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Not all great tires have to be expensive. Instead, you can opt to shop for tires under $50 and you will be surprised to find some extremely reliable options.

The best overall tire for under $50 is the Sceptor 4XS because of the advanced tread design, excellent traction features, and long-lasting tread life it can provide. It even comes with a 60,000-mile limited tread life warranty to match some of the best in the all-season tire category.

When shopping for tires, you should consider what is most important to you in a tire before making a purchase. Consider durability, traction, warranty, braking, and much more. The tires included in this guide check all the boxes and even use advanced designs that you wouldn’t expect to find for such an affordable price.

Every tire in this guide has been tested by an industry expert who understands what makes a tire perform best on the road. You will learn all about the best tires under $50 in this guide to help make your purchasing decision easier.

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5 Best Tires Under $50

Tires are one of the most important items that you should buy for your car. Other than choosing the right size, you also need to make sure that it is not overpriced. Tires have a wide price range from below $50 to over $500, depending on the brand and model.

However, it is not always necessary to make a big purchase and spend a large sum on a premium tire. There are plenty of reliable tire choices for under $50.

Cheap tires are great for you if you only drive around town and have a small car, but they might not last as long as the more expensive ones. Expensive, high-quality tires will give you a smoother ride and longer-lasting traction on the road.

This is not to say that these tires don’t have reliable tread life too. It all depends on the type of rubber used in the tire design along with the internal construction features that are responsible for ensuring driving stability and safety on the road.

We have listed the five best tires for under $50 that could be an excellent choice for your vehicle.

1. Sceptor 4XS

The Sceptor 4XS has an improved tread design that provides better traction on all types of terrain. It is best used as an all-season tire with excellent handling capabilities in wet and winter conditions.

This design prevents your tires from slipping and sliding because the rubber compound helps with grip on different surfaces like snow or dirt too. It features firmer sidewalls, a taller profile, and an improved tread pattern.

The tire tread is made from high-quality rubber with a technologically advanced compound structure for better contact patch coverage. This allows for more even tire wear and road contact with the pavement.

The tire also uses lateral grooves and sipes for water evacuation and snow traction. This helps to improve road grip and eliminate the risk of hydroplaning.

The Sceptor 4XS is the best overall option in this price range because it uses the most advanced design for such a cheap tire. It also provides the most high-quality driving experience by aiming to provide excellent road comfort at affordable pricing.

This is a sedan and coupe tire that includes a 60,000-mile limited tread life warranty to provide added protection for drivers. The best place to buy this tire is at SimpleTire with prices starting at $48.97 per tire.

2. Presa PS01

The Presa PS01 is an all-season tire developed for on-road driving. It features a flexible tread pattern for enhanced grip on all types of surfaces including wintry conditions.

The tire also has a more aggressive tread compound that grips wet surfaces more effectively. It also has good tread life with only moderate noise levels. You can expect accurate handling on the pavement with short-distance braking too.

It’s engineered with tracks that are optimized for cornering and races. The tire is capable of carrying heavy loads, providing extra traction and confidence on wet or dry surfaces.

This is an all-purpose tire with a broader and more stable range of driving and off-road performance. It has a rugged tread design, and the circumferential grooves provide additional grip for driving on rough terrain.

There are also cross-lateral bridge grooves that can help with better handling accuracy too. They interlock with the center ribs to reduce rolling resistance and improve overall tire efficiency. This is an extremely comfortable and quiet tire.

This tire comes with a 50,000-mile limited tread life warranty and it is available for :$46.90 per tire at SimpleTire.

3. Aspen Touring A/S

The Aspen Touring A/S tire features an M+S rating that is designed for a variety of driving conditions. This can be a great option for drivers who need a little more traction on muddy, snowy, and wet roads.

This tire features sipes which are small channels cut into the tread pattern at regular intervals which have been shown to improve wet performance. The sipes will also release biting edges on slippery surfaces to grip better on snow and ice.

The internal structure is made with high-strength polyester cords and extra rubber cushioning for more road comfort and high-speed stability. This allows the tire to remain durable for longer too.

This tire uses an all-season tread design with thicker rubber that remains more flexible in colder conditions too. This allows for increased performance all year.

The warranty on this tire is 50,000 miles and covers all basic wear and tear on the tire. It can be purchased at SimpleTire for only $48.98 per tire.

4. Accelera Eco Plush

The Accelera Eco Plush is a tire that puts a focus on vehicles that drive in cold weather. The tire was developed with a focus to minimize the energy loss for vehicles in colder climates, while still providing the performance characteristics of a regular driving tire.

The Eco-Plush features an optimized tread pattern that works well in all types of weather conditions. It is also designed to enhance ride comfort, especially in wet conditions.

This tire features a set of grooves that help with hydroplaning resistance and low rolling resistance. It is made of advanced rubber compound and polyester fabric, which make the tire suitable for various weather conditions.

Adaptive sipes are a key feature of this tire. These sipes can absorb and dissipate road vibrations while offering more traction on wet and winter surfaces for better control. They release biting edges to create a more accurate road grip.

This tire comes with a 45,000-mile limited tread life warranty and it is widely available at SimpleTire for as low as $48.34 per tire.

5. Forceum Ecosa

The Forceum Ecosa all-season performance tire is designed for safety, comfort, and control. It comes with a durable rubber design that gives the tire a strong puncture resistance and traction capability.

The tire's design includes a durable superior compound that can withstand harsh conditions and provide long-lasting service. It is equipped with grooves and sipes that withstand winter conditions and work as an outflowing channel for water to resist hydroplaning and create more road grip.

It features an aggressive tread pattern that is designed to deliver great performance in wet as well as dry conditions. The tires also have a unique compound that will ensure better traction and grip on wet surfaces as well as dry surfaces.

Two center ribs remain stable when driving with an interlocking feature to allow the shoulder blocks to provide better cornering capabilities. This allows the tire to drive faster and handle more accurately too.

The design of this tire promotes longer-lasting treadwear too. The rib is made to create more direct road contact with the pavement that makes it easier for the tire to provide a smoother ride.

This tire can be found at SimpleTire for $47.98 per tire and it comes with a 45,000-mile limited tread life warranty to keep you protected from any damages.

How To Make Cheaper Tires Last Longer?

Tires under $50 will be made from less durable materials compared to some premium tires made by the top tire brands. These rubber compounds will wear down quicker but there are a few ways you can make your tires last longer.

1. Monitor Tire Pressure

To make your tires last longer, you'll want to monitor your tire pressure and do what you can to ensure that the pressure is not too low.

To do this, you will need a gauge that can measure the pressure of each tire, and then you simply have to check the psi on them every time before going on a long ride. With this method, you can save yourself from purchasing new tires when they start losing air.

Driving on tires that are underinflated can cause them to wear down quickly and lead to a flat tire that will result in permanent tire damage. By keeping up with your tire pressure, you can always keep them properly inflated for longer usage.

2. Regular Tire Rotations

Rotating your tires is a simple and sometimes overlooked way to extend the life of your tires. As a result, you will spend less money on replacing those tires and more time driving around instead of sitting in the shop.

Tire rotation is one of those maintenance tasks that are good for your car, but not always necessary. One thing that would be helpful is knowing which tire should be rotated at what mileage.

It is a general rule that tires can be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles depending on the type of vehicle and terrain you are regularly driving on.

3. Never Mix and Match Tires

Another common mistake by drivers is mixing different tires on their vehicles. This is a major problem when it comes to tire durability because your vehicle will not ride evenly and it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the tire treads.

By always keeping your tires consistent and in a set of four, they will last longer on the road and you will spend less money on regular tire replacements or upgrades.

Best Tire Types For Under $50

While some people search for a tire that will last them all year or one that will provide great traction in the wet, others are looking to buy a cheap tire that is versatile and can be used anywhere.

All-Season tires are specially designed to provide the best wear and grip on wet, snowy, or dry conditions. They have also been designed with high-quality engineering materials to ensure they last for the life of the vehicle.

These tires are not just for winter use, but they can be used in any season - even during the summer. The traction provided by these tires is super reliable and helps with handling off-road conditions.

All-season tires are recommended because of their reliability and affordability that keep them at a low price point. They are made with unique yet durable rubber compounds that stay flexible in changing weather conditions to accommodate drivers from all regions.

Are Tires Under $50 Right For You?

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, but not every tire is capable of handling heavy-duty driving.

There's no way around it - quality doesn't come cheap, and to get good performance out of your tires, things like tread depth and compound composition need to be high quality.

These factors contribute to how well a tire handles the stress put on it by the driver and how long it will last. However, if you drive a sedan, coupe, minivan, or crossover it is much easier to find tires in this price range.

As vehicles get larger, quality tires become much more expensive. The tires included in this guide all will provide above-average tread life, solid driving performance, and reliable road comfort that you can enjoy.

If you are looking to save some money on tires, these are definitely the right choice for you.

Best Tires Under $50

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