Key Takeaways

  • The BMW M4 will burn more oil than the average vehicle, which isn’t a problem as the vehicle has the right warning systems in place.
  • Some drivers say the steering feels electronically numb
  • While it isn’t a great value compared to a Corvette, I would pay more for the BMW for its level of luxury
  • The M4 is a very fun vehicle to drive overall.

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If you are seeking a preowned BMW M4, you might want to know a little more about the problems that drivers complain about.

The BMW M4 doesn’t have many apparently mechanical problems. Common issues with burning oil are very common amongst performance cars that will consume oil faster than the average car. We do indeed recommend the BMW M4 to drivers seeking a luxury muscle car.

I’ve done lots of research both on what kinds of mechanical complaints people have about the BMW M4, and some non-mechanical as well. Knowing a bit more about a BMW M4 will be quite helpful in knowing what to expect after buying the car, or thinking about avoiding one.

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Issues with the BMW M4


Oil Issues

To be blunt here, oil issues are fairly consistent across the entire BMW model range. Higher performance vehicles are well known for burning oil more than your average vehicle. While we normally use sources like to learn about whether or not the M4 has oil problems, there are few complaints listed in part because BMW doesn’t sell all that many of the unique muscle cars.

I can say that BMWs do tend to run hot - especially in their performance segment. Hotter engines burn oil, and exhibit the gradual wear that sports cars tend to have.

What do we actually mean by oil issues? You should expert the BMW M4 to burn some oil between oil changes, especially after the first 75,000 miles, and possibly earlier. These kinds of vehicles burn oil because the rings, valves, and seals gradually loosen and let oil through little by little. We have a similar experience with a Chevrolet that burns more oil than even Chevrolet says it should.

If you are wondering how bad it gets, I can tell you that BMW mechanics know that vehicles like the M4 can burn a quart or two of oil between oil changes. A BMW dealer might even give you a special branded bag to put in your trunk that is meant to hold a bottle or two of oil. Thankfully, the BMW M4 is also smart enough to have sensors that recognize when you are running low on oil. To be honest, not every manufacturer does this, but at least you’ll know that you should add a quart or two instead of discovering the problem when damage is already done.

We didn’t see any particular danger of the M4 simply dumping oil - and the vehicle also isn’t all that old having started production in 2015. If the BMW M4 were burning lots of oil rapidly, you would probably both smell the fumes of burning oil and notice a puff of blue smoke from the tailpipe.

Our story here is simple: You should expect your BMW to turn more oil than a standard economic passenger car. You’ll also get to have a lot more fun burning that oil!

Loud Stock Tires

The BMW M4 comes with Michelin Pilot Sport tires when driven off the lot new. A few drivers who don’t have the luxury of all highway driving for their commute report that the tires that come with the vehicle are a bit loud. You’ll also note that despite having a louder than average ride, they were still readily able to hear the M4’s aggressive exhaust note, so you definitely won’t be missing out on that.

Seatbelt problems

BMW M4s were built with faulty seatbelt automatic locks. As a company should, BMW issued a recall and offered to replace seatbelts so that they are able to lock properly and give drivers the protection they need.

Issues from Reviews

Lack of road feel

In case you are wondering what “road feel” is, I am describing the ability to feel connected to the ground while driving so that every move of the sterling wheel is accurately reflected with the movement of the M4. While the M4 offers serious performance and corners well, some drivers felt that the steering felt electronic and a bit numb. To be fair, nearly all modern vehicles do offer electronic steering powered mostly by a series of sensors that know the position of both the steering wheel yoke and the tires, but some enthusiasts want a better feel for the road.

Unclear Gauges

Per the reviews we read, this sounds more like a pet peeve or potentially a complaint from people who use seriously sharp looking screens often. Some complained that the digital screens used to communicate via your infotainment and dashboard systems were not very sharp or clear. While I’ve certainly experienced dashboards that were too small or had unclear symbols, having seen images of the M4 I don’t see the problem here.

Is the BMW M4 worth it?

Some of the vehicles we research have serious issues that the average person probably doesn’t want to deal with. The BMW M4 is a modern muscle car. The vehicle has some unusual styling cues from a more modern era compared to the BMWs that we didn’t list as a complaint or negative because the “complaint” is entirely subjective - but I like it!

The problems I described about the BMW M4, minus the minor seatbelt recall, aren’t a big deal. Those who have researched luxury sports cars know that a faster vehicle runs hotter and needs the oil changed more often anyway. While this also leads to more expensive maintenance, it is a tradeoff that those able to afford a new or used BMW M4 would most definitely make just for the exhilarating drive.

For reference, this is a fast vehicle. The most recent 2023 model can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds - which is as fast as less comfortable Chevrolet Corvettes. The one thing many value minded car buyers will have to contend with is the price. While the price depends on the year, you can spend $25,000 on upgrades alone with the BMW M4. This isn’t much different from a Corvette upgrade, but you don’t get as much for the price.

As mentioned earlier in regards to tires, you might want to upgrade them to get a slightly better and maybe quieter ride. I suggest researching tires to see which ones have the potential to offer a more serene drive - after all, they are kind of hard to return after you buy them.

While I am not a fan of manual vehicles myself, the BMW M4 is actually available in manual. For those who are seeking a sports car with a unique look, serious comfort, and the ability to exercise your coordination and control via a manual shifter you need to give the M4 a look as a serious contender.

Overall, we certainly wouldn’t avoid the BMW M4 for the reasons mentioned above. The lack of complaints from CarComplaints tells us both that not many M4s are sold - and that those who own an M4 get their issues fixed at the dealer and don’t need to complain - and that the vehicle is mechanically sound. The opinions presented about the look and feel of the car are indeed opinions and make you are choice up to you.

BMW M4 Problems & Complaints: Are The Issues Worth Buying?

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