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Toyota is one of the largest carmakers in the world, and Toyota owners have a well-established online community on forums and discussion boards.

The best general Toyota forums are Toyota Nation and the Toyota Owners Club. The best Toyota car forums are the Camry Forum and the Corolla forum Tundra, and Tacoma forums and the 4Runner forum and Land Cruiser Club are the best Toyota truck and SUV forums.

In this article, we’ll go over the best forums for Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs by vehicle type. And while this isn’t an exhaustive list, all of the eight forums listed below have large and engaged communities with a friendly demeanor. Additionally, all of the forums we chose are well designed and free to use.

We sourced all of the details mentioned in this article from the forums themselves. We also interacted on Toyota forums to get a better sense of how they work and the quality of the user interface.

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Best General Toyota Forums

General Toyota forums cover all topics, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and classic vehicles. These forums are a great place for brand enthusiasts and general technical questions.

1. Toyota Nation Forum

Toyota Nation is likely the most popular general Toyota forum on the internet. And if it’s not, then it’s definitely close—the Camry and Solara category alone has over 1.5 million posts. This enormous forum is home to a large amount of technical and product know-how.

The site is broken up into sections with subcategories covering model generations, model types, and discussion types. Toyota Nation’s primary categories include a section for cars, a section for trucks, SUVs, and Vans, an international model section, hybrids, and twelve general forums.

The Toyota Nation general forums cover everything from car detailing tips to an extensive show and tell section with nearly 70,000 user posts. The site also features a news section, which primarily covers new car reviews.

Toyota Nation has a large commerce section, which covers vendor sales, user classifieds, and owner feedback. The site has a good user experience and a large member base, making it a great place to contribute and ask questions.

Key Takeaways:

The Toyota Nation forum is an excellent source for general Toyota car, truck, and SUV information and troubleshooting.

2. Toyota Owners Club

The Toyota Owners Club is a popular online forum filled with knowledgeable Toyota owners and enthusiasts. The forum has thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of posts, especially on its popular general discussion board.

The Toyota Owners Club forum functions a lot like an auto club. It features a prominent section on nationwide Toyota events and meetups and several international boards as well. The forum has just shy of 184,700 members as of July of 2021.

The topics on the Toyota Owners Club forum are also extensive, covering everything from custom builds to insurance question and answer discussions. But beyond the general forums, the site gets specific and covers individual models.

There’s a subcategory on the Toyota Forums section for virtually every modern Toyota vehicle and most international models too. The forum covers every major 4-wheel-drive model, including the Hilux, and it also has a dedicated 4x4 category that’s separate from the vehicle list.

The Toyota Owners Club also features a ‘Workshop’ section for car care, maintenance, and technical information. There’s a classifieds section as well, which rounds off the utility of the forum nicely.

Key Takeaways:

The Toyota Owners Club is an excellent place for Toyota enthusiasts with rare or international vehicles, and there’s plenty of new vehicle information available as well.

Best Toyota Car Forums

Toyota cars have model-specific forums, which are an excellent place to ask questions, share photos, and get advice about repairs and aftermarket parts installations. The most popular Toyota car forums are the Camry Forums and the Toyota Corolla Forum.

1. Camry Forums

The Camry Forums are the number one spot on the internet for everything to do with the Toyota Camry. The forum has a clean and classic design, and membership is free. You can create an account or log in with Facebook to post on the forum.

The Camry Forum has a new member board and an off-topic section under the general category, but the rest of the forum is well focused on specific models and discussion topics. The boards are organized and well moderated.

Under the ‘Your Ride’ section, you’ll find technical info on engines, electronics, exhaust, performance parts, suspension, brakes, tires, sound systems, and more. And since the majority of the discussion on the Camry Forum is technical, you can have almost any troubleshooting question answered fast.

The Camry Forum also features an extensive member classifieds section, which covers everything from parts to swap meets and entire vehicles—running and otherwise. The forum is pretty big by model-specific car board standards and hosts an impressive 37,500 members.

Overall, the Camry Forum is the perfect online destination for Camry owners and enthusiasts. It’s fast and free of obnoxious pop-up ads like some other forums, and it’s free for members to use. And with over 60,000 posts, there’s sure to be an answer to your Camry question.

Key Takeaways:

The Camry Forum is the ideal destination for Camry owners with technical questions or modifications to share.

2. Corolla Forum

But what about the Toyota Corolla? Luckily, there’s an entire forum dedicated just to Corolla owners and enthusiasts. The Corolla Forum is a highly popular and well-structured forum for Toyota Corollas, and it features one of the best user interfaces that we’ve seen on an auto forum.

The Corolla form is a bit smaller than the Camry Forum at just shy of 18,000 members. But it has good member engagement and thousands of posts and messages about everything related to the Toyota Camry.

The board features a general discussion forum and a new member introduction forum, which has over 600 individual threads. The forum has a simple car discussion category arrangement, which covers five specific Corolla generations from 1993 to 2014 and up.

The Corolla Forum also has a thread for older models made before model year 1993. There’s a technical section dedicated to maintenance and another for aftermarket products, reviews, and parts installations.

The forum finishes off with an off-topic section, but there’s no dedicated classifieds forum. Despite this, the Corolla Forum is a perfect fit for the Corolla owner community, and it’s the perfect place to ask technical questions.

Key Takeaways:

The Corolla Forum covers every generation of Toyota Corolla, and it hosts a wealth of knowledge about the repair, maintenance, and modification of these excellent little cars.

Best Toyota Truck Forums

Toyota trucks are known across the world for their legendary durability and off-road abilities, and they’ve gained a huge online following. These Toyota truck forums have all the resources you need to modify and maintain your Tundra or Tacoma pickup.

1. Tundra Forum

The Tundras Forum is designed specifically for Toyota Tundra enthusiasts and owners. It’s an extensive and popular forum with a big member base and thousands of posts on a wide variety of topics. The forum features a large general discussion forum.

The largest part of the Tundra forum focuses on general discussion, which has an individual section for first, second, third, and fourth-generation Toyota Tundras. There’s also an ‘Other’ section for different Toyota vehicles, like the D100 trucks.

The technical forum, called Tundra Garage, is extensive and covers ten separate categories. These include suspension, engines, lights, audio systems, and much more. There’s also a popular performance section for mods and engine upgrades.

The classifieds section on this Tundra forum is better organized than most. It’s divided into generational categories, all the way up to third-generation trucks. There are also classifieds for parts and regional discussions as well.

Key Takeaways:

The Tundra forum is one of the most helpful and informative Toyota Tundra owner and enthusiast communities on the web.

2. Tacoma World

Toyota’s famous compact pickup was, for a while, the only one on the market in the United States. This legendary little truck is known for its reliability, durability, and off-road prowess. As a result, it has a large online community centered mostly around the Tacoma World forum.

Tacoma World has a layout similar to the Tundra forum, and its user interface is good. The forum has tens of thousands of members and many hundreds of thousands of posts. You can find virtually anything on the forum—including modifications and repairs.

Interestingly, the Tacoma World has a section on low-priced Tacoma modifications, setting it apart from other truck forums. Additionally, it features generation-specific discussion boards, a tire size calculator, common maintenance and OBDII code tutorials, and more.

Key Takeaways:

The Tacoma World Forum is the best online community for the Toyota Tacoma, especially for dune and off-road enthusiasts.

Best Toyota SUV Forums

Toyota SUVs are held in high esteem, and they’ve proven themselves off-road over the last several decades. As a result, there’s a huge community of stock SUV owners and Toyota modifiers served by online forums.

1. 4Runner Forum

The 4Runner is one of Toyota’s most popular domestic SUVs, and it’s built on an off-road platform. The 4Runner forum is the largest of its kind and covers virtually every topic and 4Runner generation you can think of.

The 4Runner forum has a dedicated section for third through sixth-generation 4Runners, along with a dedicated classic T4R section. There’s an extensive classifieds forum with over 40,000 threads and also a large general discussion section.

The 4Runner forum has an astounding 660,000 members and over three million individual posts. That makes it incredibly large and a great place to ask questions and solve problems with the community.

New sign-ups are welcomed in the New Members section, and the community is highly responsive—even for a niche car forum. The forum features many official vendors as well, and it’s a great resource for new and used 4Runner parts.

There are numerous sections about off-road parts, maintenance, FJ cruisers, dealerships, and 4Runner activities. There are also several technical forums and plenty of polls and question areas.

Key Takeaways:

The 4Runner forum is one of the largest car forums on the internet, and it’s a huge database of model-specific information.

2. Land Cruiser Club

The Toyota Land Cruiser is an absolutely legendary off-road vehicle, and it has an enormous online following. One of the best web communities is the Land Cruiser Club, which offers a wealth of information and tips about the vehicles.

The Land Cruiser Club is a medium-sized car forum with excellent member engagement. Much of the discussion revolves around repairs and restorations of vintage Land Cruisers, though there’s some talk of new vehicles. The forum also has an extensive show and tell section.

The forum is categorized by specific Toyota Land Cruiser models. There’s a separate forum for the following models:

  • Land Cruiser 40
  • Land Cruiser 50
  • Land Cruiser 60
  • Land Cruiser 70
  • Land Cruiser 80
  • Land Cruiser 90
  • Land Cruiser 100

Each category has between 100 to 50,000 individual messages, and numerous threads, covering everything from wiring harnesses to paint colors.

The Land Cruiser Club also features an extensive modifications section, which covers specific types of builds such as overland and off-road models. There’s also an electrical category for tricky wiring repairs and upgrades.

Also, there’s a large technical section with ten separate maintenance and repair categories and well-organized classifieds and discussion sections. There’s also a diesel discussion board and a section dedicated entirely to biofuels.

Key Takeaways:

The Land Cruiser Club is the best online forum for vintage Toyota Land Cruiser owners and enthusiasts, especially those working on restorations.

Best Toyota Forums

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