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If you consider purchasing a BMW X2, you might wonder if this model is worth the money. A primary concern might be how long will an X2 last?

Every luxury vehicle costs money. If you are going to open your wallet to buy a BMW, you want to make sure you don’t end up buying a lemon. It does not good to sit in a very luxurious seat if the car is going to break down. If the car doesn’t last beyond a few years, you are better off buying a Toyota or a Hyundai.

The BMW X2 should last well past 200,000 miles with a regular maintenance schedule. Many BMWs have aged over 10 to 15 years with routine fluid changes and careful monitoring of the car’s vital components.

The smallest Sport Activity Coupe in the BMW lineup, the X2 is one of BMW’s newest additions. This subcompact debuted a few years ago (2018) and retails for around $36,600 for the base model, which is higher than other competitors. The manufacturer has been a part of the luxury community for years and has a reputation for quality. While maintaining a BMW can be more expensive than non-luxury models, you can get more than your money's worth from this little subcompact crossover if you are diligent.

Luxury car sales have decreased industry-wide during the pandemic, and sales for the X1 have been affected. The lack of robust sales reflects a prevailing sentiment among consumers as they are postponing luxury purchases. Now that many sectors of the economy are recovering, it may be time to reconsider the purchase of an upscale vehicle. We have sought advice from US News and other sites to help answer the questions concerning the X2’s durability.

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Will the X2 Last as Long as Other BMWs?

While the vehicle is too new to assess its longevity with any certainty (since the crossover is only four years old), most BMWs have excellent track records. According to the many sources online, some owners report that they are still driving Beemers that are well past 200,000 miles and pushing 20 years.

The newer X2 has advanced diagnostic equipment. With every passing year, technological gadgets and computerized monitoring systems increase. The X2 can self-diagnose thousands of potential issues and alert the owner to problems in need of repair. This ability should only help the endurance of the vehicle during its lifetime.

According to a recent study by JD Powers, the X2 scored a 73 out of 100 in predicted reliability. The score is average among luxury subcompacts and results from owners’ feedback concerning issues that they might have encountered during the first three years of use. US News ranked the 2021 BMW X2 in the middle of the pack at #4 of the luxury subcompacts they reviewed. (The BMW X1 placed first).

Owners have reported several common problems that can affect your X2’s reliability. These issues include a faulty coolant system, leaking oil gaskets, and high-pressure fuel pump concerns. You can address these breakdowns through your vehicle’s warranty by taking your X2 to a certified BMW mechanic. In addition, the X2 has had one safety recall related to the seatbelt pre-tensioner failing to perform correctly.

What Experts are Saying about the Longevity of the X2

Online sites are very mixed about how long you should expect your new X2 to last. reports $47,618 as the actual cost of ownership, with an almost 50% depreciation rate over five years. (Depreciation is the value your car loses over a certain number of years). Other sites like give the X2 a D- rating in their value index, including projected durability.

In all fairness to BMW, the manufacturer has consistently scored above many other luxury automakers in quality and performance. In the latest JD Powers survey, BMW scored 15th place in the vehicle dependability brand survey, which decreased from 2018 when it placed 11th. The survey reported 187 problems per 100 vehicles owned. It is worth noting that the X2 did not receive any awards for initial satisfaction or dependability.

While most BMW dealerships will argue the case for the dependability of their vehicles, pointing to customers who are driving cars and subcompacts with over 200,000 miles, the general rule is that a BMW rarely makes it past 150,000 miles without significant issues. Despite what spin the dealers try to promote, the quality of BMW is just not as good as those of Lexus or Jaguar.

What Can An Owner do to Help a BMW Last Longer

There are many things that an owner can do to lengthen the life of their vehicle. Most require diligence that borders on obsession, but it can be worth time and effort compared to the daily cost your X2 is taking from you every day.

Regular Maintenance

Just as the human body performs better when fed and hydrated, so will your car. Routine maintenance is essential to ensure that the engine does not have to work harder than it needs to. Clean air filters allow fresh air to flow through your engine, preventing debris and dirt from building up inside. Coolant and other fluids break down over time as they get cycled inside the engine. Each time a lubricant, like transmission fluid, helps the gears shift correctly, the fluid's viscosity becomes less. Remember that BMW dealerships will maintain your car for you for the first three years, but only if you take the time to bring it into the shop.

Keep Your Car Clean

Dirt on your car prevents means that the car has to work harder to push through the air. More resistance means that more fuel will be necessary to travel the same distance. In addition, excessive dirt can lead to corrosion of metal surfaces, affecting the value of your car in the future. Washing and waxing your vehicle can help protect your X2 from harmful UV rays and wreak havoc on the paint’s finish.

Good owners also keep their vehicle’s interior clean and UV protected. Buying a window sunscreen can help keep the heat from the sun’s rays from destroying your dashboard. Remove your trash regularly and attack stains on the carpet quickly before they become impossible to remove.

Use Genuine BMW Parts

There is a reason car manufacturers make specific OEM parts designed for their vehicles. When you go into the repair shop, insist on OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) parts because they work better. While the quality of some generic parts fits okay, it is better not to take a chance on a less expensive part failing.

Drive Less Aggressively

For all you speed demons out there, every time you mash down on the accelerator, your car jars itself awake in response to your commands. Engines don’t like having to overwork. They prefer the loving pressure of a gentle foot. Think about how your elderly grandfather would drive and the care he would take with his driving habits, and model yourself after him.

Find A Honest Mechanic You Trust

As your car passes the warranty period, you should consider finding a mechanic you trust to work on your car. This decision can save you significant dollars as repairs increase.

How Long Does a BMW X2 Last?

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