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The Chevrolet Tahoe is one of the biggest SUVs out there. Anything but the best tires for Chevrolet Tahoe can lead to a compromise in the vehicle's performance.

With a V8 under the hood and three rows of comfortable seating for eight passengers, the Chevrolet Tahoe is both heavy and powerful. The SUV needs durable tires that can handle the 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque while carrying over 7,500 pounds of weight to deliver maximum performance.

For highway cruises and city driving, the Tahoe can be equipped with all-season tires like Michelin Premier or Defender. But if you like to take your Tahoe on unpaved surfaces, it is best to use all-terrain tires like the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, which offer traction and stability off-road.

The Tahoe is a shorter version of the renowned Chevrolet Suburban. It delivers enormous amounts of power and is capable of hauling heavy loads. Deciding on a tire with so much to consider can be a little tricky. You will want a set of tires that don't just suit well to your Tahoe but add to its capabilities.

Tire experts recommend that before deciding about a tire, it is important to analyze your driving style and areas in which you will be driving. If you use your Tahoe as a family cruiser or a daily grocery-getter, you will not require expensive all-terrain tires. But if you like to take your Tahoe for off-road adventures, using touring tires can prove to be a safety risk for you and your vehicle.

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Best All-Season Touring Tires for Chevrolet Tahoe

Continental CrossContact LX20


If you require a set of premium quality tires without breaking your bank too much, the Continental CrossContact LX20 is an excellent choice for the Tahoe. The tire is also termed the jack of all trades. Where some tires deliver in one area, they compromise in another. However, the LX20 balances well between all deliverables. It offers a very comfortable ride, sticks to the road like glue for traction and lateral grip, and can even handle light off-roading.

The tread compound comprises +Silane additives and advanced Tg-F Polymers. These additives reduce treadwear, offer better traction on slippery surfaces, and even help with fuel efficiency.

The tread is designed symmetrically and flaunts an advanced center rib, with ergonomically designed broad shoulder blocks. Together, they work to deliver top-notch responsiveness, exceptional stability, and a quiet and smooth ride.

The tread showcases four circumferential grooves, which efficiently dispel water to deliver excellent traction on wet surfaces. The tire is excellent at resisting hydroplaning and provides the driver with a sense of control and confidence when driving in heavy rain or through deep puddles.

Continental has equipped this tire with its exclusive Traction Grooves technology. There are multiple 3D sipes added to the tread, making the tread blocks work like biting edges when running over light snow or slush.

The tire is also equipped with EcoPlus technology, which minimizes rolling and air resistance. This technology adds to the fuel economy and ensures maximum performance with minimum emissions.

Dry Performance

The CrossContact LX20 can easily be termed one of the best tires for dry tarmac. It delivers amazing responsiveness to driver input, short braking distance, exceptional grip and traction, and impressive cornering abilities.

Wet Performance

The CrossContact LX20's performance on wet tarmac is quite surprising; in fact, its performance on wet surfaces is even better than on dry pavements. The tire is highly resistant to hydroplaning and maintains grip and traction even when running in heavy rain or through deep puddles.

High-speed stability is excellent, so are the cornering abilities and braking performance. Many Tahoe owners recommend this tire if you drive around areas with a lot of rain.

Snow Performance

This tire outshines many premium competitors regarding snow traction. It does not compromise responsiveness, handling, or stability in light snow. The braking performance is also top-notch. Coupled with the power and weight of the Tahoe, this tire makes light snow driving a breeze.

However, since this is not a winter tire, it is not expected to perform in deep snow. If you drive around areas that receive a lot of snow or face freezing temperatures, it is best to switch to winter tires for maximum safety and performance.

Off-Road Performance

Most touring tires do not come with any off-roading capabilities, but with theCrossContact LX20, you can take your Tahoe on light off-road adventures. Light mud, hard-packed sand, and loose gravel will not threaten the tire, and it will continue to provide traction and very good braking performance. So, the next time you plan to camp at the end of a hiking trail, feel free to take your Tahoe along with you.

This tire is only suited for light off-roading, as it is more focused on providing a smooth and comfortable ride on paved surfaces. Pushing it beyond limits off the road can lead to cuts and punctures from the rough terrain.

What is Good on Continental CrossContact LX20

  • The tire delivers exceptional handling and steering response, making driving the Tahoe more enjoyable.
  • The ride quality is very comfortable and smooth. The tire remains quiet and stable at highway speeds.
  • The traction and braking performance are exceptional on wet and dry pavements.
  • Light off-roading capabilities are much better than competitors.
  • Handles light snow quite well without any issues.

What Can Be Improved on Continental CrossContact LX20

  • Treadwear is not even, and some users report it wears down quicker than other tires.

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus


There is hardly a car owner who is not familiar with Bridgestone's name. The company is renowned for producing quality tires without compromise. The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is another one of its best.

Bridgestone claims that this tire is designed to deliver exceptional handling and a safe drive on different surfaces and weather conditions. The tire delivers impressive ride quality, and the tread is designed to last long.

The tire is equipped with many advanced technologies from Bridgestone, which are not easy to find on other tires.

The tread is molded into a symmetric pattern, which keeps the Chevrolet Tahoe stable and smooth in different conditions, and delivers optimum performance in terms of responsiveness and handling. The tread is equipped with a center rib and slotted shoulder blocks, which work together to deliver responsiveness and high-speed stability.

One of the best features of this tire is how comfortable and quiet it is, even at high speeds. The ride quality is superbly smooth and comfortable. The tires seem to eat up much of the road's unevenness and many small dips and crests.

The tire is equipped with four circumferential grooves for wet and slippery surfaces, which work together with many sipes and other diagonal grooves to dispel water and maintain traction. The tire is excellent at resisting hydroplaning and fares well against light snow.

Another key feature of this tire is the low rolling resistance it offers, leading to a better fuel economy and fewer emissions. Bridgestone has focused on making this tire eco-friendly, and it is one of the greenest for the Chevrolet Tahoe.

The tire is equipped with Bridgestone's standard wear indicators, making it easy for the user to track how the tire is wearing down. As the tire wears down, the indicators become more visible, and when the tread depth reaches 2/32 inches, the indicators become level with the tread. Like most tires, the tire needs to be replaced as soon as the tread depth falls to 2/32 inches.

Dry Performance

The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus offers excellent traction and grip. It handles sharp bends and hard corners well without exhibiting any under or oversteer. When cruising at highway speeds with these tires, the Tahoe will feel stable and safe. The braking is responsive with a short distance.

However, steering responsiveness can take a little time to get used to with these tires. Some drivers feel that the handling and responsiveness of this tire are not top-notch. But after a few days of use, they seemed to get used to it.

Wet Performance

The tire performs remarkably on wet surfaces. The traction, road grip, and braking performance are excellent. There are four wide and deep grooves to channel water out of the tire, making it hydroplaning resistant and ensuring maximum traction and grip.

This tire offers stability and superb handling on wet pavements; it can be considered as one of the best performers on wet surfaces. It handles corners well and gives the driver added confidence thanks to its reliability and sense of control.

Snow Performance

An all-season tire cannot perform like a winter tire, and expecting it to do so is plain wrong. Like other all-season tires, the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is suited for light snow and slush and cannot be used in harsh weather.

With the right expectations, you will not be disappointed by the tire's performance in light snow or slush. The tread is designed with blocks and sipes, which provide biting edges for snow traction.

What is Good on Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

  • Extremely quiet, even when cruising at highway speeds and rough patches.
  • The ride is smooth and comfortable; the tire absorbs many bumps and potholes.
  • grip and traction on dry surfaces are excellent.
  • Handling and braking performance in wet conditions is very good. The tire gives the driver added confidence. It works well in heavy rain and maintains stability even when running through deep puddles.
  • Provide adequate snow traction and can be used in light snow or slush.

What Can Be Improved on Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

  • Many drivers face a responsiveness issue with this tire. They say it is not suited for aggressive driving maneuvers
  • It can be unpredictable on ice, as there is very little ice traction

Michelin Premier LTX


The Michelin Premier LTX is designed to deliver excellent performance on the pavement. It is well suited for Tahoe owners who use their vehicles on paved roads and highways. It comes equipped with numerous advanced technologies and ensures durability, comfort, and safety.

The tire comes equipped with Michelin's Total Performance Package. This package brings a lot of technologies on one tire to deliver excellent stability and handling, exceptional braking performance, improved fuel efficiency, and impressive road grip and traction.

The first component of this tech is the tread compound, which comprises very high levels of silica and sunflower oil. This blend ensures maximum traction on wet surfaces and keeps the tire pliable in frigid conditions.

The tread is designed symmetrically and features a center rib, bordered on either side by intermediate ribs linked to wide shoulder blocks. This design delivers top-notch steering response, handling, and cornering abilities.

One of the most advanced technologies of Michelin, EverGrip, is equipped on this tire. The rain grooves expand as the tread wears down and ensure better wet traction. Additional blocks are hidden in the tread, which appear as the tread wears down. Combined, the hidden tread blocks and the expanding rain grooves ensure that the tire's wet and dry traction are maintained throughout its useful life.

The Total Performance Package also features a long tread life. The tire users are very satisfied with the tread life and overall treadwear. The tire comes with a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles or six years.

The tire is equipped with standard wear indicators, which help the user track the tread depth easily. These indicators comprise small rectangular bars, which become visible as the tread wears down. When they become level with the tread surface, the tire is not safe to use anymore and must be replaced. The minimum safe tread depth is 2/32 inches.

Dry Performance

The Michelin Premier LTX is designed to perform on paved surfaces and meets expectations. The tire delivers amazing braking performance and steering response. It sticks to the road like glue and offers amazing traction and road grip. Even if you like to push your Tahoe to its limiter speed limit, the tire will feel stable, and the ride will be smooth and quiet.

Wet Performance

This tire outshines many of its competitors when it comes to wet surface performance. The handling is very stable, and the Tahoe feels very secure even in heavy rain. The cornering abilities of this tire are amongst the best in the category.

The tire is excellent at resisting hydroplaning with four circumferential and multiple lateral groves. It maintains traction in stormy conditions and when driving through deep water puddles. The braking performance is also top-notch; it beats most of its competition by a significant margin regarding short stopping distance.

Snow Performance

The tire can be used in light snow and delivers good traction and grip. Handling and steering response remain good, and braking performance is not bad either. Thanks to the advanced compound, the tire remains pliable and delivers good handling even in freezing temperatures.

Off-Road Performance

 The Michelin Premier LTX is not suitable for any off-road driving. You might be tempted to take it for little treks on hard-packed surfaces, but chances are it will get damaged since this tire is designed for pavement. It is best to avoid any off-roading with this tire.

What is Good on Michelin Premier LTX

  • Wet braking distance is shortest in the category
  • Handling and stability on wet pavement are excellent
  • Top-notch hydroplaning resistance
  • Impressive handling and one of the shortest braking distances on dry pavement
  • EverGrip technology ensures performance is maintained throughout the useful life of the tire
  • Super quiet and comfortable ride
  • Works well in light snow
  • Long-lasting tread life

What Can Be Improved on Michelin Premier LTX

  • The advanced technologies and features come at a premium price
  • The treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles is less than many other premium touring tires

Best All-Season Tires for Chevrolet Tahoe

Michelin Defender LTX M/S


The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is increasingly popular for many light truck and SUV owners. It delivers top-notch overall performance as you would expect from a Michelin tire.

The tire is equipped with numerous technologies through Michelin's Total Performance Package. It features excellent tread life with an all-season tread compound, which offers low rolling resistance, leading to better fuel economy. Some tires are excellent in one or two areas, but the Michelin Defender LTX M/S can be called a balanced all-rounder, which excels in almost all areas.

Thanks to the Total Performance Package, the tire is equipped with the EverTread Technology. This tech features an advanced tread compound designed to withstand heavy loads and tough conditions. Thanks to this technology, the tread does not wear down too quickly, even when the tire is used on unpaved surfaces like gravel or muddy terrain.

The tread compound is molded into an asymmetric pattern, featuring independent tread blocks and multiple 3D Sipes. It offers exceptional braking performance, traction, and handling on all surfaces.The tire is supremely resistant to hydroplaning with four circumferential grooves and multiple diagonal grooves, which channel water out very efficiently.

The tire is equipped with standard wear indicators comprising small rectangles that appear as the tire wears down. These rectangles become level with the tread when the depth of the tread falls to 2/32 inches. At this point, the tire is not safe to use and must be replaced immediately.

Dry Performance

The Michelin Defender LTX has all the qualities to be ranked as one of the best tires for dry pavements. The tire maintains its stability and performance at high speeds, even with heavy loads. The handling, braking performance, and steering response are excellent, and the tire can withstand the weight and power of Tahoe gracefully.

Wet Performance

Like the tire impresses on dry pavement, it is excellent on wet pavements. The tread pattern evacuates water proficiently and maintains traction and stability in heavy rain and when running through deep water puddles.

The EverTread compound ensures excellent braking performance, cornering abilities, traction, and stability on slippery and wet surfaces.

Snow Performance

With the M/S rating on the sidewall, the tire is expected to handle snowy conditions well. This is true for light snow and slush, and the Defender can be termed as one of the best snow performers in its class. However, like other all-season tires, it is not suited for deep snow and cannot substitute for winter tires.

Off-Road Performance

Since the tire belongs to the All-season category, it is not designed for off-roading. However, some features help it perform well on packed surfaces, gravel, and dirt. It is not a replacement for all-terrain tires, but it handles light off-roading quite well. The sturdy tread resists cuts and punctures from sharp rocks or loose gravel, making it good for occasionally running on packed trails.

What is Good on Michelin Defender LTX M/S

  • Excellent steering response, handling, and stability on dry pavements.
  • Impressive braking performance, even with heavy loads on dry tarmac.
  • One of the best tires in terms of handling, stability, and cornering grip on wet surfaces.
  • Delivers a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride, even at highway speeds.
  • EverTread technology considerably increases tread life.
  • Performs quite well in light and moderate off-roading.

What Can Be Improved onMichelin Defender LTX M/S

  • The tire is very expensive as the modern features it offers come at a very premium price.

General Grabber HTS60


If you need a tire that you can easily use throughout the year and offers salient features like excellent grip and traction, low noise, and a comfortable ride, look no further than the General Grabber HTS60. This all-season tire performs well in a warmer climate and does not compromise its performance even as the mercury falls.

According to General Tires, the HTS60 is designed for highways. When mounted on Chevrolet Tahoe, this tire delivers excellent comfort, durability, and overall performance. Where some tires excel in a few features and compromise on others, the HTS60 impressively strikes a balance between all features.

The tire features General Tire's DuraGen Technology, which makes it durable and sturdy enough to withstand light off-roading. It is not easy to find a tire with off-roading capabilities, but the HTS60 delivers performance on and off-road.

One would expect the tire to ride a little hard due to its sturdy construction to withstand off-road conditions. But General Tires has equipped this tire with Comfort Balance technology. This tech keeps the tire quiet and the ride comfortable, even at high speeds.

The tire is also equipped with StibiliTread technology, which limits uneven treadwear by making the contact patch larger. This tech helps improve the tire's longevity and helps the tire maintain its performance longer due to even treadwear.

The tread comprises nylon-wrapped steel belts, providing strength and durability. A layer of special rubber hidden in the tread absorbs unwanted forces to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride.

Dry Performance

The tire delivers impressive high-speed stability and excellent grip and traction. The braking performance is also top-notch. Another impressive feature of this tire is its response to the steering inputs and how well it takes corners. Your Tahoe will become much more fun to drive with a set of General Grabber HTS60.

Wet Performance

The HTS60 performs quite well on wet and slippery surfaces with high hydroplaning resistance and excellent water evacuation. The traction and handling are excellent, and the braking performance is also very good. Your Tahoe will feel safe and secure even when running in heavy rain or through deep water puddles.

Snow Performance

The tire performs quite well in handling and traction on light snow and slush. The braking performance is excellent with a short braking distance. However, this tire is not suited for deep snow or harsh winter conditions. If you drive around areas that receive heavy snow or face below freezing temperatures, it is best to use winter tires.

Off-Road Performance

Ideally, the HTS60 is designed for highways and should not be used on off-roads. However, General Tires designed this tire for SUVs and Light Trucks and knew that these vehicles do have to hit off-roads sometimes. The company added some reinforcements to the tire, making it suitable for light off-roading. The HTS60 offers good traction on hard-packed unpaved areas and even in light mud or loose gravel.

However, if you want to adventure through deep mud or rocky conditions, consider switching to all-terrain tires or mud tires.

What is Good on General Grabber HTS60

  • Steering response, traction, and grip are excellent on dry and wet pavements.
  • Traction and control are impressive on loose gravel.
  • The tire offers a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • Braking performance is excellent on all types of surfaces
  • Tread life is good

What Can Be Improved on General Grabber HTS60

  • The tire can be noisy on the highway due to its sturdy construction.

Best All-Terrain Tires for Chevrolet Tahoe

Cooper Discoverer AT3

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 is designed to perform on paved and unpaved surfaces. It delivers top-notch grip and traction on dry, wet, smooth, soft, and rocky surfaces. The tire is designed to be smooth on paved roads and tough on rough terrain.

Steering response, handling, and traction are very good on all surfaces. The tire gives the driver added confidence and a sense of control even when running on unpredictable surfaces. The braking distance of this tire is impressively short on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces. Cooper claims that the AT3 stops at least twenty feet shorter than most competitors when running in light snow.

The tire is equipped with numerous technologies,making it an excellent performer on all terrains. The tread compound is equipped with SecureGrip technology and comprises very high silica content, molded into a multi-block all-terrain pattern. Five ribs on the tread help the tire maintain handling and stability on dry and wet surfaces.

The Aqua VacTM Channels technology adds to the hydroplaning resistance of the tire. It helps the tire efficiently evacuate water, slush and mud to provide good traction on all surfaces. There are zigzag sipes on the tread blocks, making them into biting edges for traction on snow and slippery surfaces.

The Snow Groove Technology by Cooper employs saw-tooth edges on tread blocks, which provide the tire with improved snow traction. The tire is 3PMSF (Three PeakMountain Snow Flake) rated, meaning it is suitable for use in harsh wintry conditions.

Dry Performance

The tire feels durable and responsive on dry paved roads. The steering response is very good, which is rare on all-terrain tires. The tire's traction, road grip, and cornering abilities are top-notch; it takes high-speed corners without squealing for mercy or understeering. When mounted on the Tahoe, it delivers a feeling of safety and confidence, even at high speeds.

Wet Performance

The tire is excellent at resisting hydroplaning, thanks to the advanced Aqua VacTM technology. The traction on wet surfaces is great, and the driver feels confident when running in heavy rain or through deep and long puddles. With the Aqua VacTM technology, the wet surface braking performance is also excellent.

Snow Performance

With the 3PMSF rating and Snow Groove Technology, the tire exceeds expectations in terms of snow traction. Even when running in considerable amounts of snow, the tire delivers excellent handling, traction, and braking performance. The aggressive tread pattern with zigzag sipes plays a vital role in maintaining traction on moderate snow.

Off-Road Performance

The Discoverer AT3 provides a sense of control on hard-packed surfaces, loose gravel, and dirt. The traction this tire delivers on unpaved areas is also very good. However, this tire is not suited for aggressive off-roading and can incur damages if pushed beyond its limits.

If you want to take your Tahoe for some serious off-roading, consider getting tires that are suited for muddy terrains. They will not perform too well on paved surfaces but are excellent for off-roading.

What is Good on Cooper Discoverer AT3

  • The tire performs well on loose gravel, dirt, and hardpacked surfaces.
  • One of the best tires for snow performance in the category.
  • Highly durable and reliable.
  • Many exclusive technologies by Cooper are equipped on this tire, making it an excellent tire for all terrains.

What Can Be Improved on Cooper Discoverer AT3

  • Mud traction is adequate but not the best. The tire is not suited for aggressive mud runs.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2


The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 is designed using some of the best technologies BFGoodrich offers. It provides excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces and gives the driver a sense of confidence and control.

The tread is rugged and sturdy; it resists tears, chips, and cuts to a great extent. The compound used in the tread ensures excellent performance and gives the tire extensive tread life.

The tread pattern is designed with the help of artificial intelligence and features well-spaced tread blocks, which can interlock as required. There are 3D Sipes all over the tread, which add to the tire's stability and endurance when running on rough terrain.

The tread pattern is engineered to eject small items which might get stuck in the grooves during off-roading. With a broad contact patch engineered to ensure force distribution, the tire remains stable and responsive on all surfaces.

For added reliability, BFGoodrich has equipped this tire with CoreGuard technology, which reinforces the sidewalls, making them resistant to cuts and bruises. The Advanced Deflection technology makes the tire deflect any sharp object coming its way. The sidewalls are thicker than other tires, which adds to the reliability.

TheAll-Terrain T/A KO2 is 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) rated, making it a good choice for running on light and moderate snow. The tire meets all Rubber Manufacturers Association's snow traction requirements.

Dry Performance

All-terrain tires are not expected to match the handling, ride quality, or braking performance of touring tires. But the All-Terrain T/A KO2 comes really close to them in terms of performance. This tire's braking performance, traction, and steering response can be considered one of the best in the all-terrain category.

Whether you use your Chevrolet Tahoe for everyday driving or like to take it for long highway cruises, this tire will continue to offer impressive responsiveness, handling, and braking performance. However, since the tread compound and pattern are designed to be durable on all types of surfaces, you will find this tire a bit noisy at high speeds.

Wet Performance

The All-Terrain T/A KO2 is equipped with multiple large grooves, which help evacuate water and make the tire hydroplaning resistant. This feature ensures that the tire maintains traction and delivers excellent responsiveness even when running through heavy rain.

The tire corners smoothly, and the braking performance is also excellent on wet and slippery surfaces.

Snow Performance

With the 3PMSF rating, the All-Terrain T/A KO2 performs quite well in snow, whether light or deep. It delivers predictable handling and responsiveness. The braking performance and traction are also excellent.

However, the tire does seem to struggle with traction when running over ice. It is important to avoid abrupt accelerations and hard braking on ice, which can lead to loss of traction and ultimately uncontrolled slippage.

Off-Road Performance

The All-Terrain T/A KO2 is considered one of the best off-road performers in the all-terrain category. You will hardly notice the tire miss a beat when running over sand, mud, gravel, or dirt surfaces. Even if you like to push your Tahoe to the limits and adventure on rocky surfaces, the KO2 will not give in and add to the performance of your vehicle.

What is Good on BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

  • Great traction on loose gravel, mud, sand, and dirt.
  • Capable of handling rock-climbing adventures.
  • Performance and ride quality on paved roads is excellent.
  • Exceptional stability during high-speed highway cruises.
  • The tire offers amazing hydroplaning resistance and delivers optimal wet traction.
  • Works well on light and deep snow.

What Can Be Improved on BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

  • Traction and performance on ice are quite compromised.
  • It can be noisy when running on paved roads at high speeds.
Best Tires For Chevrolet Tahoe - Complete Guide

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