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Top performance for your Infiniti Q60, whether you want summer grip or all-season reliability, is achieved by finding the best tires for the job.

If you have the wrong tires installed on your Q60, you may be giving up some of the sporty performance you’re dreaming of. Or, when roads turn slick in colder climates over the winter, you might find your Infiniti losing traction in dangerous winter conditions.

Best Q60 tires include the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, Continental ExtremeContact Sport, Goodyear Efficient Grip RunOnFlat, Michelin Primacy 3 ZP, Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus, Firestone Firehawk AS, Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3, Continental VikingContact 7, and Yokohama BluEarth Winter V905.

These tires include features like scientifically engineered tread patterns designed to grip the type of pavement you're planning to drive on. Specially formulated tread compounds can enhance the effectiveness of these patterns at sticking to the road. Some include reinforced sidewalls for extra peace of mind when you’re putting your coupe through its paces.

Since the Infiniti Q60 is built for superb aerodynamics, with no lift at front or rear and an extra-low drag coefficient, these tires are designed to complement its exciting, sporty potential and help you get the fun experience you’re looking for effectively and safely.

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Best Infiniti Q60 Summer Tires

Summer tires for the Infiniti Q60 are designed for the most popular driving season, along with some year-round warm climates such as the Gulf Coast states and California. These tires include performance types meant for maximum handling and response at the cost of some comfort, and touring tires offering slightly less handling moxie but a smoother, quieter ride. Summer tires are typically made from compounds that work at 40° F or higher, and may be destroyed by being driven at freezing or sub-freezing temperatures.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S


The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is a summer high performance tire offering plenty of road surface grip under warm conditions. With temperatures above 40° F, the Pilot Sport 4S works well on both dry and wet pavement. The tires steer responsively during aggressive driving while maintaining excellent traction during wet, rainy conditions.

The Michelin Pilot Sport’s construction features several different compounds in order to give it peak function on both wet and dry roads. Strong wet braking capabilities are provided by the wet compound used for the center ribs, which is silica-infused for extra “stickiness” and to prevent hydroplaning.

At the same time, the outer shoulder is built from a special hybrid tread rubber developed for, and tested at, the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France. This rubber provides dry-surface grip ensuring agile handling and excellent dry braking. Use of these two different compounds in different parts of the tire gives your car maximum performance flexibility in the summer.

The Pilot Sport 4S is built tough to withstand aggressive, high-intensity driving, cornering, and maneuvering. Two steel belts and a hybrid nylon belt give it significant internal strength. A scientifically designed contact patch helps reduce hot spots and give the tire a longer lifespan regardless of vigorous use and high-speed turns.

All the construction features also add up to giving your Q60 top performance and handling without completely sacrificing ride comfort.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is a true summer tire and shouldn’t be used when the temperature is under 40°. The compound loses its flexibility in colder temperatures and will crack under stress. These tires should be used either in permanently warm climates such as California or removed and stored during the winter in colder regions.

Tire Rack is an excellent option to purchase the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S online, where it can be bought with free shipping and an estimated cost of $296.99 per tire. This tire can also be purchased at Discount Tire where free shipping is also available with a 2 to 5 business day delivery time and a price of $297 each.

Continental ExtremeContact Sport


Another hard-charging performance tire, the Continental ExtremeContact Sport is built to support sporty driving and aggressive, abrupt turns or other maneuvers on summer roads. This five-rib tire features an asymmetric tread pattern engineered for peak performance.

Large, broad tread blocks on the outer shoulder boost handling at speed by enhancing lateral grip. testing shows the ExtremeContact Sport makes the vehicle very responsive to steering. It also has excellent stopping distances on both dry and wet roads.

Several features address wet handling, ensuring the tire keeps its performance even on rainy or otherwise water-slicked pavement. These include a special, proprietary tread compound called +Silane including added silica. Three wide, deep grooves run around the tire’s whole circumference to defeat hydroplaning, maintaining solid grip and quick response in the wet.

Several features improve tread life even when driven aggressively. The tire’s footprint is engineered to spread out wear over the whole surface, slowing loss of tread material and ensuring ongoing consistent performance. You can easily determine if there’s enough tread left for high-performance wet or dry handling by looking at the molded-in “Quickview Performance Indicators,” letters which wear off as the tire compound wears down.

While it’s a “max performance” warm season tire, the Continental ExtremeContact is more comfortable than some alternatives. The polyester and rayon cord used to strengthen the sidewalls for vigorous driving, combined with double sidewalls, offer decent ride quality. The Continental is also relatively quiet for a performance tire.

Like other summer tires, the Continental Sport should only be used at 40° F outside temperature or warmer to avoid cracking. It should be removed and stored once temperatures fall to 40° or lower. Preferred storage temperature is at 40° or higher, and tires stored in colder conditions should be allowed to warm up for a minimum of 24 hours before use.

Free shipping is available on the Continental ExtremeContact Sport at Tire Rack, along with free road hazard protection for two years, with a per tire price of $229.99. Another good option for buying this tire is Tire Buyer, which sells the tires at $262.99 each, with free delivery to and returns from a local installer.

Goodyear Efficient Grip RunOnFlat


As a summer touring tire, the Goodyear Efficient Grip RunOnFlat dishes up both superior ride comfort and the ability to drive a considerable distance after being punctured. This tire is engineered for warm-weather enjoyment of the open road, rather than top-end performance, along with run-flat equivalent peace of mind.

Designed to give luxurious cars like the Infiniti Q60 a satiny ride on summer road surfaces, the Efficient Grip gives excellent stability and handling on both dry and wet pavement. Asymmetric treads are arranged precisely for a creamy-smooth, comfortable ride. The compound and tread blocks give a quiet ride while also ensuring strong steering response for very good handling.

The two steel belts providing internal structure in this Goodyear are exceptionally wide. This is meant to give the tires good longevity, even when driving at high speeds.

Four large grooves around the tire’s whole circumference clear water efficiently off the tread. This greatly reduces the risk of hydroplaning while navigating a summer rainstorm. The tread compound also features added silica, generating plentiful traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

While not technically a legally defined run-flat tire, the Goodyear Efficient Grip is an MOExtended branded tire capable of driving up to 50 miles after being punctured. The robust sidewalls built into this tire, which include spirally wrapped polyamide reinforcement, can support driving temporarily even with zero air pressure.

The Goodyear RunOnFlat is a dedicated summer tire with a compound that stays flexible and tough only in warm conditions. The tires should be removed and stored in an above-freezing location as soon as temperatures drop close to the freezing point in cooler climates. The tire can become brittle in cold and does not grip well on snow, slush, or ice.

Buying the Goodyear Efficient Grip RunOnFlat today is easy using Tire Rack, where the tires are available for around $405.29 each, with free shipping. It can be ordered for the same price, with free shipping, from Discount Tire, which also offers a 5% discount for veterans and active duty military personnel.

Michelin Primacy 3 ZP


Summer touring is meant to be a breeze with the Michelin Primacy 3 ZP, a high-end tire offering a good ride, sturdy resistance to road defects like potholes, and quiet driving noise on smooth pavement. With their good grip they aren’t as long-lived as some tires, but still offer decent longevity and tread wear alongside good handling.

Michelin Primacy 3 ZP tires are made to give good road safety and driving response under both wet and dry conditions. The tread layout is designed for all-purpose touring use. Two independent ribs flank the notched center rib.

This, along with a symmetrical design, provides stable driving at all speeds, including high mph, and good wet and dry traction. Tread wear is slowed by spreading contact evenly over the whole surface.

Good handling at high speeds, including good lateral grip, results from the inclusion of beefy shoulder blocks along both the inner and outer shoulders. Twin steel belts create further structural ruggedness, strengthened by a polyamide wrap that’s set up at zero degrees to the tire’s rotational direction (Banded at Zero, or BAZ).

Low rolling resistance meets Michelin’s internal Green X standard. The tire helps improve fuel economy for both gasoline savings and greater eco-friendliness.

In the event of a puncture or rupture, the Michelin Primacy 3 ZP mimics run-flat driving capability for up to 50 miles to enable reaching a service station. The tire is MOExtended branded and Star BMW run flat.

Michelin Primacy tires are warm-season only tires, usable year-round in climates such as southern California or Texas but best stored for the winter in northerly climes. They do not provide adequate traction on slush, snow, or ice, and may lose traction in ordinary dry or wet clear road conditions when hardened by cold. Cold can also cause the compound to catastrophically split under the stress of driving.

Tire Buyer is a great place to obtain the Michelin Primacy 3 ZP, with an approximate price of $318.34 each backed up by free delivery and returns to an installer of your choice. Another great option is Tire Rack, with free shipping and free 2-year road hazard protection and a per-tire price of around $309.05.

Best Infiniti Q60 All-Season Tires

The best all-season tires for the Infiniti Q60 aim at providing year-round performance or comfort. The use of hybrid compounds and tread patterns means they can be left on your vehicle summer to winter, sparing you the hassle of swapping out your tires twice a year. The trade-off is they can’t fully match the performance of dedicated summer or winter tires in the appropriate season.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus


Bringing sporty road action for your Infiniti Q60 to cooler climates, the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus tire is an all-season tire offering “ultra high performance.” Rated for up to 186 mph, this tire is built for year-round traction, handling, and cornering, including use in light snow.

The ExtremeContact DWS provides light, responsive steering and good handling for both dry and wet surface driving. While the emphasis is on performance, comfort isn’t overlooked and the triple action cord used in construction maintains a smooth ride.

The ride stays good even on bumpy pavement. The tires are also fairly quiet, with an unobtrusive growl under normal driving conditions.

This Continental tire keeps its responsiveness and steering precision on wet roads and light snow, too. The asymmetric tread pattern includes plenty of aggressive 3-D sipes for traction, giving it very good braking distances on dry, wet, and snow-covered asphalt.

Circumferential grooves, and other grooves slanting out from them, collect water from the tire surface and shunt it off the shoulder, making hydroplaning much less likely. Several different patterns of sipes contribute to maximum biting edges for control on snow or ice.

The Continental ExtremeContact DWS isn’t just a snow tire, though, and includes features for all-weather performance. These include chunky blocks with chamfered edges, plus a very strong double sidewall. The high-strength sidewall cord is stiff enough to boost handling throughout the year, including both warm and cold weather.

A molded-in set of letters, DWS, or dry, wet, snow, shows instantly how much tread remains and what the tire’s suitable for. The S for snow wears off first, after which the ExtremeContact 06 Plus should only be used for wet or dry, but otherwise clear, pavement.

Setting things in motion today to get the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus for your Infiniti is a snap with Tire Rack, where these tires can be bought for about $229.99 each with free shipping. The same 245/40ZR19 tires can be ordered for $230 apiece at Discount Tire, which also has a free shipping policy on this tire and offers a 5% discount to reservists, active duty military, and veterans.

Firestone Firehawk AS


The Firestone Firehawk AS is a performance tire for all seasons, supporting fast, aggressive driving whether it’s spring, summer, autumn, or winter. It’s rated for speeds up to 149 mph, while featuring biting edges with 20% more total length than previous models to offer strong traction on snowy pavement.

This all-season tire focuses on providing a taut, crisply responsive handling experience at high speeds more than comfort. The ride itself can be somewhat harsh, and road noise increases as the tire enters the later stages of its wear life. In exchange, it offers very quick response to steering, good lateral grip, excellent corner, and 50 mph braking distance of less than 90 feet.

Tread compound formulation includes both long-link carbon and silica for a sturdy grip on both dry summer roads or tracks and slippery, wet, snowy winter surfaces. Hydroplaning is reduced by deep sipes and wide grooves that effectively pull water away from the contact patch.

The Firestone Firehawk AS is molded with very deep grooves and sipes. This helps it maintain its superior traction and hydroplaning resistance even as the tread wears away. It’s best for areas with light snow, with heavy, deep snow best left to purpose-made winter tires.

The Firehawk AS also emphasizes handling over quietness and comfort to some degree with the extra-wide steel belts in its structure. These reinforced belts have high tensile strength to aid with abrupt maneuvers and direction changes at blistering performance speeds. The rugged construction also contributes to durability and longevity.

You can get a red-hot deal on the Firehawk by ordering it, complete with free shipping, at Tire Rack, with a per-tire price tag of roughly $227.43. Alternatively, this all-season tire can also be bought at Discount Tire for $209.88, also with free shipping and a 5% veteran or active duty discount.

Vredestein Quatrac Pro


Made for areas with cold but not excessively snowy winters, the Vredestein Quatrac Pro is a touring tire giving stability and a pleasant ride in conditions ranging from warm summer days to light snow. This all-season touring tire furnishes a civilized ride and good, though not white-knuckle, performance under civilized road conditions. Its speed rating is 186 mph, making it quick for a touring tire.

Large, rigid tread blocks on the outer shoulder aim for responsive steering and handling excellence under good road conditions, when mildly sporty driving may be the goal. The all-year capability is matched to luxury sports cars like the Infiniti Q60.

For wet or snowy pavement, the Vredestein Quatrac Pro avoids hydroplaning with very wide grooves on the inner half of the tread pattern. These ample grooves, combined with notches, collect water or slush to clear the contact surface for superior wet weather grip.

There are plentiful zigzag sipes in this area of the tread, too. These sipes help win the tire three peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) rating.

Ride comfort from the Quatrac Pro is high, smoothing out bumps and providing a velvety ride under perfect road conditions. The tire is considerably quieter than OEM tires, generating a low hum at certain speed levels but overall sharply cutting road noise. The reduced noise is lower than a number of other all-season touring tires according to TheTire Reviews, creating a more relaxing environment inside your Infiniti Q60.

Longevity is good, as might be expected for a tire designed to be driven year-round. The tread comes with a company warranty that lasts for 40,000 miles or 8 years, whichever comes first from the date of purchase. Rolling resistance is moderately low in spite of the asymmetric tread pattern, helping reduce tread wear while improving fuel economy and cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions.

Getting the Quatrac Pro affordably today is straightforward with Tire Rack, where the tire is available for approximately $202.60 each, including free shipping.

Best Infiniti Q60 Winter Tires

Winter tires for the Infiniti Q60 give your luxury sports car the snow and ice traction to keep driving fast and safely even on snowy or icy roads. Special tread compounds remain flexible and stable even in bitter cold, eliminating the risk of cracking. Tread, block, and sipe design, along with the compound’s properties, maintain grip and handling under cold conditions. These tires are meant for winter use only and should be swapped out for warm-season tires, since their performance, and possibly longevity, will suffer in summer.

Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3


Designed for sporty driving in cold or snowy conditions, the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 is a specialized cold-season performance tire that beats all-season tires under chilly conditions. Important details include construction from a compound that stays flexible and grippy even in sub-freezing temperatures, and tread features that easily shed water and slush.

The Sottozero is a true performance tire, providing excellent handling during aggressive driving on both wet and dry road surfaces in the cold. Its combined specialty polymer compound and the three-dimensional sipes, high-traction block pattern, and extra-large contact area help keep control while making fast direction changes and sharp maneuvers on snowy or icy asphalt.

This third-gen Pirelli tire offers excellent traction both on straightaways and while cornering on snow. Testing by showed the Sottozero 3 providing rapid acceleration and good stopping distance on roadway ice, closely matching other high-end winter performance tires.

Excellent snow traction not only makes hard-charging, sporty winter driving in an Infiniti Q60 possible, but boosts cold-weather fuel economy. The deep grooves, wide sipes, and tough, thermally stable polymer tread compound increases the Sottozero’s longevity, too, reducing wear from driving on cold road surfaces, whether dry or wet.

These Pirelli tires carry the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake or 3PMSF emblem, showing they meet European Union benchmarks for “severe snow service.” Strength and durability are further increased by double steel belts supporting the tire’s structure. The polyamide wrapping around the belts is formulated to remain stable as the outside temperature shifts.

Comfort and road noise are both about average. The tire runs well and provides very good handling on clear winter roads (dry or wet), too. Pirelli’s Sottozero 3 is made for cool to cold weather driving and should be swapped out for summer performance tires for best warm-season results. It should also be used only as a full set of four tires if you want maximum stability and handling.

One of your top options for getting Sottozero 3s for your Infiniti fast is buying through Tire Rack, which sells 255/40R19 tires of this brand for $272.09 with free shipping and free 2-year road hazard protection. If you’re in even more of a hurry, Simple Tire offers free 2-day shipping and the possibility of discounted installation at a local shop for $361.96 per tire.

Continental VikingContact 7


Capable of handling a range of winter weather situations, the Continental VikingContact 7 is a studless ice and snow winter tire with a distinctive looking diamond pattern of grooves and tread blocks. This blackwall tire is rated for use at up to 118 mph, making it less aggressive than other winter Infiniti Q60 winter performance and touring tires, but it’s still Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) rated for severe snow service.

The compound used to construct the VikingContact 7 features an ample dose of silica, a key ingredient for robust traction and short, reliable braking on both wet and dry surfaces in cold weather. It’s also infused with canola oil, an addition Continental says improves its performance on snow or ice by maintaining tread flexibility even at very cold temperature.

The tread pattern is engineered for maximum winter grip and handling as well. The contact patch keeps a large area of rubber on the road at all times, while the grooves suck water and slush away from the contact area to fight both hydroplaning and slipperiness. Block bridges and linkages keep the grooves open to perform their function.

The tread includes lots of sipes to greatly increase the length of biting edges in contact with the ground at all times. Some of these sipes are wider than others and fill with snow, creating snow to snow traction to help maintain stability, grip, and good braking in bad winter weather conditions.

These tires are made for stable, predictable winter driving and not lightning-fast performance maneuvers. They are similar to touring tires in several ways, including the smooth, comfortable ride they give to passengers. The Continental VikingContact 7 is also notably quieter on both dry and wet surfaces than many winter tires, and is build for durability and longevity, with good wear resistance if used during the correct season.

According to many users, the tires gain a little more flexibility with use, which helps cut road noise even more and provide good ride comfort. While not made for sporty driving, the VikingContact 7 offers highly predictable cornering during normal driving. It is a strong and stable driver on dry roads, wet roads, light snow, packed snow, and ice.

Buying these tires today so you’re ready for snow and ice is done quickly and easily with Simple Tire, an excellent source offering free 3-day shipping to many locations and a discounted price of about $270.99. Tire Rack is another top purchasing option with a $270.99 price tag and free shipping, along with free 2-year road hazard protection.

Yokohama BluEarth Winter V905


A touring tire for the cold part of the year, the Yokohama BluEarth Winter V905 provides a good ride at high speed over frosty roads, whether wet or dry. It maxes out at 149 mph, but handles this type of driving well with superior traction resulting from its compound and tread pattern.

Temperature changes can make tread compound less flexible, thus reducing handling, grip, and other important driving traits of a tire. The Yokohama BluEarth, however, addresses these issues with a carefully developed proprietary compound.

This compound includes not only a high level of silica, important for cold-surface traction, but also Orange Oil infusion. Together, these formula ingredients keep the tread flexible and grippy at multiple levels of cold.

The BluEarth’s relatively soft compound also provides the relative quietness and smooth, comfortable ride expected of a touring tire. The tire remains fairly quiet even on rough, bumpy road surfaces, though it’s somewhat louder on packed snow.

Hydroplaning prevention is offered by the Yokohama’s wide, chevron grooves. The grooves pull in water and drain it away from the contact patch to maintain reliable contact between tire and road. Extra traction comes from the biting edges created by a very high number of sipes, boosting grip and performance on snow, ice, or other slippery surfaces. The tires bear the badge of the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake or 3PMSF to indicate they’ve been tested and certified for “severe snow service.”

Several tread wear indicators are molded right into the compound, giving an at-a-glance verification of what depth of snow the tire can still handle as wear and tear reduce the tread depth. At full tread, the Yokohama drives confidently through even deep snow, reported by some users at up to 10 inches deep. BluEarth Winter V905s should be used only in full sets of four to ensure full stability and performance.

You can set your Infiniti Q60 on the road to being outfitted with BluEarth Winter V905 tires next time winter arrives with the deal on Tire Rack, where these tires are offered for $241.83 each along with free shipping.

Best Tires For Infiniti Q60

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