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The Dodge Ram 3500 leads the heavy-duty pickup truck market with more power than ever before. Drivers need the most efficient tires equipped to be road-ready.

Dodge Ram 3500 drivers can rest easy when relying on these top tires. We rank the General Grabber HTS60, Kumho Road Venture AT51, and Falken Wildpeak AT3W as the three top tire picks to use on the Ram 3500. Each model provides excellent durability and performance features above the competition.

Ram 3500s are unique because of the available six-wheel models, with a dual tire design in the rear. This feature adds more powerful performance and tire versatility. The factory tire on the Ram 3500 is a light truck, all-season tire in the Nexen Roadian HTX RH5. We will compare the key features of this tire to our recommendations to help you find the best fit for your driving needs.

All tires included in this complete guide have been thoroughly researched, analyzed, and tested for the most accurate results. Our team utilizes real-life driving tests on a professional track to see the tire handle on dry roads, wet roads, and braking situations. The experts providing these recommendations have carefully selected these tires for you based on the results.  

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10 Best Tires For Dodge Ram 3500

The RAM pick-up line of vehicles was initially introduced in 1981 as a product of Dodge. However, it wasn’t until 2013 when these models broke away from Dodge and became only RAM 3500 pickup trucks under their own brand.

The 3500 is massive in size and ability. In fact, it comes in different models that include a dual rear wheel design. This means the truck uses six tires instead of four like almost every other competing pickup model on the market.

We have considered the unique ability of the RAM 3500 for every tire recommendation made here in this guide. In addition, all tires are broken into specific tire type groups like All-season, touring, highway, and many more.

Keep reading to learn about the ten best tires and the popular factory tire for your Ram 3500.  

Tire Type Tire
All Season General Grabber HTS60
Touring Sumitomo Encounter HT
Summer Michelin XPS RIB
Winter Bridgestone Blizzak LT
Performance Street Kumho Crugen HT51
Highway Continental TerrainContact HT
All-Terrain Kumho Road Venture AT51
Mud-Terrain Firestone Destination M/T2
All-Purpose Falken Wildpeak AT3W
Temporary Spare Goodyear Radial Spare
Factory Tire Nexen Roadian HTX RH5

General Grabber HTS60 - Best All Season


All-season driving in the Ram 3500 is essential. Some drivers will require a tire that provides above-average winter handling, optimal tread life, and additional performance features. The General Grabber HTS60 is the perfect all-season tire for the Ram 3500.

The LT tire models are better equipped to handling heavy loads and come with a more robust tread better optimized for road stability and traction.

Expect to get excellent dry road traction and handling too. The steering responsiveness is phenomenal and ranks ahead of every competing all-season tire available. This is possible because of the continuous rib that interlocks with the notched shoulders and middle tread blocks.

Wet traction is reliable too. There are circumferential grooves with extra sipes too. Water can flow through the grooves, and they are deeper to handle slush, ice, and snow. In addition, the sipes release biting edges to improve braking and road grip for more confident driving in the winter.

Road noise is extremely low, especially for a tire on such a large truck. General incorporates Comfort Balance technology, a sound barrier rib, into their tread design. It can absorb the vibrations from the road more efficiently.


  • Wet traction is firm and reliable.
  • Short-distance braking is confident.
  • Dry traction is sharp with cornering capabilities.
  • Tread life is fantastic.


  • Road comfort could be improved on highways.
What sizes can I buy this tire in?

This tire can be purchased in sizes ranging between 16” and 22” in rim size, with plenty of different speed ratings available too.

What warranty is offered with this tire?

General provides a six-year / 65,000-mile limited tread life warranty on this tire. The offerings vary based on both the size and speed ratings, with LT-rated tires getting lower coverage.

Sumitomo Encounter HT - Best Touring


Because we find it important to focus on touring tires for the Ram 3500, we have included our top pick for this category. The best choice is the Sumitomo Encounter HT that provides excellent road comfort, ride quality, and overall tire tread life.

The tread compound is made from all-season materials to keep driving sharp in different temperatures and weather conditions. In addition, the tread pattern design is symmetric to provide more balance with the continuous rib.

Wet traction is excellent on this tire. With all of the added features for comfort and durability, the traction in rain and snow is reliable. There are cross grooves and circumferential grooves to allow the tire to act more with more versatility to brake on snow, corner, and avoid hydroplaning.

The zig-zag sipes are a critical feature releasing the most biting edges in deeper snow. These biting particles create claws on the tire to tightly grip the road and provide more accurate driving.

Road noise is a significant benefit this tire can offer. The Encounter HT has a tread design specifically optimized to absorb road vibrations, hit potholes quietly, and ride at high speeds in silence.  


  • Dry traction is precise with excellent cornering and handling.
  • Road noise is minimal and ranks near the top.
  • Excellent value for the price.
  • Hydroplaning resistance is consistent and accurate.


  • Cornering on snow and ice is below average.
What sizes can I buy this tire in?

The Encounter HT is manufactured by Sumitomo in sizes ranging between 16” and 20” in rim diameter. The available speed ratings vary based on the sizing, with many LT-rated models available too.

What warranty is offered with this tire?

Sumitomo can provide all drivings with a six-year or 60,000-mile limited tread life warranty, even on LT tires too.

Michelin XPS Rib - Best Summer


Summer tires are less common for pickup trucks, especially ones with the size and power of the Dodge Ram 3500. However, it is still a necessity for some in warmer climates who prefer a tire that focuses on high performance above all else. The best summer tire for the 3500 is the Michelin XPS Rib.

The XPS Rib is made from a high-strength compound of steel casings and reinforced steel beads. This is a unique compound for a tire that enhances the towing capacity and overall strength the tire can provide.

It is best known for the ability to tow maxim loads while maintaining above-average traction, cornering, and driving stability. The specific tread design targets dry and wet surfaces to increase the road grip too.

Michelin provides this tire to a wide range of brands as a factory OEM model tire for a portion of the heavy truck and pickup truck market. They included an optimized tread pattern to combat road noise and enhance driving comfort.

The tread life is also fantastic. Drivers have reported getting to over 80,000 miles with this tire. Because of the high-intensity design, we don’t expect these reviews to change. This is a high-performing tire that focuses on handling and maximum load towing.    


  • Ride comfort is above average despite the design.
  • Treadwear longevity is reliable.
  • Dry traction is sharp with excellent precision.
  • Wet road handling is exceptional.  


  • Winter traction is well below average.
What sizes can I buy this tire in?

These tires are available for purchase in sizes between 16” and 18” in all LT-rated models.

What warranty is offered with this tire?

Michelin gives all buyers a six-year / 60,000-mile limited tread life warranty on this tire.

Bridgestone Blizzak LT - Best Winter


Bridgestone consistently produces some of the most reliable winter tires on the market for all vehicles. They especially shine in their ability to make LT winter tires for the pickup truck market. Our favorite winter tire for the Ram 3500 is the Bridgestone Blizzak LT.

This studless ice and snow tire was made for heavy-duty trucks that are capable of towing maximum loads despite the weather conditions. The light truck winter compound used to make the tread is a rugged material that can handle the conditions without faltering.

The shoulder blocks are powerful and contain tie bars that connect and interlock with the intermediate tread blocks. By making this design, Bridgestone enables drivers to have confident handling, especially on wet or slippery road surfaces.

The circumferential grooves are wider than usual to handle more water, thicker snow, and slush. The tire can cut right through these elements. This helps improve traction while providing accurate hydroplaning resistance.

The zip zag sipes exist to support all features in the tire. There are deeper tread depths with sipes layered across the tire to release bite particles for better grip. Overall, the tire handles the winter conditions flawlessly with excellent comfort too.      


  • Winter driving is nearly perfect and ranks ahead of the competition.
  • Dry road handling is solid.
  • Short-distance braking is precise.
  • Hydroplaning resistance is consistent.


  • Summer driving and handling are poor.
What sizes can I buy this tire in?

Bridgestone manufactures this tire in sizes between 16” and 20” in rim diameter to serve LT drivers.

What warranty is offered with this tire?

There is no limited tread life warranty on this winter tire. However, Bridgestone does offer a uniformity warranty to cover the first 2/32” of wear.

Kumho Crugen HT51 - Best Performance Street


For those looking for a tire that can drive with precision and handle better, we recommend shopping for a reliable performance street tire. These tires raise the performance of your vehicle to improve your driving experience. The best performance street tire for the Ram 3500 is the Kumho Crugen HT51.

The Crugen HT51 is an all-season tire with touring capabilities too. The pattern utilizes all-season materials and an asymmetric tread pattern to improve road traction, handling, cornering, and comfort.

Within the tread pattern is an optimized structure to allow for the center tread blocks to work more efficiently. This means the tire will act more responsively on the road with direct handling and driving stability.

Wet traction is excellent with deeper circumferential grooves to help expel water from the contact patches on the tire to improve road traction. By doing so, the hydroplaning resistance on this tire increases too.

The Crugen HT51 is reliable in the winter as well. There are twin steel belts within the internal structure to allow for tire stability that helps maintain responsiveness on slippery roads. There are also zig-zag grooves and 3D sipes to handle the light snow and ice better.  


  • Tread life ranks highly in its class.
  • Reliable winter traction, especially in lighter snow and ice.
  • Dry road handling is nearly perfect.
  • Low-cost tire.


  • Braking on slippery roads could be improved, especially in the winter.
What sizes can I buy this tire in?

Kumho provides the Curgen HT51 in sizes ranging between 15” and 20” available in both LT and non-LT rated tire sizes.

What warranty is offered with this tire?

Kumho insures this tire with excellent coverage. The warranty policy is for six years or 70,000 miles. However, the LT-rated tires receive less coverage for only 45,000 miles.

Continental TerrainContact HT - Best Highway


In large trucks, it is essential to shop for both comfort and durability. Tires that can provide both of these features while maintaining the ability to pull maximum loads are difficult. We recommend the Continental TerrainContact HT as the best highway tire for the Ram 3500.

Continental uses +Silane additives in their tread composition to make a longer-lasting compound that adds traction and strength to your vehicle. The compound is made into a symmetric pattern with cut and chip-resistant rubbers.

You can expect to get all-season traction from this tire. Continental uses a more extensive set of shoulder blocks to enhance the cornering and stability features when driving, especially at faster speeds on the highway. As a result, changing lanes is more stable, and traction is reliable.

Continental also uses Computer-Optimized Pattern Shifting technology to make a quieter tire with better comfort. There are noise blockers built directly into the treads to absorb vibrations from road bumps to keep cabin noise low. The overall riding experience is extremely comfortable.

Wet traction is also solid. The +Silane creates extra traction, and the circumferential grooves provide hydroplaning resistance on roads. There are also full-depth sipes that work together to interlock with the tread blocks during winter driving.


  • Braking on wet roads is flawless.
  • Excellent handling on dry roads, especially with cornering and braking.
  • Comfortable driving and minimal road noise.
  • Hydroplaning resistance is exceptional.


  • Doesn’t handle off-roading well.
  • Higher-priced tire.
What sizes can I buy this tire in?

Continental ensured this was a widely available tire on the market with sizes between 16” and 22” in rim diameter. It is available in both P and LT sizes too.

What warranty is offered with this tire?

The warranty on this tire is six years / 70,000 miles on P tires. It drops down to 60,000 miles in coverage for LT tires.

Kumho Road Venture AT51 - Best All-Terrain


Finding a capable all-terrain tire for the Dodge Ram 3500 is significant. This tire provides the chops to drive on all surfaces, and with the right tire is becomes even more impressive. The best all-terrain tire for the 3500 is the Kumho Road Venture AT51.

Made from a silica compound, the tread provides enough strength to drive on all surfaces with extreme confidence. In addition, the rubber is made with a thicker compound that helps avoid cuts, chips, punctures, and tears.

Kumho also uses a full-depth set of circumferential grooves that not only help water flow out from the grooves but allows for a more free flow of mud and dirt too. By staggering these grooves and making them deeper, the driving off-road is much more consistent.

The tread blocks are durable and provide excellent traction in the winter too. Snow and ice are relatively easy surfaces to conquer with this tire.

The features don’t stop there. The road noise levels are shockingly good. Typically all-terrain tires with such robust structures will make some road noise, but this tire remains stable and quiet on the street.


  • Off-road traction is best-in-class.
  • Treadwear is reliable and long-lasting.
  • Wet performance is solid.
  • Performs above average in the winter.


  • Ride comfort could be improved on highways.
What sizes can I buy this tire in?

Kumho provides available sizes ranging between 15” and 20” in rim diameter in both LT and non-LT sizes.

What warranty is offered with this tire?

There is a six-year / 55,000-mile limited tread life warranty on this tire.

Firestone Destination M/T2 - Best Mud-Terrain


Firestone is an excellent tire brand that manufactures some of the highest-performing tires on the market. They especially perform well in the off-roading category. We love the Destination M/T2 as the best mud-terrain tire option for the Ram 3500.

The tread is made from a cut and chip resistance material compound that usages maximum strength in its driving. The 3-ply sidewall uses extra rubber to lower the risk of tire damage and flats.

Firestone also upgraded the number of lugs along the tire sidewall compared to its predecessor. More lugs mean more durability. The goal is the make a tire that can handle challenging conditions while maintaining longevity.

Firestone uses 23-degree attack angles in the tread block composition. They are staggered so that loose dirt, mud, and other materials will flow easier, and the tire can pull heavier loads without sliding or losing control.

Wet traction relies on biting edges. In fact, Firestone increased the total number of biting edges available in this tire by 20% compared to the previous model. As a result, this mud-terrain tire provides some of the best wet and winter road traction you can find.


  • 20% increase in biting edges for best-in-class winter traction.
  • Puncture-resistant 3-ply sidewall for maximum tread life.
  • On-road driving is comfortable.


  • Thick mud can be a problem at times.
What sizes can I buy this tire in?

Firestone provides plenty of LT options with sizes ranging between 15” and 20” in rim diameter.

What warranty is offered with this tire?

Firestone does not provide a limited tread life warranty on this tire.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W - Best All-Purpose


One of our top three picks for the Dodge Ram 3500 is the Falken Wildpeak AT3W. This is the best all-purpose tire available for this vehicle.

This is an all-terrain tire that gives you excellent on-road comfort while maintaining maximum off-road performance. The sidewall composition uses heat diffusers and cut and chip-resistant compounds to create a highly durable tire.

The treads are made deep with grooves to handle water flow, snow, and ice. There are also rigid tread blocks with interlocking features for better braking and hydroplaning resistance.

The tread is made from silica to allow for more accurate and aggressive handling, especially off-road. The treadwear is remarkably consistent too.

Other features include low road-noise, smooth highway riding, and maximum braking ability.  


  • Best in class tread life for all-terrain tires.
  • Mud traction is excellent.
  • Winter driving is reliable.


  • Cornering could be improved.
What sizes can I buy this tire in?

This tire can be found in sizes between 15” and 22”.

What warranty is offered with this tire?

Falken provides a limited tread life warranty of 55,000 miles on all tire sizes.

Goodyear Radial Spare - Best Temporary Spare


Road emergencies are the worst nightmare for many drivers. Flat tires are a perfect way to ruin your day and put you in a difficult situation. However, when you are equipped with a reliable spare like the Goodyear Radial Spare, the situation becomes much more manageable.

This temporary spare is made from heavy rubber to handle the weight of a Ram 3500. It is 32 LBs and takes a max load of 2,535 lbs. The best part is how conveniently it can be stored in your trunk without weighing down the vehicle.

The treads are much shallower than a traditional tire, and it is not recommended to tread this spare as a long-term solution. It causes your vehicle to drive unbalanced after too long, leading to potential internal damage in your vehicle.

The smaller physical size makes it easier to handle for seamless installations.


  • Lightweight construction.
  • Durable rubber for quick road mobility.
  • Easy installation.
  • Reliable maximum load capacity strength.


  • Only a temporary solution.
  • Higher priced spare tire.
What is the maximum distance for this spare?

This spare is intended for short-term usage only. It is not recommended to drive it farther than 70 miles without risking damage or another flat.

What is the maximum speed for this spare?

The maximum speed this spare tire can drive without extended risk is 50 MPH.

Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - Factory Tire


The Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 is the standard factory tire on the newer Dodge Ram 3500 models. This is an all-around balanced tire that provides some exceptional features drivers can be proud to have on their vehicle. But how does it rank against the others?

This is an on-road and off-road tire with an all-season tread made with extra strength for various driving situations. The goal of Nexen was to create a tire that can do a little bit of everything while maintaining enough power to handle maximum load capacities.

Nexen put a reliable set of zig-zag sipes along the tire treads for enhanced wet and winter traction. In addition, these sipes can release high numbers of bite particles in situations that help increase the amount of grip the tire can have on the road.

The open shoulders allow for better durability when driving off-road. There are also 3D edges that can grip mud and gravel without the risk of flat tires or punctures. These features also create better hydroplaning resistance when driving on streets.

The multi-sequence pattern used by Nexen provides enough comfort to make this tire enjoyable to drive, especially on highways.


  • A versatile tire with many different driving capabilities.
  • Solid comfort on highways.
  • Excellent traction, especially on wet roads or off-road.
  • Dry handling is accurate.


  • Winter traction is below average.
What sizes can I buy this tire in?

Nexen surprisingly offers this tire in sizes between 15” and 20” in rim diameter for a broader range of vehicles.

What warranty is offered with this tire?

The warranty on this tire is a 65,000-mile guarantee for non-LT tires. Coverage of 45,000 miles exists for LT tires.

What’s the Best Type of Tire for a Dodge Ram 3500?

Before we can answer this, knowing the type of driving you are shopping for is extremely important. Highway drivers will be shopping differently compared to cold weather drivers located in regions with harsh winters.

We prefer all-terrain tires when as the best option for the Dodge RAM 3500. They can most efficiently handle the massive towing ability while remaining durable on streets, in snow, and off-road.

Reading the Dodge Ram 3500 Tire Size

All tires must be sized appropriately to fit your Dodge Ram 3500 model. This means you need to read the tire sidewall to make sure you are buying the right product. If you are unsure how to do so, we have created this chart below to simplify the process for you.

Symbol Example
Tire Type P or LT "P" is a Passenger vehicle
Tire Width 3 Digits A tire is measured in millimeters
Aspect Ratio 2 Digits The tire height to width ratio
Construction R, D, or B "R" is a radial construction
Wheel Diameter 2 Digits Tire measured end to end in inches
Load Index 2 Digits The max. weight the tire can hold
Speed Rating M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, H, V, W, Y, or Z The max speed the tire can drive

Available Dodge Ram 3500 Tire Sizes & Models

Dodge Ram 3500 models can be found in three primary sizes.

  • 275/70R18
  • 285/60R20
  • 235/80R17

If you are not sure which size fits your vehicle, we have created a chart for you. This chart includes all model types of the 3500 and their corresponding sizes available since 2017.

Best Tires For Dodge Ram 3500 - Complete Guide

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