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Some drivers are unable to spend the big bucks on premium tires. But it is still possible to find high-performance tires for cheap prices under $100.

Cheaper tires may not provide the same properties as premium options, but they still handle well in difficult conditions with reliable tread life. The three best tires under $100 are the General Altimax RT43, Cooper Endeavor, and  Sumitomo HTR Enhance L/X with advanced designs at affordable prices.

Depending on the vehicle you drive, you can still find plenty of benefits when buying a tire in this price range. If you are looking for tires that last long without anything special attached performance-wise, many of these tires fit this description. The price of the tire does not necessarily mean it cannot still provide an excellent driving experience.

Each of these tires was tested similarly to the way we tested higher-priced premium tires. They are analyzed in real-world driving situations to gauge braking, handling, acceleration, and much more. Our experts provide all of the information needed about the best tires under $100 in this guide.  

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9 Best Tires Under $100

A lot of factors come into play when looking for the best set of new tires under $100. These include tire size, tread depth, brand name, and warranty coverage.

To make sure you keep your car running smoothly and safely, it’s important to consider these factors when buying a set of new tires.

A few of these tires are low rolling resistance and durable. Some of them provide high-performance and grip in all weather conditions.

Some of them offer top safety performance and fuel efficiency. All of these make them great options for use by car owners who wish to get the best tire at a cheaper price.

When it comes to buying tires, you might find yourself in the market for the best tire for your budget. We all want to save money, but we still want quality tires. These options are your best bet when looking for high-quality tires for under $100.

1. General Altimax RT43


The General Altimax RT43 tire is a type of high-performance tire that has been designed to provide better fuel efficiency and a more controllable ride. It is designed to last 30% longer than other types of tires and it does not have any downgrades in performance.

This is an all-season tire that is an excellent choice for sedans, coupes, and sports cars. It has a directional tread design with three solid longitudinal ribs for great handling. The symmetric tread pattern provides grip in wet weather conditions.

As well as increased tread life and the ability to cut through snow like butter due to the multi-angle groove technology that deflects water away from the contact patch.

Its tread compound is made of silica, which helps improve its heat resistance and road traction. The silica tread compound is also more resistant to the effects of aging and heat than other tire compounds.

This tire can be found at Tire Rack with low prices starting at $76.24 per tire.

2. Cooper Endeavor

The Cooper Endeavor tire has durable tread blocks, an aggressive shoulder design, and wide circumferential grooves for improved handling in wet conditions. It is a grand touring all-season tire made for long-lasting durability and performance.

The tread pattern minimizes hydroplaning and provides excellent wet performance by channeling water away from the contact patch and dispersing it over a larger area.

The sidewall has been widened to provide increased stability and enhanced straight-line tracking in wet or dry conditions. It also uses a cleverly designed tread compound that ensures excellent dry road handling.

The tread pattern is symmetric with a five-rib design that creates better driving balance by improving the direct road contact between rubber and pavement. This also increases tire longevity by promoting even wear.

This innovative design reduces rolling resistance and helps lower fuel consumption while retaining excellent wet handling capabilities.

This affordable tire is priced as low as $89.99 per tire at Tire Rack. This also includes free and fast shipping on all orders.

3. Sumitomo HTR Enhance L/X


The Sumitomo HTR Enhance L/X grand touring all-season tire is designed for those who need a tire that can handle different road conditions. This tire will provide you with the confidence you need when the weather changes, so you don't have to worry about your safety.

The Sumitomo HTR Enhance L/X grand touring all-season tire features a tread pattern that is designed to provide superior traction and grip on dry and wet surfaces. This tire also has an advanced tread compound, which is designed for durability and longevity of usage, as well as low rolling resistance.

The high silica asymmetric tread pattern is made by mixing two different rubber compounds to provide both wet and dry traction. It is the primary reason that this tire provides such reliable road traction.

It has been engineered to offer a combination of performance, comfort, and traction for drivers and is designed to withstand harsh winter conditions and keep drivers safe during these times.

You can find this tire at notable retailers like Tire Rack for only $92.99 per tire with free shipping included.

4. Hankook Kinergy GT


Hankook Kinergy GT is an all-season tire and has a unique coupled center rib design which increases stability and reduces noise levels.

The optimized pitch sequence provides excellent handling and fuel efficiency in all weather conditions. Hankook Kinergy GT also has a high-quality casing that delivers enhanced durability, excellent traction on wet surfaces, and low rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

This is an all-season tire designed for passenger cars, sedans, and crossovers. It's equipped with innovative technology that boosts fuel efficiency and improves traction. The tread pattern also comes with grooves that are designed not to clog up easily and maintain its all-season performance.

The Kinergy GT is an excellent choice for drivers who want to increase their fuel efficiency while still providing enhanced steering response and handling capabilities. For winter driving, multiple biting edges add road grip when rain or snow is covering the pavement.

This tire is extremely affordable with low prices starting at $66.43 per tire at Tire Rack.

5. General G-Max AS-03


The General G-Max AS-03 is a tire designed for on-road use. These tires are made of a high-quality rubber compound that lasts long and provides good performance.

The G-Max AS-03 tire has a tread design that is optimized for high-speed performance. It is also easy to work with because it is tubeless compatible. This makes it versatile enough to use on different types of surfaces without having to worry about punctures or flat tires.

This tire is a performance-oriented tire that is made with the all-around rider in mind. It has been designed to have a smooth ride, great braking, and be able to offer the best possible traction.

The tires have an outer rubber compound that is soft and flexible while the inner rubber compound is harder. It includes a multitude of features for safety and performance. The tread pattern distributes pressure evenly across the tire to improve traction on different surfaces.

Tire Rack is the best place to find this tire where prices start as low as $94.99 per tire along with free shipping and handling.

6. Riken Raptor ZR A/S


The Riken Raptor ZR A/S is a unibody tire that is made for both off-road and on-road applications. It offers high torsional rigidity, excellent ride quality, and enhanced performance. The tire has a unique tread pattern which provides better traction in dry conditions as well as wet ones.

The Riken Raptor ZR A/S offers excellent traction on wet roads and a smooth ride on rough roads. This tire also offers longer life by making fewer changes in pressure within the tire during use. It comes with puncture protection that makes it perfect for riding on different terrains.

This tire has an entirely new design with a unique tread pattern to provide more traction on steep descents and obstacles, as well as better handling on wet surfaces.

This means you can now ride your vehicle with confidence knowing that your tires will keep you safe no matter what type of terrain you are riding on.

You can find this ultra-high-performance all-season tire at Tire Rack with prices starting at only $81.64 per tire.

7. Yokohama AVID Touring-S


The Yokohama AVID Touring-S is a very light and responsive tire that helps a lot with traction on a variety of surfaces. The tires were also rated highly in wet weather performance. The tires are great for spirited driving or road trips but can be a little hard to control on the highway.

The AVID Touring-S tire has an asymmetrical design, which means it has a taller crown than its sidewalls. This makes it easy to fit into tight spaces and handle with more precision and accuracy.

This is a tire designed for those who place a premium on excellent handling and comfort. It is the perfect balance between durability and ride performance.

It is made with silent shoulder blocks that provide more support on the road when cornering and making sharp turns. It also helps eliminate road vibrations and maintain a quiet riding experience.

The tire also used tapered rain channels for wet traction. These channels create an outward flow of water for hydroplane resistance.

Tire Rack offers many different sizes of this tire with prices starting at $88.45 per tire.

8. Vredestein Quatrac 5


The Vredestein Quatrac 5 tire features a newly designed lug pattern that provides increased traction across surfaces. It also features an improved tread compound. The result of the improved design is better handling and stability in high-speed cornering.

This is a tire that features a five-ply construction and a unique tread pattern. It was built to deliver superior performance in all weather conditions, and it also boasts excellent wear and longevity.

These tires provide you with the ultimate driving experience. It is designed to handle any weather conditions without wearing out easily.

This tire has five layers of material which increases traction and control. The tire also comes with a torque-vectoring tread pattern which was designed to enhance fuel-efficiency, handling, and stability while driving on wet roads

This is arguably the most affordable tire on the list and can be found for pricing as low as $58.71 per tire at Tire Rack.

9. Kumho Solus TA11


The Kumho Solus TA11 is a tire that aims to provide greater levels of performance than its predecessors. The tire’s tread pattern is designed to maximize performance in wet and dry conditions.

The asphalt-tread tire has an asymmetric tread design that provides enhanced grip in wet and dry conditions. It also features a unique shoulder pattern on the outer edge to help prevent skidding on gravel roads.

These tires are built with advanced technologies to deliver the best traction and performance for rainy and snowy conditions while also offering excellent fuel efficiency.

It works well on wet roads, dry roads, and snow-covered roads thanks to its advanced tread compound that allows for excellent water evacuation.

Check out Tire Rack for free shipping to get your hands on this tire for a low price of only $68.00 per tire.

What To Consider When Buying Tires Under $100

There are many brands and types of tires for your car that can be purchased for less than $100. However, some of these are more durable or higher performing than others. What should you consider before purchasing tires?

Tire Brand

When you're looking to buy cheap tires under $100, you must have a specific brand in mind. Some of the most popular brands are Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Yokohama, Pirelli, and Goodyear.

Brands specifically incorporate unique technologies into their tire designs to better optimize products for road performance. You still have plenty of high-quality tires made by reputable brands at this price point.  

Treadwear Rating

Treadwear rating is a method of evaluating tire tread life. It provides consumers with information about the tread life of a specific tire. The best way to gauge the quality of tires is through treadwear test results.

Treadwear rating is an important factor in deciding whether to buy cheap tires under $100. These low-cost tires are often made from lesser-quality rubber compounds that can wear off quickly, but there are still excellent options available that provide above-average tread life.

Tire Type

When it comes to choosing the perfect tire for your car, there are three major tire types - all-terrain, all-season, and winter. If you are looking for the best tires at a price under $100, there are many grand touring all-season tire choices with reliable tread designs.

There are also performance tires like winter or all-terrain tires that can better target difficult terrains at affordable pricing. These are more geared towards SUVs and crossovers or drivers living in colder climates with extreme winters.


The performance of a tire is a broad description. This includes everything the tire can do on the road from acceleration, handling, braking, cornering, and much more.

We like to grade the performance of a tire based on how comfortable of a ride it can provide along with the handling capabilities in dry and wet weather conditions.

What Type Of Tire Has The Longest Lasting Treadwear?

There is no such thing as the best tire as every tire has its own different attributes. One of those attributes is treadwear. The longer the treadwear, the more likely it is that a tire will last longer and provide better performance.

Since tires are designed to grip various surfaces and rotate at high speed, they need long-lasting treadwear. They also need stronger and tougher rubber to be able to withstand different weather conditions for a long time.

Typically, you will notice that a grand touring all-season tire gives the most consistent long-lasting treadwear because they are designed for highway driving and to last for long distances.

The grand touring tire is a combination of a sport, performance, and luxury tire with an emphasis on affordability and ride comfort. They are designed to be used on both paved roads as well as unpaved roads with their high grip capabilities.

We have listed a few different touring tires in this guide that are excellent candidates if you value long-lasting treadwear most in a tire. Sometimes this means that performance driving will suffer, but the tread has a design that creates more even road contact for consistent wear to last longer.  

Are Cheap Tires Reliable?

Cheap tires keep your car safe and in good shape. You can also find cheap tires online that are still efficient. Cheap tires are also good for people who don't need to drive often on difficult terrains.

It can be difficult to find reliable off-road tires for under $100. However, there are plenty of excellent options in the all-season touring category that provide plenty of performance capabilities.

While cheaper tires will not provide the same performance as a premium branded tire, it is possible to find cheap tires that are still reliable if you buy them from reputable retailers like those found online.

Best Tires Under $100

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