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Choosing the right tire for your Toyota Camry, even if it is not an OEM tire, can help you make your drive smoother, quieter, and safer on the road.

This article is an in-depth breakdown of the best tires for your Toyota Camry. These are chosen based on how well they handle, their season efficiency, owner budget, and tire specifications. Consider this the top tool to making an informed tire purchase for your Honda Pilot.

There are many tires on the market that you can choose for your Toyota Camry. Knowing which ones work in different conditions can help you stay safe on the road and get the most for your money.

Each tire has been backed with data from experts in the industry to ensure they are safe, can last a long time, and work with your Toyota Camry. Let’s take a closer look at the best tires for your car.

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Best Tires for Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is a midsize family sedan. It is a safe choice that comes with the reliability and the reputation Toyota is known for. When the right tires are added to the vehicle, it can provide for a safe and comfortable ride for the whole family.

We have compiled a list of the top tires to consider for your new Toyota Camry. On this list we have considered the different conditions and factors that a driver may face anywhere. Every tire on this list was tested and the opinions were compiled either through industry expert experience or in-person experience.

Every driver will have a different set of requirements for the types of tires they use. Some need tires that avoid hydroplaning while others need an all-terrain tire that lets them travel around. Tires that can handle ice and snow can be ideal for those in the north with bad winter conditions. Because of this, no one tire will work best for each driver.

This is why we compiled a list of tires that work great depending on the driving conditions. We also considered the warranty, budget, accessibility, and even the total value of each tire to give the best recommendations to you.

Goodyear Eagle Sport Best All Season Tire


When you hear the name of Goodyear, you know you are getting a high-quality tire that you can love and use all the time. If you need a tire that can go from winter to summer and back again, then this is the right one for you.

In fact, the Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tires are listed by Consumer Reports as the best dry terrain tire for the Camry thanks to how well they performed in variety test stops. In the Consumer Reports tests, the 2015 Camry only needed about 120 feet to come to a halt when these Goodyear tires were in place.

In addition to getting high rankings from Consumer Reports, these Goodyear tires also have some great customer reviews. Customers are impressed with how quiet these tires are when they drive, their performance ability and their long wear life. Customers actually liked these over the stock model tires that come with the Camry.

These tires are very affordable for the performance and life expectancy they give. The average cost of one tire is about $130, which is on the lower end for many high-end tires. Overall, if you want a tire that can last for all seasons, is affordable, and will fit better with the Toyota Camry compared to even the stock model tires, then these Goodyear Eagle Sport tires are the best option to use.

Best Features

  • Cost for a set is $452
  • Speed rating is V
  • Warranty up to 60,000 miles
  • Type: All-season

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Best Touring


If you are looking for one of the best touring tires for your Toyota Camry, then the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Tires are some of the best. While they are a little bit more than some of the other choices, coming in at $173 a tire, they have so many benefits that you are sure to enjoy in your new tires.

Not only is this a good tire to enjoy on any Toyota Camry, it is one of the quietest tires in the grand touring category. Even when you are traveling at more than 70 mph, it is almost impossible to hear the tires while you are driving. Add in the ComfortCruist Technology Package of the Camry, it will simply glide over the smaller, and even bigger, imperfections on the road with ease.

This is just the start with these tires. The performance of these Bridgestone tires is impressive as well. The traction is outstanding and it comes with some of the best mid-corner grip in the industry. These tires are also good in the braking department and the asymmetric tread pattern helps when the pavement is a little bit wet outside. In fact, Bridgestone beats out all of the competition when it comes to hydroplaning and preventing accidents.

Even though the cost of the tires is a little bit more, it is well-worth the money. The treat keeps you safe when it is wet or icy outside. The warranty is longer than most other types of tires, up to 80,000 miles, and it does great with braking and keeping you safe on the road. Overall, this tire is one of the best options for your Toyota Camry in the grand touring category.

The Benefits

  • The best handling performance
  • Excellent on wet pavement
  • Does great work in light snow.
  • Quiet tires that are comfortable.
  • Long warranty for 80,000 miles.

Continental WinterContact SI Winter Radial Tire – Best Winter Tire


If you need a good tire to handle all the ice and snow in your area, then you need to be picky about the different options available. There are a lot of tires out there that promise to do the work and keep you safe in winter, but none are as effective and safe as the Continental WinterContact SI Winter Tire. 

Anyone who lives up north and has dealt with a bad winter knows that driving on icy roads can present a lot of big challenges. An old tire, and even the wrong tire, can present a lot of issues with handling your Toyota Camry, especially on the icy roads. Driving on ice and snow is tough enough, you need the right tire to keep you safe.

This tire does a great job with acceleration speed, able to go from five miles per hour to 20 miles per hour in 60 feet of moderate snow. This will ensure that you will still get where you want, without having to slip and slide or go slowly on the way.

Keep in mind that you should put winter tires on in sets of four. It will not do you much good to only change out a few of the tires because you need to combine them together to get the full results and to stay safe. A set of these tires will cost around $436.

The tread is important on these tires and all other types of winter tires. The Continental Winter SI tire has special Traction Grooves that will give you the best grip that you need to drive in ice and snow.

Best Features

  • Cost for a set is $436.
  • Speed rating of H
  • Warranty: Up to 40,000 miles
  • Type: Winter

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS - Best High-Performance Tires


Here is another great option that car owners can choose for their Toyota Camry. While the handling is not as high on this model compared to Pirelli and Michelin tires, the controllability is still amazing. This tire really shines when it comes to the grip and traction levels. When it comes to dry handling, this is one of the best all-season tires out there.

Drivers will enjoy that there is a good deal of high-speed stability if they need to be on the interstate and the braking distances are short when driving in the city. The Potenza RE980AS will really impress in the rain though. The handling is predictable, the traction is sufficient, and the braking stays very short even in these conditions. The resistance to hydroplaning in heavy rain is perfect, keeping you safe in any weather.

For a performance tire, this Bridgestone model is actually pretty quiet at high speeds. The harshness is increased when you encounter some rough patches on the road. The treadwear warranty is 50,000 miles, giving the driver a durable and long lasting performance tire that they are sure to love.

The Benefits

  • This tire has some of the best tread life to give high-performance
  • The tire is quiet for the high performance.
  • Is easy to handle and even brake in wet conditions.
  • Braking distances are short
  • Best handling when used on a dry tarmac.

Firestone FT140 -- Best Highway


If you drive on the highway often, it is important to find tires that are able to handle these higher speeds and keep yourself safe on the road. The Firestone FT140 can do just that. These are a combination of all-season and grand touring tire that have been designed to have many small s-shaped tread blocks present. These will increase the stability and grip of the tire under wet and dry road conditions.

This tire will keep you safe no matter where you go. The four circumferential grooves are unique in this kind of tire because they will move water and slush out of the way while you drive, no matter what the conditions are. And the shoulder sipes will prevent the car from hydroplaning and you from losing control as you drive along.

Then the angled shoulder lugs and the smaller dimple like knobs give this a bit more bite when it comes to rain and snow. It is rated for light snow performance so it may not do the best if there are some heavy snowstorms in your area but for some of the smaller ones, this will work just fine. It also has an H speed rating to handle what you need to drive on the highway.

If that were not enough to love about the Firestone FT140 tire, you will also love that the styling is easy to use and it provides a smooth and quiet ride. This makes it one of the best choices when you work with the luxury sedans and coupes. No matter what type of car you drive and what roads you want to spend your time on, These great Firestone tires will help make it easier.

The Benefits

  • Can handle rain and snow
  • An affordable price for the tire
  • Rides smoothly without a lot of noise
  • Unique grips that help it do well on the highway.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT--Best All-Terrain


No matter where you need to go, these Cooper Tires are going to provide you with all of the power that you are looking for. It is designed to provide a ton of traction, even when the terrain is slippery or when it is flat. These work for all of the off-roading that you would like while also working well around town and driving on the highway.

The all-terrain tire is very promising. It is tough, durable, and will work on almost any kind of terrain that you would like. These are some of the best tires to have in downpours. The deeper grooves and aggressive tread help to resist hydroplaning and will keep your car on the road easily. Whether there is a lot of rain or some big puddles of water, these tires can handle it.

The same features that make this one do well with lots of rain also help it work in the winter. The treads do allow it to go through slush and snow. While they may not perform as well in the winter as some winter tires, which are specifically designed for this, they will be able to handle it decently well for being an all-terrain tire.

We know that these tires can go through rain, snow, and slush, but they also do a great job at handling any off-road driving you would like to do. The tire is really good over a hard packed surface, giving enough stability and traction to get the work done. It can also stay resistant to chips, cuts, and abrasions so it will not die out on you at all, no matter what kind of road you decide to take.

The Benefits

  • Good traction for dirt and gravel.
  • Can work over rocks and mud.
  • Provides a good amount of stability in wet and dry conditions
  • Stable even when under heavy loads like towing and hauling.
  • Very durable and will not break for you.

Nitto Trail Grappler -- Best Mud-Terrain


These tires are interesting to look at. They look beautiful and tough and you will quickly find that they are both. They provide some of the best mud-terrain tires that you will need, ensuring that you are able to keep on the road, no matter where you go. The unique Z-groove treads can provide a good deal of traction and stability while you are on the road, and are even better when you decide to take the Toyota Camry on another adventure.

These tires are not quite as big as some of the other options, but this makes them perfect for the smaller car of the Camry. They still provide the traction and more that you need, making them a good option. The price tag is a little bit higher than other options because of the longer use time and the strength behind them.

The trade pattern found on the Nitto Trail Grappler is engineered in a way to help remove stones and clear mud to help maintain traction through the whole drive. The center sipe is deep and is meant to help avoid any issues from hydroplaning if you have rain while on the road. They are also reinforced with some puncture resistance to make sure that they will last a long time without being broken by rocks and other things on the trail.

The Benefits

  • Strong and durable.
  • Puncture resistant
  • Helps to avoid hydroplaning
  • Strong treads to provide some more traction.

Michelin Premier A/S--Best All-Purpose


If you are ever struggling on which type of tire to purchase for your Toyota Camry, then the Michelin brand is one of the best options. This brand is known for its excellence and drivers will really notice this with the Premier A/S tire. This is one of the best all-purpose tires when it comes to braking and handling your car. This is because it is very responsive and can grip the road similar to most high-performance tires, while still offering some of the outstanding wet traction and trip that is needed thanks to their Expanding Rain Grooves.

No matter what the surface is like, Michelin is going to provide some of the shortest distances for braking. There is the innovative EverGrip Technology that will help the tire do well in the snow and the rain, even if the tread does wear down. For those who want to keep their families safe on the road, this Michelin tire is one of the best.

In addition to the features above, this option from Michelin will provide a quiet and comfortable ride that can compete with many other tires in the industry. While it may not do as well in heavy snowfalls as some of the winter tires, it can handle light snowfall just fine.

The biggest issue with this one is the treadwear warranty. While there are many tires that are worse, this one is only at 60,000 miles so the warranty does not last as long as other options. However, for one of the best all-purpose tires on the market, you can’t go wrong with this Michelin Premier A/S.

The Benefits

  • The EverTread Technology will help your tires stay safe, even when they wear down.
  • Quiet and comfortable ride
  • Outstanding handling abilities
  • Best in class for braking on both dry and wet surfaces

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring – The Best Budget Tire


Many Toyota Camry owners want to get a good tire for a good price. The CS5 Ultra Touring is one of the best options from Cooper when it comes to driving your Camry because there are a lot of great driving characteristics that you can enjoy along with a number of safety conditions that make it perfect for families.

One unique feature is the Stabiledge Performance. This technology is able to interlock the tread elements so that the tire will be responsive and react well to your steering inputs right away. This tire also provides some of the best traction on the road, even when you work with the Camry V6 model.

This tire will do well with wet conditions and will prevent a lot of hydroplaning as well. However, while it can handle a little bit of snow, this tire is not really suitable for winter and does better in the summer. When it comes to the comfort department, it handles well for the money. It is a little bit louder when riding on the highway and does not give quite the comfort as premium tires, but for the price it is still budget friendly.

The tread life is also a little bit lower, with between 50,000 to 70,000 depending on whether you use a W, V, or H-rated model. This is not some of the best, but for the lower price, buyers are still getting a decent tire.

The Benefits

  • Comes at a low price
  • Has a good braking performance for this model.
  • Excellent traction even for wet surfaces.
  • Does well for giving a good grip on the road.

Achilles ATR Sport 2 Performance Tire – Best Sport Tire

If you are looking for good sport tires, then the Achilles ATR Sport 2 is one of the best. This is a pure sport performance tire that will cut out some of the good stuff like road noise and tread wear in order to get the best wet and dry grip for getting those corners and having some fun. If you want to show off in your Toyota Camry, then these are the best tires for you.

You will quickly find that taking corners in these tires can be a lot of fun. They have an enhanced water channeling and cornering performance compared to any other tires on the market. And a whole set is only $272 so they are very affordable for styling around town and having some fun.

This tire is inspired by the success of the ATR Sport 2 that came first, giving you full control, all-weather performance, and maximum comfort in no time. It does have decent traction to help you grip the road and make some of the fun turns that other tires will not. The traction is even good in wet and dry roads so you can reduce hydroplaning and get the most out of riding around.

This tire is able to enhance the directional stability as well as the cornering performance while giving you improved handling and straight line stability that you need while using your Toyota Camry. However, these are probably not the tires you want to use for long-term driving or different terrains. But if you would like a simple ride that is flashy and shows off to others, then this is one of the best options out there. It is simple, it gets the corners in no time, and it looks amazing.

The Benefits

  • Works in all terrains
  • Does not come with a warranty
  • The Speed rating is W
  • The cost is low at only $272.

When Do I Need to Replace My Tires?

For your Toyota Camry to work properly, you need to make sure the tires are in good working order. But when is the best time to replace these so you know they will keep you safe. There are five main things that will determine when you should replace the tires including:

  • Damage: If a tire goes flat or has other damage, this is a sign that you should replace the tires.
  • Performance: If the tire is not maintaining air, hums or buzzes when you drive, or does not handle as well, then it is time to replace it.
  • Tread wear: When the tread wears out, this makes it harder for the tire to grip onto the ground and keep you safe. Check the tread and if it seems low, it is time to get a replacement.
  • Age: You should never keep your tires for more than ten years. Most mechanics recommend changing them every six years or at a certain mileage.
  • Season: You may change out the tires based on the season to keep you safe.

It is important to pay attention to the tires on your Toyota Camry and get them replaced at the right times. This will prevent issues like the tread wearing out, a tire blowing when you travel or something else going wrong with them along the way. By having a mechanic take a look at them,  you will know the exact time to get the tires replaced so your car drives smoothly and stays safe.

What to Look for When Purchasing New Tires for Toyota Camry

Once you have determined the best type of tire for your car, it is important to look at the different characteristics to ensure it will meet all of your needs. The grip and traction will be important, but you may need to consider a few other things including:

  • Size: Always take a look at the size of the tire. You want to make sure the tire will not rub against the body panels or the suspension. Check the owner’s manual to help get the right specs. It is possible to switch the sizes a little, but you want to get them as close to factor settings to make sure they fit.
  • Sidewall construction: Not all tires will have the same sidewall construction. Some will have stiffer sidewalls that allow more control. This is preferred for most tires that want proper handling. But, softer side walls provide more comfort while driving.
  • Tread pattern: There are three types of tread patterns that you will find including directional, asymmetrical, and symmetrical. Symmetrical means the design is uniform, asymmetrical has a mixed tread pattern that is better for optimal grip.
  • Sipes: The sipes are simply the cuts in the tread blocks. They are there to help improve traction whenever the roads are a little wet or covered in snow. They are common for winter tires as well as with all-season tires.
  • Treadwear warranty: Always choose a tire that has a treadwear warranty with it. This will ensure the product is not only good, but backed by the company who makes it. Go with a tire that has a warranty at least 50,000 miles, but most major brands are more than that.

The right tires will help your Toyota Camry stay stronger and safe for everyone. Whether you need a car that can handle rough terrain, winter, or is good for all purposes, there are many options out there to help you out. Take a look at some of our top picks to see how well they work for you!

Best Tires For Toyota Camry

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