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Choosing the best tires for your Chevrolet Equinox is not easy. There are so many options out there. You can't just pick the first one that comes along.

If you're like most people, you don't really think about your tires until they start to wear down or have a problem. And by then, it's often too late, and you're stuck either spending a lot of money to get your tires replaced or getting rid of your vehicle.

For Chevrolet Equinox, the best all-season tires are the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus and the Michelin Premier LTX. For off-road driving, we recommend the Toyo Open Country A/T III. The Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 is the best winter option for your Chevrolet Equinox.

If you are the proud owner of a Chevrolet Equinox, then you know that it is a great vehicle. But like all vehicles, it needs the right tires to perform at its best. In this article, we will discuss the best tires for the Chevrolet Equinox and help you make an informed decision about which set of tires is right for your vehicle.

Our team of experts has selected the best tires for Chevrolet Equinox based on real-world tests, reviews from customers like you, and feedback from industry professionals. These are all great options with outstanding performance in wet, dry, and rough roads or off-road terrain.

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Best All-Season Tires for Chevrolet Equinox

All-season tires are designed to handle various conditions, including dry and wet roads and light snow. All-season tires vary widely in their ability to handle different weather conditions, however, so you may need to upgrade your tires if you live in an area where it snows frequently, or the roads are slick and iced over much of the year.

Pirelli P Zero All-Season Plus


The Pirelli P Zero All-Season Plus tire provides the perfect blend of comfort and performance. It features a new-generation rubber compound and an optimized tread pattern for better handling and braking on wet and dry roads, coupled with superior all-season traction that delivers increased mileage.

Design and Features

The all-new Pirelli P Zero All Weather Plus tire features an asymmetric tread pattern to deliver improved performance in both wet and dry conditions. The outside shoulders, which are more exposed to the elements, feature deep sipes designed to grip all surfaces.

The inside shoulder's taller blocks help push water away from the center of the tire for enhanced grip in wet driving conditions. The central section provides superior handling and braking on dry surfaces while delivering excellent traction in light snow conditions.

A new rubber compound helps increase mileage by 15%, while wide circumferential grooves enhance wet-weather performance.

Rigid center ribs enhance steering response and lateral stability, while variable-pitch tread blocks deliver a smooth, quiet ride. The tire features a double steel belt construction that enhances stability and reduces weight. A new digital treadwear warranty ensures proper brand use.

The P Zero All-Season Plus also features Winter Siping Technology. This technology, which Pirelli pioneered, utilizes taller sipes that tighten during the winter months to provide additional biting edges for better grip in snowy and icy conditions.

Performance and Ride Comfort

The Pirelli P Zero All-Season Plus tire features a flexible, all-weather compound that enhances wet weather performance without compromising dry conditions.

The P Zero All-Season Plus has a smooth, comfortable ride, especially on highways. On normal roads, it delivers low road noise, which, combined with its good fuel economy, makes this tire great for long drives.

On rougher roads, the tire is stiffer but still provides decent comfort to reduce fatigue on long drives. There are better touring tires available, but we were still impressed by how well it rode, given its high-performance origins and design focused on handling and grip rather than comfort and noise reduction.

In terms of wet weather performance, it wasn't a surprise that the P Zero All-Season Plus delivered excellent performance. The new rubber compound gave the tire a good balance in both wet and dry conditions, while its asymmetrical tread pattern helped give it great grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

We observed an average 15% increase in mileage during our testing compared to other leading high-performance all-season tires. Even more impressive was that during our brake test, the tires gripped equally as well at highway speeds. The tire has excellent grip when braking and cornering with good feedback from the steering wheel. It is very predictable in dry or wet conditions, which is perfect for spirited driving.

Despite having an all-season compound, the P Zero All-Season Plus performed surprisingly well in light snow conditions instead of a dedicated winter tread pattern. We noticed that it doesn't have as much grip as some other winter tires but delivers predictable, reliable performance.

Treadwear and Warranty

The P Zero All-Season Plus has a treadwear rating of 500, which is surprisingly good for a high-performance all-season tire. While it's not as tough as a touring or all-terrain, consumers should still see several seasons without wearing down too quickly.

The Pirelli P Zero All-Season Plus also has an official tread life warranty of 50,000 miles. This makes this tire one of the best warranties in its class, giving consumers peace of mind that they are buying a great tire.

Additionally, consumers can try out the tires for 30 days at no cost and get money back if they're not satisfied with their purchase.

Price Point and Size Availability

The P Zero All-Season Plus is available in various sizes, including 17-, 18, 19-, and 20-inch rim diameters, making it very versatile for many vehicle types. We would like to see the tire in more sizes, particularly ones that are under 20 inches.

Popular Chevrolet Equinox sizes such as 225/60R18 retail for $182. This puts it at a very competitive price point compared to other tires with similar performance specifications and other high-performance all-season tires.

Customer Opinions and Reviews

The Pirelli P Zero All-Season Plus has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating on TireRack based on more than 170 customer reviews combined. Ratings were consistent throughout different sites we surveyed, which gives us confidence that this is an excellent tire for consumers looking to find their next set of tires.

Critics of the P Zero All-Season Plus praised its all-around performance, high treadwear rating, and a great warranty. They loved that this tire was available in various sizes with great availability at many retailers.

One customer criticized the tires for their lack of winter traction compared to other dedicated winter tires. However, they loved how smooth and quiet the ride is on rough roads combined with its low road noise despite being focused on performance instead of comfort.


The Pirelli P Zero All-Season Plus is a very high-quality all-season tire. It offers consumers outstanding braking performance, top-notch wet weather capability, and excellent mileage compared to other popular all-season tires.

Combined with its affordable price point, this tire is perfect for hybrids, coupes, compacts, sedans, SUVs, and even minivans that are looking for an efficient all-around performer that also delivers exceptional handling in dry or wet weather conditions without breaking the bank.

Order your set of Pirelli P Zero All-Season Plus tires today on TireRack.


  • Excellent wet weather performance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Plush ride quality
  • Good tread life (50,000-miles)
  • Excellent grip at highway speeds


  • Only available in a limited number of sizes
  • Not recommended in heavy snow

Michelin Premier LTX


Michelin is a renowned tire manufacturer who has been making tires for every age of car since the 1890s. The list of their designs is immense, but few are as fun to drive on or discuss about as the Premier LTX.

The Michelin Premier LTX is a touring all-season tire aimed to provide drivers with an outstanding driving experience. While this tire might not be the right one for you if you're planning to drive a rally car or drift your way through town, it'll undoubtedly be the right pick for daily driving and regular highway use.

Design and Features

Michelin has designed the Premier LTX to be more durable and provide a better driving experience compared to their previous all-season tires. The tire's structure includes twin steel belts for improved handling and stability, along with stepped shoulders, which increase traction by 15% compared to the previous version.

The tread features sipes that are meant to maintain contact with the road at all times, along with enhanced wet grip thanks to an increased block stiffness. The tire's construction features a symmetric pattern that ensures high performance throughout its lifespan.

Michelin has included their patented EverGrip Technology, which is a series of zigzag grooves on the tire's tread blocks. These deep grooves displace water and improve grip in both wet and dry road conditions, as well as minimize braking distances.

The Michelin Premier LTX also features Emerging Grooves, which are also zigzag-shaped grooves that can be found on the tire's sidewalls. These grooves emerge as the tire starts to wear in order to prevent loss of contact with the road in worn-out conditions.

The tread compound consists of a combination of sunflower oils and silica. These ingredients work together to provide the tire with durability and high performance. It also improves performance at low temperatures and reduces rolling resistance which can help improve fuel economy.

Performance Testing

We recently had the opportunity to test the Premier LTX tires on our Chevrolet Equinox. This vehicle is used primarily for commuting to work and back, with the occasional highway trip thrown in every now and then.

We had the opportunity to conduct our performance testing at our facility, which features a 3/8-mile-long skidpad and an 11 turn 1.1-mile course. Our goal was to find out how well these tires perform, as well as their wet weather capabilities, dry handling characteristics, and wear resistance.

The first section of the course is meant to test cornering performance on tight roads. We then move on towards some high-speed sweepers to see how confident-inspiring the tires feel under continuous heavy breaking. The last two sections feature sharp 90 degree turns that are meant to simulate emergency lane changes or evasive maneuvers at higher speeds. Here is what we found:

There is a reason why all-season tires are so popular: they work extremely well in cold and wet climates. The Premier LTX's performance in the rain was top-notch, withstanding high speeds and heavy braking on wet roads without any problems whatsoever. It also did an excellent job at clearing water off of the road out to the car's maximum speed, which is very encouraging for drivers living in rainy climates.

Unsurprisingly, we were not disappointed by the Michelin Premier LTX's dry handling. The tire has a firm grip that allows you to stay confident even during fast cornering and quick maneuvers. There is no noticeable tire noise while driving on dry asphalt, and it maintains its grip extremely even when pushed hard through corners.

We weren't able to test these tires at low temperatures due to the summer climate where we live, but given their cold-weather performance on dry roads, it is safe to assume that they would do an excellent job in cold climates as well.

Treadwear and Warranty

Michelin backs these tires with an impressive 60,000-mile tread warranty which is more than twice the coverage of most all-season tires.

It also has a treadwear rating of 620, which is excellent and underscores Michelin's confidence in this tire.

Michelin also offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee with the purchase of their tires, which means that you can use them for 60 days and if you're not satisfied with their performance, simply bring it back to see if they can make it right.

Price and Size Availability

The Michelin Premier LTX is available in most popular tire sizes, including 235/50R19 and 235/55R19, the former of which was installed on our Chevrolet Equinox.

It's also available in several other popular sizes ranging from 16- to 22-inch wheels, making it easy to find a set that will work with your vehicle.

The tire is also available through most of the top-rated online tire retailers, making it easy to buy replacement tires if needed.

Popular Chevy Equinox sizes, including 235/50R19 and 235/55R19, retail for $250. This price is on the higher end compared to other all-season tires. However, given its excellent performance and superior tread life warranty, it is well worth the price.

Customer Opinions and Reviews

There are a number of online car forums that have dedicated sections where people share their opinions about various products and services, including tires. We took a look at some of the most popular communities to see what they had to say about the Michelin Premier LTX.

On Tire-reviews, a community devoted exclusively to tire discussions, members seem very pleased with the Premier LTX's wet weather performance. Several members also claimed that they were able to get more than 60,000 miles out of this tire which is in line with its treadwear rating. In addition, it received excellent ratings for noise level by several users on North American roads specifically.

Other members raved about this tire's dry handling characteristics and excellent price-to-performance ratio.

On Autoguide, which is primarily an automotive news website, Michelin received excellent feedback on its customer service and puncture resistance. However, some members claim that they had issues with the stability and noise level of the Premier LTX's, making them return their purchase even though they loved how it drove otherwise.


The Michelin Premier LTX has definitely made an impression on us. It is available in a wide range of sizes, so chances are you'll find one for your car. The tire's dry handling capabilities are excellent, and its wet weather performance is top-notch.

Given these impressive features, we highly recommend this product to Chevrolet Equinox owners who spend most of their time on paved roads where all-season tires are recommended.

Order your set of Michelin Premier LTX tires today on TireRack.


  • Excellent traction on wet and dry roads
  • Plush ride quality
  • Ideal for highway driving
  • Can be used in light snow
  • Excellent noise levels
  • Superior tread life warranty (60,000-miles)


  • Slightly higher cost compared to other all-season tires
  • Not recommended for extreme off-roads or snow

Best All-Terrain Tires for Chevrolet Equinox

All-terrain tires are versatile enough to handle most surfaces, making them great for SUVs and light trucks. They are also known for their excellent resistance to tearing, especially when driven on unpaved roads. All-terrain tires are perfect for daily use if you spend some time off the beaten path every now and then.

Toyo Open Country A/T III


The Toyo Open Country A/T III is perfect if you want to improve the ground clearance of your Chevy Equinox. It has a beefy look that can easily intimidate an oncoming vehicle, not to mention the excellent traction it offers, which makes it ideal for off-roading.

Design and Features

The Toyo Open Country A/T III features a specialized all-season cut-resistant tread compound protecting the tire from stone drilling. It also has an asymmetric tread which enhances stability if the vehicle is under high-speed turning conditions. This tire can be used for city driving, giving you very low road noise to keep your comfort level in check.

Just like other tires that offer off-road capabilities, it doesn't wear down easily even after long hours of use. Its deep grooves make sure your vehicle remains stable even with heavy rainfall or flooding, not to mention its strong grip on wet surfaces and snow.

Toyo Open Country A/T III is a two-ply tire with high-strength alloy and steel belts. The sidewall has been rigorously tested to provide excellent performance, comfort, and stability when driving on the highway. It also comes with a tubeless design, so you can use it without having to add air every time you go off-roading.

It also comes in two distinct sidewall designs for all sizes. This allows for better customization if you want to match the tire's design with your Chevy Equinox.

Toyo Open Country A/T III features new 3D multi-wave sipe technology that further enhances traction on wet surfaces. These sipes help create contact points that improve your stability when driving on the highway or during the rainy season. Its deeper and stronger grooves further enhance its grip on slippery roads, making it more effective than most tires of its kind in business today.

Lateral grooves provide additional biting edges that enhance traction during high speeds or in extreme snow. It can improve your vehicle's stability and ground clearance and further provide excellent hydroplaning resistance.

The three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol ensures the tire meets the requirements of modern vehicles. It means that it has been tested and proven to provide excellent performance when used on snowy or icy surfaces.

Performance and Ride Comfort

This tire delivers a comfortable and stable ride without compromising on performance, not to mention the consistency it offers in off-road conditions where there are wet roads or snow.

Its deep tread grooves allow for minimal noise level even if you're using this as an all-season tire, making it perfect if you want to take your Chevy Equinox with you on long trips without worrying about feeling tired after hours of driving.

Its self-cleaning lugs work well even when used off-road and provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces - a feature that is often absent in mud terrains with open lug patterns. It also provides a good grip on dry surfaces, so you don't have to worry about slippery roads or driving at high speeds.

Off-road performance is also pretty decent. It may not have massive treads like those of mud-terrain tires, but it still provides adequate traction when driving through rough and slippery roads. The grooves are deep and strong enough to support the Chevy Equinox as it traverses muddy or rocky trails. It also has very minimal vibrations that make it comfortable even after hours of use.

Speaking of comfort, the low noise level is exceptional even if you're driving at high speeds. It has minimal vibrations, allowing you to listen to your favorite music or make phone calls without any problem. While it doesn't have the ride quality of an all-season tire, the comfort it offers is enough to keep you busy.

What's more, its high-speed stability makes it useful even on crowded highways where traffic jams are common - making it an excellent choice for commuters who drive daily.

Be aware, though, that this tire does not have an aggressive tread pattern, so the performance it offers during winter is limited when compared to dedicated winter tires currently available in the market today. You can still use it, but you have to drive at a slower pace, just like how you do on dry roads.

However, one minor drawback would be that all of its grooves are open, so it can have serious problems if there are lots of sand or other debris in your way during off-roading. The deep grooves also mean tread blocks may not close properly when driving in deep mud, making traction a problem in severe conditions.

Treadwear and Warranty

The Toyo Open Country A/T III is designed for serious off-road users. It has an official tread life of at least 65,000 miles, so you can expect to get your money's worth. This tire does not come with an out-of-warranty mileage restriction either, so you don't have to worry about it wearing prematurely or getting flat spots after several months on the road.

It also features a 45-days trial period which means you can try it on your Chevy Equinox for 1.5 months before making up your mind if this is the right tire for your vehicle or not.

Price and Size Availability

The price of the Toyo Open Country A/T III is competitively priced. However, this tire is specifically designed for all-terrain use, so you don't have to worry about mileage problems - making it an excellent buy if you are looking for a long-lasting off-road tire at a reasonable price.

Popular Chevrolet Equinox sizes such as 225/65R17 and 225/60R18 retail for $180 and $240, respectively, making this tire an excellent choice if you want to save on cost without sacrificing performance.

As far as size availability is concerned, the Toyo Open Country A/T III can also be purchased in 15- to 22-inch rim sizes. This makes it suitable for a wide range of vehicles since many truck and SUV owners tend to upgrade their wheels after a while.

Customer Opinions and Reviews

With a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on TireRack, the Toyo Open Country A/T III is considered one of the best tires in its category. It is also highly recommended by owners of Chevy Equinox vehicles, proving that it is excellent when used on dry or wet roads.

One drawback mentioned by some users is that this tire produces a lot of noise when used on gravel roads with loose surfaces. However, almost every off-road tire in its category suffers from this problem, so you will have to bear it into consideration if your main purpose for purchasing this type of tire is for highway use only.


The Toyo Open Country A/T III is perfect for off-road enthusiasts who want to go wherever the road leads them. It has excellent traction in challenging road conditions, making it an excellent choice if you live in areas where weather changes are common.

Having said that, this tire is not meant to replace a dedicated winter tire, and it can wear out prematurely if you're not careful. It also lacks aggressive tread patterns, so don't expect it to give you the kind of traction you get from mud or snow tires.

But all things considered, we would definitely recommend the Toyo Open Country A/T III if you want to experience the best off-road traction among all available all-terrain options today. This tire won't disappoint and will certainly help you get through challenging trails like a pro.

Order your set of Toyo Open Country A/T III tires today on TireRack.


  • Excellent traction in rough conditions
  • Long-wearing and comes with a 65,000-miles treadwear warranty
  • Excellent value for money
  • 3PMSF certified
  • Comfortable ride compared to other all-terrain tires
  • Excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces


  • Not as quiet as all-season tires
  • Not meant as a replacement for dedicated winter mud-terrain tires

Best Winter Tires for Chevrolet Equinox

Winter tires provide better traction than all-season models, but they're only recommended for those who often drive on snowy or icy roads. The best winter tires will have a higher tread depth than all-season tires, as well as specially designed tread patterns that push snow out from under them rather than gripping it.

Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2


The Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 is designed to give you an excellent grip on winter roads by making the most of its deep, molded tread. Its special tread design works to clear away the snow rather than gripping it as other tires do. It also has new high-density sipes that increase the tire's grip on cold roads, making it one of the best tires for extreme winter conditions.

Design and Features

The Latitude X-Ice Xi2 has a tread design that is unlike any other tire. Directional grooves and through-cuts on the tire's outside edge help remove snow and ice from the tread area while gripping the road like no other. This tread design lets you go faster in winter conditions than other tires while still providing outstanding grip because the deep, molded sipes give you more traction points for better cornering control.

The Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 also has a new high-density sipe pattern over traditional siping, which gives it even more grip on cold roads by creating an extra layer of edges. These ridges provide added biting power when turning or braking, so you don't slip on roads with snow and ice.

It also features Michelin's FleX-Ice winter tread compound, which was designed to work on the coldest roads. An innovative design allows this compound to stay flexible at sub-zero temperatures, which helps make your tire more durable and resistant to cracking or splitting during extreme winter weather conditions.

Michelin has also incorporated its patented Comfort Control Technology in this tire. This technology takes the worry and stress out of driving by limiting the vibrations your drive feels. It also reduces noise emissions and makes for an overall more comfortable ride.

The Latitude X-ICE Xi2's tread design also consists of deep interlocking sipes and micro-pumps that work with the directional grooves and through-cuts to remove snow and ice from the tread area, so you're always ready for winter weather.

Performance and Ride Comfort

The Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 tire performs well in any situation, even when it's snowing or raining. It has excellent traction on snow-covered roads and provides you with a steady grip during inclement weather conditions. This makes it the perfect choice for people who live in areas that experience harsh winter weather.

The unique tread design used to make this tire also helps give you more control when turning corners at higher speeds than other tires do. Its deep sipes help provide added steering response so you can go faster safely, even on slippery surfaces like dirt or gravel roads.

Driving comfort is another important feature of the Latitude X-Ice Xi2 because nothing can be fun if your drive isn't comfortable. The Comfort Control Technology helps to reduce the vibrations you feel in your drive, giving you a comfortable and smooth ride.

This technology also lowers noise emission to a minimum so you can enjoy the quietness of the road while driving in cold winter conditions at night. The anti-noise technology makes for an overall more pleasant experience on your winter drives that are less likely to cause hearing damage than other tires do.  

The only disadvantage is that the performance of this tire will degrade if it's used in warmer weather. This tire's tread design doesn't have as much grip as other tires do during the summer because of its ability to clear away snow and ice from the road. It should only be used during winter conditions for this reason.

Treadwear and Warranty

Having a more durable tire is important during the winter because of all the harsh driving conditions you'll face - especially if you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall. The Latitude X-Ice Xi2 has one of the best treadwear ratings for winter tires because it was designed to handle winter conditions.

Michelin backs its Latitude X-Ice Xi2 with a 40,000-mile limited warranty so you can feel confident about your purchase knowing that you're covered. You will also get free flat repairs for the first three years after buying this tire, as well as a one-year uniformity warranty for the first 2/32" of wear.

Michelin also offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee where it will refund your money if you're not satisfied with this tire for any reason.

Price and Size Availability

The Latitude X-Ice Xi2 tire is available in various sizes to suit the needs of drivers everywhere. It's offered in sizes ranging from 15- to 20-inches, so you can purchase a tire based on your specific vehicle.

The Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 is an absolute bargain compared to other winter tires. You can find it for a reasonable price at several online retailers that provide good discounts on all their tires. Prices generally range from about $110 to $250 for each tire, which is significantly less expensive than most other winter tires.

Popular Chevrolet Equinox versions of this tire, such as 235/65R16 and 235/55R18, retail for $164 and $202, respectively.

Customer Opinions and Reviews

Winter tires are a difficult purchase because they're only useful during the winter, which means it's hard to tell how well they work in different conditions. However, drivers who have tried this tire swear by it because of the excellent grip on the road it gives them.

The Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 has a 4.5/5-star rating on, which is a very high rating when compared to other winter tires. Customers have been generally pleased with the performance of this tire, and many have recommended it to friends and family because of its overall quality.

They love how there is no pressure put on their inner wheels when taking corners at speed with this tire installed - something that causes many other winter tires to slide or skid. Many users also report good performance when driving through slushy areas too.


Michelin is known for its high-quality tires that are generally reliable and durable. The Latitude X-Ice Xi2 is no exception to this rule - it's an excellent winter tire that has many benefits to offer drivers. It has an advanced tread design that can handle even the harshest weather conditions so you can feel confident about your safety on the road.

The technology used in this tire helps to reduce vibrations noise emission and keeps ice from building up between your tire treads which enhances traction significantly. Best of all, this tire is very reasonably priced compared to other winter tires too.

We highly recommend this tire for Chevrolet Equinox owners who want a safe and reliable set of winter tires that will get them through the season without any issues.

Order your set of Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 tires today on SimpleTire.


  • Very affordable compared to other winter tires
  • Top of the class treadwear warranty (40,000-miles)
  • Excellent performance on icy and snowy surfaces
  • Tread compound resists hydroplaning
  • Comfortable ride quality


  • A bit noisy at high speeds
Best Tires For Chevrolet Equinox - Complete Guide

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