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The BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 is one of the company’s latest UHP all-season tires. But does it match up to expectations? This review has the answers.

The BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 is a highly dependable ultra-high performance all-season tire. It delivers impressive dry and wet traction, excellent handling and steering response, top-notch high-speed stability, and solid cornering grip. You will also enjoy a comfortable ride on smooth roads.

In this BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 review, we will take an in-depth look at the tire’s design features and technologies, its dry performance, wet performance, performance in snowy conditions, off-roading capabilities and ride quality. We will also take you through its warranties and guarantees, sizes and fitment, price range as well as pros and cons. By the time you finish going through this review, you will have all the information you need, to decide whether it’s the right all-season ultra-high performance tire for your vehicle.

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About the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2

A couple of years back, if you wanted to enjoy sporty handling and steering responsiveness from your performance vehicle, your options were only limited to a summer tire.

The problem is, summer tires are only ideal for hot and dry weather conditions. Therefore, when the wet season comes around, you may be forced to replace them with a set of all-season tires.

Fortunately, you no longer have to do that, thanks to the launch of ultra-high performance all-season tires.

As their name suggests, all-season ultra-high performance tires offer the best of both worlds.

With these tires, you will enjoy maximum performance from your sports car, sports coupe or performance sedan, regardless of whether it’s during the dry or wet season, without sacrificing ride quality.

 And the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 is one such tire. It was released to replace the previous iteration, the g-Force Sport, the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2, which is an equally capable tire.

According to BFGoodrich, the g-Force Sport Comp-2 is engineered to deliver top-notch dry and wet traction, shorter braking distances, outstanding cornering grip, and enhanced steering response.

Design Features and Technologies

As noted above, the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 is designed to provide top-notch wet and dry grip, great high-speed stability and shorter braking distances.

Also, it’s engineered to provide up to 30% and 8% better cornering grip in wet and dry conditions respectively. To meet these objectives, BFGoodrich has outfitted it with several premium features like:

UltiGrip Technology

BFGoodrich has outfitted this tire with its exclusive UltiGrip technology, featuring a high-silica tread compound.

This tread compound helps the tire to remain flexible and supper on conditions. As a result, you can expect dependable traction from this tire in wet and cold conditions.

The difference between this rubber and the conventional rubber you will find in other tires is that it comes with additional fillers, designed to reduce its tread wear rate.

With this construction, you can expect this tire to deliver the warranted mileage, without wearing out prematurely.

Directional Tread Pattern

The BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 comes with a directional tread pattern, featuring longitudinal and angled lateral grooves. With this design, this tire will comfortably deliver enhanced wet and dry traction, without sacrificing stability.

At the same time, the wraparound tread blocks and the squared-off shoulders will provide reliable and consistent block rigidity, needed for high-speed cornering and stability.

Performance Racing Core

BFGoodrich has also utilized its proprietary Performance Racing Core construction technology together with the Equal Tension Containment System (ETEC). These two technologies work together to enhanced handling response.

Circumferential Grooves

BFGoodrich has further outfitted this tire with wide circumferential grooves, which help to evacuate water from beneath the tire.

So, whenever you are driving in rainy or slippery conditions, you don’t have to worry about the tire’s losing traction or cornering grip.

Sturdy Interior

Inside the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 are two tensile steel belts, reinforced with nylon. This sturdy internal construction will help the tire to withstand hard cornering and high-speed driving.

Maintenance Indicators

BFGoodrich has equipped the g-Force Sport Comp-2 with the standard tread wear indicators. These tread wear indicators are deep inside the tire’s wide circumferential grooves.

The treadwear indicators are a set of narrow rubber bars, sitting recessed inside the tire. They will then become increasingly visible as the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 wears down.

Once the tire wears down to the last 2/32-inch of the original usable tread, these rubber bars will flush with the tire’s tread surface.

At this point, the tire has reached the legal minimum allowed tread depth. And you should replace them right away.

But, if you frequently drive in areas that experience rainy conditions or slippery roads, you shouldn’t wait for the tread wear indicators to flush with the surface. Instead, you should replace the tires a bit earlier to enjoy reliable wet traction.

Performance in Different Conditions

As earlier noted, the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 is designed to deliver all-season traction, handling and grip, without sacrificing ride quality.

But does it perform accordingly? There’s only one to confirm this. And that’s by testing its performance in different conditions.

I mounted a set of this tire on a 2020 Chevrolet Camaro and gave it a test in different road conditions. From that test, I made the following observations:

Dry Performance

The BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 exceeded my expectations with its dry performance. From the minute I hit the track, I immediately noticed a significant difference with this tire’s performance, compared to the other UHP tires I’ve tested before.

It felt precisely centered and it responded quickly to my driving inputs. And this is something that I highly value, especially when it comes to attacking corners at high speed.

Also, its cornering grip was beyond impressive. The grip levels were a step higher than the majority of ultra-high performance all-season tires. In fact, you can also use these tires on the track, and you will have an enjoyable moment.

One of the areas where some ultra-high performance all-season tires tend to falter is high-speed stability. But with the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2, you will not experience such challenges.

It maintains top-notch high-speed stability. With this tire, you can quickly change lanes while maintaining direction on the highway, without experiencing any loss of control.

As for braking distances, they are among the shortest that I’ve recorded in this category. Overall, the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 remains one of the best performers in this category.

You enjoy every minute behind the wheel, whenever you are using this tire, especially if you are a spirited driver.

Wet Performance

The BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 is equally a reliable tire when it comes to driving in wet and slippery conditions.

While it may not be the best performer in this class, the difference between its performance and that of its premium counterparts is marginal. In fact, you will only notice the difference when you run a head-to-head test.

Its steering responsiveness was great, handling in wet conditions was top-notch and the traction was outstanding. Also, I didn’t experience any excessive wheel spinning with this tire, which is sometimes the case with other all-season UHP tires.

Its performance in damp conditions was also excellent. The hydroplaning was great, the cornering grip in wet conditions was outstanding and there was no excessive understeer or oversteer.

Overall, the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 is a great performer in wet, damp and slippery conditions. It stops on time, handles corners safely, and responds to driving inputs fast.

With the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2, you will still enjoy your ride even in rainy conditions.

Performance on Snowy Roads

For many years, ultra-high performance all-season tires used to perform extremely poorly on snow and ice. However, things have improved considerably with time.

Today, most UHP all-season tires can deliver a reliable and safe ride in mild winter conditions. And the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 falls in this category.

I had an opportunity to examine its performance on snowy and icy roads. And, it didn’t disappoint me.

It delivered usable traction in mildly snowy conditions. The braking distances remained fairly short and the steering response was equally great. Its performance on ice-covered roads was also better than most of its counterparts.

But, I should also mention that the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 is not in any way designed for winter driving. So, you shouldn’t expect performance driving with this tire in such conditions.

And like we always say, if you live in an area that experiences prolonged and severe winters, you should equip your vehicle with a proper set of winter tires.

Off-road Driving Performance

Some ultra-high performance all-season tires can provide some light off-roading. But this is not the case with this tire. It’s not engineered for off-road driving. Consequently, I didn’t bother testing its off-roading performance.

It lacks the tread depth needed to tackle various off-road terrains like muddy conditions, loose dirt, sand, rocks and gravel. Therefore, there’s a high chance your vehicle will get stuck if you attempt to use this tire in such conditions.

And unlike off-roading tires, the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 comes with a supple and flexible tread compound. Also, it lacks the sidewall construction and protective features found in tires built for these conditions.

Therefore, the harsh and abrasive elements present in off-road terrains like sharp rocks, roots, and stumps, can easily puncture or damage this tire’s tread. Besides causing premature wear and tear, using this tire for off-road driving can void its warranty.

So, If are planning to tackle some off-road terrains over the weekend, then the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 may not be the ideal choice. Instead, you should equip your vehicle with a set of dedicated mud-terrain or all-terrain tires, which are ideal for such conditions.

Ride Quality

Most of the ultra-high performance all-season tires that I’ve tested in the past have had a poor showing when it comes to the ride quality. Fortunately, I didn’t experience such issues with the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2.

While its ride may be a bit stiffer than all-season touring tires, it’s not uncomfortable or jarring in any way.

Furthermore, it doesn’t produce obtrusive road noise, especially if you are driving at average speeds. But the road noise becomes noticeable when you decide to push the vehicle to its limits.

I also noticed some vibrations when I was driving on rough tarmac, which is something you can expect from a responsive tire.

Overall, you can expect a comfortable ride with this tire, as long as you are driving on smooth roads and at average speeds.

BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 Warranties and Guarantees

Like other consumer goods, tires are also prone to failure, caused by workmanship and materials defects. And this is where workmanship and materials warranties come in.

BFGoodrich stands behind this tire with a six-year workmanship and materials warranty and a uniformity warranty. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these warranties covers.

Workmanship and Materials Warranty

As its name suggests, this warranty is designed to protect you against loss if your tire becomes unserviceable due to workmanship and materials defects.

Under this warranty, BFGoodrich promises to replace your g-Force Sport Comp-2 tire, if it’s removed from service due to workmanship and materials defects.

BFGoodrich will either replace it with a comparable new tire, free of charge or replace it on a prorated basis.

Free Replacement

If your tire becomes unserviceable due to workmanship and materials defects during its first 2/32-inch of its original usable tread or within 12 months from its purchase date, BFGoodrich will replace it with a comparable new one, free of charge.

Also, BFGoodrich will take care of the tire’s mounting and balancing. On the other hand, you will pay for all applicable state and federal taxes, as well as miscellaneous service charges.

Prorated Replacement

If your BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 becomes unserviceable due to workmanship and materials defects outside the free replacement period, the company will replace it under a prorated adjustment.

With the prorated adjustment, you will be responsible for covering some of the tire’s replacement costs. The amount you will pay will depend on the tire’s level of treadwear.

An authorized BFGoodrich tire dealer will determine the amount you will pay by multiplying the percentage of the original usable tread worn off the tire by its current selling price.

For example, your size 20 BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 may become unserviceable due to workmanship and materials defects, two years from its purchase date.

Assuming the percentage of its original usable tread worn off the tire is 70% and the tire is currently retailing at $200, the amount you will cover for its replacement is approximately $140.

You will also be responsible for the tire’s mounting and balancing costs. Also, you will pay for all applicable stable and federal taxes, as well as other related service charges.

Coverage under this warranty extends for six years from the date of purchase or until it’s worn down to its tread wear maintenance indicators, whichever comes first.

Warranty Exclusions

BFGoodrich’s workmanship and materials warranty is a limited warranty. Hence, the company may decide not to replace your g-Force Sport Comp-2 tire in some situations, even it becomes unserviceable within the warranty period.

For example, if your tire becomes unserviceable due to damage caused by road hazards, incorrect mounting or dismounting, improper repair, misuse and misapplication, or improper maintenance, it will not be eligible to be replaced under this warranty.

Also, BFGoodrich will not replace your tire if it’s removed from service due to damage caused by chemical corrosion, fire, vandalism, accident, improper storage, weather cracking, tire alteration or racing.

Uniformity Warranty

The BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 also comes with a ride uniformity warranty. So, if you experience excessive ride disturbance, vibrations or pulling when using this tire, BFGoodrich will replace it.

Under this warranty, BFGoodrich will cover this tire during its first 25% of wear or 12 months from the purchase date.

Mileage Warranty

The BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 doesn’t come with a mileage warranty. But according to customer reviews, you can expect to get approximately 30,000 to 40,000 miles from this tire, as long as you follow the recommended maintenance procedures.

Sizes and Fitment

BFGoodrich produces this tire in a wide assortment of sizes, ranging between 15 inches and 20 inches. It’s compatible with several makes and models of vehicles like:

  • Chevrolet Camaro, Cruze, Colorado, Cruze Limited, Caprice, Impala, Corvette, Malibu, Sonic, Malibu Limited, SS and Impala Limited
  • Buick Verano, Regal, LaCrosse, Regal Sportback, Envision and Regal TourX
  • Dodge Dart, Charger and Challenger
  • BMW 530e, 535i, 528i, 535i xDrive, 128i, 228i, 230i, 135i, 228i xDrive, 320i xDrive, 230i xDrive, 335is, 428i, 428i Gran Coupe and 428i xDrive Gran Coupe
  • Acura TSX, RL, RDX, TL, ILX, and RLX
  • Toyota Corolla, Avalon, GR Supra, Camry and Toyota 86
  • Lexus GS F, GS200t, ES300h, GS450h, GS460, ES350, ES250, GS350, LC500, IS Turbo, LC500h, HS250h, IS350, IS200t, RC350, LS600h, RC300, GS300,  and LS460
  • Cadillac XT4, CTS, CT4, ATS, CT6, CT5 and STS
  • Honda Clarity, Accord, CR-Z and Civic
  • Mini Cooper, Paceman, Countryman and Clubman
  • Ford Taurus, Escape, Fusion, Mustang, Flex, Mustang Mach-E and Focus
  • Audi A3, A5, A3 Quattro, A5 Sportback, A6, A4 Allroad, A5 Quattro, A6 Allroad, A5 Sportback e-tron, Q5, S5 Sportback, Q5 PHEV, Allroad, S3, S5, S5 Sportback, S4, TTS Quattro, TT Quattro, SQ5 and TT RS Quattro
  • Ferrari California, 599 GTB, California T, and 124 Spider
  • Hyundai Sonata, Ioniq, Elantra, Veloster, Azera, Veloster N, Kona, Genesis, Kona, Accent, Elantra GT and Santa Fe
  • Jaguar XKR, XK, XE, E-Pace, and F-Type
  • Mercedes-Benz C250, C400, C450AMG, C300, C63 AMG, C63 AMG S, E250, E400, E450, E350 and E43 AMG
  • Kia Soul, Optima, Forte5, Seltos, Forte Koup, Seltos, Rio, Niro, Stinger, K5, Cadenza and Rio5
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse, Lancer, and Galant
  • Subaru WRX, WRX STI, Legacy, BRZ, and Impreza
  • Lincoln MKZ, MKC, MKT, Corsair, MKS and Continental
  • Nissan Versa, Maxima, Juke, Sentra, Altima, Versa, 370Z and LEAF
  • Infiniti G37, QX60, Q50, QX30, and QX50
  • Saab 9-5, xB, 9-3 and tC
  • Volvo S60 Cross Country, C30, S90, S40, C70, S60, V60, S80, XC60, V50, V90 Cross Country, XC90, V60 Cross Country, and XC40
  • Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport and Discovery Sport
  • Porsche Taycan, Boxster, Panamera, 911, 718 Cayman, 718 Boxster and Cayman
  • Volkswagen Tiguan, Golf R, Passat, Golf SportWagen, e-Golf, GTI, Eos,  Golf Alltrack, Beetle, CC ad Arteon

BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 Price Range

The BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 is currently retailing at approximately $100 to $300. For a set of four tires, you will spend approximately $400 to $1200, depending on your vehicle’s wheel size.

As you may expect, different dealers set their pricing individually. Therefore, its cost will vary from one dealership to the other.

For example, if you decide to shop at Priority Tire, you will spend around $130 to $290 per tire while Discount Tire will sell you this tire for around $103 to $250.

If you opt to buy the tire at a Tire Rack, you will spend approximately $115 to $220 while Tire Buyer will sell you this tire for approximately $100 to $250.

It’s important to mention that the above prices are just approximated and not the actual cost for the tire.  


  • Outstanding wet and dry traction
  • Top-notch handling and steering response
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Great high-speed stability


  • No tread life warranty

Should You Buy the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2?

The BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 is one of the best all-season ultra-high performance tires that you can buy today. It’s one of the best in its class when it comes to dry and wet traction, straight-line tracking, high-speed cornering, and steering response. It feels highly responsive and it will respond well to your driving inputs. Overall, if you own a performance sedan, sports coupe, sports sedan or any other performance vehicle within this range, then the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 will be a decent choice.

BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 Tire Review

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