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The Chrysler Crossfire is a truly unique automobile in style and performance, but just like any car, it needs a new set of tires from time to time.

Choosing the best tires for your Chrysler Crossfire can really enable you to optimize the performance of your vehicle and it can also ensure that you have the best possible driving experience. However, there is a wide selection of fantastic tire options for the Chrysler Crossfire - with each one offering its own distinctive qualities and benefits.

The best tires for the Chrysler Crossfire are the BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A/S PLUS, Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus, Uniroyal- Tiger Paw GTZ A/S 2, Continental ExtremeContact DWS06, Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire, Dunlop Winter Sport M3, and the Pirelli P Zero Nero GT.

The launch of the Chrysler Crossfire back in 2004 stirred up quite the buzz and turned a lot of heads in the automotive world. This car was sporty, sleek, and had a lot of stylistic qualities that so many of us want our vehicles to have. Unfortunately, Chrysler stopped manufacturing the Crossfire in 2008 but that by no means implies that we do not see these awesome vehicles still cruising the streets. This is a car that has proven to have longevity and part of that is due to how dynamic it can be - it is as sporty as it is practical, which essentially combines the best of both worlds of what you could ask for in an automobile. With that being said, the Chrysler Crossfire’s dynamic capabilities can be best harnessed when using the right set of tires, as there are so many options out there that can be better suited for specific conditions and situations. To help you understand this better, we are going to take you through some of the best tires available for the Chrysler Crossfire.

After years of working as a mechanic who specifically deals with Chrysler vehicles, I have had an extensive amount of experience testing out the various tire options that are available for the Crossfire. My experience has taught me that the best tires for the Chrysler Crossfire are those that are going to optimally perform for what the individual’s primary driving needs are.

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Chrysler Crossfire: Best Tires

When the Chrysler Crossfire first dropped, many car nuts out there could not help but think that it had a lot of resemblance to the Mercedes- Bens SLK, which undeniably, it did. This was due to the huge move by Mercedes to acquire Chrysler back in the late 90s. The merger of these two automotive giants resulted in some radical innovation and some incredible cars being released, which was largely initiated at the start of the millennium when Chrysler first revealed the design for their upcoming model - the Chrysler Crossfire.

This vehicle combined everything that we love about German-engineered cars with an Americanized Mercedes aesthetic, but at a fraction of the price, as you could get yourself a Crossfire for much cheaper than any Mercedes out there. However, as fans of the Crossfire began to test out their vehicles, they found that they would perform better with certain tires over others. While you can attribute some of this due to certain tire manufacturers having better designs and quality standards than their competition, another important factor came from selecting the right tires for the conditions that they would be driven in.

The technology behind tires, much like the rest of the automotive industry, is constantly advancing and evolving - with new releases and designs being pumped out on a regular basis. While there were some great options for tires when the Chrysler Crossfire was first released, there have been some serious upgrades made to tires since then that are available for the Crossfire now. So, if your Crossfire tires are nearing their expiration date, your ride may just be due for a fresh pair of shoes that could potentially enhance its performance.

With that being said, there are a lot of tires out on the market to choose from and it can feel a little overwhelming to select a specific brand and model for your Chrysler Crossfire. The reason for this is that tires are often meant to serve a specific type of driving style and terrain. Some tires are great for comfort and high performance. Whereas others are designed for multi-purpose driving and are great for a variety of different road conditions. Ultimately, the best tire for your Chrysler Crossfire is going to be the one that is best suited for your primary driving needs. Keep reading to learn more about the best tires for the Chrysler Crossfire.

Chrysler Crossfire: All-Season Tires

One of the biggest innovations that we have seen with tires in recent decades has been the advanced technology behind All-Season tires. All-Season tires have been around since the late 70s but they always tended to fall short of their promise, as they lacked comfort and provided minor improvements to seasonal performance.

A major reason for this is that All-Season tires in those days were made with a compound that was not optimized for a variety of different terrains and conditions. However, the mainstream adoption of silica filler technology was a game-changer for All-Season tires, which has greatly increased their performance and their reliability. This makes All-Season tires an excellent choice for so many Chrysler Crossfire drivers out there.

If you find that you are the type of person that tends to drive in a variety of different road conditions such as adverse terrains, wet and dry, as well as the cold and (light) snow - an All-Season set of tires may just be the one-stop-shop that you are looking for, as these can really be a bang for your buck deal. Instead of needing to change your tires on a seasonal basis, which requires time as well as money (for those without mechanical experience), you can save yourself the hassle by having a set of All-Season tires that take care of all of your driving needs throughout the year.

Now, with that being said, All-Season tires are not going to be for everyone. The Chrysler Crossfire is highly regarded as being a great sporty car that is capable of delivering a very solid performance on the road. A price that you have to pay with having All-Season tires is that they do not perform as optimally as high-performance tires, which can be a deal-breaker for drivers who put high value into their car’s capabilities. In addition, if you live in a region that gets extremely cold winters with severe ice and snow - an All-Season set of tires is not going to be a replacement for snow tires. However, if you live in a mild/moderate climate zone and are not after pique performance, you really can’t go wrong with All-Season tires for your Chrysler Crossfire. Let’s explore your options.

BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A/S PLUS


BFGoodrich is no stranger to releasing some of the best tires on the market and they have continued to prove themselves as being top contenders in the industry with their G-Force COMP-2 A/S PLUS.

This is an All-Season tire from BFGoodrich that has received fantastic reviews from car enthusiasts, as it ranks high in just about every category imaginable. Releases like the G-Force COMP-2 A/S PLUS are a reminder of how far All-Season tires have come in the automotive industry given the fact that they shatter so many of the outdated stereotypes about All-Season performance issues.

As far as well-rounded All-Season tires for your Chrysler Crossfire go, it is going to be hard to beat the BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A/S PLUS. This tire has been tested extensively and it delivers on comfort, versatility, as well as performance. The dry and wet performance of the BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A/S PLUS is considered to be world-class, as it is capable of handling both with stellar results.

In addition, the G-Force COMP-2 A/S PLUS was tested in snow and it had a solid performance overall. We would not recommend solely relying on a set of these if you live in a region that has excessively cold winters, but for light snow, they handled great.

For those of you that love to drive with high-performance tires, the G-Force COMP-2 A/S PLUS may not compete with some of the best that are out there, but you would be surprised by just how well they handle for an All-Season tire. They have got fantastic traction, response, and the steering is smooth. The only drawback that we really found with the G-Force COMP-2 A/S PLUS is that they can be a bit loud when driving on the highway.

This model tire from BFGoodrich comes in a huge variety of different sizes, so you should not have any issues picking up a set for your Chrysler Crossfire. If you are interested in the BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A/S, then you can get them for a very reasonable price which starts at just $132.00 per tire at Tire Rack.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus


The Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus from the one and only Michelin is a tire that can really offer its drivers the best of both worlds when it comes to on-road performance and All-Season capabilities, which is exactly what so many drivers desire for the sporty nature of their Chrysler Crossfire.

Given the design and capabilities of the Chrysler Crossfire, it is natural to want to maximize the performance of your vehicle, which can prove to be a challenge if you also want to give your car the versatility to take on adverse terrains and conditions. Michelin Tires prides itself with its release of their Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus All-Terrain tires - given that they have provided drives with such a well-rounded and dynamic tire performance.

This tire excels in dry conditions with results that rival some of the most reputable high-performance tires. However, that is not to say that they do much worse on wet roads, as they are excellent in these conditions as well.

With that being said, snow performance on the other hand could have been better, as they had a mediocre performance in adverse freezing temperatures. If you stick to light snow, then you should be fine with a set of these tires but if you want to drive in severe winter weather, you should strongly consider switching over to a snow tire for the season.

Another great feature of this Michelin tire is its durability. This All-Season tire has excellent tread, which has been proven to last drivers longer than most of its competition. It has a life expectancy of 45,000 miles, which is impressive. However, if you check the tread on your tires after this timespan and find that they are not balding just yet, then you should be good to stick with them.

While the performance of the Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus is great for an All-Season tire, some drivers have reported that they felt that their Chrysler Crossfire’s handling felt a little stiffer after they started using them. Aside from this small drawback, these are at the top of their league as far as best All-Season tires for the Chrysler Crossfire go.

This tire is a little bit pricier than some of the competition but you get what you pay for. You can buy this Michelin tire at a starting price of $137.00 per tire at Discount Tire.

Uniroyal - Tiger Paw GTZ A/S 2


A brand of tires that does not have quite as much recognition as BFGoodrich or Michelin is Uniroyal. However, that is not to say that they fall short on delivering a spectacular tire to drivers. The release of the GTZ A/S 2 has proven itself as being a very worthy competitor to just about every All-Season tire out there.

Although the Chrysler Crossfire is certainly a sporty car, it is also a practical one. With that being said, many drivers out there do not feel the need to have a high-performance tire on their Chrysler Crossfire and, instead, they prefer reliability and comfort, which is exactly what this Uniroyal tire offers.

This tire has excellent performance capabilities that compete with most All-Season tires that are ranked high on the list but what we really love about this tire is its practicality. This All-Season tire from Uniroyal provides drivers a very smooth ride. So smooth that you will likely even forget that you are driving with a set of All-Season tires. On top of that, they are exceptionally quiet, which is usually the giveaway when you hit the highway with an All-Season tire.

In addition, it has one of the best tread life expectancies out there - with Uniroyal marking them with an expectancy of 50,000 miles, which trumps just about every All-Season tire out there. However, some drivers have reported that this tire did not quite live up to this promise, but this was generally the case with drivers that liked to push their Chrysler Crossfire through more rigorous driving conditions on a regular basis.

Overall, the wet and dry performance using this Uniroyal tire was solid - with great braking and handling. Much like with most All-Season tires, severe snow is not going to be ideal for these, but so long as you are doing it in light snow conditions, you should get by just fine.

This All-Season tire is available in a wide variety of sizes to fit the Chrysler Crossfire, so you should not have any trouble getting a set for your vehicle. These are priced slightly higher than the other tires mentioned on this list so far - with a starting price of $152.00 per tire at Tire Rack.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06


One thing that some drivers tend to get annoyed with when it comes to testing out All-Season tires is that many of them do not always deliver on the ‘All-Seasons’ aspect of their promise. With All-Season tires becoming so widely used by a lot of drivers, many tire manufactures have compromised the capability that these tires were meant to achieve in adverse conditions to accommodate a balance of sports performance for casual driving.

However, that is certainly not the case with the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06. This tire manufacturer kept its focus on designing a tire for its drivers that was meant to do exactly what an All-Season tire is supposed to be capable of doing - driving in All-Seasons. This is great news for Chrysler Crossfire drivers that live in areas that have to deal with rough driving conditions.

These tires had stellar reviews for being one of the best performance All-Season tires that money can buy. This tire is going to be the best bang for your buck deal when it comes to an All-Season tire as it has an excellent performance in wet and dry conditions that match any high-end tire manufacturer out there.

In addition, unlike most All-Season tires, it actually performs very well in snow conditions. That is not to say that you can rely on them through blizzards and severe snows but they will certainly get the job done for most winter drivers around the country. So, if you want an All-Season tire for your Chrysler Crossfire that is actually going to take care of your driving needs all year long, you really can’t beat these All-Season tires.

With that being said, many people often assume that the DWS06 from Continetal is not a good All-Season tire for standard driving performance on the highway due to its reliability and durability for adverse conditions. However, this is certainly not the case, as this tire is praised by Chrysler Crossfire drivers for having fantastic handling capabilities for casual driving.

Furthermore, this tire has one of the best life expectancies for any All-Season tire on the market with the manufacturer promising a 50,000-mile warranty to anyone who buys it. Now, after all the praise, most people assume that this tire is going to be way out of their budget. However, this tire from Continental is actually one of the most affordable All-Season tires on the market right now, as you can pick them up at Discount Tire for as little as $125.00 per tire. If you are looking for a fantastic and well-priced All-Season tire for your Chrysler Crossfire, look no further, as the DWS06 is going to be hard to beat.

Chrysler Crossfire: High-Performance Tires

These days, there are so many cars that come equipped with All-Terrain tires, which undeniably provide drivers a very well-rounded experience with multi-use benefits. While these kinds of tires will be just fine for your Chrysler Crossfire, if you want to really maximize your vehicle’s capabilities, you are going to want to consider getting some high-performance tires.

Traditionally, high-performance tires were not always used on standard vehicles. We would often see them on high-end sports cars which were ridiculously expensive, but in recent years they have become increasingly popular on even your most standard vehicles, which is why so many Chrysler Crossfire drivers often have them on their cars. High-performance tires that are designed for summer and highway driving offer a lot of benefits to drivers that primarily find themselves driving in mild climate conditions and in urban areas.

The traction that you get on standard public roads and highways is superior to that of an All-Season tire, as high-performance options generally grip considerably better. In addition, high-performance tires are regarded for their ability to withstand heat. This can be a major problem for drivers out on the road during the summertime - especially if you live somewhere that gets exceedingly hot. Tires are known for blowing out in these situations, which can pose to be a major safety risk. High-performance tires that are designed for summer and highway driving, on the other hand, are known to cope with the heat just fine, which can result in a safer driving experience.

With that being said, some high-performance tires are designed to be used specifically for winter. In which case, you will find that they are excellent at handling even some of the most adverse winter climates. Now, many people tend to think that high-performance equates to a high price. While this certainly can be the case with some high-performance tires, you would be surprised by how affordable a lot of your options are. The key is to pick a high-performance tire that is going to be suitable for meeting your driving needs. Let’s take a closer look at some high-performance tires for your Chrysler Crossfire.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire (Summer & Highway)


The Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire is highly regarded as being one of the best high-performance tires ever made. You will see this tire on so many iconic sports cars, as its capabilities are astounding. This is often a calling to so many Chrysler Crossfire drivers out there that want to get the most out of their vehicle.

Given how sporty the Chrysler Crossfire is, it can sometimes feel like you are holding your car back by having a set of All-Season tires on your wheels. While the Crossfire is great at providing a well-rounded experience with just about any tire that you equip it with, you will undeniably be increasing your vehicle’s performance with a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires on your wheels.

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is praised in the automotive world for its fantastic summer and highway driving capabilities. Given that these tires are used on high-end sports cars, they have been designed to have superb handling, which means that your Chrysler Crossfire’s cornering abilities are going to get a major upgrade.

You can expect the highest level of reliability when driving at high speeds on hot summer roads. In addition, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires are among the best in the industry at handling wet roads, which can be great if your area gets a substantial amount of rain. To top it off, the comfort of the ride that the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire offers is smooth as silk.

A major problem that we often find with high-performance tires that have the capabilities of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport is that they tend to have very poor tread life, which can be a major drawback for Chrysler Crossfire drivers that are looking for longevity in their tires. However, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires are praised for having a very solid tread life of 30,000 miles, which is practically unheard of for a tire of this caliber.

While the Michelin Pilot Super Sport, high-performance tires do have so much to offer a Chrysler Crossfire, you should note that they are quite a bit pricier than your average tire. On Tire Rack, you can currently get yourself a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires starting at $207.00 per tire, but you will certainly get your money’s worth with these on your wheels.

Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position (Summer & Highway)


The world of automotive tires would not be the same without the legendary manufacturer Bridgestone - and, to no surprise, they have one of the best high-performance tires on the market for summer and highway conditions.

As far as providing drivers with an incredible experience behind the wheel, Bridgestone delivers time and time again with tire models such as the Potenza S-04 Pole Position, which is why you will see a lot of Chrysler Crossfire’s equipped with a set on their wheels. For Crossfire drivers that want to harness the full capabilities of their vehicle, getting a set of Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position tires is really a no-brainer, as few tires can compete.

The Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position tires are known for delivering top-of-the-line performance to any vehicle that they are attached to. Their grip on highway pavement is excellent and they are specifically designed for high-performance driving during the summer, which is great for drivers who live in urban areas that have mild climates. Their braking response is just as good as any high-end performance tire and their handling is exceptionally smooth.

The Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position tire’s ability to cope with wet conditions is great, which means that driving in the rain is not going to be an issue by any means. Given that these tires are designed for summer, you can expect the dry handling to be nothing short of fantastic. This means that cornering and sharp turns are going to be held to the standard of any high-end sports car - no matter whether you are in wet or dry conditions.

If you plan on pushing your Chrysler Crossfire to the limit with the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position tires equipped, you should expect them to burn out at a similar rate as most high-performance tires, which could be as little as 20,000 miles. However, that by no means has to be the case if you do not abuse them too much. Some Chrysler Crossfire drivers have reported having their Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position tires last them for as long as 30,000 miles, which means that if you treat them with respect, you can get the same tread life out of them.

However, aside from the excellent performance of the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position tires, one of the best things about them is how affordable they are for what they deliver on. It is common to find high-performance tires like these that cost hundreds of dollars per tire but you can actually get yourself a set of Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position tires for as little as $122.00 from Tire Rack, which is unheard of for a high-performance tire of this caliber. If you are on a budget and looking for a high-performance summer/highway tire for your Chrysler Crossfire, the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position is unbeatable.

Dunlop Winter Sport M3 (Winter)


There are a lot of Chrysler Crossfire drivers out there that have struggled to find the right tire to perform well in their winter climate. All-Season tires can get the job done for a lot of people but if you live in a region with severe winters, even the best All-Season tire is not reliable for such conditions.

That is why you are going to want to get yourself a set of high-performance tires that were specifically designed for the winter. There are some great options to consider but few come close to the performance of the Dunlop M3 Winter Sport. Dunlop makes a lot of great tires but they decided to focus on providing winter drivers with an optimum experience on the road with their M3 Winter Sport model.

This is a very common tire for Chrysler Crossfire drivers to equip their vehicles with during the winter season, as it can handle everything that an All-Season tire claims, but with legitimate results. The handling with the Dunlop M3 Winter Sport tire in snow conditions is superior to most winter tires out there - with many drivers claiming to have no issues with snow that was over 12 inches.

In addition, the Dunlop M3 Winter Sport tire was also excellent at coping with slush conditions as the snow season begins to transition out, which makes this an all-around fantastic winter tire. However, the Dunlop M3 Winter Sport offers some unique qualities to Chrysler Crossfire drivers that a lot of other winter tires fail to deliver on, which is All-Season capabilities.

Some Crossfire drivers decided to test their Dunlop M3 Winter Sport tires during the summer to see how different the performance was and to their surprise, they handled the contrasting conditions just fine. The dry and wet capabilities of the Dunlop M3 Winter Sport tire were fantastic even during the peak of summer, which makes this somewhat of an All-Season/high-performance tire for the Chrysler Crossfire.

In addition to its seasonal versatility, the Dunlop M3 Winter Sport tire also provides drivers with a relatively smooth and comfortable driving experience. However, if you want to make your Dunlop M3 Winter Sport tires last you for as many winters as possible, it may be wise to change them out once the colder season is over. Although they handle beautifully in the summer, a tire that is designed specifically for winter like this one will tend to lose its tread faster if used out of season - especially on vigorous terrain.

All in all, if you are looking for a great tire for the winter season and do not feel like throwing your chains on, the Dunlop M3 Winter Sport is going to be a great option for you. However, a high-performance winter tire with these capabilities does cost a bit more than your average All-Season tire. You can currently get yourself a set of Dunlop M3 Winter Sport tires at Discount Tire for $254.00 per tire.

Pirelli P Zero Nero GT (Summmer)


One of the most iconic tire brands in the industry is Pirelli - and for good reason. Pirelli has been making quality high-performance tires for well over a century and they are considered to be pioneers at what they do.

With that being said, for as long as Pirelli has been carrying the torch, they never fail to impress drivers after all these years of manufacturing and designing tires, which is why a lot of Chrysler Crossfire drivers entrust them as a company. Pirelli has got some of the best high-performance tires on the market and one of the best sets that you can equip your Chrysler Crossfire with is their P Zero Nero GT summer tires.

These are a fantastic choice for any Chrysler Crossfire driver that wants to have optimal performance and control over their vehicle during the most beautiful time of the year - summer. This is driving season at the end of the day, which is why so many drivers change their tires around this time to maximize their vehicle’s performance.

These summer tires will not let you down, as these are tires that will provide you with enhanced handling capabilities, which means that you will be cornering like a pro in your Chrysler Crossfire. In addition, their grip will greatly improve your vehicle’s braking abilities, as well as acceleration performance.

For those of you that live in regions that have intense summer heat or severe rainy weather, these high-performance Pirelli tires are excellent in the dry and the wet. In addition, the Zero Nero GT tires are regarded by Chrysler Crossfire drivers as being one of the smoothest and most comfortable on the market, which is great regardless of whether you are after sports performance or simply practicality.

With that being said, one characteristic of this high-performance tire that really makes it stand out compared to other high-performance tires on the market is its durability. If a tire has been designed for high-performance, it is rare to find one that will last much longer than 20,000 miles. However, Pirelli has ensured drivers that they will get a minimum of 30,000 miles out of their P Zero Nero GT tires. If you take care of them, there is no reason that you cannot push their tread life by upwards of another 5,000 or 10,000 miles.

In general, most high-performance tires that have these capabilities are normally quite expensive and cost a minimum of $200 but that is not the case with these Pirelli tires. You can currently find these tires available at Tire Rack starting at $152.50. However, you can also get them slightly cheaper at Discount Tire for a mere $136.00, which is a fantastic deal for a tire of this quality.

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