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The Kia Stinger is highly regarded for its dynamic capabilities, but if you want to make the most of its performance, you need to equip it with the right tires.

There are a lot of fantastic tires on the market for the Kia Stinger, which can make choosing just one set rather intimidating. Tire manufacturers have made a variety of different world-class tires that are excellent for the Kia Stinger, but choosing the right set is going to be determined based on what your primary driving needs are.

The best tires for the Kia Stinger are the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus, Toyo Celsius, Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring, Michelin Pilot Super Sport, Firestone Firehawk Indy 500, BFGoodrich G-Force Comp-2 A/S, Continental ExtremeContact DWS06.

We have seen Kia release a lot of amazing cars over the years, which has made it one of the most reputable manufacturers in the entire automotive industry. The launch of their Stinger model back in 2017 was met with huge success, as Kia was able to achieve all of the incredible performance capabilities of a sports car combined with the practicality of a sedan. This kind of versatility implies that the Kia Stinger is a vehicle that can be used for a wide variety of different driving styles, which is perfect for people out there that want to have a dynamic vehicle. However, if you want to enhance your Kia Stinger’s driving performance even further, you are going to want to choose the right set of tires for your car. The best way to do this is to select a tire that is going to cater to your driving style. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at the best tires for the Kia Stinger in more detail.

After years of working as a tire technician for Kia, I have had an extensive amount of experience testing out the various tires that are available for the stinger. My experience has taught me that the best tires for the Kia Stinger are those that are going to meet the primary needs of the driver.

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Kia Stinger: Best Tires

The Kia Stinger has gotten a lot of attention and praise from drivers and car enthusiasts, as it has boldly achieved the sports performance that so many of us want in our cars - while at the same time retaining the practicality of a reliable sedan. This stylish vehicle from Kia sought to compete with high-end manufacturers such as Maserati and BMW, which is why the elegant body design has a lot of resemblance to vehicles from Europe. However, the Kia Stinger not only rivals some of its competition with aesthetics but with performance capabilities as well.

The Kia Stinger is highly regarded for its incredible sports performance - with the latest model boasting a Turbocharged 2.5 Liter engine that is capable of delivering up to 300 horsepower. Although this does not match up to some of the specs of high-end sports vehicles on the market, for a vehicle that is still classified as a sedan sold at a mere $37,000 - these are some incredible qualities one should not overlook. However, if you want to truly harness the power of the Kia Stinger’s 300 horsepower, you are going to want to select a tire that is suited for High-Performance, as this kind of tire will enable your vehicle to perform optimally on the road.

This will especially be the case for Kia Stinger drivers who opted for the GT1 and GT2 models, as these have even more sports performance capabilities to offer. With that being said, not every driver that chooses to drive a Kia Stinger is going to be interested in a High-Performance tire, as some people prefer to focus on practicality and reliability when on the road. If that is the case, you may want to consider going with a more well-rounded option such as an All-Season tire, as these are going to be much more reliable for a wide variety of different driving conditions and terrains.

The bottom line is that the Kia Stinger is a fantastic vehicle for a lot of different drivers out there, but you are going to find that your Stinger is going to perform much better when you equip it with a set of tires that are matched to your driving needs. There are a lot of options on the market and it can be easy to get duped with the first set of bargain tires that you come across. We recommend that you take the time to assess the qualities of various tires that are available to you so that you can achieve the best possible performance from your Kia Stinger. To help you with your decision-making, we have hand-picked some of the best tires for the Kia Stinger.

All-Season Tires

The most common types of tires that we see being used today are All-Season tires. An All-Season tire aims to provide drivers with the most well-rounded driving experience possible so that drivers can rely on just a single set of tires for just about every common road condition. However, these tires often failed to deliver on their promise in the past, as the ‘All-Season’ title did not quite match with the reality of the performance, which is why All-Season tires were met with mixed reviews at first.

However, in the last 20 years or so, we have seen some incredible improvements with the performance capabilities of All-Season tires. This is due to groundbreaking innovation within the rubber compound of modern tires. The introduction of silica in All-Season tires has greatly increased the reliability of their on-road performance - with better traction, handling, and weather resistance all being key features of modern-age All-Season options.

An All-Season tire is going to be ideal for a Kia Stinger driver that has to deal with a wide variety of different driving conditions such as adverse weather and terrain, as well as standard city and highway driving. This is going to be a perfect option for someone that wants to throw a set of tires on their vehicle without needing to overthink technical performance. In addition, the technology behind All-Season tires also makes them great for a driver that wants to have a long tire lifespan. All-Season tires are highly-regarded for their exceptionally long tread life, which means that you can expect to only need to change your tires every 60,000 to 70,000 miles with these equipped to your Kia Stinger.

Now, although All-Season tires are incredibly dynamic, they are not going to be an ideal option for every Kia Stinger driver out there. The Kia Stinger has some fantastic sports capabilities that are not going to shine through as well with a set of All-Season tires, as these tires were designed primarily for reliability and not high-end performance. You should also note that All-Season tires are great for most road conditions but certainly not all. Your Kia Stinger will not have optimal performance in extreme climate regions. This type of tire will not match up to the capabilities of a High-Performance summer tire or a winter tire by any means, but it will get the job done for everything in between. Keep reading to learn more about the best All-Season tires for the Kia Stinger.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus (Grand Touring All-Season Tire)


A tire manufacturer that you know you can trust is Pirelli. For well over a century, Pirelli has been designing world-class tires that have continuously raised the bar for on-road driving capabilities.

Although Pirelli traditionally focused on releasing High-Performance tires that were suitable for sports vehicles, we have seen some amazing All-Season options from this manufacturer. This All-Season tire is one of the best tires on the market for Kia Stinger drivers.

This is a Grand Touring All-Season tire that offers all of the reliable qualities of a standard All-Season tire - with enhanced performance. A common issue that we find in a lot of All-Season tires on the market is that they simply do not have optimal driving performance when it comes to handling and cornering. This Pirelli tire has a highly-advanced tread design that greatly increases its grip on standard roads, which will give your Kia Stinger a better grip when cornering.

The Kia Stinger has a decent mile per gallon rating but it is not ideal, which can become quite costly when you consider your annual gas costs. Tires can greatly affect how fuel-efficient your car can be - with some options reducing the number of miles you can get out of your tank. Pirelli’s tread design also focuses on giving drivers the best possible fuel efficiency possible, which will help you save on gas in the long run.

This All-Season tire also had fantastic performance capabilities in dry and wet conditions. When we tested these Grand Touring All-Season tires on the Kia Stinger, we found that dry and wet acceleration was great - with the Stinger’s 0 to 60 miles in under 5 seconds being right on target. We also enjoyed the stopping power of these tires in both wet and dry conditions, as braking felt reliable and precise.

Furthermore, we found that this Pirelli tire has a very solid winter performance as well. The traction that we had in light snow and ice conditions, was on point, which can make this a great tire option for drivers that get moderate winters around the country. However, Pirelli’s Grand Touring All-Season tire did not quite match up to Toyo’s All-Weather option, as dense snow and ice resulted in performance capabilities that were not ideal. More on this coming up!

In addition, we really enjoyed how comfortable the Kia Stinger felt when we drove it with these Pirelli tires. It is quite common to have All-Season tires that feel a bit bumpy on the road or have a slight hum to them - especially when driving at high speeds. However, Pirelli’s Grand Touring All-Season tire felt very smooth and driving noise was minimized significantly.

Lastly, these tires have a fantastic tread life. You can expect to get an average tread life of 70,000 miles out of these. If they happen to fall short of this lifespan, you can rest assured that they are backed by a warranty. These Grand Touring All-Season tires are available at Discount Tire for just $116.00 per piece. For the dynamic performance capabilities and excellent tread life, this is a great deal.

Toyo Celsius (All-Weather Tire)


Toyo has got a lot of great tire options on the market, but we found that for the Kia Stinger, their Celsius model had the most attractive qualities. This tire is praised for its ‘All-Weather’ performance, as it was designed specifically to handle just about every kind of climate condition.

We tested the Celsius in dry and wet conditions and were very satisfied with the Kia Stinger’s performance. The acceleration of the Kia Stinger was solid in both conditions and the stopping power was equally matched.

The Celsius is not going to be able to compete with the dry and wet performance of a High-Performance tire but if you are not looking to prioritize sports performance, this All-Weather tire is going to be a great match for you.

With that being said, where this tire truly excels is in its ability to offer amazing winter performance to Kia Stinger drivers. It can be incredibly frustrating to pick out a set of All-Season tires for your vehicle and then find that they have lackluster performance as soon as the coldest time of the year comes around.

Toyo wanted to release a tire that would not let drivers down during even the peak of winter, which is why they designed the Celsius to handle snow conditions so well. When we tested the Celsius in light snow and ice, we found that the performance was world-class. However, when we drove the Kia Stinger in dense snow with these tires equipped, we were very impressed by how reliable the traction continued to be.

If you are a Kia Stinger driver that has to be on the road in adverse winter conditions, this is an All-Weather tire that you should not overlook, as it will enable you to drive with the same set of tires all year long.

In addition to this tire's stellar All-Weather performance capabilities, it also has an excellent tread life. You can expect to get an average life expectancy of 60,000 miles out of your Celsius tires. However, if you treat your tires with respect, you should be able to get at least another 5,000 to 10,000 miles out of them before you begin seeing any serious balding.

If you happen to have any issues with your tire up to the 60,000-mile mark, Toyo has backed them up with a warranty. You can currently get a set of these Toyo tires from Discount Tire for just $100.00 per piece, which makes this a great deal for a Kia Stinger driver that wants to buy a well-rounded tire on a budget.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring (Grand Touring All-Season Tire)


Cooper has been in the industry for a long time and the reason for that is that they have consistently released world-class tires that rival any of their competition. There are a lot of great tires from Cooper on the market that would be great for Kia Stinger drivers, but the model that we liked the most was their CS5 Ultra Touring.

The ingenuity behind Cooper’s tread design and rubber compound in recent years has made this manufacturer a standout when it comes to tire selections that are reliable but also capable of great on-road performance. This is due to the fact that Cooper has pioneered a silica compound that contains more than 4 times the amount of silica than most of its competitors.

This silica compound is what enables the CS5 Ultra Touring tire to be one of the best options right now, which is why so many Kia Stinger drivers opt for it. This Grand Touring All-Season tire is one of the most dynamic tires that you can equip your Kia Stinger with for just about every road condition imaginable.

We tested the CS5 Ultra Touring tire in dry and wet conditions with stellar results. The acceleration and braking performance was precise and felt highly advanced for a tire classified in the All-Season category. The tread design of these Grand Touring All-Season tires offered cornering abilities that were close to what you would expect from a reputable High-Performance tire.

When we drove the Kia Stinger in snow conditions with the CS5 Ultra Touring tire, we were impressed with how well it could handle winter driving. In light snow and ice, the performance was excellent, as stopping power felt very precise and safe. However, anything more intense than light snow can be problematic for this Cooper tire, as it was not technically designed to be a winter tire.

If you are still not sold on this Grand Touring All-Season tire, it has a great tread life of 50,000 to 70,000 miles. The 20,000-mile spread between the tread life expectancy should not be a concern to most Kia Stinger drivers, as the manufacturer is backing this figure with a warranty.

With that being said, one of the best aspects of this tire is how affordable it is. The CS5 Ultra Touring tire is available at Discount Tire for just $99.00, which makes it by far one of the best bang for your buck deals for the Kia Stinger. The specs of this tire combined with the great price tag make this hands down one of the best tires for the Kia Stinger.

High-Performance Tires

Although All-Season tires are great options for people that want to have a well-rounded driving experience, they are not always the best choice for those that want to harness the full capabilities of their vehicle. This can particularly be the case for Kia Stinger drivers that purchased their vehicles because they enjoy the sporty nature of the car. If you want to truly maximize the potential of your Kia Stinger, you should consider going with a High-Performance tire option.

High-Performance tires come in a number of different grades and classifications, but for the most part, they are meant to optimize a vehicle’s on-road performance. That is why you will commonly see High-Performance tires on sports vehicles. These tires were designed to give you the best traction and cornering abilities on the road so that you can push your vehicle to its limits. Although traditionally, these tires were primarily used on high-end sports cars, we have been seeing High-Performance tires used on so many standard vehicles these days such as sedans.

The Kia Stinger is classified as a ‘Compact Executive Car’ but it really has all of the essential qualities of a sport sedan. If you want to utilize the full sport capabilities of your Kia Stinger, there is really no better way to do it than to equip your vehicle with a High-Performance tire. These tire options are particularly popular among Kia Stinger drivers that opted for the GT1 or GT2 model options, as an All-Season tire is not going to do your vehicle any justice.

With that being said, you want to be careful with which kind of High-Performance tire you select, as these tires are generally designed to be ideal for a specific type of road condition. If you live in an area with a mild climate that has stable winters, the best option for you to consider is going to be a High-Perfromance summer tire. However, if you have to drive your Kia Stinger in adverse conditions from time to time or even have to deal with harsh winter weather, then a High-Perfromance All-Season tire will give you the best of both worlds when it comes to reliability and excellent on-road capabilities. Let’s dive right into the best High-Performance tires for the Kia Stinger.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport (High-Performance Summer Tire)


Michelin has been manufacturing tires for over 100 years and they continue to be one the best in the business when it comes to releasing world-class tires. Whether you are looking for a practical tire option or something that is going to give you amazing sports performance, Michelin has got you covered, which is why we selected their Pilot Super Sport as being one of the best ties for the Kia Stinger that money can buy.

The Pilot Super Sport is highly regarded by Kia Stinger drivers as being the ultimate tire to elevate the sports performance of their vehicle. Your Kia Stinger will have performance capabilities that blow any All-Season tire out of the water - you will feel like you are driving a sports car.

With even a standard Kia Stinger having 300 horsepower, you will be amazed by how much better your driving performance is when you get on the road, as the Pilot Super Sport was designed to let you harness the full power of your vehicle. However, if you are driving a Kia Stinger GT1 or GT2, this is going to be a summer tire to prioritize, as there are few that will compete with this option.

We drove the Kia Stinger in dry conditions and were blown away by the Pilot Super Sport’s cornering abilities. The handling was incredibly precise and we were able to accelerate and brake with absolute precision. This can especially be a great feature for drivers who live in parts of the country with extremely hot climates. A common flaw with All-Season tires is that they do not perform well in severe heat - with common accidents being attributed to braking issues in these conditions.

This Michelin tire will not only increase the sports performance of your summer driving but will also make it safer, as you can brake with total confidence when driving at high speeds. Furthermore, we found that this Michelin tire has top-of-the-line wet performance - even in severe rainstorms, which can also make this a great option for drivers who live in particularly wet parts of the country.

Now, the one issue that we tend to have with virtually every High-Performance summer tire on the market is that they have a very short tread life. It is quite common to have summer tires that start to bald after just a mere 20,000 miles, which can make tire changes a constant hassle and extremely costly. One of the key features of the Pilot Super Sport is that it was designed to push the tread life of a summer tire further than just about any of the competition, as these Michelin tires have a very impressive tread life of 30,000 miles.

This tread life in combination with the amazing specs is why so many Kia Stinger drivers choose the Pilot Super Sport over so many options on the market. We have found that if you have reasonable driving habits and do not abuse your summer tires too badly, then you should be able to get upwards of 40,000 miles out of them. However, if your Pilot Super Sport tires happen to fall short of the 30,000-mile tread life expectancy, Michelin has backed this model with a warranty, which is very uncommon for a High-Performance tire.

With that being said, just like every High-Performance summer tire on the market, you should only drive with these Michelin tires equipped to your Kia Stinger if you live in a part of the country that has a mild climate. These tires will not perform well in even moderate winter conditions - with tire traction in snow being very poor. If you do happen to live in an area that gets moderate or severe winters, you should absolutely be changing your tires on a seasonal basis.

The only major drawback of this High-Performance All-Season tire is that it is not going to be within the budget of every Kia Stinger driver out there. Michelin has designed a world-class summer tire and if you want to have one of the best sets of tires on your Kia Stinger that money can buy, you need to be ready to pay for it. The Pilot Super Sport tire is available at Discount Tire for $207.00, which is considerably more than any other tire that we mention. However, you will truly get your money’s worth with these summer tires, as there are few options that can compete.

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 (High-Performance Summer Tire)


Firestone is a name in the automotive world that stands out, as they are one of the most reputable tire manufacturers in the industry. So, naturally, they have one of the best High-Performance summer tires on the market for the Kia Stinger.

If you are looking for a tire that is going to focus solely on maximizing your Kia Stinger’s driving capabilities, few tires will get the job done better than the Firehawk Indy 500. This tire does not pretend to be anything other than what it is - a High-Performance summer tire.

If you want your Kia Stinger to handle like a sports car on your daily commutes - look no further. We tested the Firehawk Indy 500 in dry conditions and were blown away by how enhanced the Kia Stinger’s cornering and handling abilities were. The vehicle was able to brake with the highest level of precision and the advanced tread design gave the Stinger excellent acceleration. However, when running the same tests in wet conditions, we found that the Kia Stinger performed equally as well - even in severe rainstorms.

If you have been driving with a set of All-Season tires on your Kia Stinger, you will experience comfort like never before with the Firehawk Indy 500s’ equipped with your vehicle. Firestone prides itself in giving drivers an on-road experience that is optimized but also one that is comfortable. The tread design of the Firehawk Indy 500 will make your Kia Stinger feel incredibly smooth - regardless of how fast you are driving. In addition, the annoying highway hum that you often hear on the road will be virtually non-existent.

With that being said, this tire is one of the best in the industry for offering incredible summer driving performance capabilities, but much like with all tires of this classification, you are not going to want to drive with the Firehawk Indy 500s’ equipped in even moderate winter conditions. We tested this Firestone tire in light snow and ice and found that the handling and traction was way off, which means that these can be quite dangerous to use in the wrong setting. However, this will be the case with every summer tire on the market.

Furthermore, a common trade-off that Kia Stinger drivers have to accept when choosing a High-Performance summer tire like the Firehawk Indy 500 is that the increased performance means that you should expect a shorter tread life. Unlike the Michelin Pilot Super Sport which has an excellent tread life of 30,000 miles, the Firehawk Indy 500 will likely only get to about 20,000 miles (which is not backed by a warranty).

However, if you found that the Pilot Super Sport was outside of your budget, you may find that the Firehawk Indy 500 is a much better option for you. This High-Performance summer tire is available at Discount Tire for just $124.00. If you factor in the performance capabilities of this tire, as well as its price, this is one of the best bargain deals for a summer tire of this caliber on the market.

BFGoodrich G-Force Comp-2 A/S (High-Performance All-Season Tire)


If you are like so many Kia Stinger drivers out there, then you are probably on the fence between choosing a reliable All-Season tire or an enhanced performance summer tire. This can be especially tricky with car models like the stinger considering its dynamic capabilities as a sporty sedan.

BFGoodrich aims to deliver Kia Stinger drivers the best of both worlds in this regard, which is why they created the G-Force Comp-2 A/S High-Performance All-Season tire. This tire truly strikes a balance between sports capabilities and reliability, as Kia Stinger drivers have praised it for its versatility in just about every category.

Given that the G-Force Comp-2 A/S is a High-Performance tire, you can expect excellent cornering and handling capabilities. This BFGoodrich tire will not match up to the summer tires we mentioned above, but it will greatly surpass any standard All-Season option on the market. We tested the G-Force Comp-2 A/S in dry conditions and found that acceleration as well as stopping power was top notch. When driving in wet conditions, the Kia Stinger was able to handle the road with an optimal level of precision, which makes this a great tire for drivers who live in rainy parts of the country.

With that being said, unlike any standard All-Season tire, the G-Force Comp-2 A/S will handle snow conditions considerably better. This is not a replacement for a proper snow tire or chains but if you live in an area that gets moderate winters with light snow, you should not have any issues with this tire taking care of all of your driving needs throughout the entire year.

We did, however, find that the G-Force Comp-2 A/S was not great at handling dense snow or ice. Traction in the conditions became lackluster, which is why we do not advise relying solely on this tire for severe winters.

This BFGoodrich also strikes a balance in delivering drivers a very solid tread life. You can expect to get roughly 45,000 miles out of the G-Force Comp-2 A/S tire and it is backed by a warranty. Although this does not compete with the longevity of a standard All-Season tire, it is still considerably better than any summer tire out there. For the mere price of $108.00 at Discount Tire this High-Performance All-Season tire from BFGoodrich is a steal.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 (High-Performance All-Season Tire)


Continental is a German manufacturer that has been producing tires for over 150 years and there is a reason that they have had such longevity and success - they release world-class tires time and time again.

We were particularly impressed with their latest laucnch of the ExtremeContact DWS06 - a High-Performance All-Sesaon tire that has truly raised the bar for what a tire of this classifcation can offer. Continental was able to design a tire that has incredible on-road performance with exceptionally reliable All-Sesaon capabilities. The original DWS tire from Continental was already met with huge praise from drivers but Continental was able to make some additional improvements with their newest release of this model.

This is a High-Performance All-Season tire for a Kia Stinger driver that wants to truly have ‘All-Season’ capabilities all year long - without ever needing to change their tires. The dry and wet performance of your Kia Stinger will be fantastic - with considerably better cornering and handling than any standard All-Season tire on the market. Your acceleration will be stellar and your brakes will be percise. In addition, you will experience increased cornering and handeling capabilties, which many drivers could easily compare to the feel of a summer tire.

However, one of the most impressive characteristics of the DWS06 is how well it can handle winter conditions. Unlike most All-Sesaon tires that can barely handle light snow, the DWS06 will drive even in dense snow with excellent traction, as well as ice. This makes this Contineral High-Performance All-Season tire, one of the most reliable and well-rounded tires on the market for winter drivers.

Another area where the DWS06 truly shines is its tread life. This High-Performance All-Season tire was able to surpass the impressive tread life of BFGoodrich’s option, as you can expect to get at least 50,000 miles from this tire, which is also backed by a warranty. For a High-Performance tire, this tread life is unheard of.

The DWS06 is also very well priced for its astounding specs and capabilities. You can get yourself a set of these High-Pefromance All-Season tires from Discount Tire for just $125.00. If you consider this increased tread life as well as the performance capabiltiies, this is by far one of the best tire options that you can equip your Kia Stinger with.

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