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Depending on where you live, driving on gravel may or may not be a frequent occurrence for you. Either way, we have some of the best tires for gravel for you.

Driving on gravel requires a tough tire with unique handling capabilities. We recommend the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, Continental TerrainContact A/T, and Michelin Defender LTX M/S as three of the top available tires for gravel. These tires provide extra-strength sidewalls and narrower treads.

Gravel roads can put a strain on both your tires and your vehicle. This is why it is so important to use the right tires if you are consistently driving on this type of terrain because of the long-term effects it can have. The modern tires included in this guide are all built to provide more accurate handling, durability, and overall performance for gravel.

Every tire for gravel included here has been driven and tested by a panel of industry experts who understand key features to look for. All research and data have been compiled into this easy-to-read guide to help drivers find better tires for their vehicles. Keep reading to learn all about the best tires for gravel.

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Best Tires For Gravel

If you are worried about your tires getting damaged while driving on gravel roads, consider purchasing tires made specifically for gravel roads. These tires have specially designed tread patterns to maximize traction and reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle.

The best tires for gravel offer high traction, durability, and versatility. They also include high-strength tread compounds and sidewall reinforcements to last longer while driving through more difficult terrain.

Puncture resistance is also an important factor to consider when choosing what type of tire to use. Gravel can cause you to drive through sharp stones or rocks constantly that could threaten your tire for potential damages. This feature will keep them safe and lasting longer.

These best tires for gravel roads will provide you with better safety when driving on them than any other type of tire would be able to do. They also offer more grip than most other types of tires so that you can maintain control at all times when driving on them.

1. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2


The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 is an all-terrain tire that is designed for off-road driving. It has a tough puncture-resistant tread, a tread compound designed to resist tearing, and a tough carcass.

This tire provides more traction and stability than other types of vehicle tires. It's designed for a variety of surfaces including light mud, gravel, and sand too.

A unique feature about this tire is the Tri-Gard sidewall construction for superior traction and durability. It also features an aggressive tread design and long wear life for off-road driving. It uses a polyester cord with reinforced nylon to maximize tire strength and stability.

The KO2’s are designed to improve traction handling in off-road conditions by increasing the contact patch size to increase grip on challenging terrain. The radial tread pattern also reduces heat build-up during use by reducing premature tire cracking and incurring less downshift loss during braking actions.

A standout feature of the tire is its puncture protection - it has a thick layer of rubber across the tread to prevent getting punctured. This gives drivers peace of mind and ensures they can drive safely on gravel roads, where most punctures occur.

Both SimpleTire and Tire Rack are the best retailers that offer this tire available. You can find many different sizes to accommodate your vehicle at affordable pricing.

2. Continental TerrainContact A/T


The Continental TerrainContact A/T performs well on wet and dry surfaces thanks to its sophisticated tread design that has lots of voids to provide grip.

It also features a reliable center rib that increases the tire's rigidity while reducing rolling resistance. The tire lives up to its name with its superior performance in all types of terrain including gravel roads.

This tire has an aggressive tread pattern, puncture-resistant side lugs, and a robust Kevlar-reinforced bead at the center of the tire, all designed to make it perfect for harsh conditions like gravel roads.

The Continental A/T is made with silica with +Silane technology for enhanced grip and performance on wet or dry surfaces. The unique compound gives it an extremely low rolling resistance as well as high grip, making this tire perfect for any type of weather condition.

This tire features a unique ComfortRide design that they've designed to promote a smoother, more comfortable ride. This allows for better traction and stability on different surfaces.

The tire’s sipes are interwoven to help distribute the force over a large area, helping to increase the overall contact patch. There are many other features that make this tire perfect for use in any weather condition.

Tire Rack offers this tire widely available with prices starting at $192 per tire. Every purchase also includes free shipping across the United States.

3. Michelin Defender LTX M/S


Michelin is a well-known company that is most popular for its tires. The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is a popular tire that many people are choosing to use due to its features and durability.

The Defender LTX M/S tire offers excellent traction on all types of surfaces because of its advanced tread pattern that features rounded knobs on the tread which provide the best way to grip the ground.

This tire also offers enhanced comfort, traction, and durability. It also comes with an aggressive tread pattern that will not let any material get in the way of your ride.

The Evertread Technology offers an excellent ride for your car on any surface. It combines the best traits of a mountain and a road tire, combining the traction and durability of a street tire with the protection and stability of an all-terrain tire.

The tires are designed with a MaxTouch Construction feature, which allows them to handle aggressive terrain without sacrificing performance or safety. This is a puncture-resistant layer that absorbs energy from impacts and dissipates it evenly throughout the tread to minimize damage to your vehicle's structure.

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is known to provide plenty of balance and driving support. You can find this tire available at Tire Rack today.

4. Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3


The Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 tire is a premium, all-terrain, performance-oriented, touring, and aggressive street tire. It is specifically designed for those who enjoy driving on gravel or who want to go off-roading.

The tread pattern offers excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces as well as long wear. The tread pattern also allows for enhanced drainage performance - which is especially useful in heavy rain conditions.

This type of tire also tends to last longer than most other types of tires due to its enhanced toughness and durability - something that makes it the perfect option for those who need a tough yet long-lasting tire option.

This tire was created on the rear axle to be used on both paved and unpaved surfaces. It is an aggressive tire that can be used on both vehicles that are meant for off-road racing as well as for everyday driving.

The design features a symmetrical tread pattern with large shoulder blocks that are designed to provide stability on uneven surfaces like inclines and while driving at high speeds on highways. It also has a low-profile tread pattern to help increase mileage and traction on the highway.

You can purchase this tire at any time with either SimpleTire or Tire Rack at affordable pricing. They also provide an amazing selection of sizes for different driving needs.

5. Firestone Transforce AT2


The Firestone Transforce AT2 tire has a mix of sport and all-terrain tires, and it is what we would call a ride-anywhere tire. It has a unique tread pattern that allows for excellent traction and grip, thanks to its large siping blocks.

This 2 tire is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an all-terrain tire that can handle gravel with ease. It grips the ground well in dry conditions but is also capable of taking on more difficult terrain in wet conditions.

This advanced tire is very durable for that type of use, but it also works well on the road. The tread design works well with dry conditions and wet terrain as well as in muddy conditions.

It is chip- and tear-resistant, which is perfect for driving on rough terrain. It also has a better tread design, which means that there are more treads per square inch.

The all-terrain compound provides stability on the road as well as the various terrains that you may encounter while driving. It also provides superior performance in wet and dry conditions, making it suitable for various types of terrain.

Tire Rack is the best place to find this tire. You get a wide selection of sizes with fast delivery for free.

6. Goodyear Wrangler MT/R With Kevlar


Goodyear Wrangler MT/R With Kevlar tire is a new addition to the Goodyear lineup of off-road tires. This tire has more protection features than its predecessors, which include a thicker tread and improved durability.

The tire includes a thicker tread and improved durability, which increases traction on different surfaces and makes it durable enough for riding in harsh road conditions.

The silica rubber compound of the Kevlar tires helps to deliver the best traction on these tires. This tread compound has been engineered for not only wet conditions but also dry conditions. In addition, these tires are designed to provide an even ride on all surfaces and on any type of terrain.

The Wrangler MT/R has a self-cleaning tread, which helps in cutting down on maintenance costs. It also has a Kevlar-reinforced sidewall. The tire is designed for on and off-road use, which makes it suitable for any vehicle.

This tire offers both cut and puncture resistance. This means that there is no need to buy new tires every time you get a puncture. The Kevlar also helps the tire to be more durable and on the higher side, it can handle extreme weather conditions as well.

These tires might be designed to be able to resist these types of harsh forces, but they can still suffer from damage that can lead to punctures or tears in the tread and sidewall.

This tire is available at both Tire Rack and Discount Tire. Both retailers offer solid discounts with free shipping on all orders too.

7. Kumho Crugen HT51


The Kumho Crugen HT51 is a high-performance highway tire that is suitable for driving on gravel roads and paved surfaces. In addition to its excellent performance, this tire has low rolling resistance, medium tread depth, and a soft compound.

This tire has a long-lasting tread design, giving it an excellent lifespan. The tread has been reinforced to resist punctures and cuts. It offers a smooth surface with low rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency and handling capabilities.

tire that has a unique 3D zigzag sipes design. It offers improved traction and stability on wet and dry roads, as well as driving in the winter. These sipes release biting edges on snow and ice so you can maximize your road grip without sliding or hydroplaning.

A unique design that allows for optimized geometric block layout has been developed in order to provide superior traction on wet roads as well as improved handling on dry roads.

The Kumho Crugen HT51 should be your next tire if you're looking for an all-weather option that will work well on the highway and in the dirt. You can find it at Tire Rack for as low as only $123 per tire.

8. Pirelli Scorpion All-Terrain Plus


The Pirelli Scorpion All-Terrain Plus tire is designed to give riders added traction and performance on a variety of surfaces. It has a smooth, quiet ride and a long life span that can last for many miles. . This tire is perfect for gravel bikes while still being able to hold its own on asphalt and paved roads.

This is a durable all-terrain performer for offroad, on-road, and the street. It is designed to provide maximum traction in all weather conditions. It also provides a smooth ride on the road with its unique tread pattern. These tires offer excellent performance within an aggressive budget price point.

It has a high level of grip and has the strength to go over any terrain thanks to its puncture-resistant design. The casing design also makes it easier to clean and take care of the tire.

The Scorpion All-Terrain Plus tire has got the right combination of traction, control, and performance that makes it perfect for winter. The tire offers great handling in off-road conditions and at higher speeds.

The design is made to provide excellent grip on wet surfaces as well as on loose surfaces like snow or mud. It also features a wide tread pattern for added stability when driving at faster speeds on highways.

This tire is not as widely available but you can get them at Tire Rack for only $150.50 per tire with free shipping included.

9. Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac


The Wrangler Duratrac is a top-notch tire that offers great durability with a better grip, as well as with excellent wear life. It is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a tire that's going to last longer without sacrificing performance.

The most noticeable advantage of the tire is that it provides excellent traction on gravel. The second advantage includes better handling and braking capabilities since it has an aggressive tread pattern designed for low rolling resistance on both wet and dry surfaces.

The tire is reinforced with steel cords that run through the tread to provide puncture resistance. The sidewalls are made of a durable chain link fabric material. The tires also feature an all-new rib design that offers greater grip and performance in extreme conditions.

With a unique tread design and the patented sidewall, they offer superior durability with a specially designed steel belt for extra strength and durability. There is even a self-cleaning feature to keep the tire driving as well as possible.

This tire has a reinforced tread block which makes them resistant to cuts and punctures in dry conditions. The tire is also well-balanced which makes it easy to drive at high speed. It features zig-zag sipes that provide traction and durability on snow and ice.

This is a larger tire and the sizing options are limited. It also comes in LT sizes too. You can find this tire at Tire Rack right away.

What You Should Look For When Buying Tires For Gravel

Gravel tires are a type of tire designed for use on loose, hard surfaces such as gravel, dirt, and sand. They have large air-filled cushioning cells that can be easily deflated to provide a smooth ride.

The pattern is typically used for off-road driving in areas where there is no paved road or it’s too dangerous to travel on. If you are not sure what factors make up a reliable tire for gravel, we have included some things to look for when shopping.

Tire Width

Narrower tires roll faster and smoother on gravel because the narrower tire produces more traction on the surface, which means it can slide more easily without getting stuck.

If your car has too wide of a tire, then you should consider replacing them with narrower ones that roll smoother and faster on these types of surfaces. It is also important to match both the tire width and rim width closely to maximize performance on gravel roads.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern is an important factor for determining how well your vehicle will handle off-road conditions. The tread pattern helps in modulating tire pressure, which makes it possible for the tires to maintain a good balance between traction and rolling resistance.

When pavement turns to gravel, it’s harder for the tires to just push through. The tread pattern should be designed for this type of surface with a focus on providing a wider contact patch for more accurate grip and traction.

Internal Casing

In the design of a tire, there is an internal casing that helps build internal tire strength to help with stability, durability, and overall ride quality. The type of internal casing used in a tire will play a major role in determining how well it can handle driving on gravel.

By relying on an internal casing, you can drive stronger tires with more precision on slippery surfaces that require more accurate handling like gravel.

Sidewall Construction

Arguably the most important feature in a gravel tire and any off-road driving tire is the sidewall construction. For any tire without reinforced rubber and cut and chip-resistant features, it will be difficult to drive on rugged terrain.

The tires included in this guide all utilize advanced rubber compounds and shoulder designs to improve the strength of a tire.

Does Driving On Gravel Damage Tires?

Driving on gravel will wear down your tires faster compared to only driving on traditional pavement roads. However, if you are using advanced tires mentioned in this guide you will not notice much of a decline in tread life.

However, gravel can cause damage to tires not intended for off-road or rugged terrain driving. The tire will wear quicker and it will also be much more susceptible to flat tires, damages, and tire punctures.

Driving on gravel damages the tires, and one of the most important areas that get damaged is the tread. This damage can lead to uneven wear and premature tire failure.

If you do find yourself driving on gravel roads, it is important to change your tires to dedicated gravel tires as soon as possible so you don't have any problems later on.

What Is The Best Type Of Tire For Gravel Roads?

Tires for gravel roads vary depending on your needs. Performance tires are specifically designed for off-road driving surfaces such as snow, mud, sand, and rocks.

They have a great deal of tread depth that allows them to cut through the ground more easily than other types of tires. They also have a soft compound that provides more grip on these surfaces without sacrificing speed or performance on other driving surfaces like pavement.

The three main types of tires for this type of surface are all-terrain, mud-terrain, and highway tires.

All-Terrain Tire

All-terrain tires make driving on gravel roads more enjoyable by reducing the risk of getting stuck in the mud or having to walk back if you get stuck.

They are lightweight, durable, and have unique features to withstand punctures when driving on these rugged surfaces. The best part about an all-terrain tire is how well it can handle on traditional pavement too.

Because all-terrain tires are so smooth on regular pavement, drivers of SUVs and trucks tend to use these tires for everyday driving because they are so versatile.

Mud-Terrain Tire

Mud-terrain tires are excellent for gravel because they are made with an open tread, which provides better traction on wet and muddy roads. They are suitable for off-road use and they are able to run on soft ground with deep ruts without slipping or spinning out.

They are made for off-road conditions like gravel, sand, mud, and snow. The tread pattern is designed to maintain its contact with the terrain. They typically include puncture-resistant features and a reinforced sidewall so you can expect to drive with plenty of stability too.

Highway Tire

Gravel tires reduce rolling resistance and allow for better traction due to the lack of tread. They also excel at driving over rougher surfaces like gravel, sand, and mud. This is why highway tires can be an excellent choice for gravel.

Highway tires also have excellent load capacity capabilities for long distances. They also come with cut and chip-resistant sidewalls to handle well on gravel roads.

Best Tires For Gravel

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