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If you are far too familiar with cold temperatures, heavy snow, and slippery ice then you are in the right place to find the perfect tire for ice this winter.

Driving on ice with the wrong tires can present a major problem for drivers. The best tires for ice are the Bridgestone Blizzak DM V-2 and Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3. Both of these tires are equipped with advanced siping technology, durable sidewalls, and softer rubber to handle harsh winter weather.

In the winter, it is important to have a set of tires that can withstand ice and snow. If you are looking for the best tires for ice, you should choose a high-quality tire that is able to provide a safe driving experience. This guide includes some of the best.

Testing tires on ice requires some expertise and precision. Winter tires are designed differently using softer compounds and unique designs to target difficult and slippery surfaces. We go into detail about how tires work on ice and what the best options are for your vehicle.  

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6 Best Tires For Ice

When a vehicle is exposed to extreme cold, it will have a hard time in the process of traction. This is because when the water in the rubber of tires freezes, they lose the ability to grip the road.

The best tires for ice are those with a high tread and a high treadwear rating. This is because ice can be very slippery and requires more grip than other surfaces. The rubber compound also needs to be able to resist the freezing temperature of ices.

The key in a winter tire design is the softer rubber compound design to allow the tire to remain flexible when temperatures drop. This keeps the tire performing well in freezing temperatures. Ice tires also use grooves and sipes to expel water and slush to maintain accurate traction.

1. Bridgestone Blizzak DM V-2


The Bridgestone Blizzak DM V-2 is a winter tire that delivers more traction on ice, packed snow, and hard surfaces. It's designed for effective performance in cold weather driving conditions.

It has a modified tread profile with deep sipes to quickly shed snow and an aggressive sidewall for maximum grip on icy surfaces while maintaining the tire’s ability to grip on wet roads.

This tire design allows for excellent traction in extreme cold weather conditions. It also offers great wet performance with its unique tread pattern, which is designed to maintain grip even when wet.

The NanoPro Tech Multicell compound is a unique Bridgestone feature that allows for more flexibility in cold weather.

It is an optimized tread pattern that helps to provide a better wet grip without sacrificing dry traction. It also uses smaller sipes in the middle of the tread blocks which allows for better water evacuation and hydroplaning resistance.

This winter tire can be found at Tire Rack as one of the most widely used winter tires for ice on the market.

2. Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3


The Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 tire is a tire designed for winter conditions. This tire has more grip on ice, snow, and slush than its predecessor so you can travel with confidence no matter what the weather conditions are like.

It features an aggressive tread pattern with high-density 3D sipes which helps the tires to move water efficiently and provide high levels of grip on snow and ice surfaces. The tire also has reinforced sidewalls that help protect against punctures and offer stability in the event of slipping on ice or snow.

The Winter Sottozero 3 tire is light and very durable, with an aggressive center groove that provides better performance in snow. It also comes with a semi-slick casing that resists aquaplaning, the most common type of road hazard during wet weather.

The contact patch has been enlarged on this tire too. This allows the tire to create more direct contact with the pavement when driving for extra traction and road grip. You can purchase this tire directly at Tire Rack for only $133.50 per tire.

3. Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT


The Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT tire provides you with excellent grip in winter weather conditions. The tire also has a long tread life, making it the best option for you when dealing with harsh roads in cold temperatures.

This tire has a tread pattern with deep grooves to improve traction on loose snow, ice, and slushy surfaces. It also features several innovative features for ice driving including siping which increases the contact patch area to provide a better grip on ice.

The sidewall design is made from more durable rubber materials that are specifically designed to puncture through thick layers of ice or slushy snow without allowing damage. It also features a vibration-damping layer to reduce noise so you can experience more comfortable driving.

Goodyear uses a set of 2D lateral sipes to release biting edges on slippery roads covered in snow and ice for added traction. The TredLock Technology also uses 3D sipes on the shoulder blocks so the whole tire is covered.

This tire can be found in a range of sizes at Tire Rack for a low price starting at $119.09 per tire.

4. Continental VikingContact 7


The Continental VikingContact 7 is a high-end tire with an aggressive tread pattern and a grippier compound for more traction on ice. It comes equipped with a few new upgrades and innovations compared to previous models.

The VikingContact 7's tread design is based on large lugs, which provide excellent traction on ice and snow. The tread compound gives people confidence when driving on ice because it grips the surface better than standard compounds do.

Continental also uses a Nordic compound to design an eco-friendly rubber compound using canola oil. This helps the tire to stay flexible in freezing temperatures so it is easier to drive with high performance during the winter.

The tire also uses interlocking tread blocks, lateral grooves, and an optimized void ratio. All of these features work to make a more accurate contact patch on the tire for better handling and road grip.

Tire Rack is the best retailer to find this tire available with many sizes to choose from and free shipping on every order.

5. Michelin X-Ice Xi3


The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 winter tire is designed for more control and confidence when driving on ice and snow. It has also been engineered to provide traction and stability on slippery surfaces like wet concrete, asphalt, and oil.

The X-Ice Xi3 tire features a unique set of cross Z sipes. This tire has a tread pattern that gives you better traction when it's icy outside, so you won't slip and slide all over the place.

This tire has a silica rubber compound that provides excellent grip on ice, which makes it suitable for all weather conditions. It also features wet-braking capabilities, which help when stopping on ice without slipping or sliding.

The entire design of this tire puts a focus on creating stability and balance because of how difficult it can be for a tire to drive through the ice. This is why there are interlocking independent shoulder blocks and intermediate tread blocks. They work together to provide safer driving.

Check out this tire at Tire Rack for a low price of only $82.54 per tire with plenty of sizes in stock.

6. Firestone Winterforce 2


The Winterforce 2 is a tire built for accurate driving on ice and snow. It is made for sedans, coupes, and other smaller vehicles to provide a high-performance winter tire that can handle the conditions of freezing temperatures and ice.

This tire has an improved tread design that helps you grip the ice, especially in wet conditions. It also has optimized grooves to reduce road noise so you can enjoy more road comfort. The cold weather tread compound provides both high mileage for dry pavement and low rolling resistance for ice or packed snow.

The design uses high-density sipes that create a tread pattern with more ability to drive through ice and snow. These sipes release many biting edges that act like claws to better grip the road below too.

The tire also provides excellent hydroplaning resistance with a lateral groove design that includes circumferential grooves, wide notches, and open shoulders that all act as an outflowing channel for water, ice, and slush.

This is a widely available tire and you can find nearly every size needed at Tire Rack starting at $103.02 per tire.  

What Is Different About Winter Tires For Ice?

Winter tires are designed for use in winter conditions. They have a softer rubber compound which makes them less prone to gripping ice and snow.

They are typically narrower to fit on a wider wheelbase of a vehicle's design, made from a softer compound rubber that grips ice and snow more easily, and with shorter treads to grip thin ice and snow more firmly.

These tires are designed with softer rubber compounds that provide better grip in icy conditions. They also have grooves to channel road spray away from the contact patch to reduce hydroplaning.

They are designed for lower rolling resistance and better traction in cold climates. They’re typically made with a tread pattern that’s designed to best distribute the weight of the car or truck across the contact patch.

The most noticeable difference between all-season and winter models is the tread pattern which has fewer grooves on them, but these smaller grooves can help provide better grip on snow and ice compared to larger grooves which can cause slipping.

If you are looking for better performance on the ice, it is best to upgrade to winter tires once the weather starts to get colder.

Why You Need Winter Tires For Ice

When you are driving on ice, your car can slide or spin out when you apply too much pressure on the brakes. By using a dedicated winter tire for ice, you can drive in these elements with more accuracy and confidence.

The difference between a summer tire and a winter tire is that summer tires are made to give more traction when it’s warm outside with a stiffer tread compound while winter tires are made to give more traction when it’s cold outside with a softer rubber compound.

Winter tires are made for operating in cold weather environments. These tires have a tread pattern that is designed to be more effective on icy and snowy roads.

Winter tire technology keeps you safer while also providing better traction on icy surfaces. Better traction means less risk of sliding or spinning out when driving over slippery or slushy conditions.

These tires are designed with a tread pattern that grips the ice and snow better. With these ice-fighting treads, they help reduce rolling resistance and increase grip when driving on ice and snow.

How Long Do Winter Tires For Ice Last?

Winter tires are used in the colder regions where snow and ice are common. They are designed for slippery conditions and they do not offer as much grip as other tires.

The average winter tire will last 3-4 seasons, but the wear and tear differ from tire to tire. For example, a relatively new winter tire will wear down quicker than a one that has been on the road for 5 years.

There is no standard for how long a winter tire will last, but it depends on several factors such as driving style, temperature, type of roads you drive on, etc. The best thing you can do is take care of your tire consistently to extend the tread life as long as possible.

The lifespan of a tire is best determined by how it is used and where it is used. If you drive on roads that are located in urban areas, then your tire may only last for one season.

On the other hand, if you drive on roads that are located in rural areas or an area with less traffic, then your tire may last longer than 3-4 seasons. The type of vehicle and average load capacity also play a major role in tire lifespan. 

Best Tires For Ice

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