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Old Tacoma models are good, but you will find that they have various issues if you go too far back. So, which is the best year for the Toyota Tacoma?

The truck has retained its value over the years, but not every Tacoma model is worth buying. We all know that the Toyota Tacoma is the most durable, safe, and reliable compact pickup available. Most auto enthusiasts love the Tacoma because of its high affordability and reliability.

2015 is the Toyota Tacoma's best year, thanks to its high-reliability ratings. Its resale value is also one of the best in its class since it received outstanding marks for customer satisfaction. So, if you're in the market looking for a pickup, the Toyota Tacoma 2015 is the right choice.

The 2015 model outperforms other rivals and models in the same category in almost every aspect. In fact, some drivers were selling their 2015 Tacoma many years ago at an equal or greater value than a brand-new one that you find at fancy showrooms. The primary reason for this is that there are hardly any good options to choose from when it comes to compact pickups. And because the 2015 Tacoma excels in capability, reliability, dependability, it has an excellent resale value that holds up well.

Our decision to choose 2015 as the best year for this pickup is based on careful testing. We've used several models over the years and were able to conclude that the 2015 model offers everything you're looking for in a pickup.

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Is the Toyota Tacoma 2015 Model a Reliable Truck?

If you're looking for a used pickup truck, the 2015 Tacoma is an excellent choice. It comes with sophisticated four- and six-cylinder engines that get good gas mileage. The Tacoma has just enough power for daily driving and is capable of towing and transporting modest loads. Even better, the Tacoma has a long history of dependability.

However, it isn't the appropriate compact pickup for everyone. If a smooth ride and smart safety features are important to you, you should consider full-size pickups. The Tacoma's audio system just received some much-needed upgrades, with the base system now including a built-in Bluetooth hands-free connection as well as a USB/iPod port.

The base system now includes six speakers, one of which is capable of receiving satellite radio. The Entune system, which includes weather and real-time traffic, Bluetooth audio streaming, HD radio, voice commands, text-to-speech functionality, and navigation, are all included in the Tacoma line.

Aside from these adjustments, the Tacoma's model range has mostly remained the same for the previous few years, with a basic pickup pack for those opting for the cheapest model up to the specialist terrain-focused Pre-Runner variant. The Pre-Runner has a locking rear differential, a higher-riding suspension, and a few other cosmetic changes.

A TRD Off-Road Package is also available, which includes distinctive badging as well as off-road equipment with a transfer-case skid cover, fog lamps, and Bilstein damping. Regular Cab variants are no longer available for 2015, while the TRD Pro Series is available for extreme off-roading fans.

Why is 2015 the Best Year for the Toyota Tacoma?

It comes in three body styles: extended cab, crew cab, and normal cab. Plus, automatic and manual transmissions are also available. The 2015 Tacoma offered two engine options: a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine with 159 horsepower or a 4-liter six-cylinder engine with 236 horsepower. However, it won't save you much money on gas with an overall MPG of 17 MPG.

The 2015 Tacoma was even named the best compact pickup truck by US News, with a total rating of 8.7 out of 10. It has "enough grunt for everyday driving," but it's also capable of hauling when necessary. The Tacoma is relatively easy to operate and performs well on off-road excursions.

Safety and Reliability

Over the years, the Tacoma has earned a solid reputation for dependability, quality, and dependability. Being a leading candidate for such a long time is no simple feat. Toyota is a name that is well-known for its dependability.

Tacomas can collect mileage and retain their value, which is something that few other vehicles can achieve. Among competing compact trucks, the Toyota Tacoma is a champion. It's a capable truck that comes in used and newer models that appeal to a wide spectrum of customers.

The Toyota Tacoma is a dependable commercial truck with the ability to be a good family car, and it doesn't panic when confronted with danger while off-roading. So, if you're looking for a vehicle that's dependable in every manner, the Tacoma is a strong contender, even if you buy it secondhand.

Toyota Tacoma has an illustrious and long track record of dependability. One of the reasons we'd choose a Toyota Tacoma over a Ford Raptor is because of this. And we're not alone. These pickups are still flying off the shelves.

Despite the fact that all of the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Tacoma models received a 5 out of 5 dependability rating in their reliability and safety test, the 2015 model has been largely regarded as the best-performing Tacoma. Owner satisfaction has been high as well. Consumer Reports has described them as tough and hard-riding vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Administration gives the 2015 model a perfect score of four out of five on the safety scale. The 2015 model receives an 8.4 out of 10 rating from Cars US News for its front, rear, and side-impact safety features.

Built for Off-Roading

If you enjoy off-roading, you will love the Tacoma 2015 model. The truck features a particularly designed suspension for this, making it relatively simple to raise or lower the vehicle depending on the terrain. The optional 4WD system handles wet grass, slopes, hills, and light mud quite nicely.

Furthermore, in 4x4 and Pre-runner models, an automatic rear locking differential is also available as an option. On slick surfaces, it allows you to lock the joint so that the back wheels don't lose traction and always turn at the same pace. All versions come included with an automated Limited Slip Differential, which prevents the rear wheels from drifting.

Sturdy and Rock-Solid

You might have seen various TV commercials where they show the Toyota Tacoma being tossed around in mountain cliffs with huge objects placed on them and toppling over on the sloped terrains. Then, amazingly, they're still able to pull away and drive smoothly after all of that! Hence, the saying goes, "you can't kill a Tacoma," which may be true.

A 2015 Tacoma was dragged off the ground during a tornado that damaged a Toyota dealership and practically all of its inventory. Despite this, the truck was able to restart as it was carried up to the forklift. Even a tornado was smoked out by the Toyota Tacoma!

An Exceptional Hauler and Tower

Even though it isn't as powerful as a full-size truck, the Toyota Tacoma is nonetheless a capable vehicle. A 2.7-liter 4-cylinder powertrain or a 3.5-liter V6 engine are offered in most Tacomas. The V6-powered Tacoma can haul 6,800 pounds, despite the fact that four-cylinder vehicles only pull up to 3,500 pounds.

This is great for drivers who need a vehicle to carry a pair of ATVs or a boat. The Tacoma also comes with towing attachments like a heavy-duty powertrain cooler, which adds to the vehicle's longevity. You can also easily stack a 1,500-pound weight on its bed.

Provides a Smooth Ride and Is Easy to Maneuver

Even in congested highways and closed parking lots, the 2015 model handles nicely and parks as well as drivers can hope for. It's easy to drive, and it's similar to the Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F 150 in terms of maneuverability. While parking, the quick handling helps you prevent scratching other automobiles.

Even through bumps and potholes, the Pre-Runner suspension provides a slick, smooth ride. Strong brakes give exceptional stopping force, allowing you to quickly slow down in any situation. From the inside, it doesn't feel crowded at all, and there's enough space for storage and the passengers and the driver.

However, some of the 2015 Tacoma models don't handle very well due to their high center of gravity. It is always a good idea to take the truck out for a test drive before purchasing it. Some drivers complained about a squeaking sound coming from the passenger side door, but it is nothing that a good dealer can't fix, so you don't need to worry about it too much.

It shifts well and provides a comfortable ride. With minimum care and repairs, it will easily go over 500,000 miles. There's a reason it sells better and lasts longer!

Additional Features, Fuel Economy, and Engine

Of course, alternative trucks with better comfort are available; however, if comfort is your priority, you should purchase a car instead of a truck. A Tacoma 2015 was built for the great outdoors, and it's the most dependable mid- or small-size truck on the market.

It's quick to react and ready to perform. It comes with a basic 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine that produced 180 pound-feet of torque and 159 horsepower, which was sufficient for modest loads and commutes. The optional V6 engine, which produces 236 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque, is far superior.

For towing and hauling, a V6 engine is more than adequate. If you want it to be, the truck can be cost-effective. The base engine has sufficient highway fuel economy of 25 mpg and a city fuel economy of 21 mpg. The V6 gets 21 mpg on the interstate and 17 mpg on the city streets.

When it comes to performance, the Entune system is completely incorporated into this model, allowing for convenient smartphone access. The user interface is intuitive, inventive, and simple to use.

Resale Value

When customers search for used vehicles, they usually keep two things in mind: the vehicle's age and the total distance it has traveled. These two elements usually influence the pricing. A used Toyota Tacoma, however, is an exception to the rule of thumb in the used auto market. As stated previously, the older versions are far better than the used models.

Despite being pre-loved and a few years old with thousands of miles, a used Tacoma pickup is considerably more costly than a brand-new Tacoma. A new 2017 Tacoma with an offer of $2,725 off MSRP was listed for $28,775, while a 2015 Tacoma with 38,000 miles was $30,000.

When it comes down to it, customers are prepared to pay extra for used Toyota Tacomas due to their dependability. In fact, if you have a look at Consumer Reports' evaluations for the Tacoma, you'll discover that it has a legacy of being an incredibly dependable vehicle.

Apart from that, many other aspects influence resale value, such as how popular they are among buyers and owners, how few maintenance concerns they have, as well as how they hold up over time. The Toyota Tacoma ticks all of these boxes, plus a few more.

Customized Vehicles

Many people enjoy customizing their automobiles. Aftermarket customization is, without a doubt, a major business. As a result, when individuals buy new Tacomas, it's only the start of their adventure.

Many truck purchasers prefer Tacoma trucks because they are fun to customize with additions that provide added security and protection, improve their performance, and, of course, make them look great while still having a lot of road credibility.

So, if you own or are considering purchasing a Toyota Tacoma, you have all those reasons and possibly further to look ahead to with your dependable vehicle. The Tacoma never fails to impress, and as you can see, it is a highly adaptable mid-size truck.


Inside, Toyota has dialed back the outgoing model's matte-metallic onslaught and blackened up the center-stack area, around the audio and climate controls, while keeping exterior siding around the vents and steering wheel.

Similarly, the orange-red lighting has been replaced with a cool-blue backlight effect, which is consistent with what has been implemented in other models. A large suspension storage box is also available on Access Cabs. The plastic trim has been updated, and the Tacoma dashboard now feels better than the Frontier's, albeit not by a large margin.

With redesigned headlamps folded into the grille and bigger signal lights that stretch the contour of the grille out at the bottom corners, Toyota apparently gave the Tacoma a crisper, more defined front end. It adds some bulk to the Tacoma, but if you look past the nose graft, you can see the small proportions poking out behind that expanding front end.

The skewed, flaring flared fender sheet metal and wheel wells offer a hint of aggression or sportiness—especially in off-road trims—while the front end retains a distinct family resemblance to the full-size Tundra and Land Cruiser. TRD Sport Package models also get revised side mirrors with embedded turn signals.

Best Years Toyota Tacoma

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