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Some call it a crossover, some call it a large coupe, we call it unique, and BMW calls it the X6. Is there a best year BMW X6 among all the years?

The BMW X6 has been around since 2009 and has had a shape that was hardly like any other vehicle. However, look beyond the unique shape, and you find the vehicle well-equipped with advanced technology and luxury features on the inside.

2020 is the best year BMW X6 as it comes with improved performance, better fuel economy, and even better appearance than its predecessors. The vehicle allows users to customize it to great extents to ensure that it meets their requirements. It delivers impressive performance and a very refined ride.

Since its launch in 2009, the vehicle's unique roofline has stirred controversies, with some people loving it while others hated it. Some critics thought that the vehicle was more of a four-door coupe riding on an SUV platform. But now, nearly all auto manufacturers have a vehicle of this category, and the 2020 X6 seems to blend in better.

Car experts believe that the X6 has always been about uniqueness. It almost seems that BMW wants to stir controversies with the X6. From its unique shape that it has kept for years and a distinctive grille that lights up, the X6 has always been different. The car is built to deliver performance and is immensely fun to drive. It is reliable, responsive, and does not shy from performance.

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2020 BMW X6

The X6 has always been known for its unique styling cues that defy utility and tradition. Even in the modern market that is starting to build a trend of coupe-overs, the X6 still holds a respectable position. It was redesigned in 2020 and has become sleeker, more fuel-efficient, and more powerful than its predecessors.

The 2020 BMW X6 is a five-seat, curvaceous crossover well-equipped with technology inside. The turtleback roofline on this model looks better than the previous generations, thanks to the vehicle being longer and riding lower.

The vehicle is available in the trims sDrive40i, xDrive40i, and M50i. There are also M and M Competition variants, which take performance to the next level.

Design Features

The X5 is a conventional crossover SUV, and the X6 is more like its mutated turtleback cousin. Whether it is for better or worse depends on your taste, but the X6 stands out considerably among other SUVs.

Upfront, the 2020 X6 wears a bold, prominent grille and a sharp nose. The grille has a light-up function, which adds to the vehicle's uniqueness in the dark.

The sides of the vehicle do not deviate too much from the signature X6 looks where the sharply swooping roofline meets the windows at the rear deck. The doors are creased sharply to reduce the bulkiness of the vehicle as it sits on top of large 20-inch wheels, which come standard on all variants.

The curviness seems to fade away and gets replaced with more sharp creases and edges as we move to the vehicle's rear. The tailgate, taillights, and spoiler blend to give the vehicle a uniform look from the rear. Four exhaust tips attract attention and mean performance for some and fuel-burning for others, but the X6 is not targeted to fuel-savvy shoppers anyways.

 The cabin shares many design cues and features with the X5 and the X7. A 12.3-inch screen is located in the instrument cluster instead of traditional gauges. The central infotainment screen is also a 12.3-inch screen that fits well in the spacious cabin of the X6. The dashboard layout gives the impression of it stretching far to reach into the corners of the vehicle.

The materials are premium quality, and soft-touch leather covers the dash, door panels, and many other surfaces. The bucket seats are covered with high-quality leather.

Performance Features

The exterior of the X6 might be controversial, but there is much to love once you get behind its steering wheel. There are two engine options for the best year BMW X6, and both of them are excellent performers and well suited to their purpose.

The sDrive40i and xDrive40i have a 3.0-liter, turbocharged, inline-6 engine producing 335 hp and 330 lb-ft torque. It is coupled to an 8-gear automatic transmission, which turns the rear wheels on sDrive40i and all wheels on xDrive40i. The powertrain can make both variants of the X6 hit 60 mph in around five seconds, with the all-wheel-drive being 0.1 seconds slower than its counterpart.

The other engine, which comes standard on M50i and above trim levels, is a 4.4-liter V8, which produces a horsepower of 523 and a torque of whopping 553 pound-feet torque on the M50i. It can take the X6 M50i from 0-60 in just 4.1 seconds. The torque is enough to leave you breathless for a few seconds. The standard 8-speed transmission is found on all trims.

If you are still looking for even more power, the X6 M trim might give you the thrills. It uses the same V8, but it has been tuned to provide around 600 hp while the torque remains the same at 553. The M can hit sixty mph in just 3.8 seconds. The M Competition further refines the powertrain to produce 617 horsepower and gets to sixty in 3.7 seconds.

Overall, the steering feels very responsive and light but provides significant feedback from the road. The lower ride height and longer wheelbase make the vehicle feel more stable on its feet, especially when running on twisty roads or during high-speed cornering. But we have to remember that it is a crossover, and no matter what advanced technologies BMW equips on the suspension, we cannot expect it to handle like a sports sedan or a performance car.

All variants of the X6 have adaptive damping, which can alter and adjust the suspension stiffness. Some variants have an air suspension built-in which can lower or raise the car by up to three inches to provide more ground clearance or lower the center of gravity as required.

There was an option to mount rear-axle steering on the 2020 X6. This feature makes the vehicle feel sportier and smaller than it is. It helps run a tight line through corners and is also helpful when parking.

Comfort Features

The 2020 X6 is longer than its predecessor and flaunts a longer wheelbase, which means more stability, and more room inside the cabin. It features a decent space for front seats and cargo hold. Critics have some issues with the rear seat space, but we think it is not too bad.

The front bucket seats are well-contoured and provide an excellent combination of comfort and support. They are 16-way power-adjustable and offer ample leg and headroom. Even individuals over six feet will have no issue sitting in these seats for hours.

The rear seats offer ample legroom of 35.7 inches. But tall passengers will struggle with the headroom due to the turtleback swooping roofline. The roofline also makes rear vision a little difficult for the driver.

Behind the rear seats, there is 27.6 cubic feet of space. If you require hauling more cargo, the space can be expanded to 59.6 cubic feet by folding the 40/20/40 second-row seat down. It is not as practical as its other siblings, such as the X5 and X7. But we think that shoppers do not purchase the X6 for its utility.

Safety Features

The NHTSA or the IIHS has not rated the 2020 X6. But the X5, which shares a similar platform, has earned excellent ratings from these testing agencies.

The X6 is well-equipped with multiple advanced safety features, making it impressive in terms of crash prevention. The following safety features are found standard on all variants of the X6:

  • Frontal collision prevention with automatic emergency braking assists the driver if there is an obstacle down the road, such as a stopped or slow vehicle or a road barrier. The system can detect the obstacle and trigger braking automatically to avoid hitting it.
  • Lane departure warning observes the road white and yellow road markings. It can warn the driver if the vehicle is veering off to either side of the lane.
  • Adaptive LED headlights can move the beam left, right, up, and down. They ensure maximum visibility without disturbing vehicles in the opposing lanes.  

If you can spend a few more dollars, you can have an X6 equipped with the following safety features:

  • Adaptive cruise control, which detects the speed of the vehicle ahead and automatically adjusts X6's speed to match it. Once the slow vehicle is out of the way, the system resumes the set speed.
  • Lane Change Assist ensures safe and efficient lane changing by flicking and holding the turn signal switch. The car automatically changes lanes and maintains the correct line.
  • Active lane control works with the lane departure system to take corrective measures to the steering to ensure that the vehicle remains in the lane.
  • The surround-view camera system helps the driver maneuver in and out of tight spaces.

Trim Features

With a wide range of trims ranging from the already well-equipped sDrive40i to the top-level M Competition and a multitude of optional features, the BMW X6 caters to a wide variety of elite shoppers.

All variants of the 2020 X6 are equipped with the following features:

  • 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster display
  • 12.3-inch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The system also features USB-type C ports.
  • Panoramic moonroof
  • Ambient lighting
  • Heated seats for front passenger and driver
  • Advanced safety features discussed above.

Many critics claim that the infotainment system is complex and takes time to get used to. But once you get the hang of it, you see what an immensely feature-equipped device it is.

The instrument cluster can display the tachometer, speedometer, and navigation map. It is somewhat similar to Audi's Virtual Cockpit. But the best features, in our opinion, are the horsepower and torque gauges in the digital display.  

The car only supports USB-type C devices. So, if you have an older phone, you will need to carry your charger along, or maybe get a new phone to go with your flashy X6.

The M50i variant comes standard with the following features:

  • 20-way power-adjustable front seats
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Harman Kardon premium 16-speaker audio system
  • Advanced M suspension components
  • All-wheel drive

If all the features on the X6 do not satisfy you, BMW offered several options for the 2020 model. These include:

  • Improved leather upholstery
  • More advanced bucket seats
  • Heads up display
  • Crystal glass controls
  • Night vision camera that can detect animals and pedestrians
  • Wireless charging
  • Ventilated front seats
  • Heated rear seats
  • The light-up grille
  • Bigger alloy wheels

For those who want to extract more luxury from the X6, the following features come at an additional cost:

  • Sky Lounge panoramic roof which illuminates in over 15,000 points to replicate the night sky with stars
  • Soft-closing doors
  • Cooled and heated cup holders
  • Massaging seats

There are also optional laser headlights that increase road visibility by up to ten times compared to conventional LED lights.

Fuel Economy Features

While owners of this luxury vehicle might not be too worried about fuel economy, it is essential to note that the 2020 model has a better economy than its predecessors.

The EPA ratings of the different variants of the 2020 BMW X6 are as follows:

  • The sDrive40i is powered by the 3.0-liter, inline-inline-6 engine and delivers 21 mpg in the city, 26 mpg on the highway, and 23 mpg for combined driving.
  • The xDrive40i uses the same engine but is equipped with an all-wheel drive. It gets ratings at 20 mpg for the city, 26 mpg for highway, and 22 mpg for combined driving.
  • The M50i is equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 and gets 16 mpg in the city, 22 mpg on the highway, and 18 mpg combined.
  • The M and M Competition with the same 4.4-liter V8 get 13 mpg in the city, 18 mpg on the highway, and 15 mpg for combined driving.

Price Range of 2020 BMW X6

The 2020 X6 starts at around $64,000 for the sDrive40i. However, they can easily go upwards of $115,000 for the M and M Competition trims. The M50i can be owned for prices between $82,000 and $98,000. Prices may vary due to location, mileage, vehicle condition, and optional features installed.


Best Year BMW X6

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