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The Chevrolet Suburban is immense, both in terms of size and power. Anything but the best tires for Chevrolet Suburban can pose a risk to the vehicle's safety.

Nearly 19 feet in length and weighing around 6000 pounds is Chevrolet's largest commercially produced SUV. The Suburban needs sturdy and durable tires to carry around all that weight together with handling more than 420 horsepower.

If you use your Suburban for touring around the city and highway cruises, tires like the Michelin Defender or Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus will give you a comfortable and smooth ride. But if you like to push your SUV off-road, Continental CrossContact LX20 will be a good choice.

Chevrolet Suburban has been around for nearly ninety years. It is impressively capable and offers ample room for eight people to travel in comfort. When deciding on tires for your SUV, you need to ensure that the tires complement the Suburban's capabilities and not limit them.

Tire experts believe it is best to choose tires according to your driving style. If you like to use your Suburban for long highway cruises, you should select Touring tires suited for highway terrains. But if you like to take your vehicle away from paved roads or drive around where there is lots of snow, All-terrain tires are recommended. A/T tires might not give you smooth and quiet cruises but will perform much better in tough conditions.

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Best All-Season Tires for Chevrolet Suburban

General Grabber HTS60


The General Grabber HTS60 balances all the features it offers, like noise reduction, comfort level, and traction. It is an all-season tire, which means it is good for use throughout the year and even in light snow and ice.

General Tires labels the HTS60 as a sturdy tire suited for highway terrain. It delivers an almost perfect balance of durability, comfort, and performance for the Chevrolet Suburban. This balance is what most highway tires aim for, but only a few can deliver.

The HTS60 comes equipped with DuraGen; this technology ensures off-road durability for the tire. It is hard to find off-road durability on highway tires as they are mostly for paved areas. The tire also flaunts Comfort Balance technology, ensuring that the ride remains comfortable and quiet, even with the tough tire construction.

Yet another StabiliTread technology helps increase tread life by providing a larger contact patch and inhibiting uneven treadwear. With the tread wearing down more evenly, the tires can maintain their performance for a larger portion of their useful life.

The comfortable ride quality is attributed to a specialized rubber layer, which cushions the unwanted energy from dips, crest, and uneven patches. The tread also comprises steel belts wrapped in nylon cords to ensure pliability and high-speed stability.

Handling Dry Tarmac

The Grabber HTS60 offers great road grip, traction, and top-notch stability at high speeds. The tire offers excellent braking performance, which is vital given the size and power of the Suburban. One of the key factors is its reliability and stability at highway speeds. The tire is designed to handle the immense size and power of the Suburban even at high speeds.

The steering response is also very good. If you like to take your vehicle on twisty roads with many hairpin bends, the tire will not disappoint in terms of road grip or cornering abilities.

Handling Wet Tarmac

The tire fares well on wet tarmac. The tread is ergonomically designed to dispel water, resist hydroplaning, and maintain traction on wet and slippery surfaces. Even in heavy rain, your vehicle will remain stable when running through puddles.

Handling Snow

The tire provides impressive braking performance in wintry and light snow conditions. The traction and road grip is also good in light snow and slush. However, since it is an all-season tire, it cannot be used as a replacement for winter tires if you drive around freezing cold areas or receive large amounts of snow.

Handling Off-Roads

The HTS60 is classed as a highway tire, which is generally not designed to run off roads. However, for the HTS60, General Tires knew it was designed for light trucks and SUVs. Therefore it has added a few technologies to ensure better traction on some unpaved areas. The tire performs exceptionally well on loose gravel, for example.

However, the HTS60 does not come anywhere near all-terrain or mud-terrain tires. If you use the tire on a trail to occasionally get to your camping site, it will work fine. But if you like to go through mud or soft sand, chances are you will end up getting stuck somewhere. It is best to opt for All-Terrain or Mud-Terrain tires in that case.

Pros of General Grabber HTS60

  • Provides good traction, grip, and steering response on wet and dry road surfaces.
  • Provides great control and traction on loose gravel.
  • The ride quality is comfortable and smooth.
  • Excellent braking performance in wet, dry, and even light snowy conditions.
  • The tread life is very good.

Cons of General Grabber HTS60

  • The tire is built to withstand heavy loads and is slightly noisy when cruising at highway speeds.

Michelin Defender LTX M/S


With the Michelin brand name on the tire, one would expect it to offer top-notch overall performance. The Michelin Defender LTX M/S meets all those expectations and has more to deliver. This is why it is a very popular choice among SUVs and truck owners.

The tire comes with excellent tread life, low rolling resistance to offer better fuel economy and ensures safety in all seasons across the year. It can achieve so much thanks to Michelin's Total Performance Package, which means engineers have focused on all aspects when designing this tire. Unlike many other tires, which excel in one area and offer a little compromise in another, the Defender LTX delivers an optimum balance between all features.

One of the key technologies of the Total Performance Package is EverTread, which features an advanced tread compound designed to withstand tough conditions. It also minimizes tread wear when tires run on unpaved surfaces such as gravel.

The tire features an asymmetric tread design, which comprises independent blocks and numerous 3D Active Sipes. The tread is designed to offer excellent traction, handling, and braking performance on all kinds of surfaces. There are four circumferential grooves on the tread, which work with open shoulder blocks and lateral grooves to evacuate water efficiently and make the tire resistant to hydroplaning.

The tire comes with traditional wear indicators, which help the driver watch how the tire will perform on slippery surfaces. When the indicators become level with the tire's surface, it is time to replace the tire, or it can become a safety risk.

Handling Dry Tarmac

The Defender LTX has enough qualities to be ranked as one of the, if not the best, tires when it comes to performing on dry pavements. The tire does not shy away from heavy payloads and continues to deliver its performance irrespectively.

With this tire mounted on your Suburban, you will almost immediately notice a difference in handling, steering response, and stability at high speeds. The tire also offers exceptional cornering abilities and braking performance.

Handling Wet Tarmac

Just as the tire performs on dry pavement, it impresses on slippery surfaces. The tire has top-notch hydroplaning resistance, and heavy rain or even deep and large puddles of water cannot disrupt its stability.

Thanks to the advanced EverTread compound, cornering grip, braking performance, traction, and overall stability is excellent on wet surfaces.

Handling Snow

With the all-season label, one would expect the tire to fare well in snowy conditions. This is true for the most part when handling light snow and slush. The Defender LTX can be termed as one of the best snow performers in the highway tire category.

However, it is important to remember that this tire is not a replacement for winter tires. If you drive around areas that receive large amounts of snow with this tire on, chances are your vehicle will lose traction or get stuck somewhere.

Handling Off-Roads

The tire is not designed for off-roading as per the category it falls in. But it is still equipped with some features that make it perform quite well in dirt, gravel, and packed surfaces.

It will not be fair to expect the Defender LTX to perform like an all-terrain tire, but it still fares well against punctures and cuts from loose gravel. You can take it for light to moderate off-roading, but do not expect it to give a top-notch performance.

Pros of Michelin Defender LTX M/S

  • Top-notch stability and handling on paved roads
  • Excellent braking performance on dry pavements, even when carrying heavy loads.
  • One of the best tires in terms of overall performance on wet and slippery surfaces.
  • The ride is quiet and smooth, even at highway speeds.
  • The EverTread technology helps maintain performance throughout the tread life and offers tire longevity.
  • Performs well in light to moderate off-roading applications.

Cons of Michelin Defender LTX M/S

  • The advanced technologies and features come at a premium price. It can easily be rated as the most expensive highway tire in the all-season category.

Yokohama YK-HTX


At first glance, the Yokohama YK-HTX seems to be Yokohama's attempt to offer ruggedness and highway capabilities on one tire. It offers very good handling on both wet and dry surfaces.

The tread compound comprises a high silica content blended with Orange Oil. The compound is molded to produce a tread with an optimized footprint and offers excellent traction on dry, wet, and even light snow-covered surfaces. With broad blocks and multiple sipes, the tire offers biting edges, which give it adequate grip and traction on slippery surfaces and in snow.

The tire is equipped with Triple 3D Sipes technology, which ensures that the tire wears down so that its performance does not get affected too much. The broad shoulder blocks and enhanced sidewall ensure the tire's stability and offer predictable and confident handling. These shoulder blocks are also designed to keep road noise at a minimum.

The advanced silica and orange oil blend in the tread compound help keep rolling resistance in check, ensuring better fuel economy and longer tire life.

Handling Dry Tarmac

It is difficult to find any compromises in the performance of YK-HTX on dry tarmac. The tire feels responsive and precise to steering inputs. The tires maintain traction and exhibit great cornering performance even when taking corners on the bulky Suburban.

With the high horsepower of the Suburban, the tires do sometimes lose traction during very hard accelerations, but come to think of it, how many times would you floor the large vehicle from the start?

Overall dry traction, grip, and handling are very good, and the tire remains stable and predictable on dry tarmac.

Handling Wet Tarmac

The 3D Sipes technology and the advanced Orange Oil compound work efficiently to deliver great overall performance on wet tarmac. The tire has four broad circumferential grooves and deep sipes, which help maintain traction on wet and slippery surfaces. The tire resists hydroplaning quite well, and the tread design efficiently drives out water and slush.

Handling, steering response, and braking performance on wet surfaces are very good. The tread design and advanced compound work together to provide excellent overall performance on wet pavements.

Handling Snow

The 3D Sipes technology equips the tire with additional biting edges, providing ample traction and grip in light snow and icy conditions. The braking performance and handling are also quite good, and the tire does not unnecessarily slip or slide.

However, it is important to understand that these tires are not designed for deep snow or too much ice and cannot substitute for winter tires.

Handling Off-Roads

The YK-HTX is not built for rough terrain. Even when running on badly paved roads, it faces issues with grip and traction. Moving from good roads into loose gravel or dirt will put quite a toll on your Suburban's rugged suspension.

Pros of Yokohama YK-HTX

  • The traction on the wet and snow-covered pavement is outclass
  • The ride quality is smooth, quiet, and comfortable.
  • The tread life is very good and is covered by a warranty of up to 70,000 miles.

Cons of Yokohama YK-HTX

  • The tire does not perform too well on loose gravel, dirt, or light off-roading.

Best All-Season Touring Tires for Chevrolet Suburban

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus


The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is a pioneer in the touring all-season category for SUVs and light trucks. The tire promises reliability, safe handling, high comfort levels, and excellent tire longevity.

The tire focuses on delivering a quiet and comfortable ride, which is standard for Bridgestone touring tires. Bridgestone has equipped this tire with Variable Tread Pitch technology, which helps to reduce road noise significantly.

The tread is designed with a symmetric pattern, which improves comfort level and enhances the tire's overall performance. It flaunts a continuous rib in the center, bordered by wide shoulder blocks, which work together to improve responsiveness, offer excellent cornering grip, and provide top-notch stability at high speeds.

The tread has four circumferential grooves and a high density of lateral grooves. These grooves work together to evacuate water efficiently when the tire runs over wet surfaces. They make the tire highly resistant to hydroplaning and ensure traction and grip even when driving through deep puddles or in heavy rain.

Another feature that makes this tire stand out is its low rolling resistance and eco-friendly design. This tire can be considered as one of the greenest tires for SUVs and trucks, thanks to the fuel savings it delivers.

Handling Dry Tarmac

This tire is more focused on comfort and safety than handling and performance. One area in which you might notice the tire lacking is steering responsiveness. Although not too bad, responsiveness is slightly lower than other premium tires.

However, the tire does fairly well in other areas. The traction, road grip, and cornering abilities this tire exhibits are second to none. The tire provides excellent stability at high speeds and can have your Suburban stop over short distances.

Handling Wet Tarmac

The tire performs fairly well on damp and very wet surfaces. It delivers high levels of grip and traction, and the braking distances are also significantly short.

The four circumferential grooves control hydroplaning very effectively and ensure that the vehicle treks wet pavement with high stability and safety. The tire maintains traction when running through deep puddles or in heavy rain.

Handling Snow

If you are looking to use the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus as an alternative to winter tires, you will be in for nasty surprises. All-season tires are designed for light slush and snow; they do not perform in extremely cold conditions.

However, you will not be disappointed in the tire's performance with the right expectations. It offers great traction, good braking performance, and predictable handling when running over light snow.

Another area where you will need to be careful is icy roads. The tire does not seem to grip too well onto the ice and can cause your Chevrolet Suburban to slip and slide with no control.

Handling Off-Roads

Although the tire is designed for SUVs and light trucks, it does not necessarily mean that it can be trusted to run through mud or on rough terrains. Like all touring tires, this tire is also designed to run on paved streets and highways.

Occasionally, you can use this tire to take detours into little gravel or dirt, but using it as an off-road tire will damage the tread. Similarly, it is advised to stay away from rough terrains or rocky surfaces.

Pros of Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

  • Super-quiet when running at highway speeds.
  • The ride quality is smooth and comfortable.
  • Excellent durability and reliability.
  • Remarkable tread life - backed by one of the best in class 80,000 mile treadwear warranty.
  • Does not compromise on overall performance even when running through deep puddles or in heavy rain.
  • Performs adequately in light snow

Cons of Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

  • The tire is not as responsive as many other premium touring tires.
  • Not suited for icy conditions.

Continental CrossContact LX20


It is safe to term Continental CrossContact LX20 as a jack of all trades. It impressively balances between all vital traits that a good tire is expected to have. It is designed to offer good traction, excellent comfort and even exhibits some off-road capabilities.

The tire features asymmetric tread design with continuous ribs and wide shoulder blocks. This design ensures impressive steering response, reduced road noise, great ride quality, and excellent stability. The CrossContact LX20 features four wide circumferential grooves for traction on wet and slippery surfaces, which channel water away from the tire to ensure good wet traction and handling.

The tire is equipped with Continental's signature Traction Grooves technology, which adds 3D sipes to serve as biting edges when running over snow or through slush.

The EcoPlus technology ensures that the tire offers minimum rolling resistance, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Handling Dry Tarmac

The tire can be classed as one of the best performers for dry pavements. Traction, braking performance, handling, and cornering grip are all excellent. The tire is also very responsive and maintains stability at highway speeds.

Handling Wet Tarmac

Unlike many tires, the CrossContact LX20 performs well on wet pavements; in fact, it outperforms itself when running on dry pavements. The circumferential and lateral grooves make it highly resistant to hydroplaning and help the tire maintain stability and traction as it runs through deep water puddles.

Braking performance and cornering stability are also great on damp and wet surfaces. Many users have termed this tire as one of the best performers in wet conditions.

Handling Snow

The tire beats many of its competitors regarding snow traction and handling. The braking performance is excellent in light snow, and the responsiveness gives the driver added confidence.

However, it is not suited for deep snow and can lose traction or leave you stuck if you push it too much in heavy snow.

Handling Off-Roads

Although it belongs to the touring category, which is designed to stay on paved areas, the LX20 exhibits good capabilities in light off-roading. It is considered to perform better than many tires in this class. Whether it is loose gravel, sand, or light mud, the tire does not disappoint in terms of traction and braking performance. Feel free to take your Suburban on beach runs with this tire equipped.

However, this tire is designed to stay on the tarmac, and pushing it beyond its limits on rough terrain can cause it to incur damage to the tread and sidewalls.

Pros of Continental CrossContact LX20

  • Braking performance and traction are excellent on wet and dry pavements.
  • Very responsive to steering input; makes driving more enjoyable.
  • Super quiet when running at highway speeds.
  • Off-road traction is much better than other tires in its class.
  • Works well in light snow

Cons of Continental CrossContact LX20

  • Susceptible to quick and uneven treadwear

Best All-Terrain Tires for Chevrolet Suburban

BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2


BF Goodrich claims that the All-Terrain T/A KO2 is an all-season tire with high snow ratings. It is developed using technologies from some of the best tires that the company has to offer. The tire is designed to provide aggressive traction on all types of terrain to ensure you get where you want to.

The tire features a rugged tread compound resistant to cuts, chips, and tears. This compound ensures maximum performance and provides the tire with excellent tread life.

The advanced tread is designed using artificial intelligence and flaunts ideally spaced tread blocks, which can interlock on demand. The 3D Sipes technology helps make the tread more durable and stable when running on and off-road.

The tread is designed to offer durability when running off-road. It can eject loose objects quickly and maintain stability even on rough terrains. The tire's contact patch is engineered to maximize force distribution, which helps the tire maintain stability.

The tread pattern features notched shoulder blocks, which serve as biting edges to increase traction in snow, mud, and rocky terrains. The interlocking tread blocks provide ample traction on all terrains by increasing the surface contact area.

The tire features BF Goodrich's CoreGuard technology, making the sidewall resistant to bruises and cuts. The rubber thickness is more than other tires in the class, and the tire is equipped with advanced deflection technology, which repels any protruding objects.

The tire comes with a 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) rating, which depicts that the tire exceeds snow traction requirements set by Rubber Manufacturers Association.

Handling Dry Tarmac

All-terrain tires do not deliver the same ride quality, traction, or braking as compared to highway terrains when running on paved roads. However, the KO2 manages to close this gap to a great extent. In terms of braking and overall performance on paved roads, the KO2 can be termed as one of the best All-Terrain tires.

Even if you use your Chevrolet Suburban for daily driving, you will not have any issues whether driving around streets or on highways. The tire offers great handling, responsiveness, and braking performance. However, noise can be an issue at high speeds, like other All-Terrain tires.

Handling Wet Tarmac

The KO2 features large grooves, making the tire highly resistant to hydroplaning. The tire maintains its traction and grip even when running through very deep puddles or in stormy rains. Cornering performance and stability are top-notch, providing the driver with a sense of safety.

The braking distance is also short, and the tire offers very predictable handling, even on slippery surfaces.

Handling Snow

The KO2 performs surprisingly well in the snow, not just light snow, but even deep snow. The handling is predictable, and the tire responds well to steering input. The braking performance is also very good. However, running over ice can greatly hamper the tire's performance. If you are not careful, the tire can quickly lose traction and enter uncontrolled slippages and slides.

Handling Off-Roads

The KO2 can be termed one of the best all-terrain tires for off-roading. Whether you run through dirt, gravel, mud, or on hard-packed surfaces, you will not feel a compromise in traction. If you like to go over large rocks with your Suburban, the KO2 will have your back.

Even if you choose to use this tire as your off-roading tire, it will not disappoint you in terms of durability, reliability, or performance.

Pros of BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

  • Superb traction and overall performance on gravel and dirt.
  • Impressive traction in mud and soft sands.
  • It can be used for rock climbing.
  • Durable and rugged tread compound, which resists chips and cuts.
  • Tread warranty of 50,000 miles, which is impressive for an All-Terrain tire.
  • Good driving experience on paved roads.
  • Excellent stability at high speeds when running on highways.
  • Impressive snow traction and performance.
  • Top-notch hydroplaning resistance and excellent wet traction.

Cons of BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

  • Overall performance and traction are highly compromised on ice.
  • It can be quite noisy when running at highway speeds.

Cooper Discoverer AT3

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 grips the surface whether wet or dry, smooth or rocky, come shine or rain. It is a tire designed to perform both on and off the road. Cooper aimed to deliver a tire that is comfortable on smooth roads and aggressive on rough terrains.

The tire delivers impressive traction, excellent grip, and very good braking performance on all terrains, including paved roads, muddy trails, and even deep snow. Cooper claims the tire to stop at least twenty feet shorter than competitors on snow.

The tread comprises a high silica content molded into an all-terrain pattern. The SecureGrip technology helps the tire maintain traction and grip on all terrains. The tread design comprises five ribs, which help the tire perform on wet and dry surfaces.

For added wet traction, the tire is equipped with Aqua VacTM Channels. This technology makes the tire highly resistant to hydroplaning by efficiently displacing water, mud, and slush. Zigzag sipes on the tread serve as biting edges when running through the snow; they help the tire maintain traction throughout.

The tire is equipped with Cooper's Snow Groove technology to further improve traction, which uses saw-tooth-shaped blocks on the tread edges to provide additional grip and traction in snow. The tire is rated as 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake), making it ready to perform in harsh winter conditions.

Handling Dry Tarmac

The tire is reliable and responsive on the road. It responds well to the driver's input, which is quite surprising for an all-terrain tire. Furthermore, the tire offers great traction and cornering grip; it takes high-speed corners without any significant under-steer. It feels reliable and completely safe at highway speeds.

Handling Wet Tarmac

With advanced technologies like Aqua VacTM, the tire performs quite well on wet surfaces. It offers ample traction and gives the driver a sense of confidence and predictability even when running through deep puddles or in heavy rain. The excellent hydroplaning resistance and continuous traction also ensure crisp braking performance.

Handling Snow

There are so many technologies equipped on this tire to handle snow, making it an excellent choice if you drive around areas that receive considerable amounts of snow. The aggressive tread pattern, Snow Groove technology, and the 3PMSF rating point to very impressive snow performance. The tire meets these high expectations nicely and delivers quite well in terms of traction, handling, and braking performance.

Handling Off-Roads

Although the tire performs quite well on all types of rough terrains, it is not a substitute for off-roading tires. However, the Discoverer AT3 felt very responsive on gravel, dirt, and hard-packed surfaces. The tires will not disappoint if you occasionally hit rocky surfaces or like to trek through mud.

Pros of Cooper Discoverer AT3

  • Off-roading traction is very good.
  • Snow traction is one of the best in class.
  • The tire is reliable and highly durable.
  • Several technologies are equipped on the tire, making it an excellent all-round performer.

Cons of Cooper Discoverer AT3

  • Mud traction seems a bit compromised. For frequent mud runs, it is best to switch to mud-terrain tires. 
Best Tires For Chevrolet Suburban - Complete Guide

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