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Tire upgrades or replacements can be stressful. And it can be easy to waste a lot of time during the process. This is why we recommend buying tires online.

With a wide range of online tire retailers available, finding the best place to shop is difficult. We rank Tire Rack, Discount Tire, and Tire Buyer as the three best places to buy tires online. They give you plenty of options, competitive pricing, fast delivery, and excellent customer support.

This guide will highlight the key features of all the top online tire retailers. It will allow you to make more informed tire purchases, save time shopping, and save money by finding the best brands and prices available.

Our team has tested tires for many years, and all rank as experts in the industry. We understand what to look for when analyzing a retailer by reading the fine print and going through their purchasing journey. Without wasting any more time, here are the best places to buy tires online.  

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Where to Buy Tires Online

When shopping for new tires, we never recommend sacrificing quality for your product. In the long run, a reliable tire will help your vehicle last longer and perform better. It may cost a little more, but the convenience is unmatched.

We recommend starting with Tire Rack, Discount Tire, and Tire Buyer when begging your online tire shopping spree. Here is our complete list of the best online tire retailers.

Online Tire Retailers

  1. Tire Rack
  2. Discount Tire
  3. Tire Buyer
  4. Amazon
  5. Priority Tire

Tire Rack

Tire Rack is the number one place to buy tires online for a long list of reasons. Not only do they offer a wide selection of brands and a variety of tire sizes, but they dedicate an entire section on their website to better inform drivers about each product.

Tire Rack conducts tests and provides research for customers to see and analyze their own right on the website. They use a track and real-world road course to test dry road handling and braking. Winter tests are conducted in a hockey ice rink to see how the tires perform.

You can expect the absolute best with Tire Rack. Head over to their Research & Advice section on the website to read the Tire Decision Guide, learn more about the test results, watch videos about tires, and much more. They do as much as they can to educate their customers better.

Tire Rack also provides a 30-day return policy and a two-year road hazard warranty on any tire they sell. You get even more protection when including the manufacturer warranty too.

Tire Rack provides installation services for interested customers too. They partner with businesses across the country to make it possible so that tires can be shipped to a local installer in your area, so when you head there to pick them up, you can have your tires installed at the same time too.


  • Massive selection of tire sizes and available brands.
  • Free shipping on orders over $50.
  • Informative section of research, How-To guides, and more.
  • Installation is available.
  • Excellent selection of consistent sales and discounts available.


  • They have limited customer service hours.
  • Free shipping does not cover all 50 states.

Discount Tire

Discount Tire is another one of our favorite picks. They are a bit different and provide a more hybrid experience for customers with a more prominent brick-and-mortar presence than the other retailers on this list. It gives even more convenience for buyers too.

Tires purchased on Discount Tire can be drop-shipped directly to a local Discount Tire or America’s Tire in your area. This lowers your shipping cost, allows you to make a local in-store pick-up, and receive installation all in one visit.

Don’t worry! You also have the option to simply have the tires shipped directly to you, too, if you would prefer. Discount Tire provides plenty of options for all interested buyers.

At Discount Tire, the wide selection of available tires includes over 50 brands with extensive selections from the likes of Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear.

Discount Tire is also very committed to properly teaching customers about their vehicles and tires. They provide a section with in-depth articles and analyses about tires, vehicles, wheels, and other accessories or features that apply.

Like Tire Rack, they have their own tire testing system and use Treadwell to pair customers with the right tire based on data collected. Once you log on to the site, you will be asked to fill in your location and vehicle type, and they immediately provide you with top picks for that vehicle.

Other tools include a tire size calculator and an online appointment setting system too.


  • Road hazard warranty and return policy.
  • Rebates and deals available on a variety of products.
  • Financing options available.
  • Intensive learning center for customers.
  • Excellent selection of tires from the most reliable brands.
  • Free ground shipping on all products.  


  • Shipping is limited to only 48 states.
  • Installation must be scheduled separately from delivery.

Tire Buyer

Tire Buyer provides some excellent features that rival those available with both Tire Rack and Discount Tire. There is a reason all three of three retailers are so far ahead of the rest of the competition.

Tire Buyer is owned and operated by American Tire Distributors, giving them access to one of the largest distribution companies in the United States. This allows for fast deliveries and cheaper delivery costs.

Tire Buyer works with over 10,000 tire installers across the country. This allows you to have your tires shipped to a local installer near you to get your tires installed upon pick up. They also offer free shipping directly to your home if that is a preference.

Shipping times are phenomenal too. Tire Buyer guarantees almost every shipping within 24 to 48 hours from the time of ordering. Their extensive distributor network and a personal fleet of trucks make it possible.

Tire Buyer also provides a learning hub for customers. They have guides covering the different types of tires, installation methods, necessary maintenance, and much more.

Tire Buyer posts popular sales, deals, and rebates right on their website too. You can take advantage of a rebate right away and order a specific tire based on the available deals they can offer.

Return policies and warranties are also strong. Tire Buyer uses their own fleet of trucks to get returns processed as quickly as possible. They charge a minimal fee for return shipping.


  • Free shipping.
  • 10,000 + installers to use.
  • Easy to use the website to match the vehicle and available tires.
  • Most deals and rebates to choose from.
  • 45 day return policy.  


  • No advanced tire sizing tool.
  • No Consumer Reports’ survey rating.


Everybody uses Amazon. And they are slowly becoming a significant player in the online world of tires. With access to Amazon Prime features, members are interested in taking full advantage and going tire shopping on the platform.

Amazon is not the place to go when you are not sure what you are looking for, though. They do not offer the same educational information for uninformed buyers, and going through all of the different listings can be time-consuming and a bit overwhelming.

They do not offer vehicle matching or sizing tools either. It is best to know exactly what tire you need and the correct sizing when searching on Amazon.

You can find major brands like BFGoodrich and Goodyear available on Amazon. The selection is extensive, with plenty of options to choose from for your vehicle.

Amazon is looking to compete. They provide installation services at select locations, or you can get an at-home installation using Amazon Home Services. Both options will cost a small fee for installation but are incredibly reliable.

Amazon does not offer any warranty or guarantees on the tires. It must be given directly from the tire manufacturer. This is one of the most significant downsides to buying on Amazon. Competitors like Tire Rack provide extensive coverage every step of the way.


  • Fast shipping policy with Amazon Prime benefits available.
  • Wide selection of tires and brands.
  • Easy to execute return policy.
  • In-home installations are available.
  • Wheels and accessories available too.  


  • No additional warranty policies available.
  • No tire educational information for buyers.
  • No tools are available for tire sizing or vehicle matching.

Priority Tire

Priority Tire is a reliable place to buy tires online. It is a simple-to-use retailer that offers tires, accessories, and wheels. They also offer premium memberships to provide better access to discounted tire prices, exclusive coupons, and more.

One of the major strong points of Priority Tire is customer service. They have an entire Help Center section dedicated to serving their customers better online. It includes quality information about tires, vehicles, and other FAQs about the website.

Priority Tire does not maintain the same partnerships with local installers as other options in this guide. They ship directly to your home and you must bring your tires for installation. They have three warehouses located in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas that offer pick-ups if you are located near them.  

There is no feature to find the correct tire size for your vehicle. You must arrive at the Priority Tire website knowing the exact specifications of the tire you are shopping for.

Free shipping is offered on FedEx ground shipments to your home in the 48 contiguous states similar to other retailers. Charges can run quite high for those located in places like Puerto Rico or Alaska.  

Priority Tire does not provide any warranty policies on their tires either. You must rely on the manufacturer to give you that. However, they do allow a 90-day return policy for all buyers.  


  • Excellent customer service and help center system.
  • Solid selection of products available.
  • Plenty of deals available for buyers to use during purchases.
  • Fast, same-day delivery.
  • Premium membership is available for better offers.


  • No rebates offered.
  • No warranty policy.
  • No shipping directly to installers allowed.

Why Should I Buy Tires Online?

Not everybody decides to buy tires online. Some prefer to see their tire up close and in person before making a decision. If that is you, we understand. But we recommend you reconsider.

The development of online retailers has made vast amounts of progress. Retailers walk you through each step of the buying journey with informative information about the tire, easy-to-use tools to find the correct sizes and a wide selection of fantastic tire brands to choose from.

Buying online saves you time as there is no need to drive to the store. The tires are also shipped directly to a tire installer for you. It reduces the amount of time you need to spend handling the tire yourself.

The best part is the fast shipping. Tires will arrive within 36 hours. These online retailers work closely with distribution companies to make sure shipping times are as quick as possible.

The installation process is cheap and only costs between $10-$50 per tire depending on the vehicle, tire type, and specific installer. Prices will be listed before you purchase the tires too. There are no hidden fees to be concerned about.      

Final Verdict

The way people are finding their tires is rapidly changing. And the constant development of high-end online retailers is making the process more efficient and less expensive along the way.

The top three retailers in Tire Rack, Tire Buyer, and Discount Tire all utilize their platforms to provide easy installations, fast shipping, and affordable prices for shoppers.

Reliable tires are expensive, but using these platforms to learn more about the products and your vehicle is a great way to make them last. All of these retailers also offer deals, rebates, and partnerships with installers so they are with you every step of the process.

It is best to head to one of the big three retailers and immerse yourself into their learning centers before impulsively buying new tires for your vehicle.  

Best Places To Buy Tires Online

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