Key Takeaways

  • The best tires for Infiniti Fx50 will depend on the driving style of the owner and the climate in which they drive.
  • New tires for an Infiniti Fx50 are costly, and can cost nearly $2,000 for a set.
  • The Infiniti Fx50 has both 20-inch and 21-inch wheels.  
  • The Infiniti FX50 is a rare older SUV, since only 3,000 models were made.

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You are driving an older FX50 and love this luxury SUV with its V8 engine, but now you need tires. What are the best tires for Infiniti FX50?

The best tires for the Infiniti FX50 are:

  • Michelin CrossClimate2
  • Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail
  • Yokohama Geolander X - CV
  • Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season
  • Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3
  • Michelin X - ice Snow

If there is one maintenance repair that vehicle owners hate, it has to be hunting for tires. With many companies pushing various styles, types, and designs, knowing which tire is best can take time and effort. If you are driving an older model car, like the Infiniti Fx50, the task gets even more difficult because chances are your service center won’t offer you the kind of tires you presently have on your SUV. This article is written to help those who love older luxury vehicles find the right tires. Hopefully, we will provide enough information to decide what kind of tire is best for your old beauty.

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Infiniti Fx50 Overview

The Fx50 was a V8-powered SUV produced by Infiniti from 2009 - 2013 as the second generation of the FX lineup. (In 2014, the Fx50 was renamed the QX70 until 2017, when it was discontinued due to poor sales).

The Fx50 was introduced in place of the first gen Fx45, renamed in honor of the new VK50VE engine. The 5.0L V8 produced 390 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. The new Fx50 retained basic dynamics from previous generations but with elongated headlights, new exterior features, and more lavish, luxurious interiors. Over its production years, only 3k second-generation Fx50s were manufactured.

The Fx50 was offered in a standard AWD model and two distinct wheel sizes over the years of production. Customers should be aware of the appropriate tire sizes that their particular vehicle needs.

Model Tire Size Speed Rating Psi (Front/Rear)
Fx50 (Entry Level) P265/50R20 V 33/33
Fx50 (Luxury) P265/45R21 V 33/33

What Are The Best Tires For An Fx50?

Several companies produce quality tires for the Infiniti models. Before purchasing, you should know of any discounts or special programs your tire center runs. Many manufacturers will run discounts or special programs throughout the year, so some research can pay dividends if you are willing to look.

Michelin CrossClimate2


The Michelin CrossClimate2 is a grand touring all-season tire made for drivers who experience multiple weather patterns throughout the year. The tire is rated for severe snow conditions and has excellent dry/wet braking ability and hydroplaning resistance. Michelin makes the CrossClimate for various vehicles, and is one of the most expensive tires at over $400 for each rim.

The unique V pattern tread does an excellent job of moving moisture away from the center tire’s contact surface, while the reinforced sidewalls provide strength for cornering maneuvers. The Thermal Adaptive tread flexes during low temperatures so that more tread stays glued to the road.

The tire's internal construction is a two-ply casting supported by two steel belts with a polyamide layer. This construction is typical of all-season tires. However, we were pleased to see Michelin's commitment to making the CrossClimate2 part of its Microsoft Total Performance program, which seeks to balance performance, eco-friendly materials, and fuel economy.

Michelin is the largest supplier of tires in the world. Consumer Reports likes this line of tires, rating it at 74, which isn’t the highest, but it makes their recommended list. The UTQG rating is 640 B A, meaning the tire has an average rating for traction and a very good rating for temperature control.


  • Treadwear - 6 years/60k miles
  • Road hazard - 2 years replacement and towing services (25-mile limit)
  • Uniform Warranty - 1 year/first 2/32nds of tread
  • Workmanship/Materials - 6 years/free replacement first-year


  • Above average treadwear
  • Superior inclement weather handling
  • Great reputation for quality tires


  • Too expensive for most buyers

Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail


The Falken Wildpeak is a balanced tire that functions off-road as well on the street. The tire has a rugged capability for handling weekend mountain trails,, and its aggressive, athletic styling makes the Fx look like the AWD SUV it was born to be. The deep tread design helps transfer water toward the tire’s outer edges, and the strengthened sidewalks help prevent puncture from road debris or sharp rocks that owners might encounter.

The tire has decent treadwear, temperature, and traction ratings (680 AA on the UTQG scale). It is one of the most recommended tires by consumers and is Number 2 on the Amazon light truck/SUV all-terrain or mud tires listing (4.8 rating with almost 1,000 responses).

The tire's internal construction is dual ply polyester casing supported by two steel belts and a polyamide cap offering effective strength for a multiple-use tire. The tire is rated 108V, which means that it has been tested for high speeds up to 149 mph.

Falken is a company that manufactures tires in Thailand and China. While the tire is not as expensive as Michelin, it is still hefty enough to take a bite out of your wallet. However, if you need a tire that can handle your weekends in the mountains or exploring the great outdoors, this is the tire to purchase.


  • Treadwear - 5 years/65k miles
  • Road hazard - 2 years replacement - first 2/32nds
  • Uniform Warranty - First 2/32nds of tread
  • Workmanship/Materials - 5 years from the date of purchase


  • Excellent temperature and traction control.
  • Superior hydroplaning resistance
  • Great tires for all-terrain


  • Not USA made

Yokohama Geolander X-CV


The Yokohama Geolander is an all-season tire that handles well in all weather conditions. The improved Silica formula bites well on wet pavement and light snow,, and the stiff sidewalls provide excellent cornering ability. The tire has a soft ride quality, which makes it perfect for high-end luxury SUVs like the Fx50.

The three wide center grooves provide hydroplaning resistance by channeling moisture and water toward the rear of the tire. The tread sipes are effective at reducing road noise and helping provide traction even after the tread begins to wear a bit.

The tire's interior makeup is a single ply with dual steel belts reinforced with two-ply nylon cap plies to offer strength. The sidewalls are also dual layered, which helps with steering control, especially on wet or light snowy surfaces.

One of the advantages of purchasing this tire is the emphasis that Yokohama places on its BluEarth initiative. This tire is made from eco-friendly materials (in large part), which can make you feel good about doing your part for the environment. The tire has a lighter construction than most, with less rolling resistance to help maximise longevity.

The tire has a 520 A A rating on the UTQG system and is an Amazon Choice award winner.

Yokohama is manufactured in the US, with facilities in Virginia, and Mississippi, and a research center in North Carolina.


  • Treadwear - 5 years/50k miles
  • Road hazard - 2 years with towing services (25-mile limit)
  • Uniform Warranty - First 2/32nds of tread
  • Workmanship/Materials - 5 years from the date of purchase


  • USA  made
  • Eco-friendly tire
  • Quiet ride, less road noise


  • The warranty should be longer
  • Treadwear is not as long as others

Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season


The Pirelli Scorpion is a tire made for the luxury SUV market for owners who want a low riding tire to support larger rims to enhance their vehicle's appearance. Due to an SUV's higher center of gravity and weight, the tire is designed to help mitigate these factors while providing a quality road experience. The tread is fashioned to reduce road noise, and provide superior handling and hydroplaning resistance.

The four wide grooves in the center tread help force water away from the tire base, improving surface contact on wet and snowy pavements. The tire’s sidewall is strengthened to resist puncture, and the enhanced silica compound helps the tire grip the road. The Scorpion Zero has a 500 AA rating on the UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grading) index. The all-season tire is rated as excellent (9.4) on multiple websites.

Pirelli Tires makes the Scorpion at a plant in Rome, GA, and offers no treadwear warranty since they are low-profile tires. If you are an owner who has specialized rims or wants a low-profile tire for looks, then the Pirelli is the way to go. Many other manufacturers, such as Jaguar, Audi, and BMW, use Scorpion tires, so they have a strong following among luxury owners.


  • Treadwear - none
  • Road hazard - 1 year or first 2/32nds.
  • Uniform Warranty - First year or first 2/32nds of tread
  • Workmanship/Materials - 6 years from the date of purchase, free replacement first year


  • USA  made
  • Used on various luxury SUVs
  • Low profile tire for looks
  • Quiet ride, less road noise


  • No treadwear warranty

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3


The Goodyear Eagle has been around a long time (since the early 80s) and was born on the racing circuit before becoming available for passenger vehicle use. The Eagle F1 is a tire best used in warmer climates, where there is little snow, and the need exists for ultra high performance suspensions like the FX50.

The tire has excellent traction and handling capabilities with above-average treadwear. The center rib is particularly stiff and rigid, which lends itself to an effective road grip and confidence during cornering. The tire has a 240 AA - A rating from UTQG.

Goodyear has been in business since the late 1800s and is one of the largest tire companies with multiple brands (Dunlop and Cooper, among others). Goodyear has plants worldwide, with many tires built overseas, even though they were designed with US engineering and research.


  • Treadwear - none
  • Road hazard - none
  • Uniform Warranty - 45k miles
  • Workmanship/Materials - 5 years from the date of purchase, prorated after first 2/32nds


  • Superior traction
  • Quality ride comfort
  • Reputable Company


  • Needs roadside assistance

Michelin X-Ice Snow


Michelin strikes again with a high-rated winter/snow tire that delivers for owners who drive in colder climates. The tire has excellent wet and snow traction and a balance formula to provide good fuel economy. While the handling is what you might expect from a winter snow tire, the compound shows decent treadwear and performance, especially on colder, harder pavement surfaces.

Both the silica compound and tread design have been reworked to provide better traction and hydroplane resistance. The deep sipes on the sidewall help the tire bite through the snow and can give confidence for steering control.

Consumer Reports give this tire high marks (73), and it is on their recommended list. The tire rides well, providing maximum comfort for the driver and passengers, which is what Infiniti tires are supposed to do (or at least what we expect them to do). The tire is rated for severe snow conditions, and Michelin recommends installing them in sets of four when buying tires.

Michelin has a reputation for building quality tires, but they also tend to be expensive. This tire is no exception, and its cost of almost $500 each seems a bit hefty for a set of rubber shoes that are only used for half a year.


  • Treadwear - 6 years/40,000 miles (must be used for winter only 9/1 - 4/30
  • Road hazard - none
  • Uniform Warranty - first year or first 2/32nds
  • Workmanship/Materials - 6 years from the date of purchase, free replacement first year.


  • Dedicated winter/snow tire
  • Quality ride comfort
  • Reputable Company
  • Largest tire company among tire brands


  • Only a winter tire - should buy them as a set for optimal performance.
Best Tires For Infiniti FX50

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