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  • Commodore is owned by a reputable U.S-based company known as American Omni Trading
  • Commodore trailer tires deliver stellar performances
  • Commodore trailer tires are of high-quality and durable
  • Trailer tires from this brand come with a warranty

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Commodore is a private-label brand owned by American Omni Trading. But how are its trailer tires? This Commodore trailer tires review has the answers.

Commodore trailer tires are of high quality and extremely reliable. They deliver stellar handling, smooth and quiet trailering, as well as superb cornering. Also, Commodore trailer tires are highly resistant to overheating. Furthermore, they last longer and they are backed by a strong warranty.

Our mission is to provide trailer owners with factual, helpful, reliable and trustworthy trailer tires reviews. To this end, we test the majority of the products that we review, undertake thorough research, and conduct interviews with industry experts. As you can see, we make every possible effort to ensure we provide our readers with the most reliable information.

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For many years, trailer owners were limited to buying their tires from major brands like Goodyear and Maxxis. And as you may probably know, trailer tires from these established brands don’t come cheap.

But over the last couple of years, several smaller trailer tire brands have come up across the globe, offering affordable trailer tires. And, Commodore is one of such brands.

The problem is that, as much as the tires from these smaller brands are highly affordable, they always tend to be of poor quality. They will either wear out prematurely or even suffer irreparable damage after being subjected to heavy loads. And, this has largely been my experience using them.

So, is this also the case with Commodore trailer tires? Are Commodore trailer tires dependable? Will you get value for your money when you purchase your set of trailer tires from this brand? Well, this guide has the answers.

In this Commodore trailer tires review, we will walk you through this company’s background, its most popular trailer tires, where to buy its tires, its tire warranties as well as the cost of its trailer tires. We will also discuss whether to buy trailer tires from this brand or not. And with that said, let’s jump straight in.

About Commodore Trailer Tires

Commodore is a trailer tire brand owned by American Omni Trading or AOT. American Omni Trading is an international import and export company that was launched in 1990. It’s currently headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Since it was launched more than 30 years ago, American Omni Trading company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of tires across the globe. Today, this company services wholesale tire dealers spread across more than 55 countries.

According to the information posted on its website, this company’s main mission is to provide high-quality products. It offers a wide range of tires including agricultural tires, ATV tires, passenger tires, light truck tires and trailer tires. Our focus today will be on its trailer tires.

We should mention that Commodore doesn’t manufacture tires. Instead, it has partnered with manufacturers in Thailand and China, who produce its tires. Company profile

Shandong Changfeng Tyres is one of the companies that Omni has partnered with for the manufacture of its tires. Omni then imports and sells these tires under its various private-label brands like Commodore.

However, as much as Omni outsources the manufacturing of its tires to third parties in Thailand and China, it has a team of engineers on board, which ensures that all its tires are manufactured per the highest quality standards.

For instance, it requires its manufacturers to adhere to ISO standards. Therefore, as much as it outsources the manufacturing of its tires, they are of high and uncompromised quality. And most of the customer reviews about this brand are a testament to this.

Most Popular Commodore Trailer Tires

Commodore is a relatively new tire brand. And as you may expect, its tire selection is quite limited. So far, there aren’t many options on offer when it comes to trailer tires. Some of this brand’s most popular trailer tires include:

Commodore ST205

The Commodore ST205 is a radial trailer tire, designed for different types of trailers. This trailer tire can fit a vast range of trailers such as livestock trailers, campers, utility trailers, recreational trailers and specialty trailers, just to name a few.

Features and Benefits

The Commodore ST205 features an advanced tread compound. This advanced tread compound is meant to improve the tire’s wear, thus helping to prolong its life. Also, the advanced tread compound is designed to promote low rolling resistance. And this translates to better fuel efficiency. So, if you need a trailer tire that will save you money on fuel, then you should check out the Commodore ST205.

The Commodore ST205 also sports a special tread pattern. This tread pattern features four circumferential grooves as well as several smaller lateral grooves and sipes. The circumferential grooves together with the lateral grooves and the hundreds of smaller sipes on its tread help with water evacuation. By channeling water away from the tire, these grooves and sipes will significantly reduce the risk of aquaplaning in rainy and wet conditions.

The manufacturer has also furnished this tire with a continuous center rib. This continuous center rib helps the tire to deliver consistent tracking. And as a result, you will enjoy better handling when you are towing or hauling with this tire.

The Commodore ST205 also comes with an enhanced shoulder design. According to the manufacturer, this enhanced shoulder design is meant to promote uniform tread wear, thus helping to promote long tread life. It’s also designed to promote effective heat dissipation from the tire. Again, this translates to a longer tread life for this tire.

Another outstanding feature of this tire is the nylon overlay construction. This construction feature is designed to enhance the tire’s strength and durability. Therefore, this tire will be able to withstand heavier load applications. So, if you frequently do heavy towing with your trailer, then the Commodore ST205 appears like the right choice for your needs.


The Commodore ST205 doesn’t have the bells and whistles that you will find in a trailer tire from some of the premium brands. But according to the reviews that we’ve read, it does the job perfectly. The handling is great, even when you are towing heavy loads. Overall, you will be hard-pressed to find a better trailer tire at this price range.

Commodore ST215

The ST215 is yet another Commodore tire that’s popular with trailer owners. It resembles the ST205 in almost all aspects.  According to this trailer tire brand, the ST215 is a trailer tire that’s compatible with almost all types of trailers. Let’s take a closer look at its features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

Just like the ST205, the ST215 also comes with an advanced tread compound. According to the manufacturer, this advanced tread compound is intended to prevent premature wear and tear. This special tread compound is also meant to minimize rolling resistance. Consequently, this reduces the amount of energy your towing vehicle will need to keep the tires rolling, which translates to fuel savings.

The ST215 also comes with an asymmetrical tread pattern. This asymmetrical tread pattern features a series of circumferential and cross grooves. If you inspect this tire carefully, you will also notice it has thousands of small sipes running throughout its entire tread surface.

The longitudinal, lateral and small sipes are meant to promote effective channeling of water away from the ST215. Consequently, the risk of aquaplaning will be lowered considerably. The smaller sipes also act as biting edges, thus helping the tire to grip the surface better when you are towing in rainy or wet conditions.

Similar to the ST205, the ST215 also features a continuous center rib. So, what role does this continuous center rib play? Well, the continuous center rib on this tire’s tread is intended to promote better and consistent tracking. And, this translates to better cornering and handling during towing.

Overheating is a common issue with trailer tires. And once the tire overheats, there’s a high chance it will blow out. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the Commodore ST215. It comes with shoulder grooves, which help to promote heat dispersion, thus helping to prevent overheating. These shoulder grooves also help to promote even wear, thus helping to extend the tire’s lifespan.

The Commodore ST215 is a radial tire. And, radial trailer tires are renowned for their smoother and quieter ride as well as better and smoother towing. Also, radial trailer tires deliver better fuel efficiency, since they have a lower rolling resistance. Similar to other radial tires, the ST215 also has a higher resistance to punctures, among other forms of damage.


The ST215 comes across as a great trailer tire. It will provide you with a smoother ride and better handling. Also, it has low rolling resistance, which leads to better fuel efficiency. Furthermore, this tire is also built to endure heavy loads, thanks to its robust internal construction. Without a doubt, this tire meets almost all the requirements that you would want from a trailer tire. And better yet, its pricing is within the affordable range.

Where to Buy Commodore Trailer Tires

Without a doubt, Commodore trailer tires are a great choice for someone looking for budget-friendly, durable and dependable tires. So, where can you buy a set of trailer tires from this brand?

Well, Commodore trailer tires are mainly sold by third-party tire distributors. Some of the places where you can buy a set of Commodore trailer tires include Mavis, Amazon and Walmart. You can also find used Commodore trailer tires on eBay.

Most of these places are supplied directly by American Omni Trading, which owns Commodore tires. Therefore, as much as there may be some differences in prices, you shouldn’t expect them to vary too much.

Commodore Trailer Tires Warranties

Commodore trailer tires are engineered in accordance with strict standards. So, if you purchase a set of tires from this brand, you can expect it to serve you well until it reaches the end of service life.

However, as much as the tires from this brand are of high quality, it doesn’t mean they are perfect. And once in a while, your set of Commodore trailer tires may fail prematurely before it reaches the end of service life.

The good news is, Commodore tires are backed by Omni’s free replacement limited protection warranty. So, if your Commodore trailer tires fail prematurely due to workmanship or materials, Omni will replace the tires for free. As you can see, you are fully protected against loss if you buy a set of trailer tires from this brand.

Most manufacturers of trailer tires don’t offer warranties and guarantees. And, for the few that offer warranties, the tire will only be covered for a short period, which is usually 24 months at most. So, by standing behind Commodore tires with an extended, no-questions-asked warranty, it’s clear that Omni is committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Commodore Trailer Tires Price Range

Commodore trailer tires are slightly pricier compared to some of the other tires in the category. But, considering their superior performance and longer tread life than the competition, the pricing for their tires is justified.

Simply put, as much as you may end up paying slightly more for a set of Commodore trailer tires, you are getting a long-lasting and high-quality tire, which will deliver value for your money.

Should You Buy Commodore Trailer Tires?

There are hundreds of trailer tire brands out there. And, each brand claims that its tires are the best. So, why should you buy Commodore trailer tires as opposed to purchasing those offered by the other trailer tire brands? Well, there are numerous reasons why you should consider buying trailer tires from this brand. But, we are going to highlight the two key ones.

Commodore Trailer Tires Perform Well

Commodore trailer tires deliver a quieter and smoother ride, superb handling, great cornering as well as better sway during cornering. From our experience, it’s not easy to come across a trailer tire that brings together all these performance attributes. So, if you are searching for a set of trailer tires whose performance is above average, then you should consider Commodore trailer tires.

Commodore Trailer Tires are Long Lasting Tires

As we mentioned earlier, Commodore trailer tires are slightly more expensive than some of the other trailer tires in the class. But according to the trailer owners that we’ve interviewed, trailer tires from this brand also last longer than the competition.

Therefore, if you equip your trailer with a set of these tires, you won’t be going back to the market for a replacement any time soon. These tires will serve you well for several years.

Furthermore, Commodore trailer tires come with a workmanship and materials warranty. So, if your tire suffers irreparable damage due to defects arising from the materials used or the workmanship, then you will get a free replacement.

Commodore Trailer Tires Review

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