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  • Many companies produce excellent all-season tires for the Kia Carnival.
  • The Hankook Winter is our choice for cold weather conditions for winter driving when temperatures drop.
  • The Kia Carnival uses the same tires on the front and rear with either 17” or 19” wheels.

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The Kia Carnival is one of the best mini-vans for the money, but like any motor vehicle, it might need tires after a while. What size tires does it need?

The best tires for a 2023 Kia Carnival are:

  • Michelin Crossclimate2
  • Vredestein Hitrac All Season
  • Bridgestone Weatherpeak
  • Kumho Crugen HP71
  • Hankook Winter i*cept Evo3
  • General Altimax 365 AW

One thing that every vehicle owner will need eventually is tires. There is just no getting around it. Those little pieces of rubber keeping your vehicle centered on the road wear out. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Mustang, Ferrari, or even a Kia Carnival mini-van. This article will help you choose the best tires for your 2023 Kia Carnival and provide the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

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2023 Kia Overview

When Kia retired their fourth generation minivan (Sedona), most of the American public didn’t even give it a second thought. The car was a slow mover for the brand, sitting at the bottom of the list among its competitors. So when Kia introduced the new Carnival for the 2022 model year, few people noticed. The mini-vans hit dealer lots, and even with aggressive pricing, few people purchased them. The van continues to be the lowest-selling minivan in the US market, and that’s a shame because it is a great car. More people should be driving this family hauler. Kia continues to be committed to the Carnival project, and recent refinements make this eight-passenger van even more of a value. While sales continue to lag well behind industry leaders like Pacifica, and Sienna, the Carnival is winning over critics and customers alike.

2023 Kia Carnival Specs

The Carnival is a minivan from the South Korean auto manufacturer Kia. The Carnival was introduced 2021 (as a 2022 model) and is offered in four basic trim levels, LX, EX, SX, and SX Prestige. The van is priced from $33,240 (LX), $38,700 (EX), $41,900 (SX), and $47,100 for the SX Prestige. The models come with either 17” or 19” rims with tire sizes.

Model Tire Size Speed Rating PSI (F/R)
LX 235/65R17 H 36/36
EX 235/55R19 H 36/36
SX 235/55R19 H 36/36
SX Prestige 235/55R19 H 36/36

What Are The Best Tires For Kia Carnival?

Many high-quality tires are on the market for this minivan, and we have listed some of our favorites below.

Michelin CrossClimate2


This is one of the most recommended tires on the market but is also the most expensive. The Michelin CrossClimate is a great all-season tire with long-lasting tread and durability. The tire provides confident handling on all dry, wet, and snow road surfaces. The CrossClimate2 uses a V-shaped tread pattern to channel water away from the center of the tire, providing greater traction on the road surface. Its rubber compound is designed to minimize road noise and provide smooth handling through various road surfaces. The outer edges of the tread have been firmed up to allow for excellent contact and stability while cornering. The tire is rated at 74 in Consumer Reports and is recommended by the reviewers. (The NHTSA rates this tire at 640 treadwear and A ratings in temperature and traction).

The downside of this tire, even though it is excellent, is the price. Michelin tires are generally more expensive than other brands, and the reason is that their quality is so good. If you have the money to spend $1100 for a set, go for it. You won’t be disappointed, although your wallet might take a beating.


  • Treadwear - 6 years/60k miles
  • Road hazard - none
  • Uniform Warranty - 1 year/first 2/32nds of tread
  • Workmanship/Materials - 6 years/free replacement first-year


  • Excellent treadwear
  • Superior inclement weather handling
  • Great reputation for quality tires


  • Too expensive for most buyers

Vredestein Hitrac All Season


The Vredestein HiTrac All Season Tire is a grand touring tire built for use on all kinds of road conditions. It has low road noise, smooth handling, and comfort. The tread pattern is designed to channel water away from the tire’s center, and stiff sidewalls give it superior handling through corners. The tire has deep circumferential sipes that help assist with water displacement, maximizing contact with the road surface with increased hydroplaning resistance. The tire is less expensive than Michelin and has a 69 overall score from Consumer Reports. However, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ratings were low for treadwear at 240.

Vredestein is a tire company from the Netherlands. The tire has a better warranty than Michelin, and did we mention that it costs less? (Though, not by much).


  • Treadwear - 8 years/70k miles
  • Uniform Warranty - 1 year/first 2/32nds of tread
  • Workmanship/Materials - 8 years/free replacement first year or first 2/32nds


  • Aggressive styling and tread pattern
  • Superior contact with road surface
  • Quality tire - excellent comfort
  • Good warranty


  • Still $200 per tire
  • Not USA made

Bridgestone Weatherpeak

The Bridgestone Weatherpeak is one of the most luxurious riding tires on the market. Designed as an all-season radial, this tire meets severe snow ratings (the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol). The Weatherpeak tires are made for drivers who might encounter occasional snowy or icy conditions but don’t live in environments that warrant using snow tires or chains.

Treadwear is excellent and long-lasting. The tire has grooved three center bands that do a nice job of holding the surface, allowing water to move away from the tire’s center patch. There are strong, deep sidewalls with angled channels for water displacement, but not harsh enough to affect corner ability. The tires are made to resist hydroplaning on wet or snowy surfaces. Internal construction is a single-ply polyester layer with two supporting steel belts and a reinforced nylon layer to provide high-speed stability and performance.

The tire is expensive (almost as much as the Michelin), but the real disappointment is that the warranty is only for five years/70k miles. (For the money, we’d expect a longer duration).

The tires are made by a US company with manufacturing facilities in the US, Canada, Chile, and Turkey. The Weatherpeak has excellent ratings in NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), with ratings of 700 for treadwear, A for temperature control, and A for traction.


  • Treadwear - 5 years/70k miles
  • Uniform Warranty - First 2/32nds of tread
  • Workmanship/Materials - 5 years/free replacement first 3 years then prorated


  • USA company
  • Good tread pattern provides excellent road contact
  • High review marks
  • Free Replacement in three years


  • Expensive
  • Warranty should be longer for price

Kumho Crugen HP71


The Kumho Crugen HP71 is built by South Korean tire maker and is currently the country’s top premier tire. The Kumho is an all-season tire with an adequate speed rating and good treadwear and gets our vote for a tire that works very well but won’t break the bank. Over the past few years, Kumho has quietly made a name for itself by producing good quality tires at reasonable prices. While you will still pay a bit ($208 on Amazon), the tire does last, performs very well on all road surfaces, and you probably won’t know the difference between the high-priced Michelin and Kuhmos. In addition, it is one of the recommended brands from

Consumer Reports.

The tire has a simple tread pattern designed to evacuate moisture water, and very large center ribs to provide surface contact. The outer bands have been reinforced in the last couple of years to help with handling through corners. The tire’s compound wears well and should last through the warranty duration. If you need a quality tire for your Carnival, this is a good tire to purchase because there are many tires on the market that are much worse.

Kuhmo has been supplying tires to Kia and its sister company, Hyundai, for several years. (They supply the OE tire for the new pickup, the Hyundai Santa Cruz currently). In addition, Kuhmo has supplied OE tires for BMW, Audi, VW and others.


  • Treadwear - 6 years/65k miles
  • Uniform Warranty - First 2/32nds of tread then prorated
  • Road Hazard - 1 year/12k miles
  • Workmanship/Materials - 6 years/free replacement first 2/32nds then prorated


  • USA made
  • Superior dry braking rating
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Road Hazard first year
  • Good value tire


  • None

Hankook Winter i*cept evo 3

We wanted to include a set of excellent snow and winter tires for anyone who lives in a climate prone to those conditions. The Hankook Winter i*cept evo3 is the highest-rated snow tire on Consumer Reports with a 75 review rating. The tire is designed with a wide center stripe to help provide excellent traction during icy or slushy conditions. The gull-wing outer wall moves water towards the sides of the tire, displacing it away from the tread. The tread wears well and has perfect marks for hydroplane resistance and ice braking (which, if you live in a mountainous region, you know how important this quality is).

Hankook is another South Korean tire maker that has worked with Hyundai and Kia to provide OEM tires. While they have factories worldwide, they operate a plant in the US in Tennessee. The warranty is excellent for a snow tire (30k miles).


  • Treadwear - 30k miles (other conditions may apply)
  • Uniform Warranty - First 2/32nds of tread then prorated
  • Road Hazard - first 2/32nds
  • Workmanship/Materials - First 2/32nds then prorated


  • Excellent snow tire for those conditions
  • Superior ice braking/hydroplaning rating
  • Excellent noise cancellation


  • Snow tires will affect fuel economy

BF Goodrich Advantage Control

BFGoodrich makes a quality tire with excellent treadwear and ride comfort. The

BF Goodrich Advantage Control tread is rated for 75k miles and wears evenly. The BFGoodrich Advantage Control is a tire built in the US with superior hydroplaning resistance and dry braking ratings. The tire does not offer much road noise (which is always a plus in our books).

The center treads are fashioned in a sporadic zig-zag pattern that ensures better than adequate road contact. The high-silica compound has good grip, (the tires feels firmly planted on the road). Sidewall sipes are deep and true, angled to keep water flowing from the tire center.

BFGoodrich is a familiar name in tire production, with over 150 years of experience. The tire has a 700 treadwear rating from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and an A temperature rating. Consumer Reports also recommends the tire. .


  • Treadwear - 6 years/65k miles
  • Uniform Warranty - First year or first 2/32nds of tread then prorated
  • Road Hazard - none
  • Workmanship/Materials - Prorated after the first year or 2/32nds


  • Excellent hydroplaning resistance
  • Reputable brand
  • Excellent noise cancellation


  • Almost as much as Michelin
  • Some reports on negative rolling resistance (fuel economy).

General Altimax 365 AW

We wanted to include a value brand of tire that owners with limited resources could purchase and still have confidence in the tire’s ability to perform. This tire is our pick for value, and the price is considerably less than higher-priced brands like Michelin and BF Goodrich. The General Altimax is an all-season tire that can perform admirably, handles well, and provides decent traction.

Large lateral channels help push water off the tire, and the angled grooves are deep enough so that even after some wear, the tire still keeps plenty of rubber on the road. (The tire has additional traction teeth molded into the recesses of the time to help with this). The Altimax is made in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, and is rated 66 on the Consumer Reports website.


  • Treadwear - 6 years/60k miles
  • Uniform Warranty - First year or first 2/32nds of tread then prorated
  • Road Hazard - none
  • Workmanship/Materials - Free replacement first year/Prorated after first year or 2/32nds


  • Budget minded price
  • Built in USA
  • Good temp and traction ratings


  • Treadwear should be better
Best Tires For Kia Carnival

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