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The Lexus LS is a luxury, full-size sedan with stylish driving and world-class performance features. To get the best, you need the right tires, too, though.

Pair your luxury Lexus LS with a luxury tire manufacturer too. We prefer Michelin and Firestone as the top-rated brands for a Lexus LS tire. You can find high-level features and performance upgrades for your vehicle between the Firestone Firehawk AS and the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

Lexus prefers Michelin too. The factory tire on the Lexus LS is the Michelin Pilot HX MXM4. When you purchase a new model, it comes equipped with this luxurious grand touring, all-season tire. This guide will review the Pilot HX MXM4 and compare it to some of the other top tire picks available.

We employ a team of industry experts to analyze each tire and perform field tests to gauge overall tire performance. The test track is built into four stages to measure dry road traction, wet road traction, braking ability, and a real-world driving simulation. All data gathered helps our team to grade each tire listed here accurately.

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7 Best Tires For Lexus LS

Lexus introduced the LS model in 1989 to meet a gap in the market for a luxury full-size sedan vehicle. Over the years, many upgrades have brought this car to the top of its class. It comes as a four-door sedan with the most recent 5th generation upgrades launching in 2020.

We have compiled a list of the seven best tires, all broken into specific categories to fit your driving needs. Each tire is categorized based on the particular use case it excels in the best. For example, we rank the Firestone Firehawk AS as the best all-season tire. Other categories include best touring tire, highway, tire, winter tire, and more.

Here is the list of the seven best tires for the Lexus LS:

Tire Type Tire
All-Season Firestone Firehawk AS
Touring Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring
Summer Bridgestone Turanza ER33
Winter Michelin X-Ice Xi3
Performance Street Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
Highway Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive
Temporary Spare Yokohama Y870B
Factory Tire Michelin Pilot HX MXM4

Firestone Firehawk AS - Best All-Season


All-season tires provide the most balanced driving experience. They provide a driver with four-seasons handling, above-average durability, and performance driving features. Our favorite all-season tire for the Lexus LS is the Firestone Firehawk AS.

The Firehawk AS is made with a combined tread of silica and long ling carbon. This unique compound creates a better performing and more durable tire. The compound comes in an asymmetric pattern to complement other features like added sipes and expanded tread blocks.

The full-depth sipes and lateral grooves align on the tire to create outward flowing water channels for driving in the rain, snow, and ice. These grooves cut through the challenging conditions with ease and provide better-hydroplaning resistance than other competing all-season tires.

Firestone offers a strong warranty policy too. The limited tread life coverage is for five years and up to 55,000 miles. The tire is available in H, V, and W speed ratings, and the warranty covers each one.  


  • Sport style cornering capability for high-speed handling.
  • Long-lasting treadwear.
  • Full-depth sipes for excellent slippery road traction.  


  • Needs improvement handling road noise from bumps and potholes. 

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring - Best Touring


The best touring tires provide driving stability, high-quality treads, and reliable comfort. If you are in the market for a touring tire upgrade for your Lexus LS, look no further than the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tire. It has everything you need.

Cooper has upgraded this tire across the board compared to previous models. The StabilEdge Performance Technology is an upgrade to the tire for better steering, tire responsiveness, and overall driving control.

The tread is specially made from newer generation silica with 4x the total amount for added road grip and durability. With more silica comes more performance, and this tire has plenty of it to spare.

Wet road performance relies on 3D micro-gauge sipes and lateral grooves to handle best. This sipe technology adds bite particles while driving during the winter to get a better road grip despite harsh conditions.

Cooper also includes a visual wear indicator on this tire to notice when it is time to change. This is helpful for drivers with less experience understanding how tires work. Cooper also provides a limited tread life warranty for up to 60,000 miles in coverage.


  • Top-tier limited tread life warranty.
  • Consistent road traction on both dry and wet pavement.
  • Great value in the price for such a high-performing tire.
  • Ride comfort ranks at the top of the touring tire category.  


  • Needs improvement with winter driving and handling deeper snow and ice.

Bridgestone Turanza ER33 - Best Summer


Summer tires provide better performance and durability in high-temperature climates. They are made from a firmer rubber compound that can withstand the conditions while maintaining the best performance. The best summer tire for the Lexus LS is the Bridgestone Turanza ER33.

Made from an elaborate summer compound, the tread is designed asymmetrically to create more accurate handling and cornering with optimal durability. The shoulder blocks are extended for a wider road grip. This helps to expand the contact patches on the tire for accurate steering.

The tread design is a 5-rib center for better stability. A five-pitch center rib allows the tire to make more direct contact with the road consistently. This extends the life of the tire by eliminating unnecessary wear while improving the tire comfort too.

There is no limited tread life warranty on this summer tire. It is known as a seasonal performance tire and a problematic product to cover with a warranty.  


  • Superb and consistently reliable dry traction.
  • Precise cornering road grip.
  • Stable and quiet driving at highway speeds.


  • The tread life could be improved.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3 - Best Winter


The third generation of this Michelin winter tire is the best one yet. The X-Ice Xi3 has a few notable features that make it such a vast improvement over the predecessors and ranks as our top winter tire pick for the Lexus LS.

To start, the newly upgraded tread is made from the FleX-Ice silica compound. This compound creates an even softer tire for added flexibility and tire performance once temperatures fall below freezing levels. Without flexibility, a tire cannot perform in this type of weather.

Not only does Michelin optimize this tire design for the winter, but it is optimized for the environment too. The GreenX technology is an initiative to make more fuel-efficient tires that reduce CO2 emissions and lower rolling resistance.

The tread pattern is directional with lateral grooves, Cross Z sipes, and scattered tread blocks to fight off ice and snow effortlessly. These features help the wide shoulder blocks grip the road with better stability and brake more accurately at short distances.

Michelin even goes as far as to provide a limited tread life warranty. They are one of the only brands to do so on a winter tire. The exact coverage is for six years or 40,000 miles.    


  • Snow and ice traction are unbeatable in the winter tire category.
  • Exceptional handling on all surfaces.
  • Elite winter tire tread life.
  • A limited warranty is available.


  • Cornering is the one weakness that could be improved, especially on ice.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - Best Performance Street


Our number one overall tire for the Lexus LS is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. This tire comes equipped with plenty of performance features, exceptional tread wear, and consistent comfort. It is considered a max performance summer tire made for luxury sedans.

The tread pattern is asymmetric and made with a silica hybrid compound. The cool thing about this tire is the tread was uniquely created for this tire with inspirations taken from Michelin racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This tire combines the best racing features from some of the top Michelin performance tires.

Another upgrade included in the design is the Dynamic Response Technology. The added steering capabilities, cornering accuracy, and overall driving stability make this elite tire even better.

Michelin also provides a six-year or 30,000-mile limited tread life warranty too. There is a reason we loved this brand so much for your Lexus LS. They are a perfect match together.  


  • Nearly perfect wet and dry road traction.
  • Tread life is exceptionally reliable and outperforms expectations.
  • Cornering is stable, and short-distance braking is precise.
  • Handling is so good, and it might be too good for your vehicle.  


  •  No glaring weaknesses other than high pricing.

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive - Best Highway


The Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive is our top pick as the best highway tire for the Lexus LS. This is a grand touring, all-season tire with performance and comfort features that make it an enjoyable option to drive.

The all-season tread uses soybean oil to create better road traction. The more natural oils in the tread help to build better fuel-efficient tires too. The symmetric tread allows for better driving stability too.

Goodyear incorporates traction grooves and TreadLock technology into the tire design to add traction and dry pavement handling. This tread pattern is also explicitly optimized to absorb noises from the road to provide a quiet ride.

Goodyear uses two different types of sets along with AquaChannel grooves. Both features create a more reliable tire during winter, driving in ice and snow.

The limited tread life warranty available is a six-year or 60,000-mile coverage policy. Goodyear takes care of their drives with solid support.  


  • Lateral sipes with biting edges for strong winter performance.
  • Specially made grooves for the best hydroplaning resistance.
  • Reliable, long-lasting tread wear.
  • Quiet and comfortable highway riding.


  • Braking on ice and snow could be improved.

Yokohama Y870B - Best Temporary Spare


While we love Yokohama for its durable, high-performing tires, they have more to offer than just that. The Y870B temporary spare is our top pick to store in the event of an emergency for your Lexus LS.

This is an original equipment application to provide drivers with immediate road mobility in the event of a flat or damaged tire occurrence. This temporary spare is compact, flexible for storage, and offers reliable support for your driving needs.

The tread depth is shallower, the tire is lightweight, and the treads are narrower. This is a perfect addition to your vehicle without adding extra weight, occupying your existing trunk space, or causing you any issues with storage.

Remember, this product should be used only as a temporary spare. It does not replace an actual tire, and performance is limited. The max driving speed is 50 MPH. The max distance is up to 70 miles. Be sure to change out this temporary spare for a new tire as soon as possible.  

Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 - Factory Tire


Lexus LS models come with the Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 as the factory tire option. This is a grand touring, all-season tire that blends handling and comfort for a quality driving experience. While this grades as a top tire, is it the right one for your Lexus LS?

The tread is an all-season blended compound with an asymmetrical pattern for better balance and handling. This tire provides excellent traction on both dry and slippery roads and handles all four seasons.

The tread blocks are built in a directional pattern for a more exact grip on the road despite potential difficult conditions. These blocks are layered with sipes too. The extra independent tread blocks interlock with grooves for reliable traction in rain, ice, and snow.

The warranty available is coverage for six years or up to 50,000 miles in tread wear. Michelin is highly reliable with their warranty policies, and they also offer a three-year flat tire changing policy in the event this happens to you.


  • Leading warranty coverage in the industry.
  • Reliable all-weather traction in both winter and summer.
  • Corners with excellent stability and precision.


  • Road noise is a minor issue and noticeable when driving at faster speeds.
Best Tires For Lexus LS - Complete Guide

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