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Nissan Altima offers utility and is fun to drive. But incorrect tires can adversely affect its performance. Are there any best tires for Nissan Altima?

Tires can have a significant impact on your vehicle's performance. There are many factors to consider when selecting the tires for your Nissan Altima. Everything from the weather, tire size, brand, and tread design can significantly impact the driving experience your sedan offers.

If you drive in areas that do not face harsh weather, consider getting touring tires like the Turanza QuetTrack or Premier A/S. If you push your Altima to the limits, P Zero or the Potenza RE980AS are good choices. The Michelin XIce3 works well for your Altima when driving in extremely cold weather.

Nissan Altima is a practical sedan that can turn into a thriller on demand. With the top variant shelling out almost 248 horsepower, you will need a set of tires to handle all that power. The first thing you will need to consider when choosing the best tires for Nissan Altima is the conditions you will be driving in. If you drive around warm areas and occasionally receive little snow, you should opt for all-season tires. Another important factor is your driving style. If you like to push your car to its limits, you can consider getting high-performance tires. Lastly, you will need to prioritize between comfort and performance and then decide.

According to many car experts, it is best not to stick to the OEM tires whenever you consider a tire change. Vehicle manufacturers like to keep costs low and hence will not provide you with the best tire in terms of performance. It is recommended that you choose tires that meet your driving habits. If you are unsure which brand to buy, consider talking to a reliable tire expert for sound advice.

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Best All-Season Touring Tires for Nissan Altima

All-season touring tires are ideal for everyday driving. If you use your Altima as a grocery-getter, for dropping kids at school everyday, or going to work, all-season touring tires will be an excellent choice. Even when running at highway speeds, these tires are designed to deliver comfortable, smooth rides with minimal tire noise.

The tread compound on these tires remains pliable even during cold temperatures. The tread pattern comprises deep grooves, and has more empty spaces to allow the tire to run over light snow and ice. These wide grooves make it easier for the tire to dispel snow, and thus maintain traction with the pavement on snowy surfaces.

The tires deliver good traction all year round. However, they are not suited for deep snow and ice. The tread compound can harden up in extreme temperatures, leading to loss of traction and road grip.

Another important feature of these tires is longevity. They are designed to last much longer than other types of tires, making them an economical choice for your Nissan Altima.

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack


Few tires offer performance comparable to Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack. The tire provides reliable performance on wet and dry pavements and can also be used in slush, ice, and light snow. The tire has all the qualities to be ranked as one of the best all-season tires.

Anyone who has anything to do with tires knows precisely what a behemoth Bridgestone is in the tires industry. They are famous worldwide for making the best tires for all kinds of vehicles. Whether it is compact hatchbacks, sedans, sports cars, F1 cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, 18-wheelers, or even airplanes, Bridgestone has them covered.

The QuietTrack is one of the best tires from one of the best tire manufacturers in the world. It is designed to be mounted on luxury vehicles, coupes, and sedans; it can be dubbed as one of the best tires for Nissan Altima. The tire offers a fun driving experience while providing a sense of comfort, safety, and all-year-round performance.

With an advanced tread compound and asymmetric tread design, the tire is surprisingly quiet on the road, even at highway speeds. It also wears out significantly slower than most of its competition. The tire grips onto the road in sunshine and rain.

There are multiple technologies equipped on this tire, and the most apparent one is QuietTrack. The tire grooves and sipes are designed to minimize noise with this technology. The broad shoulder blocks, in-groove tracks, and advanced sequencing all work together to ensure that the tire makes the least amount of noise, even at high speeds.

There is also Comfort Cruise technology, which uses artificial intelligence to design the tire and make it shock absorbent. Whenever the tire encounters a dip or a bump on the road, it tries to dissipate the energy within the tread and not transfer it to the cabin. The result is a more comfortable and smooth ride.

With the software-designed tread, the tire is excellent at resisting hydroplaning. The circumferential grooves, working with lateral grooves, and a curved contact patch dispel water, mud, snow, sand, and slush very efficiently. With this tire, driving through deep puddles or in heavy rain is no issue.

Another technology on this tire is the Edge Performance technology, which adds more grooves to the tread. These grooves and sipes serve as biting edges, which offer better traction in snow.

The treadwear is much slower than the competition, and even as the tire wears, it does not lose its capabilities. The tread offers relatively similar performance throughout its useful life. The tread compound also comprises nylon, allowing exceptional handling, responsiveness, and braking performance.

Pros of Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

  • Highly durable and offers excellent reliability
  • Tread life is more than 80,000 miles
  • It comes with a treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles, which is the best any tire has to offer
  • Surprisingly quiet, even at high speeds
  • Outstanding wet and dry traction
  • Provides some of the best technologies by Bridgestone
  • Exceptional steering response and superb grip

Cons of Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

  • Like many other all-season tires, this tire is not designed for deep snow or ice
  • Technologies and features come at a slightly premium price

Michelin Premier All Season


There is a reason why many tire companies idealize Michelin; it is because the company produces tires like the Michelin Premier A/S. This tire is designed for crossovers, sedans, coupes, and even some minivans. This tire has some of the best technologies that Michelin has to offer.

The quality and performance this tire offers start from the advanced tread compound, which comprises sunflower oil and Silica. This compound helps the tire offer excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces. The tread compound also helps to keep the tire pliable and retain its grip even in freezing weather.

The tire is also equipped with EverGrip technology, ensuring that it does not lose its traction or grip throughout its useful life. Additional grooves are hidden in the tread, which is revealed as the tread wears down. With these grooves, the tire maintains its performance. Another advantage of this technology is that it causes the rain grooves to expand as the tire wears, leading to consistent and reliable wet pavement grip.

The tread design offers a quiet and comfortable ride and offers excellent grip and stability at high speeds. The braking performance of the tire is also ideal, as are its responsiveness and cornering abilities.

The Premier A/S is a tire that adds to the already trustworthy reputation of Michelin, as the tire is genuinely reliable and can be rated as one of the best all-season tires out there.

Pros of Michelin Premier A/S

  • Exceptional grip and traction with excellent cornering performance
  • The tire has some of the best technologies that Michelin has to offer
  • The ride quality is comfortable, quiet, and smooth.
  • One of the best braking performances on wet and dry pavements
  • The tire maintains performance throughout its useful life

Cons of Michelin Premier A/S

  • The tire comes with a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles, which is adequate, but given this tire is one of the best in its class, more is expected from Michelin

Continental PureContact LS


The Continental PureContact LS is designed to offer comfort, responsiveness, and traction all year round and on all types of roads. The tire is an excellent performer in summer, without disappointing in wintry conditions.

The tire features a tread compound with high Silane content, making it lighter. Less weight means less pressure on the vehicle's suspension and better fuel economy. The advanced recipe of the tread also helps with the better braking performance, high acceleration traction, and a comfortable ride.

The asymmetric tread pattern features a center rib, which provides stability and impressive handling at high speeds. There are also wide shoulder blocks that provide grip and cornering stability.  

The tire is equipped with Comfort Ride technology, which ensures that the tire absorbs a significant amount of energy when running over dips and crests or uneven road patches. The technology also reduces tire vibrations, leading to a quiet and comfortable ride.

The high Silane content works together with four circumferential grooves and other sipes to offer excellent wet surface traction. The tire dispels water very efficiently and is highly resistant to hydroplaning.

The sipes on the shoulder blocks of the tire serve as biting edges when running over snow or ice. Some additional grooves on the tread also help provide traction in wintry conditions.

Pros of Continental PureContact LS

  • Exceptional braking performance on wet and dry surfaces
  • Excellent dry and wet traction with excellent hydroplaning resistance
  • Outstanding steering response and handling
  • Smooth and quiet ride, even when cruising at high speeds
  • One of the highest treadwear warranties in the class. The tire comes with a 70,000-mile warranty, which depicts excellent tread life.
  • Good traction and overall performance on light snow, slush, and icy conditions

Cons of Continental PureContact LS

  • The tire offers numerous technologies and comes at a slightly premium price.

General AltiMax RT43


Although considered an older tire, the General AltiMax RT43 has received numerous upgrades since its launch in 2013. This tire is designed to provide outstanding all-season performance in terms of handling and a smooth and quiet ride.

The tread compound comprises advanced double-cushioned Silica combined with an asymmetric tread pattern to offer phenomenal wet and dry traction without compromising ride comfort.

The tire features a continuous center rib, which makes it responsive to driver input. The curved, broad shoulder blocks ensure that the tire maintains stability at high speeds and runs on sharp bends and corners. This tire is equipped with General's Acoustic Modulation Technology, which cancels out sound waves to offer a quieter and smoother ride.

There are four circumferential grooves on the tread, which work with other sipes and grooves to dispel water and resist hydroplaning efficiently. The AltiMax offers impressive wet traction, even when driving through puddles or in heavy rain.

One feature that stands out on the AltiMax is the Replacement indicator. On the sidewall, a stamp reads "Replace Tire" whenever the tread becomes unsafe to use. There are also alignment indicators, which help the user see if the tire is wearing down evenly.

Pros of General AltiMax RT43

  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Amazing braking performance
  • Tread life is also one of the best in class. The tire comes with a treadwear warranty of 75,000 miles, which is one of any company's best
  • The ride is quiet, comfortable, and smooth

Cons of General AltiMax RT43

  • The overall performance is outstanding, but It gets outshined by other, more premium tires.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus


If you are looking for a tire that offers exceptional performance and a pleasurable driving experience, look no further than the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus. This tire will outshine many others regarding responsiveness, reliability, and performance.

The tread compound of this tire comprises high silica content and offers excellent grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

The tread patterns comprise an asymmetric five-rib design with broad shoulder blocks to provide top-notch braking performance and handling. The tire maintains stability at high speeds and can handle high-speed corners effectively without any under or oversteer.

Four broad and deep circumferential grooves work together with lateral grooves to dissipate water effectively, making the tire hydroplaning resistant. Additional sipes around the tread allow the tire to give added traction in light mud or snow.  

The Cinturato P7 offers a smooth and comfortable ride even with high-performance ratings. The tire keeps road noise to a minimum, even when speeding down highways.

Pros of Pirelli Cinturato P7

  • The tire comes with a warranty of 70,000 miles, which points to remarkable tread life
  • Handles high-speed corners very well without squeal or loss of grip
  • Offers a stable, smooth, and quiet ride
  • Lower rolling resistance aids fuel economy
  • Excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces

Cons of Pirelli Cinturato P7

  • The tire starts to lose its performance in snow. Occasional running in light snow is fine, but prolonged runs in extremely cold weather adversely affect tire performance.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring


The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring promises longevity and performance when mounted on the Nissan Altima. It is one of the company's best tires and is equipped with numerous technologies.

The tread compound exhibits high silica content; in fact, Cooper claims to have four times the silica content of any competitor tire. The increased Silica offers exceptional grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces. It also helps the tire remain pliable in all weather conditions, including snow and ice.  

Another advanced feature on this tire is the 3D microgrooves, which further enhance traction and stability. They allow the tire to maintain grip and handling when encountering high-speed corners, which is one of the best in the class.

The StabilEdge technology enhances steering responsiveness and predictability. It ensures that the tire maintains stability, even when pushed to its speed rating limits.

The Wear Square technology allows the user to see how many miles worth of tread life the tire has remaining. Several tread wear indicators give an estimate of remaining tread life, which is covered by a 50,000 mile or 60,000-mile warranty depending on speed ratings.

Pros of Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

  • The tire has a superb cornering ability. It can handle sharp turns without squealing, under, or oversteering
  • The ride quality is comfortable and smooth
  • Offers excellent value for the price
  • Fantastic traction and grip on wet and dry surfaces

Cons of Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

  • Tread warranty is slightly less as compared to many competitors
  • The tire does not perform too well in snow or ice

Best All-Season High-Performance Tires for Nissan Altima

High Performance tires, as their name implies, are designed to deliver performance, which means that they are designed for top-notch handling and traction. They are more suited for drivers who want maximum road grip and responsiveness, and do not focus too much on comfort.  

These tires are designed to deliver performance all year round. They come with speed ratings in the range of V,W, and Y, and are mostly found in low-profile designs.

Although they can be used for everyday driving, they are more suited for cars that have powerful engines, and for drivers who like to get more feedback from the road. Most All-season UHPs make driving more fun, but this comes at the price of two things; ride comfort and tire longevity. These two are not too bad, but they are lower than what you will find on all-season tires.

Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus


The Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus is designed to provide an impressively short braking distance, sharp handling, and excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces. Although the tire is aimed at sports cars and performance sedans, it helps Nissan Altima owners use the vehicle to its maximum potential.

The advanced tread compound comprises special polymers and a high silica content, which provides superior grip on wet and dry pavements. The four circumferential grooves and stylish-looking diagonal grooves add to the wet traction by dispelling water and making the tire resistant to hydroplaning.

The compound also plays a significant role in the braking performance of the tire. The handling and stability of the tire ensure that the driver feels confident and in control at all times.

The tread design accomplishes a variety of tasks. It features an asymmetric pattern with a center rib and broad shoulder blocks. The tire offers an excellent steering response and feels lively on the road. Pirelli has added special siping to the tread to ensure that the tire maintains its traction on snow and ice.

The tire has a good tread life and comes with a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles.

Pros of Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus

  • Braking performance is one of the best in class
  • Traction and grip on wet and dry surfaces are also excellent
  • The steering is responsive and feels lively
  • Handling and stability at high speed are top-notch
  • The tire handles high-speed corners very well

Cons of Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus

  • Winter performance on snow and ice seems a little compromised
  • Wet traction is excellent, but some competing tires offer even better

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06


With a lot of competition from top players in the market, it isn't easy to stand out from the crowd. But the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 does just that. Continental launched this tire to make it a market leader in the all-season, high-performance category.

The tread compound features a SportPlus technology, which increases the Silica and +Silane levels. These additives significantly improve the tire's traction on wet and dry surfaces, add to responsiveness and handling, and offer outstanding longevity.

The asymmetric tread design looks aggressive and utilizes X-Sipe technology to deliver exceptional traction and grip on wet and dry surfaces. The tire exhibits extraordinary cornering abilities and excellent braking performance with the advanced tread compound and modern tread design.

With this tire mounted on the Nissan Altima, you will not have any issues with performance, even if you like to push the sedan to its limits frequently. The tire maintains its responsiveness and gives the driver added confidence thanks to the impressive handling.

There are additional sipes in the tread, which serve as biting edges when cruising over light snow. The tire offers excellent performance in all weather conditions, except deep snow.

There are also various performance indicators on the sidewall to help understand how the tire is wearing and when it is time to change it. DWS, in the name, stands for Dry, Wet, and Snow. When you see the S has worn down, it means that the tire is not too safe for snowy surfaces. The tread will compromise performance on wet surfaces when the W wears down. Finally, the tire needs to be replaced when the D wears down, as it is not suited for any surface.

Pros of Continental ExtremeContact DWS06

  • Excellent traction and grip on dry, wet, and even snow-covered surfaces
  • The steering feels sharp and responsive
  • High-speed cornering and handling are excellent
  • Tread life is very good. The tire comes with a 50,000 mile or six years warranty

Cons of Continental ExtremeContact DWS06

  • The performance and technologies this tire offer come at a premium price

Best Summer High-Performance Tires for Nissan Altima

Summer tires are designed to deliver top-notch performance in terms of handling, traction, and road grip. They are suited for areas and months that are hot, humid, and rainy.

The tread compound on these tires comprises sticky components, which help the tire with grip and traction during wet and damp conditions. The compound also keeps the tire stiff and pliable when the heat is turned on.

The tread pattern on these tires usually comprises straight and shallow grooves as compared to all-season tires. They also have continuous ribs, and a solid structure, which ensures maximum contact with the road.  More contact between that tire and the road means more grip and stability during accelerations, braking, and through corners.

Yokohama S Drive

Suppose you are looking for a tire for your Nissan Altima that flaunts the most advanced technologies and offers exceptional performance. In that case, you will not be disappointed by the Yokohama S Drive. This tire does not compromise on performance, whether it comes to high-speed stability or handling sharp bends.

The tire features a directional tread consisting of a broad center rib and wide shoulder blocks. Together with the advanced silica compound, this tire offers impressive cornering grip and traction on wet and dry surfaces.

Four circumferential grooves run around the tire, which helps displace water when working with numerous lateral grooves. The tire provides good wet traction and resists hydroplaning, even when driving through heavy rain.

The Groove-in-Groove technology provides the tire with additional cornering abilities and ensures even tread wear. The tire can maintain its performance throughout its useful life thanks to this technology.

One of the features that make the S Drive stand out is its light weight. This low weight ensures that less pressure is put on the suspension and helps with fuel economy.

Pros of Yokohama S Drive

  • Top-notch handling and cornering ability on dry surfaces
  • Excellent traction on wet surfaces
  • Great tread life
  • Offers a much comfortable ride than competing tires

Cons of Yokohama S Drive

  • As the tire wears down, it starts to become noisy

Best Winter Nissan Altima Tires

Winter tires are designed to keep your Altima stable if you drive around in frigid conditions. These tires are suited to face harsh conditions including relatively deep  snow and ice.

Some experts find that they are a better alternative to snow chains, which can greatly reduce speed, and pose a risk of damaging the car or road surface.

Their tread design comprises bigger gaps than summer or all-season tires. They often have excessive siping on the shoulders to provide traction when running over snow or ice. The tread compound comprises silica, oil, and most importantly, carbon black.

These additives make the tire suitable for temperatures below 45 F, and ensure improved braking, acceleration, cornering, and overall handling.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3


The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 is designed to offer some serious performance in wintry conditions. It provides the driver with added confidence thanks to the predictability and handling it provides.

The tire is equipped with a Flex-Ice tread compound, which provides improved ice and snow performance and keeps the tire flexible even at freezing temperatures. The tire also maintains its sturdiness as the mercury rises to offer enhanced stability and handling. The GreenX technology on this tire ensures minimum rolling resistance and provides better fuel efficiency.

The tire offers a directional tread pattern designed to dispel water and slush efficiently. There are unique Cross Z sipes, which serve as biting edges for added snow traction and offer stability on wet and dry pavements.

There are also unique Michelin Micro-Pumps, which ensure side grip and better overall ice and snow performance. The exceptional ice and snow traction makes this tire one of the best snow tires in the market. This tire also has a considerably shorter stopping distance than any competitor. Michelin claims the tire stops at least 10% less distance when the brakes are applied.

The tire has good tread life, and Michelin offers a warranty for 40,000 miles or six years, hardly found on any other winter tire.

Pros of Michelin X-Ice Xi3

  • One of the best performing tires on snow and ice
  • Impressive traction and handling on wet and dry surfaces
  • The ride is significantly comfortable and quiet
  • Excellent tread life, covered by a warranty of 40,000 miles

Cons of Michelin X-Ice Xi3

  • Traction is excellent in snow but is still less than some other premium tire brands
Best Tires For Nissan Altima - Complete Guide

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