Issues

When I first received my Model Y, I noticed a few cosmetic issues with the paint and trim. I contacted Tesla's customer service and they promptly scheduled a service appointment to fix the issues. The service was covered under warranty and I did not have to pay anything out of pocket.

On another occasion, I had a problem with my charging port not opening. I called Tesla's customer service and they were able to troubleshoot the issue over the phone. They determined that the charging port needed to be replaced and scheduled a service appointment. The service was covered under warranty and the issue was resolved quickly.

I was happy with the result because the Tesla service center was responsive and willing to fix the problem. But let’s be honest that I wish it hadn’t happened in the first place.

Communication Problems

Like in the above example, the reliability of customer service can make me forgive a manufacturing defect and not think about purchasing other vehicles the next time I want a different car. My thoughts on this are mixed because of their interactions having to do with basic functions.

There have been a few instances where I have had trouble reaching Tesla's customer service. One time, I was on hold for over an hour before I was able to speak to a representative. Another time, I sent an email and did not receive a response for several days.

When I was able to reach customer service, they were always helpful and knowledgeable. They were able to answer my questions and resolve my issues in a timely manner.

Overall, while I have had a few communication problems with Tesla's customer service, they have always been able to resolve my issues and provide excellent warranty and service support. I still feel like they haven’t proven themselves beyond a basic warranty claim though. Reading about all these consumer reports also makes me feel like they don’t have a handle on software problems and things like the phantom braking issue.

Are there any Tesla Models with a better reliability track record?

Not really. Though there are several Tesla models available, models like the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S have some of the same reported mechanical and manufacturing defects.

Tesla Model Y Problems & Complaints: Are The Issues Worth Buying?

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