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Braven is one of the newest tire manufacturers in the off-road market segment. But, are its tires reliable? This Braven tires review has the answers.

While Braven may be one of the newest brands in the off-road segment, its tires are among the best. Off-roaders love Braven tires because of their reliable performances in different terrains and conditions, sturdy construction and rugged looks. They also come with strong warranties and guarantees.

In this Braven tire review and brand guide, we will walk you through a quick overview of this brand, its tires design features and technologies, and its most popular tires. We will also take a closer look at its warranties and guarantees, price range as well as pros and cons. By the time you finish going through this Braven tires review and brand guide, you will have all the information you are looking for, to decide whether it’s the right tire brand for your off-roading needs.

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About Braven Tires

Off-road tires are specifically engineered to handle rugged off-road conditions and terrains. Whether you spend your weekends doing rock crawling, mudding or driving in desert conditions, off-road tires will keep you going, even when the conditions get extremely tough.

And when it comes to purchasing a set of off-road tires, you have several brands to choose from, and Braven Off-Road is one of them. As its name suggests, its tires are aimed at off-road enthusiasts.

Braven is one of the newest brands to join the off-road tire market. According to the information posted on its website, this American-owned tire manufacturer is committed to quality, innovation and integrity. Also, it’s focused on producing exciting and unique tires.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Braven has been in the tire industry for more than 80 years. And being an American-owned, family business, Braven tries as much as possible to have all its tires designed and manufactured in the U.S. And with this approach, it has control over the entire production line, meaning its customers are assured of high-quality tires.

Braven Tires Design Features and Technologies

As noted above, Braven tires are engineered to deliver top-notch performances in a wide range of off-road terrains and conditions.

From muddy trails to loose sand, rocky terrains to slippery conditions, these tires are specifically built for these conditions. To achieve these goals, Braven has outfitted its tires with some key performance features like:

Rugged Sidewalls

Off-road terrains pose various hazards for tires. For instance, sharp, rocky surfaces can cut the tire, leading to premature punctures. But with Braven tires, you don’t have to worry about such problems.

Braven equips all its off-road tires with sturdy sidewalls. So, whether you encounter hard-packed surfaces or sharp rocks, your set of tires will hold up just fine.

And besides helping to protect the tire against premature puncturing, these rugged sidewalls also help to enhance Braven tire’s aesthetics, giving them that aggressive look.

Stone Ejectors

Small stones can easily get stuck in between a tire’s tread blocks. And if these stones remain in there for long, stone drilling may occur, causing serious damage to the tire. In some instances, the damage may be so severe that the tire may have to be removed from service.

Fortunately, all Braven off-road tires come with stone ejectors. As the name suggests, these stone ejectors help to prevent small stones from getting stuck in the tire’s tread grooves, thus preventing premature damage.

Chip and Tear Resistant Rubber Compound

All Braven tires come with a chip and tear-resistant rubber compound. This compound helps the tire to withstand abrasive surfaces and materials, which are quite common in off-road terrains.

Also, this chip and tear-resistant rubber compound is designed to help prolong the tire’s usable life.

Rim Guards

Rims are also prone to damage whenever you are driving in off-road terrains. This damage can be caused by rocky boulders, among other elements.

To minimize this damage, Braven equips most of its tires with rim guards, designed to protect your valuable rims.

Strategic Siping

Braven tires also feature plenty of strategically-positioned sipes, throughout the tire’s tread.

These sipes play a vital role in enhancing the tire’s traction and grip in wet, slippery, and muddy conditions.

They provide additional biting edges for the tire, thus helping to improve its overall controllability.

Popular Braven Tires

Currently, Braven only has three off-road tires. These are the Braven Berserker, the Braven Ironside and the Braven Bloodaxe. Let’s take a closer look at each of these tires.

Braven Bloodaxe

If you are looking for a rugged, sturdy and aggressive tire for your utility terrain vehicle (UTV), then you should check out the Braven Bloodaxe.

According to the manufacturer, this tire is engineered to deliver reliable traction in off-road terrains, combined with a comfortable ride on the highway. It’s more of a blend between an all-terrain tire and a mud terrain tire.

And considering that this tire is also DOT approved, it means you can also use it for running errands across town.

It’s available in several sizes, ranging between 28 inches and 35 inches. Therefore, it can comfortably fit several UTVs and SxS.


Braven has outfitted this tire with a robust lug pattern, running across its tread surface. This lug pattern is designed to provide adequate grip even at higher speeds.

According to drivers who have used this tire, you will not experience any slipping issues when using the Bloodaxe, regardless of the conditions you encounter or the speed you are driving at.

Its cornering is equally solid. Despite its round profile, this tire will not present you with any issues when it comes to cornering. It feels well planted on the surface, without any squishy feeling in the middle. Simply put, this tire delivers a great compromise between agile movement and comfort.


Off-road tires don’t come cheap. Therefore, whenever you are purchasing off-road tires, you want to be sure that they will not wear out prematurely.

And this is the case with the Braven Bloodaxe. It’s outfitted with several key features like rugged sidewalls, radial 8PR construction, and stone ejectors.

These features work together to prevent premature wear and tear. So, when you purchase a set of these tires, you can rest assured that you will get the maximum life out of them and get value for your money.

Should You Buy the Braven Bloodaxe

The Braven Bloodaxe is undoubtedly one of the best off-road tires for UTVs and other off-roading vehicles.

What makes it such as a standout performer it in it class is its combination of unique and advanced features, which you may not find elsewhere.

And besides its excellent performance on various off-road terrains and conditions, it also sports a rugged look, thus helping to enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics.

Overall, the Braven Bloodaxe will be a decent choice, for someone looking for a tire that blends the features of an all-terrain tire with those of a mud terrain tire. It’s a beast off the beaten path without sacrificing on-road driving comforts.

Braven Berserker

If you normally spend your weekends ripping down dirt trails, climbing rocks with your UTV or cutting through deep, muddy conditions, then you will need a tire that can match up to these conditions.

And that tire is none other than the Braven Berseker. According to Braven, the Berserker is a mud-terrain tire, which can comfortably claw its way through high desert rocks, loose sand, muddy trails and snow-covered peaks, just to name a few.

It’s one of the few mud-terrain tires on the market, which can handle almost all off-road terrains. It comes in several sizes, ranging between 28 inches to 35 inches.

Key Features

Named after the legendary, tough-as-nails, Viking warriors, the Berserker is just what you need when it comes to tackling challenging and extreme off-road conditions. when you have a set of this tire on your UTV, nothing can stand in your way.

This tire comes with an aggressive tread pattern, designed to increase traction and grip in different conditions and terrains. The aggressive tread pattern delivers solid lateral and forward bite, which will keep you moving forward.

Similar to other tires from this brand, the Berserker comes with sturdy sidewalls, designed to protect the tire against abrasive elements found in off-road terrains.

Braven has also provisioned this tire with stone kicker bars, which help to eject stones from the tire’s tread grooves, thus preventing stone drilling.

Should You Buy the Braven Berserker?

If you are someone that loves venturing off the beaten path frequently, then this tire will be the perfect choice for your vehicle.

It works well on rocky terrain, hard surfaces, deep find sand and thick, muddy conditions. Simply put, you can use this tire on almost all types of terrains, and your vehicle will come out just fine.

And according to drivers who have already used this tire, the reviews are majorly positive, meaning it performs as advertised.

With the Braven Berserker, you are getting an off-road tire that can take you where most of the others in its class will struggle. And considering that it’s also DOT approved, you can also use it for your run-around in the city, making it a highly versatile tire.

Overall, if you are looking for a long-lasting off-road tire that can handle desert conditions and muddy roads, then the Berserker is just what you need.

Braven Ironside

Braven is renowned for manufacturing high-quality, and reliable off-road tires. And the Ironside is no exception.

Designed for ATV and UTV drivers, this tire is built to deliver the ultimate off-roading performance, combined with a comfortable on-road ride.

And if you care about looks, you will be happy to know that this tire also sports rugged aesthetics. From the city roads to countryside roads, deserts to muddy trails, you can depend on this tire to get the job done effortlessly.


Braven has outfitted the Ironside with several standout features, to ensure reliable performances across varying terrains and conditions.

First, it features staggered shoulder lugs and staggered tread lugs, which work together to deliver maximum traction on hard-packed terrains or in desert conditions. And in case you encounter muddy conditions, the mud ejectors will help to get rid of the muck, meaning your vehicle will not get stuck.

Second, the Braven Ironside comes with a chip-resistant and tear-resistant rubber compound, which helps to protect the tire against damage from abrasive elements.

Third, Braven has provisioned this tire with detailed siping, designed to deliver adequate traction and grip in all conditions.

And similar to other Braven tires, the Ironside also comes with stone kicker bars, which help to get rid of stones, sticks or other debris that may get stuck in its grooves.


With such a vast array of outstanding features, you can expect this tire to deliver outstanding performance when put to the test. So, is that the case?

Based on the results of independent tire testers, there’s a consensus that this tire is more than a capable performer in different conditions.

When it comes to desert conditions, the Braven Ironside doesn’t hesitate. It tackles loose sand confidently, thanks to its large contact patch.

Its performance is equally great on hard-packed surfaces. It grips the surface confidently, without any noticeable loss of traction.

Furthermore, its cornering is equally top-notch while steering response is one of the best in the class.

And when you are back to civilization, you will enjoy a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride on the highway.

Should You Buy the Braven Ironside?

From rocky trails to loose sand, hard dirt to muddy sections, this tire’s performance is impressive everywhere.

Furthermore, you will not experience any tread damage, even when you ride with it on extremely aggressive terrains.

So, if you own an ATV or UTV and you are in the market for a set of reliable off-terrain tires, then the Braven Ironside will be a decent choice for your off-roading adventures.

Braven Tires Warranties and Guarantees

While Braven may be a relatively new brand in the off-road market, its tires come with some of the strongest warranties and guarantees.

This tire company stands behind its tires with a standard limited warranty, uniformity warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So, what’s offered under these warranties and guarantees? Let’s take a closer look.

Standard Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Similar to other tire brands, Braven also stands behind its tires with a standard workmanship and materials warranty.

Under this warranty, Braven commits to replace your tires, if they become unserviceable due to workmanship or materials defects.

As for the replacement, Braven will either replace the tire free of charge or do the replacement on a pro-rated basis.

Free Tire Replacement

If your Braven tire is removed from service due to workmanship or materials defects within the first 10% of its original tread design, Braven will replace it with a comparable new one, free of charge.

However, you will be responsible for the tire’s mounting and balancing charges, tire stems, labor charges, freight charges if any, applicable state, local and federal taxes as well as other miscellaneous costs.

Pro-rated Tire Replacement

If your Braven tire becomes unserviceable due to workmanship or materials defects outside the free replacement window, Braven will replace it with a comparable one on a pro-rated arrangement.

Under this arrangement, you will receive a pro-rated credit, which will go towards the tire’s replacement from an authorized Braven tire dealer.

The amount of the pro-rated replacement credit that you will get will depend on the remaining tread on the tire by the time it becomes unserviceable due to workmanship or materials defects.

An authorized Braven tire dealer will determine the credit you will get by multiplying the percentage of the original tread depth remaining on the tire with the current retail price.

But, you will cover the tire’s de-mounting, mounting and balancing. Also, you will be required to pay for labor charges, valve stems, federal, state and local taxes and other applicable costs.

For instance, your Braven Berserker tire may be removed from service when its original tread is 50% worn. Assuming the tire is currently retailing at $300, the amount of pro-rated credit that you will get towards its replacement is $150.

Coverage under the materials and workmanship warranty extends for 60 months from the tire’s date of purchase or when the tire wears down to its tread wear maintenance indicators, whichever comes first.

Warranty Exclusions

While it’s your right to get a tire replacement if it becomes unserviceable due to materials or workmanship defects, Braven may opt not to replace some tires, depending on various circumstances. So, what damage is not covered under this warranty?

Tire damage, abnormal wear or defects caused by misuse, abuse, or misapplication will not be covered under this warranty. Also, if the tire is damaged by improper mounting or de-mounting procedures, vehicle wheel misalignment, improper repair, wheel assemble imbalance or filled tires, Braven will not replace it.

Also, Braven will not replace the tire if the damage is caused by weather checking, improper storage, vandalism, racing, improper balancing, overloading, wheel alignment, over inflation, under inflation, over weighting and underweighting, or non-conforming rims.

Furthermore, tires damaged by grooving, siping, cutting, improper tire maintenance, improper vehicle maintenance, vehicle suspension issues, spinning, or intentional tire damage are not eligible to be replaced under this warranty.

In addition, injuries caused by collisions, road hazards, chemical corrosion, damage during shipment, impact breaks, nail holes, snags, cuts, fires or any damage outside Braven’s control will not be covered under this warranty.

It’s also worth mentioning that you will be required to produce your original proof of purchase and be the tire’s original owner to qualify for a replacement under this warranty.

Uniformity Warranty

Braven tires also come with a uniformity warranty. This warranty covers the tire during its first 10% of tread life.

If there’s a uniformity-related issue with the tire within the first 10% of its tread life, Braven will replace it with a comparable new one, free of charge.

So, if you experience a dissatisfactory performance from your tires due to issues such as out-of-round, excessive noise or balance issues, you are free to go for a replacement, as long as the tire hasn’t been worn by more than 10%.

30-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Braven further stands behind its tires with a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. Under this guarantee, Braven gives you up to 30 days after purchasing its tires to decide whether they are the right fit for your vehicle.

If you are not completely satisfied with the tires’ performance, you are free to ship them back to the company, and you will get a refund.

You simply need to take care of their shipping charges, and Braven will handle the rest.

Braven Tires Price Range

Braven tires cost approximately $220 to $320 for Bloodaxe and Berserker while Ironside cost around $131 to $155 per tire. The actual cost per tire will depend on the size you purchase and type.

Also, the price will depend on where you decide to purchase your set of Braven tires since different tire dealers price the tires differently.

Braven Tires Pros

  • Top-performing tires in different off-road conditions and terrains
  • Comfortable and quiet tires on road
  • Durable construction
  • Strong warranties and guarantees

Braven Tires Cons

  • A small selection of tires

Our Take

Braven tires are a decent choice for ATV and UTV owners, who spend most of their time tackling various off-road terrains. They deliver adequate traction and grip in muddy conditions, desert sand, slippery surfaces, hard-packed surfaces and rocky surfaces.

And while they may produce some road noise due to their aggressive tread pattern, they are quite comfortable, especially when you compare them with the other options on the market.

If you have tried different types of brands that offer off-road tires but are not yet satisfied, you should check out Braven tires. While it may be a relatively new brand in the industry, the reviews have been mainly positive.

Braven Tires Review - Brand Guide

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