ChargePoint is a popular electric car charging station found across the country, but are they compatible with Tesla vehicles?

Yes, you can charge all types of Tesla vehicles at Level 2 and Level 3 ChargePoint stations. At Level 2 stations, you can use the standard adapter that came with your Tesla. Level 3 ChargePoint stations require a CHAdeMO adapter, which is sold separately.

In this article, we’ll cover how to charge your Tesla at one of ChargePoint’s iconic orange charging locations. Additionally, we’ll overview the different Level 2 and Level 3 chargers available at ChargePoint, along with how fast they charge Tesla batteries.

We sourced most of the information used in this article directly from ChargePoint’s publicly available spec sheets, along with the testimony of Tesla owners who use ChargePoint stations.

Can Tesla Use Chargepoint?



What Is ChargePoint?

ChargePoint is a major producer of electric car charging stations in the United States. According to the company, there are more than 128,000 individual ChargePoint chargers located around the country and many fast-charging locations as well.

You can use the ChargePoint app to find a local charging station and access Level 2 charging equipment wherever a charger is available and Level 3 chargers at Express stations. Level 2 charging is the most common, and it adds around 18 to 30 miles of range to your electric car per hour.

ChargePoint offers standard Level 2 stations and fast chargers that use high-voltage DC current. You can find ChargePoint hookups in malls, office buildings, and many other parking lots, and they’re identified by their orange body and white lettering.

Can Tesla Cars Charge at ChargePoint Stations?

Yes, all Tesla vehicles can charge at a ChargePoint station. Tesla vehicles use a different charger than the standard plugs at ChargePoint, so you’ll need an adapter. For standard charging, you can use the adapter that came with the vehicle if you still have it.

But for fast charging, you’ll need a CHAdeMO adapter. You can use an aftermarket model, but you can also purchase an approved adapter from Tesla’s website for $400.

Does ChargePoint Have Superchargers?

Superchargers are only built and operated by Tesla. However, ChargePoint does offer Level 3 charging stations which offer similar range and low charge times. At ChargePoint, Level 3 chargers range from 25 kW to 350 kW.

How Fast do Teslas Charge at ChargePoint Stations?

ChargePoint offers standard Level 2 chargers and 250-volt fast DC charging. Fast chargers are a great way to increase the speed of your charge, and it adds more power in a shorter time period. We’ll dive into fast DC charging in more detail later.

Tesla vehicles charge faster than many other kinds of electric cars at Level 2 stations. At ChargePoint, you can expect about 25 miles of range per hour of charging with the standard charge speed.

How Fast do Teslas Charge With Fast Charging?

ChargePoint offers Express and Express Plus charging at about 400 EV stations across the country. ChargePoint Express Level 3 stations charge significantly faster than standard Level 2 chargers.

These stations can charge about 80% of your Tesla’s battery in 30 minutes, which offers a similar range and speed to Tesla Superchargers. Remember, you’ll need a CHAdeMO adapter to charge a Tesla at one of these fast charging stations.

How does Fast Charging Work at ChargePoint?

ChargePoint fast chargers use high-voltage DC current, which can rapidly charge batteries up to about 80% capacity. But beyond that, the benefits and speed drop off quickly. If you look at a battery capacity chart, you’ll see fast DC charging speeds peak around 80% then drop off dramatically.

This is because fast DC charging is only efficient for a limited time. ChargePoint recommends disconnecting your battery at about 80%, as you’ll have hundreds of miles of range, and the time required to charge the rest of the battery won’t be much different from regular Level 2 charging.

Types of ChargePoint Express Stations

ChargePoint offers four types of Level 3 Express charging stations: Express 100, Express 200, Express 250, and Express Plus. Express 250 and Plus stations are for DC charging, and the rest use standard Level 2 AC charging.

ChargePoint Express 100 chargers are common and compatible with your Tesla. These chargers offer 62 amps at 480 volts and have an output of 25 kW.

Express 200 chargers are the next step up at ChargePoint. They also use 480-volt electricity, but they charge at 50 kW instead of 25 kW. These Level 3 chargers are faster than Express 100 chargers.

ChargePoint Express 250 and Express Plus Chargers

The fastest chargers, which are labeled Express Plus at ChargePoint, add up to 350 kW of power to your Tesla battery packs. They’re also around 95% efficient, which makes them a cost-effective charging solution.

Express 250 stations are also fast, but not quite as fast as Express Plus stations. According to ChargePoint, these stations offer 25% more power than 50 kW stations and increase charge speeds significantly.


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