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Owning a Jeep Compass can be a great experience. If you can keep up with the routine maintenance, you will enjoy a vehicle that lasts a long time.

With that in mind, your Jeep Compass will need some good tires, replaced at regular intervals, to ensure that it will be able to last a long time. The right tires can help you travel safely on the road, prevent accidents because of good traction and good brakes, and so much more. But how is a car owner to decide which tires are the best ones for them?

In this article, we will take the time to look at the best tires for your Jeep Compass. Every car owner will choose different tires based on their own personal needs and how they plan to travel on the road. For some, having a good tire that can travel long distances is important while others want to make sure they are safe when the weather conditions go bad in the winter. 

No matter how you plan to drive, you are sure to find a lot of great tires for your Jeep Compass. And in this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best tires for all conditions for the Jeep Compass. 

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The Top Tires for Your Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is a great, dependable vehicle that you are sure to love. With that in mind, you can make the vehicle even safer to enjoy if you take some time to choose the right replacement tires. 

Since each car owner has different requirements out of the tires that they choose to purchase, it is sometimes hard to know which ones are the best. That is why we have done all the research and can present some of the very best tires for your Jeep Compass. 

To make it on our list, each tire needed to meet strict guidelines. They had to work well, be recommended by professionals in the industry, and have plenty of good customer reviews. We feel confident that any of these tires will impress you when driving around in your Jeep Compass. 

Tire Name Tire Type
Michelin Premiere LTX The Best Performance Tire
Falken Wildpeak AT Trail The Best Off-Road Tire
Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady The Best All Season Tire
Goodyear Assurance MaxLife The Longest Lasting Tire
Continental ControlContact Tour AS Plus The Best Touring Tire
Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport The Best Summer Tire
Pirelli Scorpion Winter The Best Winter Tire
Michelin X-Ice Xi3 The Best Snow and Ice Tires
Ohtsu Tire FP0612AS The Best Budget Tire

Michelin Premiere LTX – The Best Performance Tire


If you are looking for a good performance tire, then this option from Michelin needs to be on your list. If you like driving dynamics and you want to ensure the Jeep Compass is going to perform at its best, then these tires will help that to happen. In fact, these Michelin tires are able to add a bit of engagement to the Jeep Compass as you are driving around. The performance is designed to work for all seasons too.

This tire will have improved traction when it comes to bad weather conditions. While they are not going to work in winter months as well as some of the winter tire options, they still do a pretty good job. This is done thanks to the high silica content and the Evergrip Technology that is well-known when it comes to Michelin. Both of these will help the tire stick to both dry and wet roads.

In addition to some of the features above, you will find that tread life is pretty long, allowing the tire to stay safe, even as it gets older. These safety features, the long tread life, and the traction that works well regardless of the season all help to make this an amazing choice when you want to drive the Jeep Compass around town.

The Benefits

  • Works in all seasons
  • The tread life is long and will not wear out.
  • They have additional safety features on the road.

Falken Wildpeak AT Trail – The Best Off-Road Tire


When you drive a Jeep Compass, you may notice that it does not handle the off-roading quite as well as some of the other Jeep vehicles. But if you want to use this to do well off-roading or on some difficult highway roads, then you will want to check out these tires from Falken. Falken has some really sturdy tires that will do an amazing job no matter where you plan to ride.

Rather than giving the Jeep Compass an extreme off-road grip, it is more designed to do well when you hit gravel roads or dirt trails. This does not mean it is not capable of doing more. In fact, it is going to out-perform any of the all-season and many of the budget terrain tires that say they work well for the Jeep Compass. This makes it a good buy no matter how you plan to use this vehicle.

In addition to these other great features, this tire is intended to go off-road often and can withstand a good deal of abuse so if that is important to you, then these tires are the perfect choice. Compared to other all-terrain tires that have a low warranty, these tires are able to handle a warranty up to 65,000 miles. Add to this that the tire is rated for extreme winter weather and you can take these tires on any adventure you want to hit.

The Benefits

  • Budget friendly
  • Good traction for off-roading
  • Works even in winter.

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady – The Best All Season Tire


Many car owners have no want to switch out their tires all the time just because the weather changed up on them. If this sounds like you, then it may be time to look at these high-quality options from Goodyear. These tires are certified for true winter thanks to the U.S Tire Manufacturers Association and the Rubber Association of Canada and because of this, it will have the three-peak mountain snowflake logo right on the side.

In addition, it is decent at engaging to drive in the summer because the tread blocks are designed to lock together under a load. And to make sure that the tires will handle the weather well, the channels that run right along the length of the tire will open up and get a bit wider any time the tread starts to wear down. This is a great sign that you need to replace the tire so always be on the lookout for it.

One negative is that this tire is a little higher in price compared to some of the other similar tires, especially considering it has a lower tread life warranty. However, Goodyear is a name that you can trust and these tires are meant to last. This can make them a good deal for your Jeep Compass when you need something that will last a long time.

The Benefits

  • Will last a long time
  • Has some good ratings from several organizations
  • Will work in snow, wet, and dry conditions

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife – The Longest Lasting Tire


This is another option from Goodyear that will work on almost any of the major Jeep vehicles that you want. And there are a ton of great features you are sure to love when you choose this one for your needs. To start, the lifespan on this one is really good. It has an 85,000 mile tread life warranty, topping most of the other tires on our list by at least 5,000 miles. And this is just the beginning.

This tire is considered one of the best options out there for touring tires, but it will also bring in all of the benefits that you are expecting from a good tire. This will include a ride that is quiet, above-average driving dynamics, and plenty of strong braking to help you stay safe on the road. The biggest problem is that some drivers notice there is a stiffer ride found on the car when using these tires, but that may be from the traction keeping you safe.

Overall, this is one of the best tires on our list. It is built to last a long time and has all the great features that you need. Whether you want to save money over the long run with just one tire rather than switching them out all the time or you want the safety and security that Goodyear is able to provide, these are the best tires for your needs.

The Benefits

  • Has one of the best warranties on the market
  • Will handle all kinds of road conditions
  • A good price for the money.

Continental ControlContact Tour AS Plus – The Best Touring Tires


This is one of those tires that has a lot of great features in it, but just does not get some of the respect that it deserves. This tire is a true premium tire that is able to deliver in pretty much all areas without being really expensive. This is a good value tire that can help you get around town without having to worry about it breaking or costing too much.

Both the handling and the braking are above average in this vehicle and it does well whether you are going on a dry or a wet surface. It is a comfortable and quiet no matter how fast you need to go on the road with your Jeep Compass. The tread life warranty is really good at 80,000 miles, but there are some additional warranty features that make it even better.

For example, Continental is good at equipping this tire with their Total Confidence Plan. There are a few different benefits to this, but one of them is a free flat tire change or a 1500 mile tow during the first year of using the tires. There are also benefits like a free replacement tire for any that gets damaged from a nail or a pothole. And all of this is done while still being an affordable tire option for your Jeep Compass.

The Benefits

  • Good warranty that goes above the rest
  • Provides a quiet ride
  • It is comfortable to use

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport – The Best Summer Tires


If you are shopping around for a new tire that will work well in the summer, then this option from Bridgestone is one of the best options out there. These were developed to work well on a lot of different types of vehicles, including the Jeep Compass and so much more. It is not really developed to work well in winter or in lower temperatures, so you will need to switch it out if you live in some of the colder areas of the world.

There are a ton of great benefits that come with this Bridgestone tire. First, it features a high performance tread compound that is molded into a symmetric tread design that makes it stronger than many others on the market. Add in the large shoulder and intermediate blocks that flank on the sides, you will find that this tire is really good at being responsible when the driver would like to handle and would like to have some good stability on dry roads.

Since the summer months will get a lot of rain and puddles on the road, it is important to have a tire that does a good job at avoiding hydroplaning and will not lose traction on wet roads. This is something that you will find in this Bridgestone tire. The tires structure has some twin steel belts that will keep everything strong and hard, ensuring that you still have all the stability that you need while traveling in town or on the highway.

The Benefits

  • Works well in the summer
  • Can keep traction on a wet surface and will prevent hydroplaning
  • Comes from a trusted name.

Pirelli Scorpion Winter – The Best Winter Tires


Pirelli is a name you can trust and these are definitely some of the best winter tires for you to use when the conditions get harsh. These tires are meant to handle well on the Jeep Compass and they are engineered with a focus on maximum stability and control whether you need to drive in dry, wet, or snow conditions. This product can take all of those features above and combines it together with some of the best handling performance and braking with low rolling resistance and noise all in one place.

There are a ton of great features that you are able to enjoy when it comes to this kind of tire. First is the RUN FLAT feature which is meant to keep the tire safe and reduces the amount of pressure that is found there. This will help to provide some greater control over the car when you reach emergency conditions, and still allows you the ability to drive safely, even when the inflation pressure of the tire starts to escape quickly.

Another feature that many car owners love is the PNCS, which is basically the noise cancelling system found in these tires. Thanks to the sound absorbing device that is put into the wall of the tire, drivers will notice that the noise is reduced by half. Add in the SEAL INSIDE feature, you will enjoy the ability to drive without losing air pressure even after the tire is punctured by an external object, keeping you and others safe on the road.

The Benefits

  • Works well in winter conditions
  • Can make it safe to drive, even when something punctures the tire.
  • Is nice and quiet as you drive.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3 – The Best Snow and Ice Tires


Ice and snow can do a number on your whole car, and especially on the tires you have. These tires from Michelin will be able to take on the ice and snow in no time, ensuring that you are safe with adequate traction to overcome all of the different winter conditions that head your way. And you always get the best customer service when you choose to go with a Michelin tire to help your Jeep Compass stay safe.

These tires have a lasting winter performance compared to most of the other tires you can choose for your Jeep Compass. These tires provide ice and snow protection for 40,000 miles thanks to the MICHELIN MaxTouch Construction. This is a unique feature that has a contact patch shape to make sure the tread will last as long as possible, even on the harsh road conditions.

If you are looking for a tire that can perform, then these are a great option to go with. It is designed to work well and be fuel efficient no matter how far you need to travel. Sometimes other tires will struggle to be efficient when it comes to running on the snow and ice, but this is not a problem when you choose these tires. They have long-lasting treat life and some of the best winter grip, keeping you on the road for a long time.

The Benefits

  • Comes from a trusted name.
  • The tread is designed to last for a long time.
  • Works on snow and ice.

Ohtsu Tire FP0612AS – The Best Budget Tires

Purchasing new tires can be expensive when you need to get all four done on your Jeep Compass. You may want to search for something that is budget friendly and can last you a long time, while still providing some of the amazing features of the other tires. If you are looking for some of the best budget tires on the market, then these from Ohtsu are some of the best. Compared to some of our other tires, they will cost up to 50% less while still giving you a good deal.

There are a lot of things to love about these tires. The tread life is not as good as some of the other options out there, but the performance is really nice. They are not really designed to go off-roading, but they do well on the highway and when driving around town. The are comfortable and pretty quiet so those are some of the good benefits of these tires as well.

The tread warranty is a little bit lower than some of the other Jeep Compass tires on the market. These are only 40,000 miles. Since most of the tires for this kind of tire is much higher, but they are budget friendly enough that this is worth it in most cases and you can still travel quite a distance on the tires. Overall, if you want a tire that can last a decent amount of time and will not fall apart on you, then the Ohtsu tire is one of the best.

The Benefits

  • Good traction and performance
  • Budget friendly when. You need something quick.
  • Good warranty for the tread life.

When to Replace Your Tires

As a car owner, it is important to know the right time to replace the tires on your vehicle. Keeping up with this important maintenance part will ensure that the tires will not wear out on you and that they will stick around for a long time to come. Some of the things to consider when deciding to replace the tires or not include:

Check the Mileage

All tires will have a certain number of miles that they are rated for. If you drive just in town a bit they may not wear out as quickly and be fine. But there is often an upper mileage limit that you need to be aware of. This means that the tire will stay in good condition up to that point. When it gets close to the mileage for the tire, which can range from 40,000 or higher for all the tires on our list, then it is time to visit a mechanic to check them out. They will most likely tell you it is time for a replacement.

Tread Depth

This is a big visual sign that you should pay attention to. Your tire tread is important for helping you grip the road, and it is even more important when poor weather conditions start to show up, including ice, snow, and rain. When the tires start to lose their read, it is easier to slip and slide all around the road. The lower this tread, the longer it takes for you to stop in all road conditions, which makes it unsafe for everyone involved.

It is always better to check out the depth of the tread to see when it needs to be replaced. Car owners can measure the depth of the tread in millimeters or inches. Anything that is above 1/16th of an inch usually shows that the tire is healthy and does not need to be replaced yet. Once it gets below this amount, you should visit with a mechanic to see whether a new set is necessary.

If you need help with this, you may want to use a tire gauge. This will help show you the depth. Or the penny trick works well to. You just place the penny in with the Lincoln head inside the tread. If you can see the entire head of the president, then the tread is too low and needs to be replaced.

Sidewall Cracks

While tire depth is an important thing to consider when it comes to whether or not to replace your tires, you also should take a look to see if there are any cracks in the sidewalls. Cuts or grooves in the sidewall will be sure signs that the tires need replaced. You should be able to see these from a long distance away so it will not take a lot of investigating at all.

Tires Bulging

In some cases, a sign that the tires will need replaced is that they are bulging. This is often called a tire blister and shows how the tire is about to pop. This shows that the outer part of the tire is weakening and it does not have a long time left before it starts to burst. Get it in to a professional as soon as possible to have an inspection done.

You Notice the Indicator Bar

In some of the newer vehicles that you try to work with, you may notice a indicator bar. This is a good tool to use because it shows you that the tire does not have a long time left in it. You will not see this bar at all when the tire is first purchased. As the tire gets used more and more though, the bar becomes clearer and you will be able to tell that the tires are not in good shape any longer.

You Feel Vibrations in the Car

If you start to notice a bit of vibration going on in the car while you drive, then this is often a sign that the tires need some work. If you notice this vibration more when you go downhill and apply the brakes, this is even a stronger indicator that something is wrong. Sometimes this is also a sign that the tires are not balanced well. You can take it into a mechanic to see whether the shaking happens because of your tires.

Should I Install the Tires Myself?

Some car owners worry about the high price that comes with having a mechanic or another professional install their tires. They worry that they won’t be able to afford the tires they would like and so they think about installing them on their own. This is not a good choice to work with. Most car owners do not have the materials and tools necessary to not only get the tires in place well, but to make sure that they are balanced and will stay in place.

A mechanic will have all of these tools and more. They can get the old tires off quickly and the new tires on in no time. They may also check for the balance to ensure the tires will drive smoothly. It is well worth your time to work with a qualified mechanic when it comes to putting new tires on your car.

Do I Need to Use OEM Tires?

While OEM tires can be a good option for your Jeep Compass, they are not the only option to consider. Since many of them are pretty expensive for the quality, it is not uncommon for a car owner to decide to go with something else rather than rely on those tires to keep them safe on the road.

While you can find some amazing OEM tires to work with, do not limit yourself to just working with these all the time. Take a look at some of the great tires on our list that work well on the Jeep Compass as well and will not cost as much as some of the OEM models for the Jeep Compass.

Choosing the Best Tires for Your Jeep Compass

There are a lot of great tires that you can choose for your Jeep Compass. Some will do a great job when you are driving in the winter or the rain, some are good for a little off-road fun, and others are best for touring or providing you with high-performance. All of the tires on our list have been reviewed and loved by customers and experts alike so you know you are getting the best tire for your needs.

As the car owner, it is important to know what type of tire will work for the type of driving you plan to do in the Jeep Compass. Once that is figured out, you will find that it is much easier for you to choose the perfect tires that fit your needs and your budget.

Best Tires For Jeep Compass: Complete Guide

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