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  • Carlisle is a reputable tire manufacturer
  • Carlisle trailer tires are of high quality
  • Its tires deliver decent handling and performance
  • Carlisle tires are affordably priced

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Carlisle makes tires for garden equipment, lawn, farming and trailer. In this Carlisle trailer tire overview, we will take a closer look at its trailer tires.

Carlisle produces a wide range of affordably-priced and reliable trailer tires. Its trailer tires deliver outstanding handling and performance. Furthermore, its trailer tires are not prone to overheating or premature damage. Carlisle tires also come with warranties.

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About Carlisle

Charles Moomy launched Carlisle in 1917. It’s named after the town where it was launched, and this town is none other than Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Carlisle has witnessed considerable growth since it was launched more than a century ago due to the commitment and vision of the administration. Today, it’s one of the most popular tire manufacturers in the U.S. and many customers have given a positive testimony of their products.

Carlisle’s main focus is specialty tires. Its product line features tires for garden and lawn, UTVs and ATVs, haulers and trailers, agricultural, and construction industries.

Carlisle trailer tires are used as original equipment by various brands. It also manufactures aftermarket tires, designed for those looking for replacement tires. According to the information posted on its website, Carlisle wants to establish itself as the best in class when it comes to product quality, product performance and cutting-edge technology. In particular, the company has recently invested in a high level of technology in order to help improve its current quality standards.

Carlisle tires are produced and exclusively sold by the Carlstar Group. Its manufacturing plant is based in Clinton, Tennessee. However, this company also opened another manufacturing facility in Jackson, Tennessee recently. But, we should point out that some of its tires are manufactured in China.

In this article, our focus will be on the Carlisle trailer tire, tires that I have used with satisfaction for 6 years. We will evaluate various aspects of the tire’s quality, performance, price range, and fuel efficiency. We will also take a closer look at some of Carlisle’s most popular trailer tires as well as the company’s trailer tire warranty. By the end of this review, you will be in a position to make a decision which is informed and you will have a comprehensive understanding of what the Carlisle tires have to offer.

Carlisle Trailer Tire General Assessment

Carlisle manufactures tires for a vast range of trailers. Its trailer tires are ideal for almost all types of towing and hauling making them versatile to use. From short to long-distance towing, general to heavy-duty towing, Carlisle trailer tires are designed to handle almost any type of towing or hauling job.

You can use Carlisle trailer tires for horse trailers, boat trailers, RV trailers, and utility trailers, just to name a few. The majority of its trailer tires are manufactured in the U.S. But as we pointed out earlier, some are produced in China. However, their quality is similar to those produced in the U.S. As a matter of fact, the production lines in China are not necessarily cheaper than the one in the US.

Carlisle Trailer Tire Quality

Carlisle trailer tires are built for heavy-duty towing and hauling. Therefore, it will be safe to say that its tires are of top-notch quality. Furthermore, its tires are designated as high-speed trailer tires, meaning they can haul heavy loads at higher speeds without suffering from belt separation or other forms of damage.

We should mention that Carlisle is one of the most popular brands for trailer tires. Its growing popularity in this tire market segment can be attributed to the quality of its tires, and due to this, the company has managed to maintain its client base. Its tires offer improved tread wear and outstanding heat resistance.

The majority of drivers who have used Carlisle trailer tires have mentioned that they haven’t experienced any issues with Carlisle trailer tires. Also, most of the drivers that we interviewed mentioned that they prefer Carlisle trailer tires instead of the other brands because they last longer.

Therefore, if you purchase a set of trailer tires from this brand, you can be assured that you will get value for your money. It will be well-suited to handle your hauling needs and it won’t wear out prematurely.

Carlisle Trailer Tire Price Range

In most cases, the prices of a product tend to go hand in hand with its quality. And this also happens to be the case with tires. The higher the quality of a particular tire, the higher the price tag. So, is this the case with Carlisle tires?

Well, Carlisle trailer tires appear to be an exception to this rule. As much as its trailer tires are of high quality, they come with a pocket-friendly price tag, and the consumers have noticed this advantage as much. Therefore, you will be getting a high-quality product at an affordable cost.

For instance, the Carlisle Sport Trail goes for around $45 to $150. If you were to purchase a similar tire such as the Maxxis ST Radial M008, you can expect to spend around $85 to $185 per tire.

So, a set of four Carlisle tires will cost you approximately $180 to $600 while a similar set from a competitor like Maxxis will cost you around $340 to $740. So, if you are looking to save money on trailer tires, then Carlisle appears like the ideal choice for you. When compared to the tire peers, this is quite an affordable price. Its tires are affordably priced despite being of high quality.

Carlisle Trailer Tire Fuel Efficiency

It is important that you choose consumer products that are sustainable. The majority of trailer tires from this brand come outfitted with high-tensile steel belts. These steel belts play an important role in reducing rolling resistance. And by reducing the rolling resistance, your tow vehicle will expend a lesser amount of energy. And this translates to better fuel efficiency. Therefore, if you are towing with Carlisle trailer tires, you can expect to save money on gas.

Performance and Handling

Carlisle produces specialty trailer tires. Such tires come with stiffer sidewalls, which help to prevent your trailer from swaying. In addition, the majority of its tires feature large and wide longitudinal grooves. These grooves help in channeling water away in rainy and wet conditions leading to better traction.

So, with Carlisle trailer tires, you can expect stellar handling, regardless of how heavy your load is, how rugged the terrain, how wet the surface you are driving on is or how fast you are moving.

Most Popular Carlisle Trailer Tires

As we mentioned earlier, Carlisle has a vast range of trailer tires. It produces tires for almost all types of trailers out there. From boat trailers to livestock trailers, RV trailers to utility trailers, Carlisle has a trailer tire to handle almost any hauling or towing application. Some of this company’s most popular trailer tires include:

Carlisle Radial Trail HD

The Radial Trail HD is one of Radial Trail HD most popular tires. It’s designed to fit a wide range of trailers such as boat trailers, toy trailers, utility trailers and livestock trailers, just to name a few. According to Radial Trail HD, this trail is ideal for long and short-distance hauling as well as heavy-duty and recreational hauling.

Features and Benefits

Carlisle has utilized a heat-resistant and wear-resistant tread compound when making this tire. Also, the Radial Trail HD features high-tensile steel belts, which work together with the robust rubber compound to reduce rolling resistance and increase impact resistance. And, this will enable the tire to hold up well in high-stress environments.

The Radial Trail HD also features interconnected tread blocks. These tread blocks help to promote uniform tread wear, thus helping to prolong the tire’s tread life. This radial trailer tire also features multiple plies, designed to boost its load-carrying capacity.

Carlisle has also incorporated ozone weathering protection into this tire. This weathering protection is meant to enable the tire to endure extreme heat especially when traveling at high speeds in hot conditions. So, unlike other trailer tires out there, the extreme heat generated won’t damage it.


Belt separation and premature wear and tear are among the biggest issues facing trailer tires. But with the Radial Trail HD, you won’t experience such issues. According to the reviews that we’ve read, you can expect to extract at least three to four years of service from this tire. Overall, we feel that the Radial Trail HD will deliver great value for your money.

Ultra Sport RH

The Ultra Sport RH is a tubeless trailer tire designed to handle heavy hauling and last longer than other trailer tires. According to Carlisle, this tire is also DOT compliant, which means you won’t experience any run-ins with law enforcement officials when using it.

Features and Benefits

The Ultra Sport RH features a robust internal construction. At the same time, it’s also built in such a manner that helps to keep its weight to the lower side. Consequently, rolling resistance will be minimal, and this translates to better fuel efficiency.

Carlisle has also provisioned the Ultra Sport RH with a couple of longitudinal grooves as well as hundreds of lateral grooves. These grooves are meant to promote faster channeling of water away from the tire’s tread for better grip and traction in wet conditions.

The Ultra Sport RH also features wrap-around tread around its shoulders. According to the manufacturer, this tread is designed to boost the tire’s cornering grip. The wrap-around tread is also meant to boost the tire’s tread life.

Carlisle has also utilized a couple of its proprietary technologies when making this tire, to boost its strength and heat resistance. These technologies include Dura Trail for making the Ultra Sport RH stronger as well as the Heat Shield for reducing the amount of heat generated while traveling.


The Ultra Sport RH is a safe and highly reliable trailer tire. The responses from trailer owners who have used this tire have been majorly positive. And, we are also confident your experience will be a positive one with the Ultra Sport RH.

Carlisle Sport Trail LH

The Sport Trail LH is a stylish, affordably-priced trailer tire. It has been engineered to deliver long tread life and less heat than similar trailer tires. It’s available in a wide range of sizes, meaning it can fit the majority of the trailers out there.

Features and Benefits

As we’ve highlighted above, the Sport Trail LH has been built to deliver a longer tread life than the other trailer tires on the market. To this end, Carlisle has outfitted it with stronger and stiffer sidewalls. Also, its stiffer and stronger sidewalls help to prevent deformation when hauling under heavy loads while reducing its rolling resistance. And, this translates to better gas mileage and a longer lifespan.

The Sport Trail LH is a bias-belted trailer tire. Therefore, you can mount a set of this tire on almost any trailer out there and safely tow with it. Also, it has been built to be highly versatile, meaning you can use it for general towing or leisure use.

This bias-ply trailer tire also comes with four rain grooves. These wide rain grooves are meant to assist in water evacuation from the tire. Therefore, you will be able to tow safely with this tire, even when the surface is extremely wet and slippery.

The Sport Trail LH also comes with wider shoulder lugs. These lugs are meant to increase the tire’s contact patch. With this design, the tire will be able to grip the road better when you are cornering.


The Carlisle Sure Trail LH is a no-frills trailer tire that will get the job done. It will remain stable all through and won’t get extremely hot during heavy hauling. Overall, if you are looking for a trailer tire for general hauling or recreating towing, then the Sport Trail LH appears like a good fit.

Carlisle Trailer Tire Warranty

Most trailer tires don’t come with a warranty. However, Carlisle trailer tire appears to be an exception. This company stands behind its trailer tires with a workmanship and materials warranty. It’s among the few manufacturers of trailer tires that offer a warranty and the company is dedicated to follow through on the agreement.

According to Carlisle, if your trailer tire is deemed unserviceable due to defects arising from the materials used or the workmanship, they will replace the affected tire free of charge.

However, this warranty doesn’t cover the tire’s mounting and balancing charges, which means they will be your responsibility. This tire doesn’t cover repaired tires, altered tires or tires that become unrepairable due to damage caused by road hazards.

Coverage extends for two years from the date when you purchased your Carlisle trailer tire. You must be the original buyer of the affected trailer tire to be eligible for a replacement under this warranty.

Where to Buy Carlisle Trailer Tires

You have plenty of options to explore if you are looking to buy a set of Carlisle trailer tires. First, you can do it directly from the Carlisle website. On the website, you will just need to provide your zip code. From there, Carlisle will use the zip code you’ve entered to find an authorized Carlisle brand tire dealer near you.

Second, you have the option of buying your set from specialty tire dealers. Such dealers include Discount Tire, Tire Buyer, Americas Tire, Priority Tire, and Simple Tire, just to name a few.

Third, you have the option of purchasing your set of Carlisle trailer tires from retail outlets. Some of these retail outlets include Walmart, eBay, Amazon, The Home Depot and Sears, among others. As you may expect, the prices for the tire will vary from one place to the next.

Carlisle Trailer Tire Overview

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