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There's no better option than the Toyota Land Cruiser for off-roading and touring with family. But what was the best year for the Toyota Land Cruiser?

Toyota has done a remarkable job by dominating the off-road vehicle department with their Land Cruiser and only improving it year on year. So, with a long history of this vehicle championing over all other off-road makes, how can you figure out which year's model will bag you the best value?

While the Toyota Land Cruiser has rarely failed to impress, the 2007 model stands out among all. 2007 is the best year for the Land Cruiser because this model has top-class specifications, a powerful engine, a comfy interior, and all the bells and whistles you would need. 

The best year is exceptionally subjective when talking about the Land Cruiser. The newer models have become more luxurious SUVs than rigid off-road vehicles, but they still have the performance to drive out of damp mud pits. On the other hand, the earlier generations were better equipped to conquer any given land but lacked comfort, luxuries, and necessary amenities. The 2007 model is the best because it perfectly balances performance and luxury.

We are a bunch of adventure seekers, and there's no other vehicle but the Land Cruiser that we have relied on over the past decade. Having used several models, we feel qualified to pass on the information regarding the best year of Land Cruiser.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 2007

While the later models, starting from 2008 with the 200 series, are much more luxurious, advanced, and comfortable, they lack the basic off-road rigidness that makes the Land Cruiser what it is. On the other hand, the earlier models focus more on performance, and the ride can be tiring on longer and more challenging routes. The 2007 model maintains a delicate balance between performance and luxury.

Overall, these vehicles have a tough build with so many features that you won't feel like you're sitting in or driving an old car. The 2007 model was the first to receive a five-speed automatic transmission. This was a huge gain as it provides a better fuel economy, which was previously decimated by the powerful V8 engine.

The 2007 model is virtually flawless. Due to its high-quality build and tight performance, it can give you over 300,000 miles before showing any signs of slowing down. The only thing that weighs this model down is the stock tires that have less traction on highly demanding terrains. However, you can add the cost of new tires while buying this beast as you will get it at a much cheaper rate than the later models. The proof that this model is the best overall is the 4.9-star rating it boasts on Kelly's Blue Book.

Exterior and Interior

Unlike old-school off-road 4x4s that have corny edges and an aggressive look, the 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser has carried on its shift to an exquisite and luxurious SUV. The base trim dimensions are 192.5x76.4x73.2. While getting into a comfortable SUV, the 9.8 inches ground clearance ensures that it firmly steps over jagged rocks and uneven terrains. If you are worried about the weight dragging you down, there's no need. The vehicle weighs 6925 pounds, which is light enough to support heavy use while ensuring a sturdy build.

The 2007 model has a reshaped dynamic design with bulkier fenders and a slightly lifted hood that gives it an edge over the 2006 model, which has a sleeker design. Other than that, it has carried forward quite a similar design with block-shaped taillights intersected with the hatch and a spoiler at the top. The front grill also has a chrome finish for a premium look supported by slimmer headlamps.

This model is available in eight different colors:

  • Black
  • Classic Silver Metallic
  • Natural White
  • Thunder Cloud Metallic
  • Galactic Gray Mica
  • Black Garnet Pearl
  • Sonora Gold Pearl
  • Pacific Blue Metallic

You will find an extensive range of superior features on the inside, making the 2007 Land Cruiser an excellent choice for a luxurious off-roading vehicle. If you are a fan of a minimalistic look, this model has a lot to offer you with its simple monochromatic look. The interior is matched with the exterior colors, mostly silver and gray or beige and brown shades. Either way, the epitome of luxury awaits your arrival.

A powerful entertainment unit ensures you enjoy your rides, whether you're going on a road trip or exploring the wilderness. It sports the premium audio brand JBL with a cassette and CD player with auxiliary and Bluetooth alternatives. Seven high-quality speakers make your experience even more fun. Most trims have a seating capacity of eight. Only three trims in the SUV variant are three-seater, and three come in 11 seaters.

No matter the trim, they all have leather upholstery for maximum comfort and a premium feel. The dashboard has an acutely sleek design with the important controls easily in reach of the driver. The Clock, Compass, External Temperature Display, Tachometer, Trip Odometer, Warnings, and Reminders are all noticeable features in the dashboard.

Space is another feature that the Land Cruiser doesn't shy away from. Being a touring and off-road vehicle, it is bound to have an ample amount of leg space. The 100 series is all about accommodating the passengers with the best experience. Therefore, the front has 42.3 inches of legroom while the rear has 34.3 inches. The eight-seater is divided into three portions like all other SUVs. The best feature is that the rear seat is foldable and removable. So if you feel like you need more luggage space or just want to shed some weight off the vehicle, have a go at it.

What's Under the Hood?

Looks matter, but what really makes the difference is the components under the hood and how they work together to give you the best driving experience possible. Luckily, the 100 series received a five-speed automatic AWD transmission in 2004, making a huge difference in fuel economy and overall vehicle health. Moreover, you can also get six-speed automatic transmissions with the rear Sahara and VX models. More on that later.

Following a successful drivetrain from the previous models, this model also comes with varying trims to suit the needs of various customers. The basic 4x4 model and numerous others have a 4.2-liter V8 engine and manual transmission. However, the premium Sahara and VX trims have up to 4.7 and 4.5-liter machines that can produce up to 650 Nm of torque.

The powerful V8 engine upgrade gives this vehicle the force to chug on the most extreme terrains. This is where the five and six-speed automatic transmission helps owners with better fuel economy. Previously, Land Cruisers were known as rugged 4x4s with basic mechanisms only for off-road adventures. But now, they have become classy family SUVs. So the increased transmission helps the owners to maintain a healthy fuel economy on highways. You can enjoy your time with your companions without thinking about the vehicle drinking up your fuel.

The older Land Cruisers never showed more than 11 miles fuel average. In comparison, many users have reported that this model gives 13 miles in the city and 17 on the highway. All that aside, what separates the 2007 Land Cruiser from all other models is that Toyota gave it a generous power bump. The beastly V8 engine can produce 265 horsepower, as opposed to all the earlier models that can only muster 235 horsepower.

Moreover, who even wants a quiet but powerful vehicle? Some people like their monsters to growl as soon as they turn the key. Well, what if you could have both? Given its size and engine, the vehicle is a silent sneaker. But it can roar when you want it to. Just try reaching the red marker on the tachometer.

There is no doubt the 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser is tuned to give you the ultimate performance, whether you want a relaxing cross-country trip or want to take a ride on the wild side.

Safety Features

Safety is an important concern for an adventurous vehicle. Gone are the times when you had to choose between risking your life for adventures and not doing it at all. Following the previous year, this year also has Mall crawler stock running boards installed on the sides. This keeps the undertray protected while you drive over rocks and other harsh terrains.

The best upgrade that the 2007 model got was the side curtain airbags. Front airbags were introduced well back in 1997. However, driving on uneven terrain posed an increased risk of tumbling over. Therefore, the side curtain airbags ensure you are protected from all angles. The base trim is well equipped with important safety features, including electronic stability control, child seat anchors, ABS, DRL (Daytime Running Lights), Brake Assist, and driver and front passenger airbags.

If you move towards the premium Sahara, GXL, and VX trims, you can get additional safety features, including:

Quality and Comfort

An important change in the suspension is that this model has independent suspensions in the front and a double-acting shock absorber at the rear. These make his ride incredibly comfortable, even on rugged plains. This provides a lot of comfort, especially when it comes to protecting the passengers against fatigue. Automatic climate control helps maintain a comfortable temperature. You won't feel the need to change the temperature manually.

Moreover, the Electronic Brake Force Distribution ensures that your comfort is maintained without compromising the brakes' effectiveness. This is only the start. Look toward a pricier trim, and you can enjoy many more quality features: CD Stacker, Hill Holder, Multi-Function Steering Wheel, Air filtration, Rear Air Conditioning, Heated Seats, Power Front Seats, Power Sunroof, Satellite Navigation, and Trip Computer. Spend a little more and get the Sahara trim with Wood Grain Trim.

Height control is another unique feature that this vehicle has. Of course, there are multiple drivetrains of the 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser, and different trims have different characteristics.

2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Price

The Land Cruiser is one of the most reliable SUVs. If well-maintained, these vehicles do not stop you mid-way or pose any threat before crossing 300,000 miles. However, reliability has its price. Depending on the condition, trim, and mileage, you can get a 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser starting from $15,000. But even the most basic trim in excellent condition can cost $19,000. On the higher end, the most luxurious options of the 2007 model can cost up to $27,000. 

The 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser is the clear winner if you're looking for the best year for the Toyota Land Cruiser. If you have been researching this vehicle for quite some time, you must've realized that many of its features and specifications are not different from the 2000 and later models. This is because they belong to the same 100 series, which ran from 1998 to 2007. Therefore, it's best to get the latest model of this vehicle with the best features and performance that will give you an amazing off-roading experience while maintaining safety and comfort.

However, what you are looking for in a Land Cruiser can differ your definition of the best year. If you are looking for luxury and comfort only, you should search through the latest models that belong to the 200 series. But if raw power and mud chugging machines are your game, you can go back to the 80's models. If you want a balance of both, the 2007 model is your go-to.

Best Year Toyota Land Cruiser

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